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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 1, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa HEATHCLIFF * HE POeSN'T UKE YOUR COAT / * WIN AT BRIDGE By Oswald Ii James Jacoby When we watched today's hand bid in the Olympiad fund pairs, we saw very few contracts made. With no one vulnerable there was a tendency for East and West to go to three spades. South might double or pass. In either case NORTH    I ♦ Q64 f K 987 ♦ 43 ♦ .1986 WEST    EAST <I» ♦ 1098    4 A K 752 VQ IO 543    ?62 ♦ K J 7    ♦ 962 ♦ 42    ♦ A7 3 SOETH ♦ J3 ? A J ♦ A Q IO 8 5 ♦ K Q IO 5 Neither vulnerable West North East South I* 29 2A Pass Pass 34 Fuss Pass 3A 44 Bass Pass Pass Opening lead —IO 0 box developed when North went into a long huddle before passing to his partner's three club bid. East, an alert player, realized that North would now take a push and bid three spades. Now South bid what we consider a rather unethical four clubs. He had paid full attention to his partner’s slow pass and apparently came to the conclusion that North held a trifle more in the way of club support, but had made up his mind not to bid; so South bid for his partner. Incidentally there was nothing wrong with North’s thinking. A player is entitled to think. His partner should not act upon that thought. WFCRRDJfei** The bidding has been: West North East South I ♦ Pass Id Pass 29 Pass 34 Pass 39 Puss 9 careful play would see East going down one trick. It wouldn’t be a bad score. South would make three clubs by the simple expedient of ruffing a diamond in dummy before losing control of the trump suit. With the 5-point part score bonus, three clubs bid and made would count HO. Three spades doubled dowr would only be IOO The rather peculiar bidding You. South, hold ♦ A K 8 4 3 f A 2 9Q 4 4K (j 8 7 What do you do now? A —You can afford to move into Blackwood. Kid four notrump. 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NW Phone 366-7651 Cyprus Relief Effort Plagued by Problems By David Lancashire NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) — Relief experts are battling a host of problems to feed and shelter 234,000 refugees of the Cyprus war. Food, blankets, beds, money — even plastic jugs to carry water, and bags to hold dead bi Kl i es — have been donated by dozens of countries including the United States, the Soviet Union, China, as well as Greece and Turkey. The government of Cyprus estimates that the refugees’ “food and lodging” bill is running $216,000 a day. The United Nations has appealed for $22 million to help the war victims on the island. Mast ta Greek Zene So far the U.S. has made the biggest contribution, pledging $6.2 million, including tents, blankets and other supplies. China has given $165,000 in medicine, canned food and blankets, and the Soviet Union has sent seed oil, sugar, fish and condensed milk Red Cross officials say that Red Cross societies in half a dozen nations have sent 21.5 tons of powdered milk, more than 2 tons of baby food, 150 tons of high-protein food, 8,192 cots, 20 tons of medical Man Charged with Drug Possession Perry A. Lindeman, 21, of 527 Sixteenth street NE, has been charged with possession of a controlled substance after police arrested him on a warrant charging him with disturbing the peace Lindeman was arrested at 7; 50 p.m. Saturday near the west end of the First avenue bridge after officers, who saw him walking in the area, recognized him as the person wanted on the warrant. A search of Lindeman s clothing at the police station following his arrest allegedly found a quantity of a substance believed to be USD in his clothing. Lindeman was being held in the county jail on $6,000 bond. Flocks More than half of Iran’s 29 million people farm or herd flocks of sheep and goats. supplies and 110,776 blankets. About 80 percent of the relief goes to the Greek zone, where 183,800 Greek Cypriots have taken refuge since their towns and villages in northern Cyprus were occupied by the Turkish invaders. About 41,800 Turkish Cypriots are either camped at a British base on the south coast or marooned in their isolated villages in the south. Drivers Restricted Red Cross teams tour the island with relief supplies, sometimes using loudspeakers to coax frightened refugees from hiding places. Various relief officials say the supplies are getting to those who need them, but they emphasize that problems abound. Greek and Turkish truck drivers are forbidden to cross the cease-fire lines between Greek and Turkish