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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - October 1, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa naiionm wi amir if i Vici roue am »>am III 10*2 **?4 mom oh WYOftK 1-380- (Continued from Page I.) tion the Hiawatha city council will take. He said it will depend upon legal advice regarding the responsibilities and powers of the council. The commission’s action, on a only 15 members! Obituaries cussed showed up As usual, Chairman Bill Martin declared a quorum present.1 However, a check of the bylaws    . ■    ^    . proved Martin had been misin- John Linger formed, and that a vote of the John C. Hanger, 22, of 820 Edward W. O’Brien, 91, of 1511 members present is required Eighth street SVV, died Monday I Second street SW, died Monday before the chairman can de- from injuries suffered in a mo- after a brief illness. He was Edward W. O'Brien he Cedar Rapids 3 Gazette: Tues., October I, 1974 Watergate— (Continued from Page I.) any tapes that are listen to played. 1 1    1.    .    .    .    ..    4    _    Defendants    along    with    Mit- 12-3 vote, came after about 90 re a <luorum-    torcycle-tram accident in Cedar born in Cedar Rapids, Dec. 28, chell, Haldeman and Ehrlich- minutes of debate among I he vote was granted Monday vapid^,.    1882, and had been a lifelong man are former* Assistant Attor- Guthridgc, representatives of night.    He was born on Aug. 15, 1952, resident.    n€y General Robert Mardian the state highway commission Martin said he will ask the    in Cedar Rapids. He    graduated    He was a retired employe of    and Kenneth Parkinson, one- (which recommended the route commission, at its next meet-    from Jefferson high    school in    the Roosevelt hotel and a    time attorney for Nixon’s re- through Hiawatha) and resi- >ng, to affirm all action taken at    1969. He served with    the army    member of the St. Ludmila’s    election committee. dents of Hiawatha and of Twin previous meetings when a; in Germany and presently was I Catholic church.    j sirica granted a prosecution was not officially enrolled at Kirkwood Community college. Surviving are his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Emil Hanger, Cedar Rapids; his grandmother, Mrs. Steve Dlouhy, Swisher; two Surviving are a sister, Mrs. motion Monday to hold a sepa-Mary Greenan, and a brother, rate trial for former White John O’Brien, both of Cedar House aide Gordon Strachan. Rapids; three grandchildren, However, Sirica refused to disand nine great-grandchildren. miss the charges against Stra-Services: Wednesday IO a m. chan, who claimed the case WH WI A1 HI 11 CHOC All • Rain and snow are expected Tuesday night from New York to New England. Rain is forecast for the extreme Pacific northwest and over southern Florida. Mostly clear elsewhere. The Weather High temperatures Monday, low temperatures overnight and incites of precipitation: Anchorage .SO    35    L. Angeles    lits Atlanta MM Miami ..17 72 M Bismarck . 45    23    Min'apolis    *0 33 Chicago . 34    40    N. Orleans    7*57 Denver .. 00    3S    New York    47 44 Duluth . . 40    25    Phoenix 101 73 Honolulu . Of    74 .OI Seattlo ...    47 SO Houston . 79    if    Washington    72 47 Pines North in Cedar Rapids,|q u o r u rn which is adjacent to a western present. alternate advocated by oppo-    --------------- nerds of the Hiawatha route.    j pffljpjjQfc More Expensive    j    (Continued    from Page I Ieled 'those^ idvon*week at * a “a ronfession or statement of|®lst^s* Bet[y and ^onnle’ and a at St. Hudmila’s Catholic church against him was based on testi-meetim/ in Hiawatha amonc criminal guilt ’ and vvas the! pother Alan, all of Cedary the Rev Rcbert w Clze^ mony he gave under what he city and hiehwav commissioniP,tatement Nixon made at the;RaPlds-    Burial: St. Johns. Rosary: 8 thought was an agreement it officials    l*me tbe Pardon aPPr(>vcd *n Services: Thursday at IO a m. p m. Tuesday in the Janeba- wouldn’t be used against him. advance by Ford or his aides?    Brosh chapel by the Rev. James    Kuba    funeral    home west where    “No”    to    Mardian What representations were    Be Smidt.    