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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 14, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa National WI Al Hit IIIVICI TORK ASI to 7AM I 51 b 29.: Obituaries C. R. Trio Is Charged with Theft of Cable Three Cedar Rapids men have lh** Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tups.. May I'I. 1971    3 Report Ervin Re-Thinking Committee Findings Delay Mrs.    O.    H.    Tousey    Mrs. Walter A. Morris Virginia    Klapp Tousey, r»8.    ol    Mary K Morris, 80, of HOI ill IO Parkview court SE, wile of Oakland road NE, died Tuesday been charged with larceny fol (Continued from Pace I.) I of his authority, the New York 0 ll Tousey, died Tuesday following a sudden illness. Morn lowing their arrest by a Linn    jTimes said Tuesday. I morning    after    a brie! illness    April 2.1 1894, al Cummings,    deputy who saw a spool of    cable I Sept 15. 1972. were given to the    in a Washington-datelined (She was    born    May    8, 1916, al    NI)., she was married to    in the trunk of the ear    they committee by the White House    story quoting “highly reliable’’ Evanston,    III.,    and    was married    Walter A Morris Nov. IO, 1919,    were in early    Tuesday.    Haste    Char    ed    sources, Ihe Time? said Nixon’s to 0. II Tousey Jan 14, 1955, al at Hillsboro, NI) She was a They are Herbert A. Keickert    Heller was sent to Judge Ger- ! Glenview, III    Cedar Rapids resident most of 20. of 1626 Fourth street NW; Columnist Jack Anderson said;harc| Gcsell two weeks ago. Surviving in addition to her her life    j)on f) Mull, 19. of 1516 Fourth'Tu,lsday ,hat because of “staffI Thf nevvspaper quoted a ,husband    are    two    daughters,!    jvirs. Morns was a member of    street NW, and Danny Hill, 19, baste and inefficiency, judiei    , sourcc with access to the exact Mrs. Ned Malfeo,    Woodland    tpf. Mexican Border Veterans    of 107 Fourth avenue SW    'u v comrhdtee membeis an    worcjing 0f |be letter as saying Hills. Calif , and Mrs Henry auxi|jary; Lmn County Veter- The deputy reported he saw h, m^(,rInl(‘d ,hp    0,:hcar;i    Nixon had in effect written that three sons. ans of World war I auxiliary; the cable while following the car II?,    alpoa.    m    ,    QUniI arid the National Assn of Re- on highway 149 south of Cedar .ii < L    . •-^Veteran Railway Employes    Rapids. The    trunk    lid    could    not    r    imp<>ar 11,7,1 in‘ be closed because    of    the    spool size Giber construction items were found in the trunk after the car was stopped Authorities said the items were stolen from a Riley Construction Co site at the junction uh wt Amt foiocASI Ct Rain is expected Tuesday night in the Pacific Northwest and from the middle Golf coast northeastward throughout the Ohio-Tennessee valley and into the vicinity of the as well as in the upper New England states. Clear to partly cloudy else Rojas, Palatine. I j Timothy J Sicking*!*, Darien I Conn., Michael (). Tousey, Mason City, and Timothy Ton soy, Cedar Rapids; ten grand children; her mother, Mrs 'I' L Jay Klapp, Evanston, III ; and a brother, J. M Klapp. Scottsdale, Ari/. Services: Turner chapel east at IO JO a m Thursday by Dr John Woods There will be h it, was that the (NARVRE Surviving are her husband; a daughter, Edith L. Kirbo, Muts-back, Germany; two sons, Alfred R. and John D Morris, both of Cedar Rapids; two brothers, Val Ko/.ojed, Cedar ! Rapids, and William Kozojed, ()f highways 149 and 6 at Home North Dakota, and IO grand    rrhf*    larceny    charges children. his intention fullest constitutional authority and the law be used in the plumbers investigation of Ells-In his weekly radio show, An-;bcrg a form(;r fjcfense depart-derson said the staff so lar has mcn| official ignored advice from ll. Leslie Gesc|| js ,hc presiding judge Cramer, a Harvard speech ex-i; pert, called to consult with the committee on the White House tapes. is trial of former White Great Lakes where. i ( ’on! inned from Page I cremation Friends may regis tee at Turner east. The casket I LII"UIv"    ^    were    filed    in    Iowa    county will not he opened at any time Services: 10:30 a rn Thursday Flicker!, was charged in Linn The family suggests that friends.al • m m a u I a Ie Conception county with driving while his may, if they wish, contribute to (hur(-h Entombment; Chapel of li(.