territory. The Turkish military command restricts the movements of the U.N. peacekeeping troops in the northern third of the island, and most of the deliveries there can be made only by the Red Cross or its Turkish counterpart, the Red Crescent. Airport ('Used “I still am not allowed to travel freely in the north myself,” says George Beauchamp, who came from Washington to handle the American relief effort. He said two truckloads of U.S. goods got caught in a Turkish enclave recently and before U N. troops could recover them, 15(1 water cans were looted. Getting supplies into the island is also a problem. The Nicosia international airport has been closed for two months because of bomb damage, and relief planes can land only at the British military base at Akrotiri. Relief ships can dock only at Limassol; the Turkish army holds Famagusta, the island’s biggest port. Tents have been provided for many of the refugees, but most of them are still sleeping on the bare ground, and eating mostly macaroni and rice. “It’s going to get colder than hell this winter,” said Beauchamp, “and I don’t know what we can do about that unless the refugees are back home by then.” Settlement Reached in Land Suit A settlement has been reached in three property owners’ suit against the Iowa Highway Commission over condemnation of land. Herman, Carl and Frances Strasburger accepted an additional $6,250 from the highway commission for property condemned on March 24, 1971. The three had previously been awarded $97,600 for the property at 616-618 First street NW, and 101-103 F avenue NW The additional award was for damages not contained in the condemnation award. Ballots Now Ready for Nov. 5 Vote Absentee ballots for the Nov. 5 general election are available in the Linn county elections office, Auditor Merle Kopel announced Monday. Persons unable to vole on Nov. 5 may request a ballot in person or in writing from the elections office. Persons asking for a ballot in writing should specify the name of the election (general), their address, the address they would like the ballot sent to, and should sign the letter. Kopel said absentee ballot requests have been running ahead of previous years so far. About 200 applications have been requested since they became available last week. Charge Dismissed lf Goods Returned A charge of embezzlement by bailee against a rural Marion man was dismissed in Linn district court Friday. Jeff Schaeffer, route three, Marion, was charged with taking a tent and sleeping bag belonging to Buresh Rental Aug. 22. The charge was dismissed, pending return of the items. Three Arrested In County on Drug Charges W/nqe/i4 For the Finest in Paints NOW! You can open and close your garage door from your car... It’s the Best “garage key” ever made: Electric Garage Door Opener! 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We take pride in our quality products and dependable service. Keep out dirt, snow, vandals with the best garage key — your Radio! Enjoy easier cold weather starts. Serving Cedar Rapids and Iowa City - Over 50 Tiers 208 8th Av#. SI 363-9978 In Iowa City, Call 338-9747 Just Fauchiur, Ownar-Operator Three persons were charged by Linn deputies with possession of controlled substances in separate incidents over the weekend. Larry Zahradnik, 19, route one, Ely, was arrested early Sunday near Bertram when the sheriff’s office received a report of a man passed out in a car with the motor running. Zahradnik initially was charged with intoxication. While officers were preparing his car to be towed away, a quantity of a substance believed to be marijuana was found in his car. Zahradnik was released to the custody of Community Court Services. David Alvin Fraley, 21, of Urbana was arrested early Sunday two miles west of Whittier. Deputies stopped his car when they observed it cross the center line. A quantity of a substance thought to be marijuana was found in the car. Two juveniles with Fraley were released to the custody of their parents. Fraley, charged with oos- session of a controlled substance, was released to the custody of Community Court Services. * 4 * Albert R. Green, 23, of 435 Eighth avenue SW. was charged with possession of a controlled substance after Linn deputies stopped him for having an improper muffler. He is accused of having amphetamines in his possession. Green was also released to the custody of Community Court Services. Model RPM MICROWAVE/OVEN made only by SAVE 50 - 75’/* OF THE ELECTRICITY YOU USE IN COOKING! 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