Burial: Sulek ceme-    frjends    may    call, made on Nixon’s behalf for the    leIT near    Shueyville, hriends pardon7    ma-v caR    at the chapel after noon Wednesday. Wednesday at Peterseim’s. Memorial fund established. Ladora — Mrs. Ed Gregory, 69. Thursday at IO, McAninch’s. Elkader — Louise “Lula” Murphy, 84. Wednesday at 4 ..QI-,    110:30, St. Joseph’s Catholic to bnish at 2317 Giande ave- church. Rosary Tuesday at 8, nue Sh.    Witt’s. Bob Humphrey, a member of the highway commission corridor planning staff, said the western route would be more expensive and longer, and    Bld    ^0rd    have    any    report would require relocation of    lrom    a    psychiatrist    or    doctor fewer families.    j    that    Nixon was in poor health? Guthridge said the eastern a1- If s0' Providai‘- „    !«.Cl.“2n“:.E!!i?ti 72, *idow °! ternate would concentrate noise Th ,    Karl hllioK, 708 Seventh street and pollution in Hiawatha in- - Thc Umm exPcnse ™ ^ SE, and a lifelong resident of Memorial Services Mrs. Earl Elliott Later in the day, Sirica rejected Mardian’s request for a separate trial. Charges against a seventh de- 10:17 p.m. Monday. Unknown stead of dispersing it over a larger area and would cause problems by passing close to schools and a park. Extended Forecast — Partly cloudy and warmer Thursday. Chance of rain Friday and Sat- Magistrate's Court 10:30, St. Josephs Catholicj He said traffic problems f°r h0USInS' edUCa"0n and 'rom MI. Mercy college. ..... <*    ,. £a,a. irdn“.    other    programs    congress    ap-    Mr    E„iott    member    of would be increased with con-|nrnvpH p„ri:pr    .    I 7    01 struction of the interstate, and chairman Tom ~    ~    i    St.    Weneeslaus    Catholic    church. Linwood cemetery. Friends may call at Turner east until IO a.m. Wednesday. The casket will not be opened after the service. before the house. The bill in- She was born Ane “ 1902 in ° "L*r ’ .Lu.rann Faye ~Z eludes $77 billion deferred fund-1 ^    Dr*    Ar-    ^    but    Mardian    als0    are for Nixon was in an $8.2-billion Cedar Rapids died Tuesday in a supplemental appropriation bill1 Cedar Rapids hospital Henry, Robert Miles —j ~ehyapea.Ufbv th'cVv’ 'endant, former White House William P. Leonard. Burial: special counsel Charles Colson, were dismissed after he pled guilty in a separate case. A11 five defendants are charged with one count each of conspiracy to obstruct justice. Dyersville — Agnes Kramer, „    62. Wednesday at 10:30, St. Speeding — Glenn Hoye, j Francis Xavier basilica. Sniper.    service    Tuesday    at    8, Kramer’s. Colesburg — Leonard C. Bockenstedt, 70, Sept. 26 at Innsbruck, Austria. Friday at 10:30 St. Patrick’s Catholic ch u r c h . Scripture service Thursday at 8, Kramer’s, Dyersville, where friends may call after ll a m. Thursday. added that the elevated highway passing through the middle of the town would have a detri- 1305 Fifth street NW; Terry Earnest, 107 Ely avenue SW; each fined $35 and costs. Maureen McDermott, Amana; Garry Banes, North English; Velma Lutz, Shellsburg; Steven LTi    in T    an,d    hi,ghS    wSdNcE;S 70s Thursday    cooling    to    60s    andiNE; carolyn Walsh, 1618 Sec- low 70s by Friday and    Saturday    ond avenue SE; William Scalf, *    .    ...    .    449 Jacolyn drive NW; Douglas . ... .    ,    ---- ---------------- C. R. Weather Johnson, 2037 Northgate drive 1    planning    of    the    route Hiah VInnHnv    =o    NE; Darold Sisco, 415 Seventh    Jj“J a,ms* 49- Thursday at 1:30, ^ _ High Monday.................>*    avenue sw. Mark Blahnik. 918 Whlles- Steed (D-Okla.) of the subcommittee that slashed the $850,000 request by .    „    $452,000 called the Nixon money mental effect on community co-issue ..h|gWy emotional” but ^esion*    urged the house not to cut the Complained    funds further. He also complained that high- ReP Howard Robison (N.Y.), way commission officials had the subcommittee ranking Remit maintained adequate con    f"r,h“r nold Herbst Burial: Cedar Me-'charged with one 0011111 °ach of morial. Friends may call at obstruction of justice. Turner east    until    I p.m In    addition, Mitchell, Hal- Wednesday. The casket will not Surviving are two brothers be opened after the service. deman and Ehrlichman are surviving are two Droiners, H    charged    with    lying to authon- Andrew J. Chanpar    and    Frank    „rt^00“a,l\    “enr4y    JT* Ls«    inw«BH«aHn*r    »k«    Krootin t    rhorinor    Kn.»Vi    Wednesday at    3 at    Turner,ties    investigating    the    breakin T.    