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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 4, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 2 The Cedar Rapids iiazette: Friday. October 4, 1974 4,000 Boston Whites In Anti’Busing March Magistrate Court Man Fined $25 for Indecent Behavior 1-380 Legal Fight Planned By Hiawatha Enrollment at Kirkwood Hits 3,547, Up 58 Campaign Trail Drunk Dr; Man Held for Third Offense ving BOSTON (AP) — Police es-jtion, but would be kept away timated that 4.000 whites pattie- from schools Kirkwood Community college announced fall term enrollment Hiawatha City Atty. Clinton 0f 3,547 Robert Watkins, 937 Twenty*I Moyer said Friday the town j^e Kirkwood registrar's of-first avenue SW. was found {definitely^ plans some sort of flee said that enrollment was up msmm vt. -a    "    v.    >    ^    '    Harry    A    Schminkcy,    45,    of ments    in remarks prepared for    1235    D avenue,    Marion,    has delivery at an agricultural charged with third-offense issues    conference Friday morn-    drjvj ing at Kirkwood Community col-,    .    statc ipated in an anti-busing march I A demonstration    spokesman jgui,ty    wednesday in magis-iIeSal a‘'tion designed lo stoP:bv 58 SIudon,s ,rom lho fall eral^V^ldate toTuin    rounTv •***•    "**    '    T    ... ,,    , u    ‘      J     J    *    •       -    '  -----  Bjouin    said    hc favors a more trooper on highway u swum Ko pecky: Plea Bargain Last Resort Ktigone J. Kopeck)'. Demo-!"« a‘ Kirkwood Community col- through South Boston Friday asjsaid the protest was organized schools opened with low at ten- by a Denver-based organization dance and scattered violence. called Citizens’ Assn. for Neigh-The marchers sang “Clod b 0 r h 0 0 d Schools Demon- Bless America” and carried signs with such slogans as “Whites have rights” as they walked with a police escort. Marching with them were several state legislators, school with an incident Aug. 25. stations    were planned in at least eight cities, including Dallas and San Francisco, the    _ spokesman said.    ;    , louise    Day Hicks, a city    Court    Dismisses councilor    and a leader in the    Resisting    Charge trate's court on a charge of in-jconsirucuo.n 01 iniursiaie ,wtu term of 1973. when enrollment1 decent behavior and fined $251 brough Hiawatha, “and it w ill \Vas 3,489. and costs.    |    be    done    in    the    near    future.    The    enrollment    this    fall    is He was charged in connection Thursday night the Hiawatha another new record high for the council authorized and directed community college Kirkwood Mover to seek whatever legal has established record enroll-remedies there may be and ments each fall since the co!-, ”take such legal action as may loge opened in 1966 with 199 be desired” to stop the project, students. The Iowa highway commis- This fall's enrollment includes spre™' Thursday' he XTno" flexible anti-inflation program highway 151 cast of Marlon which continues a tight money thursday afternoon. He alleged-policy in inflationary sectors of d been drivi erraucally. the economy, but loosens up the, ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ (|)e Unn money supply in basic and non inflationary sectors, such as committeemen and city council-,anti-busing movement, said she ^ h - resisting execu- SK)n *ias conceded that an in- 1,672 vocational and technical ors-    expected    the    entire    city    council    ^ ^ process against Zelda    terstate routinf?    following the students and 1,875    arts and Zerba, 806 Third street SE, was    ra*,road tracks    throu8h Hia-sciences students, dismissed Wednesday in magis-    wat^a wouid be    the best corri-; Not included in the    enrollment Of the 2.074 white students as- to join the march. signed to Roxbury and South    -------- Boston high schools. 23 showed Jy/Q Men HgIcI up for class.    I    < l/)cal leaders called for the In SsDflTcite march and boycott as part of p . \ what they said would be a na DTGdkin Od SGS tional day of antibusing demon-    .,.    ....    1D    . strations.    M »“**“!?• >*j of '10 Third avenue SW. Thursday was I trate’s court when the court sustained a demurrer. The demurrer said the facts did not constitute a crime and) the information contained matter. if true, that would consti- ....    .    ..    proposal has drawn objections lute legal defense to prosecution ^ rejjdents Qf ^ Twin dor The Linn County Regional totals are persons enrolled in Planning commission has con- non-credit community education curred.    classes or adult high school stud- The Hiawatha council favors ies. Also excluded from the a southern and westerly by-pass total are 286 high school stu-of the town. However, such a dents enrolled in vocational precareer training at centers in Leach Urges Reform; Opposes Gas Tax Pupil Stabbed    charged with a breakin at the of the defendant.    'Pines Near Rosedale high school. Steven Johnson residence, 17031 she was charged with failing: ^be councjj Thursdav night authorities said, a white pupil E avenue NE, early Thursday.