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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 4, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Thf Cedar Rapids Gazette: Frt., Ort. 4. 1874 HUD Act Allows Flexibility By Harrison Weber DES MOINES (1DPA) -State Senator James Griffin is applauding the new housing and urban development act passed by congress. Griffin, chairman of the cities and towns committee in the senate, thinks the act will eliminate much red tape The Housing and Urban Development agency (HUD) has 75 days to review applications. If the project has not been specifically rejected within that period, the project will be deemed approved Senator Griffin believes the act provides greater flexibility for cities and towns on community development projects because funds will be made available from a single source on a much less restricted basis. Joint Meeting The Council Bluffs Republican and his counterpart. Rep. John Clark (R-Keokuk), chairman of the cities and towns committee in the house, have called a joint meeting of the cities and towns committees for Oct. 23 in Des Moines to see if the next legislature needs to pass any enabling legislation to implement the federal program While the new law envisions a continuous program, funding is authorized for only three years, beginning with $2.5 billion for fiscal 1975. $2.95 billion for the second year and $2.95 billion for the third. These amounts, however, must be provided in separate appropriation acts before the money actually becomes available Iowa's share of the first year appropriation would he $24.6 million, roughly one percent of the overall appropriation Black Grants The new program, slated to go into effect Jan I, 1975. in essence provides blink grants for cities and towns for community development programs and replaces separate categorical grants for urban renewal, model cities, open space land, water and sewer lines. It does not replace or supplant the water pollution treatment grant program nor any existing program under the Farmers Home Administration Any city or town or any combination of local units, regardless of population, will be eligible to apply to HUD for funding, according to Robert E. Josten, executive director of the League of Iowa Municipalities. All cities over 50,000 will be guaranteed a certain level of funding “for virtually the life of the program." Josten commented. There are seven cities in Iowa in this population classification — Cedar Rapids. Council Bluffs. Davenport. Parsons Takes Muscatine Post IOWA CITY - Riidney Par sons, 52, real estate coordinator in Iowa City's urban renewal department, has been named Muscatine community development director. Parsons was chosen from among 30 candidates for the post He will have responsibility for Muscatine's urban renewal project, the building and zoning and planning and zoning departments. No salary’ was anm*uncod Des Moines, Dubuque. Sioux City and Waterloo Guaranteed Amount In addition, ll other cities with previous experience in urban renewal programs will 1m> guaranteed a minimum amount of funding for five years However, they will get the maximum guarantee only during the first three years, after that they will bi* phased downward Mason City, for example, is scheduled to receive $1,016,000 for each of the first three years, $677,000 in the fourth and $339,000 in the fifth year The other cities in this category are Burlington, Carroll, Cedar Falls, Charles City, Fort Dodge. Evansdale, Iowa City, Keokuk, Muscatine and Ottumwa A formula that covers population, housing needs and the number of people with poverty-level incomes, will be used as the base for determining the size of grants for the large cities Receive Banus These seven cities, in effect, will receive a bonus if they have participated in past HUD programs This will be in addition to the amount they would receive under the formula The more involvement, the larger the grant. But starting in the fourth year of the program all cities over 50,00(1 will be funded strictly on the basis of the formula In some cases, the formula share will be more than the guaranteed amount; in other cases it will be less, Josten said For instance. Des Moines will be guaranteed $3 3 million the first year because of its heavy involvement with HUD programs However, the size of Des Moines' grant wil bi* reduced to $2.9 million the second year. $2.8 million the third and subsequent years On the other hand, because Dubuque has only had limited participation in HUD pro- Unemployment Drops 2.7 Percent in August DES MOINES (UPI) -Iowa’s unemployment rate fell to 2.7 percent in August, down six-tenths of a percent from the July rate, the Employment Security commission reported Thursday. Commission officials said the 2.7 percent rate in August matched the figure for August of 1973 Total employment in August was set at 1.309,2(8), the commission said, compared with 1,345.400 in July and I,* 288.600 in August of 1973. The decline from July was attributed primarily to a seasonal reduction in agricultural jobs Iowa’s civilian labor force — the combined totals of employed and unemployed workers — fell from 1,390,9(8) in July to 1,345,300 in August. GAZETTE TELEPHONE NUMBERS lot N«#v Sports loofa tit tpmg Gontfdl Infor motion ond OHitn dot LfttoN toto* CoN (mutation Subunpt*n Copt Mon thru Sot I o n to I p rn Sundog Until 12 Noon Holidays ll o rn to I p rn PMI* Mon thru in tom to S p no. Saturday until 12 Noon Diptay hdvortrwng I a rn to S p m Monon Offxo m 1211 mull 39* *2)4 39*1221 ltd *4JCI CERAMIC SNIC WALLS IO!