Char par,    both    of    Cedar    eh l t4, by Ur    LoRoy: and cover-up. Rapids; three sisters, Mrs. El-;white. Burial:    Oak    Hill. wood Paul, Mrs. Merle Patten. Friends may call at Turner east A small number of demon- tact with Hiawatha during the Low overnight ..... Noon Tuesday .... 2 p.m. .............. Precipitation ....... Total for October .. Normal for October Normal through October 391 Owen street NW; Galina Caid 52 mcyer, 2442 Fifth avenue, 50 Marion: Dennis McDonald, Marion; Dennis Watkins; Robert Greene, 945 Westview drive, Marion; Pamela Henderson, Central City; 2.261 James Klein, 2885 Twenty-29.39 sixth avenue, Marion; Leonard None None Total for 1974 ............ 33.971 Hanson. 1275 Lin-Mar court, Barometer, rising Humidity ....... 30.34 Marion; Ronald Dabler, route1 vival.” Mrs. Ford— (Continued from Page I.) dence of cancer spread to other areas,” they said they “remain optimistic for a prolonged sur- ,two, Marion; Donna Valvoda, 40% 3601 Sixteenth avenue SW; Wind direction and velocity at 1)0,131(1 Sparrow, Hiawatha: wmu airccuon ana velocity ai stcphcn olszyk 921 old 2 p.m. N at 9 mph. Sun rises Wednesday, 7:04; sun sets, 6:47. Year Ago Today — High, 68; low, 61; rainfall, none. Traveler’s Forecast Wednesday Weather, Hi-Lo Bismarck  PtCldy 71-44 Chicago .........PtCldy    52-42 Cincinnati ...... PtCldy    56-40 Cleveland  PtCldy 50-34 Des Moines ...... Fair    63-44 Detroit .......... Fair 52-31 Indianapolis ..... Fair    56-36 Kansas City .. . PtCldy 70-48 Marion road NE; Marcia Swift, 5720 Johnson avenue SW; Donald Miller, Urbana; John Lane, Marion; each fined $30 and costs. Patrick Tierney, Dubuque; Monte Ireland, Solon; Dennis Ludvigsen, North Lake, 111.; Elizabeth Loop, Monticello; Roman Butkus, Ames; Janet Adams, Mt. Mercy college; Jac;k Marrion, Iowa City; Otto Kalina, 4907 Midway drive NW; John Mitchell, 1012 Juniper drive SW; Marion Anderson, 914 Eighteenth street SW; David Smith. 1826 J avenue NE; Roger Hutchinson, Hiawatha: Donald Berg, Keystone; Milwaukee  PtCldy    S2-35    Randal Koranda 203    Alma Mpls.-St. Paul . PtCldy    57-43    dnvo NW; Ada Mullin.    Hia- Omaha ......... Fair    70-50    »a‘ha; Victoria O Brian    5540 St. Louis ........PtCldy    61-42!    Vermont street SW; Wi ham Sioux Falls PtCldy    68-44    ?»h°Pt Ma*on C,,: i cach    tlncd $20 and costs. Coralville Lake    Permitting    unauthorized    pcr- Pool level    683 44 sw" lo drivc —    Brown, root level ..............ooo.Bt    33Q7 Twenty_ninth strcet SW; Births — Mercv    fineci $25 and costs. _ To the families Traffic signal violation — Palmersheim, 775 Further Therapy After the three-hour surgery Saturday on Mrs. Ford, Fouty, chairman of surgery at the Bethesda Naval Medical Center, was asked if discovery of some malignancy in lymphatic tissue would be an ominous sign. He said, “This would not be particularly an ominous sign. It would not be particularly a bad sign. People do respond to further therapy. There would be no more surgical procedures done because all of this tissue would be removed.” And, now that they have the findings in hand, the doctors said that the next step in Mrs. Ford’s case will be to make special diagnostic studies to decide whether X-ray, hormonal or chemotherapy should be used “to insure maximum treatment of this cancer.” Raymond Kassel, deputy planning chief for the highway commission, denied the latter charge. He said Hiawatha and all other concerned governmental units were kept well-ad- and Mrs. Drexel Benedict, all of!until 2:30 p.m. The casket will stratous gathered outside the Cedar Rapids    not    be °Pcned after the scrvlcc- courthouse and one of them spat ™ “|—-    ■*»»—-*    *»    on Ehrlichman. vised of the planning process. Kassel said later, in response |n^Q anegatjons that his wife to questioning about the effects    was    a    southern    collaborator. of changing to the western___ route, that such a change could    n    ii    u*L -    d *    a delay the interstate for up to a    Hikes    Prices    On publican, said “we can further punish Mr. Nixon if we want to bow in the direction of a certain segment of public opinion but if we do so we will not thus have;chapel east until I p.m. Thurs-brought credit on this house.” iday. The casket will not be Ford’s testimony before opened after the service. congress would be the first by a    -----— sitting President since a stir- |    |    5    Three prise appearance by Lincoln-*    1 before a committee inquiring! Infiltrators Killed Services: Turner chapel cast Wednesday at 3 at Beatty-at 1:30 p.m. Thursday by the Beurle chapel by the Rev. Ste- Rev. Clarence Frana. Burial: IPhen Root-    Binvyood; r „ „ „ u x-      I    Friends    may    call    at    the    chapel Czech National cemetery.!after noon Wednesday. Friends may call at the Turner Hearing Slated on Road Stud Vacation year and could hinder thc Gasoline, Heating Oil state'sjroad-buildingprogram.    pITTSBURGH (AP) Th f.mmiccmn than roiohthrl Corp. S3_VS pHCCS Will gO Up ™15 ccn,s a sa||°n«a» s™ies two motions by Guthridge, one ,    .?    ,    t a ®    „ .    ...    ,,    .    ..    of its gasoline and 1.6 cents a to table    the    question    and the ..    b    ..    . _    ,    ..    . . other    lo    approve thc    western    gallon    on    "*    hcme    hea ,ng fuel "    because of the high    cost cf pur- route,    before    voting to    approve    ,    .    °    ,    .. r the eastern route    .chasing foreign crude oil. tne eastern route. ^    A spokesman said Monday . ji a , ta    j__that thc increases will be effec- Immediately after the plan- imnledia!e| mng unit s action, Kassel told    J commission members the high- _ A public hearing has been scheduled for 10:30 a.m. Oct. 29 on vacation of a road stub just north of Blairs Ferry road two „„„    miles    west    of    Hiawatha. TEL AVIV iAP) — Israeli' involved is the west 152 feet of aufhorities Tuesday announced    View road in Twin Knolls he killing of three Arab infiltra- second additlon. tors, including one who alleged- _ Ehrlichman was struck on the right shoulder but appeared unmoved by the incident. '(the CfiUtr TUpitU “Estobtiihed In IM) bv Th* Coiftte Co. and published dally ond Sunday at SOO Third ave SE. Cedar Rapids. Iowa SISO*. Second class postage paid at Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Subscription rotes bv carrier OS cents a. week. Bv mall: Night Edition and Sunday 0 Issues S3.7S a month, *30.00 a year : Afternoon Editions and Sunday 7 Issues S3.IS a month, *40.00 a year Other Stotts and U.S. territories *00.00 a year. No Mail Subscriptions accepted In orcas hoving Gazette carrier service. The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the us* for republication of all the local nows printed in this newspaper os well as all AR news dispatches. ly murdered an Israeli Arab Gulf tribesman in the desert below the Dead Sea. Sympathy it the harden! word lo write, nay it with (lowert PIERSON’S X" IRM ELLIS BLVD. NW FLOWERPHONE 3K-I82C z < 2 o tell someone you care with flowers Florist and Gift Shop 364-8139 phone answered 24 hours every day Sent. 30 of Daniel West Ninth avenue. Marion, a daughter; Rickey Dochterman, 826 F avenue NW. a son; Lester Rogers, 6510 North avenue SW. a son. Oct. I — Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Meloan, 121 Twenty-first street NE, a daughter. Bi rf on — Sf. Lu!:e's Sept. 29 — Mr. and Mrs. Larry Rocarek, Center Point, a daughter. Sept. 30 — To the families of Richard Bird, 136 Kenmore street NE, a son; Donald Sievers. Hiawatha, a son; Timothy Phillips, 1001 Thirteenth strcet NW, a daughter. Marriage Licenses Mary Visek and Gay Wells, Linda Ramm and Keith Weber. Elaine Walter and Max Wilett, all of Cedar Rapids. Joyce Mi-ehaelsen and Dane Bruce, both of Cedar Falls. Mardene Kramer, Urbana, and Maurice Russell. Omaha. Neb. Mississippi Sfaqes (Flood stages in brackets) Lacrosse (12) 4.9. no change Lansing (18) 7 6, fall .1 Dam 9 (18) 12 6, fall .3 McGregor (18) 6.8. no change Guttenberg (15) 4.1, rise .1 D u b u ti u e (17)    7.3,    no change Davenport (15) 4.3, rise .3 Keokuk (16) 2.2, no change Mark Sterkowicz. route two, Marion: fined $20 and costs. Earl Miles. 