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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 14, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Oaifttf: I'ups.. Mat 14. I*»?4 Twisters, Hail Whip I owa Little Impact Is First Day of Seen in Truck Strike By Tho Associated Tress Severe thunderstorm weather plagued Iowa Monday, producing .several tornado sightings. Early Monday evening, the Wayne Watson farm, about a mile northeast of Grant, reported a barn, trailer house, tool shed and chicken house were destroyed and sections of the roof of the Watson home were torn off No injuries were reported Farm buildings also were damaged on farms operated by Kenneth Schiller, Dean Schuler and Stanley Hose. A funnel cloud reportedly touched down on the Wesley Slender farm near Mt .Joy about JI p.m.. destroying a and a chicken either damaged or destroyed, or if it was the result of high including a shed which con- winds accompanying thunder-tained new farm equipment storms. Grisham valued the equipment Henderson county. Ill Sheriff Darryl Thompson reported wind gusts between 40 and 50 miles per hour for almost a minute but no immediate reports of damage were received large old barn house. Mrs. Slender said she saw a "huge. ugly cloud” and ran up stairs to get the couple’s young at approximately $2,700 son and the family headed tor the cellar. She said there were several hogs in the barn, but she didn t think any of them had been killed Another tornado was reported at the Lexi Grisham farm west of Davenport a few minutes later. A 300-gallon gasoline tank was ed lo the weather service at 7 p.m. in the Williamsburg area And strong winds and large hail were reported near Victor and Relic Plaine about an hour later. No report* of damage in the areas had been reported by late Monday. The weather service also said 'I’he National Weather Service bal| up to three inches in diame in the Des turned over, spilling its contents next to the house. No injuries were reported Outbuilding* Three outbuildings also were twisters had caused the damage The funnel clouds were two of several reported by the public in Scott county in the Davenport and Bettendorf areas late Monday night. said a tunnel cloud was sighted ter was reported Four large grain bins were five to ten miles northeast of Os- Moinea area flattened by high winds near Ceola about 8 p rn. Danville and two mobile homes clarke county Sheriff John were reportedly blown over in Stearns said he received a call the Mediapolis area late Mon from a farmer, who reported seeing the funnel cloud However, Two tornadoes were reported Stearns said the only damage between IO and IO 30 p m in the resulting was a few power lines Burlington area but it was not down immediately known if the A severe thunderstorm with golf hall-si/ed hail was report- Club Plans Offer on School Site Lightning Strike A house in Grinnell was struck by lightning lait authorities said no fire resulted and! damage was minimal The Grinnell college campus was without power for about 45 minutes, but the campus is served by a different substation from the community and the outage was confined to the campus area Earlier in the day, high winds accompanied by severe thun- By t he Associated Press Truck stop operators across Iowa said Monday they saw no appreciable difference in volume during the first day of a nationwide strike by independent truckers No violence was reported anywhere iii the state, but spokesmen for truckers and I a w enforcement agencies conceded it is too early to tell what effects the shutdown will have. However, a telephoned threat was reported by an employe of a truck plaza along 1-80 and 1-35 near Des Moines. No Incident 'Die caller allegedly told an employe “shut down your pumps or well shut them down,” but no incident resulted. A Quad Cities area trucker who calls himself “Blue Dog said the effects “will be felt later,” but authorities in the Quad Cities said there were no disturbances. High winds and heavy rain throughout southwest and cen bal Iowa also made the im pact of the shutdown difficult to assess. Don't Drive An employe at the 135 Truck Stop near Ames explained that drivers usually don't drive in such severe weather. While many Iowa indepen dent truck drivers appeared to he taking a wail and see attitude, at least one group voted iii favor of it A group af both independent and company truck drivers in the Burlington area had voted Sunday to go on strike Monday. 38 Favored Move Grin Amus, a spokesman for the Burlington group, said 38 of the 41 drivers at the meel-ing supported the .strike backed by Micnael Parhurst, editor of Overdrive magazine Amus said the group wants higher speed limits, a rollback of fuel prices and a permanent price freeze. He said another meeting was scheduled for Tuesday to determine if the truckers would remain on strike. By Mary Belle MANCHESTER Urban Renewal Hopes u .    <- , * Hearings bet Grow in Iowa City °n cop Reform I DKS MOINES Reform of the deforms downed power lines. School Secretary U'slie Gibbs    The board approved the con    working, because the norm    for    felled trees and damaged build- Rppresenta-    said before the property is ad-    tract of Frank Hill, vocational    each child is different    mgs throughout central Iowa. fives of the Manchester Rotary vertised for sale, he wants to agriculture instructor, pending Conferences Important    School    Canceled    By    ford    (lark    Iowa City must bear 25 percent lmv<i Republican party wit he club informed the West Dela-|check with the school district ^    from    his    present    Job    Migg    Maw)n    said    shp    Ls    ,tired    In    Johnston,    school    was    can-    IOWA    CITY    -    The    urban    re- of project costs, Czarnecki said the    pUb,K*    "™m** ware school board Monday of attorney arid see if permission    getting    all    the    l)s    celed    whpn    winds    tore    a    ho,e in newal Proj*** Ls stdl allve in ,f ,h<1 new plan 18 al,owed’ ,he '    I    h.    