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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - September 30, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- Clear, cold tonight, with lows in the upper 20s and low 30s. Cloudy Tuesday, with highs in the 30s. VOLUME 02 - NUMBER 204 lieder CITY FINAL 15 CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 1974 _ ASSOCIATED    PRESS.    UPI.    NEW    YORK    TIMES RESIGNS Await Key Report on Hrs. Ford WASHINGTON (AP* _ As L irst Lady Betty Ford’s doctors awaited a crucial pathology report to determine the extent of her cancer, they reported Monday she had spent a “much more restful night” and that her condition is good. A medical bulletin prepared by doctors at the Bethesda. Md., Naval hospital said Mrs. Ford “has had some mild temperature elevation, typical of a post-operative course.” They said “all laboratory data and vital signs are within normal limits,” and said Mrs. Ford “has been sitting in a chair and walking for short intervals and is taking fluids this morning.” The pathology report was critical to Mrs. Ford’s future. If her lymph nodes proved free of cancer cells, she can return to a normal life and possibly carry! through on her plans to accompany the President to the Far East in November. Asst. Press Secretary William Roberts said the President was notified that his wife’s condition was very satisfactory and that! the President was expected to make only one visit to the hospi-' tai Monday. The First Lady sat up and w alked a few steps Sunday and doctors said she could begin eat-( ing Monday. After two Sunday visits with his wife, President Ford said she was “feeling very well but a little tired.” He added: “I think that's a normal reaction.” As for himself, the President reported “I feel a lot better today.” Reporters asked Ford whether his wife's illness would affect his plans for a busy campaign and travel schedule this fall or his decision to run for the presidency in 1976 “We haxen’t looked beyond j next week,” the President replied. Mrs. Ford was receiving an outpouring of messages, tele phone calls and flowers from w'ell-wishers across the country. The White House operators logged 500 telephone calls by I noon Sunday. Scores of flower arrangements were received. White House aides said. The President told reporters his wife had received enough flowers to last throughout her expected 10-day hospital stay. He said Mrs. Ford suggested that those who wish to send her flowers should contribute in- (Continued: Page 3. Col. 6J Ask 15-Day Stay OF Ca I ley Release NEW ORLEANS (UPI) - The army Monday asked the 5th U. S. circuit court of appeals to extend an order keeping former Army LL William Galley imprisoned in the Ft. Leavenworth, Kan , disciplinary barracks for his part in the My Lai massacre. A federal district judge in Georgia ruled last Wednesday that Galley should be released immediately. The appeals court issued a delay order keeping Galley at Ft. Leavenworth, but that order expired Monday. “When a case involves novel constitutional issues for which there are no well-established precedents in point, and these same issues have been specifically addressed and rejected on direct appeal, it is manifestly inappropriate for a petitioner to be released prior to appellate review of a favorable habeas decision” fullfil;'* Chuckle Why is it that the guy in tIk* third car bach is always the first one to see the light change? Copyright' Ford Opposed to Gas Tax Plan, Aide Claims WASHINGTON (AP) — A nomic Advisers, said the eco-White House spokesman said nomic summit and the meetings Monday President Ford does not 'racbnS UP 10 it Save us a ,    .    - , , working list which the President favor imposing a special foder- wj|1 ^ u|llizjng deve)op a rd tax on gasoline but retains fairly broad anti-inflationary an open mind on this and other policy.” (options being studied as possible! The summit conference dem- Left Wing Holds Sway In Regime anti-inflation Press LISBON. Portugal (AP) — General Antonio de Spinola resigned as president of Portugal there Monday, claiming he was pow- measures    onstrated    “that    there    were    no c . n vr responsible people out Secretary Hon Nessen    ,--------  n    — r— said i nronosal to raise the fed « ° hadwhat was known as the eriess to prevent the country’s sam a proposal to raise the fed- quick fIX> » Greenspan said on slide int ct,aos and anarchv eral gas tax by anywhere from NBG' ‘'Meet the Press".    