( •nse was under suspension, the American Cancer Society. Memories mausoleum Rosary will he recited al the Cedar Memorial funeral home at 7 p m Wednesday. Friends may call after I p rn. The Weathei High temperatures Monday, low poi attires overnight and inches pl r imtation Anchorage    SI 4?    L. Angelet Atlanta    ll 57    Miami Ritmarck    SS 35    73    Mm'apohs Chicago    63 47    .14    N Orleans Denver    71    37    New York Duluth    48    34    44    Phoenix Honolulu MMM Seattle Houston    77 74    Washington tem- pre 70 60 81 78 45 43 31 SS AS 45 37 84 65 55 44 08 77 St Extended forecast — Partly cloudy and warmer Thursday. Chance of rain Friday and Sat- Magistrafe’s Court Speeding    Eldon    Renter, 3635 Mi Vernon toad SE; Ruth Edgerly, Central City; George Saba, I HU I C avenue NE; Carol Morrissey, 3701 Rover avenue SE; Janet Kvach, Hiawatha; Martin Smith, 8141 a C avenue NW; Mary Roe, 1821 Bevel Holmes, Andrew Almsted. 1420 Oakland John C. White ItcHy—•    ,,olin    Charles    White,    45. of *    2528    N    avenue    NW.    died    Mon day following a brief illness cities, singing, honking born June 14. 1928, in Cedar and cheering. There was Rapids, he was married to the former Mary Ellen Barker June ,hai)f 1 —Judge— (Continued from Page I other horns some violence stand on his challenge to the statute As a result of Carter's ruling. Oliphant. I,Orinda    Turner County Atty William Faches has withdrawn his moratorium Memorial Services Leftist and rigbt-|'«n*r ""y Harker June is! youths battled with iron bars    15< ,949- jn Cedar Rapids    He,ard    shoveller of    Shueyville00 ,hf> f‘ling of charges    under and sticks in Naples and nearby    w[afi emPl°yed bv the UTcbure    C    nil rd Methodist church the .statute Salerno and six persons were    Corp, as supervisor of traffic. I    R    u    t i a I. < rdm    Memorial \ (,odar Rapids police    detec- ecftists in Milan set    Mr. White was a member    of    mav <Hl1    al Iurncr|tive said he believes there have in the House aides John Ehrlichman, Charles Colson, and four other men indicted for conspiracy in Cramer's recommendation fbr, September, 1971 breakin at was that the committee utilize ,he Ii0S Angeles psychiatrist’s sophisticated electronic equip- office ment which “would make much f)efenSP attorneys have arni what is inaudible audible and gy^j fbaj the breakin was caroba* is unintelligible intelligi- ried out because the plumbers tile. Anderson said.    j    believed    they    were    legitimately At the White House on Mon- protecting national security. day. Caspar Weinberger, seere-     — tary of Health. Education and Welfare, told newsmen that the President has assured him “there isnt any chance” he would resign. In other Watergate developments: Two Versions Of Conversation In Transcripts injured, fire to the office of a right-wing Sr J,K,P church. Elks and Vet Burke Minnie M. 9 a.m been no complaints to the de- WASHINGTON (AP) - The edited White House Watergate Judge john Silica took under transcripts contain two versions advisement a dispute over 0f a p<)rtion 0f the same presi-wheftier the White House must (jcntial conversation, with sub- labor union In Bergamo, which erans of Public Safety urday. Highs upper 70s Thins- 'cad NE; Nfiehael Yeager, 1922 day cooling to the 60s Saturday 'First avenu* NK* Marv Shan* .3 59 1 /IWS mostly in the 50s C. R. Weather High Monday ............... 62 Ijow overnight ...............52 Noon Tuesday ........ 