[to leave the First avenue bridge was confronted by 15 blacks and Johnson told police he wasjVVhen ordered to do so on July 20. stabbed in the arm. Police quot- avvakened by the voices of two cd the 15-year-old as saying the men' one which he recog-blacks told him, “What are you n*ze(t as Huggins’, an acquaint-going to school for? There is a ance- Johnson hid in the room,, boycott on.”    officers said. He received stitches for the 'Fhe men allegedly broke into WASHINGTON (GPI) wound, which was described as,'Johns™ s home but did not' take anything. Culver: Doctor Lack Critical Problem Cedar Rapids, Monticello and Washington. The pre-career program. called KEY, is new this favor plea bargaining, has not favored it and will not favor it. The comment was made at a coffee at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. John Lutkenhaus. 3225    businesses    and Fourteenth avenue SE. in re- . h sponse to a report in The Ga- armin^ zette Wednesday concerning Ko-pecky’s remarks at a candidate's night Tuesday. He said Thursday: “It is necessary to consider all alternatives when dealing with hardened criminals, and. if necessary, I will resort to plea bargaining to put them behind prison wails. “This situation may arise when a defendant is obviously guilty of a serious crime, but there is insufficient proof to (John Culver (D-Iowa) told a superficial.    lase    am    ming.    house    agriculture subcommittee Attendance was off sharply at ‘ 0 ^son repor meJ aP" (Friday that a shortage of doctors many high schools in white Parenll>’ w<Te anawarc of h,s!and nurses is the most critical neighborhoods — some of them f>r^sence m 'he bedroom.    problem facing rural areas in untouched so far bv a federal    wa» •£*" «° thel Iowa and the nation, court order to integrate schools county jail on $10,000 bond also received a letter from a;year. citizen’s group headed by Marsh' A trend toward part-time en-Galdie saying it has also hired(rollment at Kirkwood continued an attorney to fight location of this fall. The number of pantile 1-380 through the town.    time students, or those taking The motion to fight the inter- less than 12 credit hours, is state routing in the courts was; 1,164, an increase of about IOO Rep.jmade by Councilman Jack'over last year. with crosstown busing. The other man has not been Culver said that six urban At English high in the Back Away from Schools Police Comminsioner Robert DiGrazia said the marchers would be allowed to march the length of Broadway, the main arrested. residents. counties in the state have al-* *    *    most    half    the    state's doctors. b,Z! Ernest G. Den,on. JO. who Iist>f»8 » difficult for the rural West Rnvhnrv a midrib'mom.' e<* an address in the 1200 block! 7 *° tra    distances S. ^iSiJL    Sixteenth    avenue    SW,    ThurS.;r*<<uired    10    receive medlcal white neighborhood    day wa§ char(?pd with a breakin'care at his former wife’s residence.    The Lr. S. senate    candidate Police arrested Deason in con- added that doctors in rural nection with a breakin reported counties are aging, too, and Saturday by Elsie Deason. 503 C;many are at or past retirement .............avenue NW, in which a camera. age.    A fire Thursday in a 1974 McCarthy road SE. street in the ^th Boston sec-    a tape deck, an electric razor    “It is vitally important to find    modei car parked    in an at-    The youth was    arrested after . — —   — -    and a pillow were taken. The    younger doctors to take their    tached garage at    the Harry;3    ne,f?nbor spotted him carrying '(rh* (Techie RnpitU CDnifHf items were valued at $84.    place.”    Culver said.    Christie residence. 112 Twenty-1^ television set near the gul- aMMtltZfa'on/sund^/ot soo    Reason was taken to the    Culver said he and Sen. Dick    sixth avenue SW, caused dam-    ^ thirdovt se*ctdor Rapids, iowo52406    county jail in lieu of $1,000 bond.    (Clark (D-Iowa) have developed    age also lo the    breezeway.    Police charged    the youth and Wyrick and received unanimous    —-- TTcouncil resolution noted BoV. 14' Charged that it believes its opposition is I With Home Breakin bused on sound engineering ae; A 14.year.old toy thursday well as ecological and environ- ;was charged wUh a breakln at convict before a trial jury. . . I will use whatever resources are available to the county attorney within the guidelines of our Constitution and our laws to see that that defendant is taken off of our streets so that he cannot harm other innocent people. “However, I do not favor plea bargaining and would not use it except as a last resort.” county jail Friday pending arraignment. President Avoids Ericson Controversy WASHINGTON (UPI) - Pres-10WA CITY (Ufa) - First ident Ford Thursday prodistrict COP congressional can- ciajmed Oct. 9 Leif Ericson day didato James Leach Thursday .    