I    Thp Jun)a o{ Na|iona| Sa|va. he summit and spiraling in- tion comprising the military put congress under m- 10 to 20 cents a gallon was “one of many, many ideas” being considered. He said the proposal has not come to Ford for a decision. Earlier, a White House source said the gasoline tax, once rejected by Ford, was now gaining favor in the administration and might he a major proposal in the program Ford sends to congress to fight inflation. flation creasing pressure lo work (Continued: Page 3, Col. 8.) on Senators Say Castro Warm To (J. S, Ties HAVANA (AP) — Prime Min glers who overthrew the heirs of the Salazar dictatorship last April, quickly appointed as Spinola’s successor Gen. Francisco Costa Gomes, long considered the president’s top assistant in the junta. Lisbon appeared calm during the morning. Radio stations broadcast repeated appeals to the people to remain calm. Spinola resigned after leftists a normalization” of relations with the U.S. Garotte Photo by L. W Ward Police and bystanders aid a motorcylist who wa s killed Monday afternoon when he attempted to cross the Third avenue railroad tracks in front of a northbound North Western freight train. The man died shortly after arrival at Mercy hospital. It was the third train crossing fatality in Linn county this month. Sirica Sets Separate Trial for Nixon Aide BULLETIN LONG BEACH. Calif. (UPI) — Further tests on former President Nixon to determine his further treatment will require his hospitalization at least until the first of next week, ruling out his early appearance altho Watergate cover-up trial, it was disclosed Monday. the Nowlin Defense Cycle Hit Begins; Raise By Train; Insanity Issue Man Killed By Tom Fruchling WASHINGTON (AP) — Judge for testimony before a Water-John Sirica Monday ordered a gate grand jury, separate Watergate cover-up jn a series of appeals. means Strachan can raise issue again later. The separate trial for Strachan is baffed upon legal problem. The personal assistant to White tempting to show their client to House chief of staff H. R. Hal- unstable and out of control at deman claims the evidence times, especially when he was used to indict him is tainted. drinking. As one of the defense Strachan’s attorney has said attorneys put it, “we’re raising Strachan was promised immuni- the question of insanity.” ty from prosecution in exchange Nowlin, 31, of rural Keystone, forced his rightist supporters to “We know the public won t be    |c,rr    a”ro niot with two Amer-    cancel a weekend rally in    the happy about this and we can’t'lean    senators who said after-    general’s honor. But the    un- be sure congress will go along,    ward    they got the "impression    defying causes of Spinola’s    defile source said. “But we think    that    Cuba is interested in work-    Parture were basic disagreements    with the    left over the pace    with which    reforms were being    introduced    in post-revolu- “The ice has been broken." tionary Portuguese society. Sen. Javits    (R-N.Y.)    told    report-1    uast Conservative ers    after    he    and    Sen.    Pell    (D-j His    departure    removed the R.I.) spent three hours withjj ast prominent conservative Castro late Sunday night.    Ifrom    the six-month-old govem- The two senators were to end ment. their three-day visit Monday. His voice breaking with emo- Pell said the meeting'with:'ion- tSPinola said he 7s ^ higher gasoline tax is being pro- castro was “frank warm and ting ^cause the country was moted within the administration fr,pndjv blJt nrithrr senator crumbling into “chaos and anon grounds it would discourage I would ’ wh he bciieved an archy” and he was powerless to gasoline consumption while l ved cUmate between'the>Pr«vcnt raictnrr non/ tov ro\;nnno tex ti-1    .    ,    ...    Ho    coin two countries may be in the offing. Missile Crisis it s something that would help.” , -    .    . ••lf I had to make a political!1"? toward decision, I would guess we would opt for a 10-cent tax.” the source added. Action Promised Ford closed his economic summit conference Saturday with a pledge to send anti-infla-t i o n recommendations to | congress within IO days. A He said the principles of the raising new tax revenue to fi- , nance federal programs, such    ................... April revolution were being be- as public service employment.    MJ    ...    trayed and Portugal was speed- ccd«r Rapids News-    The    bjgber gasoline tax was    Missile    crisis    toward    “fa|se    democracy.” A motorcyclist was killed:first advocated by Treasury, Javits said the senators told Spinola tried at least twice to MASON    CITY—George Junior    when struck by a train shortly Secretary Simon, but met with    Castro the U.S. has been con-    increase his own power at the a    special    Nowlin’s    lawyers    began their    before 1:20 p.m. Monday while resistance from Ford. Former    cerned about such problems as    expense of the younger and one-time    defense    Monday    morning at-    crossing the Third avenue SE White House Press Secretary J.    the 1962 Cuban missile crisis,    more liberal officers of the tracks in downtown Cedar Rap-, F. terHorst said Aug. 30 that    Havana's attempts to export    Armed Forces Movement who ids.    Ford did not favor the increase    revolution and the fate of politi-    have held the real power in the The man, whose identity was because it would be “exorbitant, cal prisoners in Cuba.    country since their revolution, being withheld pending notifica-iunwise and unnecessary.” i He said the visitors mentioned His first unsuccessful attempt lion of next of kin. was taken to However, a White House the large amount of U.S. proper- resulted in the installation of a Mercy hospital suffering from (spokesman confirmed Sunday Uy seized by Cuba without com- military-dominated cabinet head and chest injuries.    