2 p.m. ................. Precipitation .......... Total for May — Normal for May Normal through May Total for 1974 .......... Barometer, steady — Humidity at noon — Wind direction and velocity at Gazette weather .station at 2 p.m., W at 20 mph Sun rises Wednesday, 5:46; sun sets. 8:20. Year Ago Today High, 59; low. 41; rainfall, trace Traveler's Forecast avenue SE; Andy j voted for repeal of divorce, left-818 A avenue NW; jsjs Sfoned the building of a Catholic newspaper. Interior Minister Paolo Emilio Taviani announced that 88 I percent of the electorate voted The final count was 19,093,929. or 59.1 percent, in favor of divorce and 13.188.184 or 40 9 percent avenue nahan, 1846 B avenue NE; each fined $30 and costs. Edward Holliday, 519 McKinley street SE; lined $25 and costs. John Koning, Davenport; Janet Sch-lemtnei. 83 Allview drive SW; ... Rruce Whiting. 1026 Twelfth S.' street NE:    Richard    Talcott.!    a«“,ns' 63 Iowa City; Paul Erickson, 285*; Enrico 1.07 Thirteenth avenue SE, John ()f jbe Italian Communist party, •ion Mitchell, Oak Park; Douglas    * Randall. ML* Vernon; He three Okla .Minn iviicnaei ann james stewart funeral home. Patrick, both of Cedar Rapids; McSwiggan, Verna four daughters, Mrs. Patrick Wednesday ai All Saints Cath- partment of child molesting 8*vefsPec*al Watergate prosecu-1 s ^ a n ^ j a j differences in key phrases, the Wash- is .survived bv his wife., "he church by the Rev sons, Terry A., Prior, ,nu,nri    Becker. Burial: , , if alvarv. Friends may call John Michael and James Robed hailed the Voelkel, Godfrey, ill . Julie M., Sue Ellen. Tammy R . and Mary Annetta, all at home, and his mother. Mrs Allen C. White, Cedar Rapids: a brother, Robert. Portland. Ore ; and four Berlinguer. secretary grandchildren. Mass of the Resurrection will outcome as “a grand be celebrated Thursday at IO a m. Wednesday in Kuba funeral home William P Leonard Calvary. Ed-j since Eads’ ruling in February. J'j A Linn deputy said there was one complaint received by the 0:30 sheriff s office since then and 1 that the case will be reviewed wor^' has aP 'he ev Burial Mi land Pr0^«bly sent to the county attorney's office for prosecution. words and Fire Department Adopts Physical Requirements 29.56 80% Walz, Neligh. Neb.; Tyrone 11.40 Williams, Orland, Calif.; Elsie 14.92 Patterson. 5701 Colorado drive SW Robert Douglas, 58 Devon-wood avenue SW, Allan Rawson. Palo; Kerry Lawrence, 1739 C avenue NW; Wayne Roberts, Shellsburg; John Banes, Fairfax; each fined $20 and costs. Failure Ut stop Freida Hanson. 1325 Burch avenue NW; fined $25 and costs. Traffic signal violation am inst Jude church by the1 Bv Ril1 Uve,ette    po!    ice    department    which    were Rev Richard Ament    Burial:    A now set of    physical fitness    adopted in February. ML Calvary. The wake    service    requirements    for firefighter    *    *    * will be held Wednesday    at 7.30    candidates was    adopted Monday    The new tests consist    of: p m and St. Martha’s Mission by the Fire Pension Board    Bent    knee    sit-ups    -    As    many circle will    recite the    Rosary a1    The tests    will be administered    as possible    in 60 seconds. 8 p m in    the Stewart funeral    Wednesday    at city hall.    Gripping    strength    measure    — mar*    h o rn e .    Friends    mav call    ’he new    set of requirements    Each hand    is tested    for strength riage and the stability of    the    Wednesday from 2 to    9 p'm and    eliminates    height standards that    without a time limit. victory of liberty, reason and right.” V atican radio said the outcome ol the referendum would not aller the Church’s stand on divorce. “The indissolubility of family are and remain an un questionable ethical principle,” funcj jf |bev desire it said. “The Church will never tor I/>on Jaworski tapes of conversations he has sought as jngton p0S( reported Tuesday. evidence for the cover-up trial.    r,    .    . ,    ,, mi ,r,L ii, u ..a The Post said the White House The White House has said Ja-    .    ,    .    . .. 4 idence he acknow,edl?ed that three pages neecjs    ^    of the published transcripts con tain two separate versions of •Sn,ale Watergate committee (he sam(1 lapc.recorded convcr. sources said the committee has sa{lon April 16. 