809 Central avenue, Marion; Evelyn Stumph, 800 Owen street NW; each fined $15 and costs. Driver’s license violation — Donald Wullner, 304 F avenue NW; Danny Feaker, Ellis boat house, number three; cach fined $15 and costs. Improper passing — Earl Hasley, 623 Thirty-second strcet SE; fined $10 and costs. Faulty equipment — Javon Schultz. 5021 Montclair drive NW; Linda Mally, 1344 Fourth street NW; Michael Hauser, 66 Fleetwood road NW; Dennis Akers 416 First avenue NW; William Moore, 390 Seventeenth strcet SE; cach fined $10 and costs. Improper turn — Earl Steffens, 225 Twenty-ninth street drive SE: fined $30 and costs. Vehicle control violation — Tracy Dirks, 10B0*2 Seventh avenue, Marion; fined $35 and costs. Striking unattended vehicle Robert Myer:. 333 Harold drive SE; fined $35 and costc. Iowa Deaths Cedar at C. R. (3.38), fall .09. Fires 1:22 p.m. Monday, area ambulance at scene at Third street Fourth avenue SE. 8:36 p in. Monday. Unknown to leaves at Greenwood drive and Knollwood drive SE. 8:46 p.m. Monday. Fire in loaves at Spruce avenue and Memorial drive SE Walker — Everette S. Fishel, 63. Thursday at 1:30 at Murdoch’s in Center Point. Burial: Walker cemetery. Visitation at Murdoch’s after 7 Tuesday. Viola — James F. E. Sturgeon, 53. Thursday at 1:30 at United Methodist church, Springville. Burial: Springville cemetery. Visitation at Mur-, doch’s in Springville after 11 Assisted Wednesday. ac* id* ti* Brooklyn — Ed Vererka, 50. Thursday at 2 at Grace United Methodist church. Burial: IOOF way commission would recommend federal approval of Linn county’s planning process. Certification of the process has been withheld for several months, most recently because the 1-380 route through Hiawatha was unresolved. Without certification, no projects within the county are eligible for federal funding. * * * In other business, the com- I mission reviewed applications for federal funding from thc county for replacement of the Otter creek bridge near Lafayette, from the Area X agency on aging for a congregate meals program and from the county health department for continuing air pollution control programs. The group also accepted the annual audit from Dee Gosling Co. Quorum Mixup, Unit’s Action Not Binding Most of th'* action taken by the Linn county regional planning commission in recent months wasn’t binding, it was —-    revealed Monday night. Swiss Snows    j commission bylaws re- GENEVA (UPI) — Mountain quire a majority of members in Javits: Soviets Worrying Cuba WASHINGTON (AP) - Cuba appears ready to improve relations with the U. S. so it can reduce its dependence on the Soviet Union, Sen. Javits (RN. Y.) said Tuesday. “I think they are getting worried about the degree to which they are in the hands of the Russians,” he said during an interview on NBC’s “Today” show. Javits and Sen. Pell (D-R. I.) returned Monday from a three-day trip to Cuba which included discussions with Prime Minister Castro. The senators said Castro made no direct overtures to them for improved relations. villages were isolated and Alpine passes blocked Monday by attendance for a quorum. Se! dom are 16 of the group’s 31 the heaviest September snow- members present and Monday, falls Switzerland has seen for when the route of 1-380 north of more than 40 years.    Cedar Rapids was to be dis- For 61 years ... flowers for all oteasionsl and cemetery, ven’s. MI. Vernon 82. Baxter’s. Kalona — Victor. Nevenho- Adu Mollie. — Nita Reif. 82. 9:35 p.m. Monday. Unknown Thursday at IO at United to leave* al 500 Knollwood J C h r i s t i a n Baptist church. drive SE.    '    Burial:    Sharon    Hill    cemetery. floral artistry John E. Lopes 308 3rd Ave. SE    365-0511 Convenient downtown location ll FLORIST Town and Country Shopping Center 364-2146 Serving all faiths since 1888. .John B/Iliri ier& Son Turner s East, 800 Second Ave. SE Turner’s West, 1221 First Ave. West George Murdoch Gregory Hapgood Stanley Lawrence Charles Oxley Murdoch "June*ici[ Hoinei MARION CENTER POINT CENTRAL CITY SPRINGVILLE WALKER COGGON and in Cedar Rapids THE BEATTY-BEURLE CHAPEL I a. ;

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