Ih_    Inu/a    Rll, .her intention to submit a firm    by the voters in the 1982 and    * will begin his duties July I    ofjiy^k.d^getting■ “    ^:part of thp roof of thp junior.    ,owa City.    city would have $2.1    million in    Sponsored    by    he    own    Ru e    29 offer to purchase the old Central    1970 elections to sell the proper-at a salary of $11,232.    «    working to the best of their    ca-senior hl*h sc>ho°l and als0    Officials    of    HUD    have    now    credit    from    university improve-eojnmittee.    the    hi ar mgs    will    be school block site "if and when it    tv is still valid.    Starting with the 1974-75 p,|ltv •*    broke several windows    withdrawn    an    ultimatum    which    ments    and    $900,000    iii credit    he d May Gibbs said he also will ask the    yp.Ar    board    aonroved    c    *    i    School    officials    said    winds    would    have    forced    the    city    to from street projects already un vvl‘‘ 'M ton t rent es f0pp|pd a chimney at the school raise between $2.5 and $3 mil-'dcrway by the city would become available teacher important. said the about 7:35 a rn. ..pability. __________________ school year, the board approved In a    letter submitted    to    the    county school superintendent    to    adoption of a    new    report    card    in    „art- board,    the club said if    it pur-have another appraisal    made    on    grades    otle    through three.    A    *    Thev are    needed    thev, chased the old Central block, it the property    committee of school staff and    tn keen the Harems aware A short ^me later, the Na- uould keep it for use as a recre- If permission n U,u',s ,s parents has been studying dif- ^    ,    ,    ‘    tional    Weather    Service    re- at,on area    nppded 10 sel1 ,he    ferent    types    of    report    cards ot the leul    at    *hKh    the    studen’ Josh    Fuller, president    of    the    j Fuller said, the Rotary    club can    uspd in    ,owa Rotary club here, told board walt untd after ,heu ^P,e™bpr members he would prefer to school election to submit its bid “resolve the purchase of the property in a few months” Rezoning Denied The Rotary club's offer came Devised Own Plan Because none of these is working, especially in cases j where the child might not be promoted, even though the re- An executive session    to    dis-    Because none of thene met    port cards show    excellent cuss wages of Donna    Smock,    local requirements, “we devised    progress, head cook at Ryan school,    was    our own.” said Pam Mason, In other business, the board: held by board members    remedial teacher Miss Mason Approved purchase    of a new to and Janet Olson. Greeley sec- Mercury ceived unconfirmed reports that a tornado funnel cloud had touched down at nearby Saylorville, Strong winds also raked the ened 1° withdraw from the proj-GrinneJl-Malcom area, where ect- The board then aggreed after the board s request to re- raise her salary five cents per end grade teacher, showed the J M zone the property to a multiple hour to bring it in line with board the new report card,| lease station wagon Jones. Manchester, on a arrangement, providing Referendum HFD’s ultimatum followed its because of downed power line*, injection of city efforts to by-High winds tore off the top pass a March 28 referendum. approximately 350 utility custom t°rnerfi were without electricity 21 and 22 The first in the Terrace room of Hotel Sa very here The second lion bv the end of June.    The    mayor said, “If accepted,    1,1 Raiding S at Kirk- This    order would have    re-    we will not only br feasible, but    W(M>d    \ (immunity    college    com- quired    the city    to    pay    tor    the    we ll already have    spent the    Pl(‘x-    ((‘dar    Rapids.    Both meet- majority    of    its    urban    renewal    necessary funds expenditures    almost    immediate-    This wouW    mPan    HUI) would pour an    additional Otherwise HI    I)    had    t hr eat-    $45(1,000 in federal    relocation funds into the    project    within the next ten    days to    two weeks, Czarnecki said. ings will begin at 1:30 p m Anyone interested in testifying is invited to attend Representatives of public interest organizations already have been invited to appear The Iowa committee, patterned after the National Rule In other business, the council 29 Committee, met intitally to held a hearing to gain citizen recommend changes tor the 19/8 input into this year's capital un- Republican national convention. family dwelling area was denied salaries of other cooks within which features a “plus” sign for none of the other local dealers;halt ol a s,l° and ™J,aP;sed a Iowa City voters defeated the provements program. This is a Now it is working to present by the Manchester planning and the school system    excellent    progress,    “cheek    wishes    to    submit    a    comparable    Southwest    pn>posal    t0    ‘S8Ue    m|Hion    in    fjve-year    plan    which    outlines    reform    proposals to the Republt An Oversight mark” for s a t i s f a ct o r y offer Smith colm. Fire Levels Home zoning commission last week. Over I .OOO signatures on sev- This matter "w as due to an progress, and an “N for needs    Will take hid* on purchase of eral petitions were presented to oversight.” said Roard Pres- to improve    300 yards of carpet for the high the commission to keep the ident William Johnson    Miss Olson said the new re- school library. property from being rezoned at    Resignations from Rosalyn port cards will “measure    Rejected the purchase ol ii «    ,    I    IU L that time    Rulisson and Kathv Houstman.    