the idea has been resurrected,    pensation and the human prob-    headed by Col. Vasco Concaves Hospital officials said the mam “A special tax on gasoline is    {ems caused by the large flow of    in July, venue for the March IO slaying died shortly after arrival.    one of many ideas under Cuban refugees to the U.S.    Vigilante Brigades of Maureen Connolly in Jones1 The locomotive of the north-.study, he said.    jn    addition,    the    senators    said    His    second attempt was Energy Tax    Cuba holds nine U.S. political backed bv re-emerging conser- prisoners and about 40 other:vativ€ forces that bad been Americans on charges such as eclipsed by the April revolution. smuggling and hi- xhe rightists tried to whip up support for Spinola with a big On the other hand, Javits political rally in Lisbon Saturate senators told Bray is on trial here on a change of trial for former White House iaiso said his client’s testimony county.    bound    train    ran    over    the    man. aide Gordon Strachan.    before the senate Watergate Tbedefense based on insanity 'tapping him between the rails. The order leaves five defend- committee was also improperly is in contrast with Nowlin’s first    "Fast Speed” ants to face charges in the main used to obtain the indictment. jrjaj jn £|0ry county in which he cover-up trial scheduled to Two U.S. court of appeals was convicted of the murder of begin Tuesday.    judges, while refusing to dis- Michael Servey. No defense was Strachan’s lawyer. John Bray, miss the charges against Stra- presented at that trial. told reporters as he left the U S. chan. acknowledged that his district courthouse Monday, legal argument has merit. •we've been severed from the    scheduled    Trial cover-up case.” Sirica also was expected to The others scheduled to be rule Monday on whether he will lrie^ are: allow typed transcripts to be Former Atty. Gen. Mitchell; used along with some 33 presi- former chief of staff H. R. Hal- . ... dential tapes the prosecution deman; former Nixon domestic' ro 0 imsc wants as evidence at the trial counselor John Ehrlichman; and scheduled to start Tuesday. two men who worked for Nixon's re-election committee; former assistant Atty. Gen. Defense witnesses included far ]eft lane Nowlin’s wife, mother, mother-the tracks, in-law, father-in-law, and Witnesses said brother-in-law’. All five agreed that Nowlin had a “bad temper” and occasionally seemed to lose con sources also said that discussion    of another    tax on    energy, The motorcyclist, according    first    considered    nearly    a year    ma/"!Juana (to witnesses,, was traveling    at a] ago,    is being revived It wouldTa<^ng fast speed in an attempt to    beat    work    this way: tho train. Tho man was in the Consume said, rs and industry '"J    k?S”°,    day-    but v|Sllanle blades led when he crossed would be permitted to use tte they understood CMha_mlght f««l by Communists blocked the traffic were (Continued: two stopped Page 3, Col. 5.) Violent’ Stocks Again Drop Sharply NEW YORK UPI) — Pri< hA 5<',P”,al!hreq1St„fr0m S'T”berl Mardi*, and committee |    '    \v    J'^rtoitoidy    Plunged .sharply Monday chan that the conspiracy, ob-,lawyer Kenneth I arkinson. dent wbpn be ,.bad a bttje nj -• moderate trading on the N Request Denied His wife of a year-and-a-half. Dana, 19, said Nowlin was “unpredictable” and “violent.” She All are charged with conspira- struction of justice, and perjury charges against him be dis- |0 obstnJcl justice by al. mdic?bv Stncam0d ’''“h0Ut prC' lpmPl>ng to keep investigators on occaBon J *    from learning who was response [ d t “kill” The fact that the motion was b|c for the* June, 1972. Watergate denied “without prejudice” breakin and who knew about it nip or was “drunk.” She testified that he beat her and her. Once, (Continued: Page 3, Col. 4 ) Prices in New York Stock Exchange with traders and investors showing concern over 'brokers margin calls, The Dow Jones industrial average was off 15.57 at 606 38 at 2 p.m. I    same amount of energy - nato- hrfa'onad bv'"f 1    ™ads'"<■> Usbon ur8ed ‘f lanos of    ral gas. oil and electricity -    'arly by ,he abor,lv<’    J*1    Kdyof    Isl sympathisers to prevent the for the    that they used during some set    ”5,    rally' previous' period, such as Dc- 1 ra tgence g cy. j. was an open invitation to comber of 1972.    Feels    Wronged    violence, and Spinola canceled Any additional energy use Javits said Cuba feels thf; .    aw* would be heavily taxed at a rate wronged above all by the eco-    ^on    *    want ,'^ar yet to be decided    nomic embargo imposed by the tween Portuguese, saki Gon- Other elements of Ford’s eco-    U.S. and felt the action    should    calves* left-leaning premier, nomic program are expected to    be repealed.    