1973, between subpoenaed the President s tvso presicjcnt Nixon and Assistant brothers tor interrogation about Attorney General Henry Peter- a $100,000 campaign payment st>n made four years ago bv billion- '    ‘    4 aire Howard Hughes    ,    D"f^ences    between the two versions apparently demon-A lawyer (or consumer ac s(ra(e ,hp technical djfficu|tle! tivist Ralph Nader said he may (a£td b |hp w|ute House in al. ask a judge to order govern- tempting to transcribe the tapes men! lawyers to sue Nixon for acturatd damages if it is proven that: Nixon took a bribe (rom dairy- Jhe contrasting words and men in 1971    phrases    which occur at corre- .    .. , spending points in the two dif- An assistant to Jaworski de- 1    ,    ,    . ,    .    .    ..    terent versions include: med that he made threats or offered leniency to California Lt. Bismarck Chicago ..... Cincinnati Cleveland Dos Moines . Detroit Indianapolis Kansas City Milwaukee Mpls.-St. Paul Omaha St. I. iou is..... Sioux Falls . Wednesday Weather, PtCldy Carol Struck, Hiawatha; fined    ...» $25 and costs. Gerald Wadding- fJfow tired of ic|)ealmg this. It Olement Farnsworth ton, 1031 Tenth avenue SE; is as much her duty today as it Clement Farnsworth 75. for- was yesterday.    nterly    of    2802    Johnson    avenue Sh wrs PtCldy rte id v PtCldy Sh WTS fined $20 and costs. Michael Hi-Lo Osmanski. 917 Twentv-eighth    ,    .. . ,.    .    .    .    . 52-33 street SE; Douglas Gerber. The laws first divorce legists- \w. died Tuesday morning fol-59-43, route two. Cedar    Rapids; John    tion in more than a century, per-    lowing a long illnsss Born Nov. ”2-*3 Ca va tier Center    Pointy    David    m,(p divorce after a separation    30 mm jn Maquoketa, she had 65-45 NE;’Peach 'fined siTand    'costs    of five vpars- sfnt(>n( inR of a    been a resident of Cedar Rapids 67-46 Donald Hoffner.    218    Ninth    spouse to prison for more than    for 40 years. Sand bag run — Applicant (]0V    Ed Reinecke    in    connection must carrv 125-pound sand bag wpb    perjury charges    against up and down three steps and bim then run an obstacle course The second part of the test is timed. Bend, twists, touch cant must repeat, a series or lha,    the paners ; movements in a confined space ^ delaved untii “President” in one version, press” in the other. “Gray” (former FBI Director L. Patrick Gray) and “they.” “bah” and “act.” “Stick” in one version, “still” Tshwrs 70-47 street NW; fined $10 and costs. WCIdy 68-45 Faulty eoiiipment James PtCldy 56-39 Payton. 1828 Western drive PtCldy 55-34 SW. Ricky Calvin, Winfield; PtCldy 67-44 Terry Kelly, 1249 Third avenue Degree Days 15 years and conviction of a sex crime or of murder of a member of the family. Since Ihe law was enacted, only about 70.000 divorces have been granted. Monday .............. Total to date Through May 13, 1973 Percent of normal year. Total normal year Mississippi Stages (Flood stages in brackets) tjaCrosse (12) 7.2, rise I Lansing (18) 9.1, rise 2 Dam 9(18) 17.5, rise .2 McGregor (18) 9.7. rise .2 Guttenberg (15) 8 7. rise 6 Dubuque (17) 10.9, rise 5 Davenport (15) 9.5. fall .1 Keokuk (16) 9.3, no change .Cling 70-45 SE; each fined $10 and costs. PtCldy 56-35 Driver's license violation j'Terry Still ions, 2415 Seventeenth avenue. Marion; fined 16, $50 and costs. Alfred Randolph, 6.774 Marshalltown: Patrick Tusing, 6.8141 521 Third avenue SW; Allan 102.11 j Rawson, Palo; each fined $20 6,631J and costs. Harold Walton, 1007*2 ’Thirtieth M 1 p p I NE; fined $10 and costs. .•I7!hr UM Twenty-bt th! cooperation and ordination a street SE; fined $10 and costs Resisting an officer thor Williams, Anamosa; $25 and costs.    