progress in terms of the    stu-    Burroughs card reader Cost    of OOUtfl Of WdllKOII The city    has been leasing the    elementary remedial reading    dent's own maturity , not    in    the reader is $4,050. which Supt site from    the    school    district    teachers, and Charles Renfrow.    comparison with other children.    William Raisch said he had    al- since 1963    and    using    it for a    high echool art teacher, were    “We would like to grade    the    lowed in the 1974-75 budget child for the level at which he is of Mal    t    —    iivr-vrdi    plan    milt 01 Mal- general obligation bonds to fi- parities for the city. can state central committee. parking ramp and jbp tnajor portion of the dis-municipal improve- CUssion Monday centered on    ^ EARS AGO Hood control for Ralston creek bombers pulverized 14 vital rail A number of residents of the ,;,rgp,s *n northern Italy and cut area complained the plan calls Brenner pass railroad. nance a needed ments. The city then attempted to finance parking through revenue playground. accepted. Roofing Problems Aired By Mechanicsville Council NEW Dies in Crash I/LYDON (AP; No Justification lf the present office help can maintain the workload, board WAUKON - Fire destroyed a 24 by 30 foot two-story house six miles south of Waukon during an electrical storm Monday night. The house was owned bv Dean bonds, which required no voter for another study of the problem rather than action to control the flood problem generated by the approval. HUD promptly rejected this plan because the question of waterway revenue bond financing in _ ....        l°wa    City is still before the Kd members see no justification for Brisker and occupied bv his Iowa supreme court. Under the new plan negotiab le purchase. win I^e Brown, 21, New um- don. was killed Monday when . the car he was driving collided,    .. The The council also discussed ^    ^    ^    ^    „4    onp    ba|f    I    tennis    court    on    school    property.    1    ,le    t,re    was    reported    to    fire mile east of New London, au brother, Roger, who was on his Gave a towable motion (or way home when the fire trucks ^ the city of Dundee to install a Passed nim MECHANICSVILLE Mechanicsville city council building several small buildings Monday decided to contact the m t^p arpa wjtbout tbp benefit The firemen contractor of the four-vear-old Dundee City Councilman Eugene men at 7:45 p m Devlin had informed Board wprc attending thonties said Henry county au- Member John Tegeler that a rneeting at the fire house when municipal building, which has ot bu,ldinK peimits. in \ alation thorlties identifjed the driver of certain portion of federal reve- the call rame in developed bubbles on the roof cdV ordinance. Another roofing problem also was discussed by the council rn connection with the Sievers Memorial building. A representative from a Marion company told the council a one-inch layer of foam could be put on the roof at a cost of 75 cents a square foot or $4 500 for the project The representative also noted ditional ino.000 Iowans now are the roof could be patched and covered by federal wage and coated but his company could hour laws regulating minimum only guarantee the work for two hourly wages, the U. S. labor the truck, woo was not injured. The council then set a special as 1>uanp Hanson. 42. Madison, meeting for May 31 at 6 p m fl'is. Minimum Wage Coverage To 100,000 More Iowans nue sharing funds for the com- 'he 35-year-old house was mumty is earmarked for reorea-icoverpcl by insurance. Beisker Hon. and asked board approval SJud Cause of the blaze reforge tennis court project mauled under investigation. Of Denied a request to use the finials did say they suspected ei-old gymnasium for political *ber lightning or wiring as the fund-raising purposes    cause. with HUD would be amended to exclude requirements tor city their monthly    Parking lf the plan is accepted, the city's urban renewal project could be declared “financially feasible,” according to Mayor Edgar Czarnecki Czarnecki has been conferring with HUD officials on the project. 25 Percent DES MOINES IAP An ad- department’s employment stan-reported years. The council decided to discuss dards administration the matter further before mak Monday. mg any decisions. The council approved pur chase of an electronic siren and lights for the town s new police car at a cost of $610 LAFF - A - DAY Recently amendments to the Fair Labor Standards act txKist the minimum pay for 427.000 Iowans to $2 an hour, and the minimum pay tor 171.000 other Iowans to $1.90. Those entitled to $2 an hour are persons covered by amendments to the act adopted prior to 1988. and those entitled to $1.90 are persons brought under the laws by amendments adopted by congress in 1988. plus those added this month “Terrific terrific!” speech, boss, Lynn said most of the newly-! covered Iowa workers are em-j ployes of federal, state and local government who had not previously been under the wage-! Paul A Lynn, who heads the bour act. administration's Iowa wage-   — hour office in Des Moines, said 698.000 of the .state’s work force of 1.052.000 persons now are covered by the new wage laws, including farmhands working on larger farms who are now entitled to a minimum of $1 60 an hour. The amendments, which became effective May I, provide for escalation of wages each Jan I until all covered workers! eventually reach $2 30 an hour Under the contract with HUD. EVERY PRESCRIPTION IS CAREFULLY FILED IN YOUR n    FAMILY JI    PRESCRIPTION y RECORD Why? 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