in a wee^n(l telecast explaining include help for the housing in- The senators said    Castro did    why the rally could not be held, dustry in the form of mortgage not raise the question of Ameri-| More than 300 rightists were interest subsidies, budget cuts ca’s Guantanamo naval base arrested, and the army and the a public service employment despite past demands for the Communist party announced program and some tax relief for U.S. to abandon the facility. she 7    *I groups hurt worst bv inflation, interest rates and    J    ■    . No “Quick Fix”    attacked President Ford in a Alan Greenspan, chairman of sPecch tor ^ defense of CIA the President’s Council of Eco- (Continued Page 9, Col. 3.) that the demonstration was to Twenty hours earlier, Castro bave been an    a tercoup Says Communists Put Ransom on POW Focus of Opposition Spinola himself took no part in the military revolution but was chosen by its leaders for the presidency because a book he wrote became the focus of military opposition to the dicta- EVANSTON, 111. (AP) - A widow' says two Communist agems have demanded between $25JKH) and $500,000 for proof her son is alive and to start negotiations for his release as a prisoner of war in Laos. Jean Macdonald returned over the weekend from a meeting in Mexico City with two men who showed her a picture of a man she identified as her son. They would not let her keep the photo but told her she would bi' contacted later, she said. First Ut George Macdonald, a navigator aboard an air force C-130 cargo plane, was shot down Dee. 21, 1972, over Laos. “It was my son all right He was terribly malnourished and had grown a beard, but it was my son. They said the picture was taken three months ago,” she said “They wouldn't say who they were or who they represented. All they would say was that they were Communists.” She met the agents through the Rev. Paul Lindstrom, a fervent anti-Communist who has been active in work involving men listed ars prisoners of war or missing in action. The Rev. Mr Lindstrom said iii an interview that he arranged the Mexico meeting after two previous meetings with persons whom he believes are ‘’tied to a diplomatic mission in Southeast Asia.” He said he talked to different representatives at each of the three meetings, but wasn't sure whether they are “working for a government or on their own behalf for monetary gain*”’ He said he has asked for a letter in Macdonalds hand-wri t i n g answering certain questions as proof he is still alive. “I don’t know whether he is alive or not. but the beard indicates the photo was taken .sometime after the plane crashed," he said. Mrs. Macdonald’s son was the first, and only, name forwarded thuti far, said Lindstrom, adding he believed other servicemen were alive. The l\ S. government has discredited previous reports that prisoners of war are still tieing held in southeast Asia. "Ive given up on the gov ernment because of repeated incidents of lack of interest . . .” the Rev. Mr. Lindstrom said when asked if he had informed officials about the Macdonald negotiations. The minister vowed in 1971 he would form a force of IOO commandos to free southeast Asian war prisoners, but later abandoned the plans. He also attempted in 1970 to form a fleet of boats to encourage defections by Soviet seamen. That plan never developed However, he accurately revealed in 1972 before it was officially announced that Secretary of State Kissinger made secret visits to the Soviet Union prior to the Nixon summit. The Rev. Mr. Lindstrom said he and other representatives of the Christian Defense League, an umbrella for POW-MIA groups, have established contacts in Vien-tianne, Laos, and in Thailand “The contacts arose through a new series of meetings which we began in January of 1973," he said. The two agents in Mexico City offered to provide a photo and her son’s fingerprints “but they wanted money, and I’m a pauper," said Mrs. Macdonald, the mother of nine children who recently was hospitalized with a heart ailment. She haid the men wanted more than $25,(HK) and less than $500.(MK), but, “I can’t say how much. They made me promise ” She and the Rev. Mr Lind torship A former commander of Por strom said they had indica tuguese forces in Portuguese tions from the contacts that a Guinea and one of the few payment would lead to negoti heroes of Portugal’s colonial ations for her son’s release. (Continued: Page 9, Col. 5.) The minister said the league, which paid for Mrs. Macdonald’s Mexico trip, Today s Index would meet this week to de Comics ..........16 termine if an attempt should Crossword .........16 be made to raise funds from Daily Record ....... 3 unidentified, prearranged don Deaths ...... 3 ors. Editorial Features ......... 6 Mrp. Macdonald said she Farm ......12 wants to meet with President Financial ..........n Ford and Kissinger to enlist Marion ........ii their aid. Movies ......RI “Individuals shouldn't have Society ...... 8 to purchase their (loved Sports . ... 13-15 ones ) freedom . . our gov State .......4,5 ernment owes us a duty ... to Television .......... 9 open up these countries and Want Ads . . ...19-23 search for our men,” she said. ;

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