c,ear of |he con(ro. ui^ed congress not to turn its    . back on committee reform. ; vernal ques ion o w o In addition, Leach said at a ored America first. campaign appearance here he opposes a proposed hike in the federal gasoline tax The proclamation authorized ‘•appropriate exercises and ceremonies . . . throughout the mentalcons.dcrations    the Ra,pb ,ng,es resjde„ce. 1143 In addition, the counc.I sajd I ;Twent>,flrst strec[ SE. in which believes it is acting in the best co|or ,e|evisjon , addi interests of the people and;    ,    8 ■ reflects the opmtons and de-,    k sires of a majority of the Blouin Hits Support Loan Interest Hikes Leach urged support of the land” next Wednesday. Bolling committee report rec- “Nearly 1,000 years ago Leif ommending changes in the en-|Erjcson and his small crew of tire committee structure of the Ncrse explorers embarked upon house and eliminating two com- a courageous voyage through mittees.    unknown seas that led them to On the gas tax hike. Leach the bountiful shores of the New said the average worker would Worid “ Ford said. I» hit hardest by an increase in    re(erencc    (0 the gas tax and would be dis-    to    H92. criminating agarnst the    *    w average wage earner. President Proclaims News Carrier Day WASHINGTON (AP) Injured Hitchhiker Flees Crash Scene Fire Damages C. R. Residence The items valued at $421 were recovered a short time after the breakin was discovered at 12:15 p.m. Thursday by a neighbor. Police found the items in a gully near a wooded area on Second cloit pottos* paid at Cedar Ropidt. iowa. Subscription rot*t bv carrier OS centi a week Bv mall: Night Edition and Sunday • ittuet S3 75 a month, $3* OO o veor Afternoon Edition* ond Sundov 7 ittuet S3 IS a month, MO OO a year Other ttotet ond U S. territorial SAO OO a year. No Moil Subtraction! accepted in areas having Gaiette carrier tervice The Associated Pratt it entitled exclusively to the use tor republication of on the local news printed in this newspaper as well os all AP newt dispatches. educational grant inducements for two-vear service commit- kitchen and living room. Firemen were called to the released him to his parents. Oc- . An unidentified hitch hiker, tober 12 has been proclaimed state .senator Michael Blouin. |who was a passenger in a car National Newspaper Carrier day Democratic candidate for involved in a collision Thursday, by President Ford. He designa-congress in Iowa s Second dis-jran from scene despite suf- ted it to honpr ’ the hard-work-nct,. Friday criticized this fering a head laceration.    ing young people who carry the week s hike in interest rates on -j^e hitchhiker was a passen- news of the world to our door-price support loans.    ger jn a car    drjven by steve B    steps.”    He    said    they    represent He said the increase, an- Hepperle, 18.    of 818 Third street    the    finest    spirit of    America, nounced Thursday, is evidence NW. “of the government's insensi- The car driven by Hepperle tivity to farm problems and its hit the rear of a car driven by unwillingness to adopt policies Glenn A. Williams. 43. of 3709 which adequately deal with the Twelfth avenue SW. at 9:10 p m current economic situation.” Thursday at    the intersection of Senator Blouin said govern- First avenue    and First street W. Police charged Hepperle with failure to stop in assured clear distance ahead. Burger Therapy WILLIAMSBURG. Va. < AP> ments by young doctors in med-iresidence at 12:12 p.m. and dis- Indian Experts Killed — Chief Justice Burger is re- ically under-served areas, covered upon arrival that the BRASILIA (UPI) — The na-ceiving daily therapy at Wil- Clark and Culver have also fire had spred to the adjoin- tional Indian foundation Thurs-liamsburg Community hospital urged development of parame- ing parts of the blouse.    day reported that a group of its for injuries he received when dical resources and of mobile The fire also caused smoke Indian experts had been killed his bicycle was struck last health clinics to serve rural damage throughout the entirely Waimiri-Atroari tribesmen in month by a drag racing auto. Towa.    structure.    the    state    of    Amazonas. ment officials “not only ignore the fact that higher interest rates on commodity loans tighten the financial pinch farmers already feel, but they also fail to recognize that higher interest Philippine-China Ties MANILA. Philippines (API — rates in vital non-inflationary President Maroos said Friday areas such as farming contrib- Filipino and Chinese diplomats Ute to the possibility of a serious will meet in Peking near the recession.”    end of the month to begin talks Senator Blouin made the com- on full diplomatic relations. Cedar Rapids emergency Numbers Ambulance..........366-7654 P.BJ .......... 402/348-1210 Fire .................398-5343 Highway Patrol 364-5171 After Hours ......363-5629 Police............... 398-5353 Sheriff ............. 398-3521 Medical Society ....365-2527 (lf you have no physician) Foundation ll .......362-2174 (Crisis help, I p m.-midnight) Information, Referral 398-3955 (Ta leo™ wha con help) (Ckp and carry in your billfold)ARMAGEDDON-EARTH’S LAST BATTLEWhere? When, Will It Be Fought? 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