-Colors Choko QQc h. Q Q up FLOORS 67 Colors A Patton** C 98 »q. ft. A up Do It Yoursolf or wo Install Plastic Well Tile 4 Vi 6 Color* in Stock I SLATE for ontrlo* 60 sq. ft. in Stock Open Thursday UU 7:30 — Park In Rear grams it will receive only $247,(88) the first year but the size of its grants will increase gradually, $586.(88) the second year, $893,(88) the third and $909.(88) the fourth and fifth years $24.5 Million At the outset about $5 million of the state’s $24.5 million allocation will Im' available to the remaining 938 cities and towns. This discretionary balance is expected to grow to $14 5 million by the program s fourth year. Funding for the program will be IOO percent federal. with no requirement for local matching funds The program does differ from general revenue sharing in that each city or town is required to file an application; funding is not automatic “The block grants," Josten said, “are not principally designed for housing construction The money is to be used mainly to purchase and clear land for housing or any other public purpose, and for supplementary >er\ ices such as a day-care center." Housing Projects The executive director of the League of Iowa Municipalities looks for money to fund housing projects to come from other federal sources, such as public housing and low income housing. The problem. he concedes, is that during the last two years the federal government has frozen allocations in those programs and local communities have been stymied in terms of further building. “The big movement across the nation has been to create state finance agencies on housing. I think we need such an agency in Iowa; it s a closely related subject,” Josten declared The amount available to Cedar Rapids under the program is $1,285,(88) for 1975, and increasing to $1,372,000 in 1979 Iowa City’s share would be $452.(881 for 1975, and $151.(88) for 1979 Johnson Jury Convicts Man of Fleeing Accident IOWA CITY - A Johnson county district court jury deliberated slightly over 9(1 minutes Wednesday before finding James Ronald Carlile guilty of leaving the scene of a personal injury accident Carlile had been charged in connection with an Aug 2, 1974, incident in which Isaltu and Edet Isuk were struck by a car as they walked near the overpass on Mormon Truck road. Mrs. Isuk revealed in her testimony that she had been eight months' pregnant at the time of the accident and lost the baby as a result A sentencing date fur Carlile will be set later 29 YEARS AGO — Henry and James Starr of Westville, NJ, two American brothers who disappeared on the West der-man-Berlin highway Sept 7, said in East Berlin they entered the Soviet zone voluntarily to ask political asylum. Reimbursement Asked for Dog Creates Council Furor By Doris Ahern DECORAH - A small furor was created at the city council meeting here this week when Dennis Brauer, of Decorah, tried to retrieve his valuable Brittany spaniel dog mounded in June by the city. Brauer claimed the city did not give him proper notice that the dog had been impounded. Brauer said he was out of the city at the time notice was given and that the notice was given to someone else. In the meantime, the city turned the dog over to David Gilbert, who paid the impounding fees Agreed Return Brauer reported Tuesday that the new owner of the dog has agreed to return the animal to Brauer provided Brauer pays $2.50 a day to Gilbert for the period of about two months that he has had the dog. Brauer asked the city to reimburse Gilbert, arguing that (he city had failed to give proper notice of impoundment. The council refused Brauer’s request, which would have been in excess of $150, holding that, since they believed proper notice had been given, they had no liability in the case. Supermarket The razing of the present Jack and Jill Supermarket in west Decorah and construction of a new, larger shopping facility on land adjoining the present store on the east, next to the Upper Iowa river, was indirectly touched upon in another action of the council Through a resolution adopted by councilmen Tuesday night, the city released a flowage easement affecting the site of the new supermarket. Owners of the land, Phil Johnson and Valdorf Moo, recently completed a fill-in project which raises the river bank property above flood level Public Hearing According to Clifford Schrubbe, chairman of the board of zoning and adjustment, a public hearing would be held Oct. 3 on an application made by the James Refrigeration Co., of Mason City, owners of the present Jack and Jill Supermarket building, for construction of the new store. If the new supermarket building plan is approved, the store’s retail space will be nearly doubled, and parking space will be provided for from 3(8) to 400 cars. Plans call for construction of a modern, functional-type building 150 feet long and 1(8) feet wide. Plans for a new ordinance to impose more rigid control on the operation of motorcycles and mini-bikes in the city were discussed Handsome Sweaters for Tall and Big Men! Manhattan styles this turtleneck in antistatic "Double-Knit Plus’V Here s a turtleneck knit that doesn t ding. Ever! Ifs Monsoon -Double-Knit Plus ! A soft BanLon knit    of    100%    Anlron    III nylon - thufs anli-static and totally absorbent, for    real super comfort    Repels dirt, dust and lint like magic. 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