1    ... solid waste commission There are no immediate survivors. Services: Turner chape! west at noon Thursday by Ihe Rev. Carne Orason Burial: Esgate cemetery al Maquoketa Friends may call at Turner west. Chairman Ervin (D-N.C.t is reported by a high level senate Watergate committee source to in the other. Appl*- he “re-thinking’ his statement    While the first version of the ol ,k.x«    report should conversation segment contains impeachment (“inaudible’’ 21 times, the second Linn supervisors ferred to the countv request from the Ar- Municipalities Assn lined    establish pervisors Vehicle control violation Patrick Tusing, 521 Third avenue SW; fined $30 and costs. Drinking beer on street The county’s sanitary landfill now is operated by the county at C.R. (13) 6.45, rise I Judy Christianson, 626 Fourth department of health mav contribute to the cancer have been questioned on their constitutionality. Previously 5 feet 8 inches was the minimum height for applicants. Four Present The four members of fhe seven-man fire board who attended Monday's meeting voted unanimously to adopt the standards. The action came    three weeks    as 0,un    as P()V)Slt)ie in    jo sec-    proceedings    against    Nixon are    makes    the    same reference 12 before the deadline    set by state    on s    completed    times law for giving the test, accord- Chinning — As many times as    source sai(j Ervin is be-; Both the house judiciary coming to Fire Chief Edsel McMick-    possible without stopping    mg advised    that if the commit-    mittee    and    Watergate special Ie    .>cShuttJe    ru] ~ Appllc^nt r4uns    lee decides    to delay    its report    pr0secutor Leon Jaworski have Under Iowa law, Ihe fire de- 25 yards and reverses directioniunt|| after the house voles or subpoenaed the original tape of partment is required to give the un,,l covenn8 •*"'yards limed. ! Unfij after a possible senate.^ conversation, but the White test once every 12 months. j Coupling test — Designed to trial, the pressure for further House has refused to turn it California Test    measure dexterity    delay will still exist and may over The set of tests is copyrighted j Verdueci’s tests have been be even greater.    j    House    Press by Dr. Frank Verducci, a phy- adopted bv fire departments in! Tha( ;s beCause it is teared Secretary Gerald Warren con-sical adulation professor at iSan hrancisco and Pittsburghlthe report m,ght influence thei firmed the two versions were of San and have bo<-n *JP|* d by ttw trials of the seven defendants the same conversation. A 15-year-old youth was Francisco.    supreme courts of both Califor- charged Monday with the break- Verducci’s tests were recom- ma and Pennsylvania. McMtck- Linn Countyi‘n at th^ Tois V. Swanson resi- mended to the board by Tom Ie said that the su-idence m Thirty-fourth street jEcker. who was assigned the NE. in which $300-500 in coinsita.sk of developing new require- 20 YEARS AGO — France was were taken from a bank,    ments    for the fire and police reported to have asked fhe U S. The youth was arrested after departments    (for direct high-level talks in an he was seen in the neigh-! Eckcr, coordinator of athletics effort to determine what this jborhood between 1:30 and 4:15,and intramural activities for the country was willing to do about Landfill Commission Referred to Faches $30o-$soo in Coins Tuesday    Taken    from    House    California    State    university. re- attornev for su-countv Odar 1.33. Coralville Lake Pool level Tuesday .    674.83 Marriage' Licenses Marv Bandman and Dab Scheckel, Susan    Dykhuizen and    crest.    Codal Danny Boyle,    Ann Wethwill    and    easts. and Richard Riley, jr., all of Cedar Rapids. Geraldine King. Hiawatha, and Daniel Shulgin, Cedar Rapids.    Mary Howe. Marion, and    David Taylor, Cedar Rapids. Thelma Mixner and John Haase, both of Stanwood. Jams Ask. Cedar Rapids, and Ronald Tower, Wrethan. Mass. . Births—St. Luke’s May 13 To the families of Marvin Houser, Walford, a son; Michael Kllingson, Clarence, a son. Births — Mercy May 13    Mr. and Mrs. (, 1* r a I d Lipxiux, 3345 Circle drive NE, a son. Out of Town Births XI Davenport — Mi and Min Duane SchaHbaurr, a daughter born Ma vt3. Main- avenue SW, lined $20 and costs. DamaKP to vehicle Kenneth Curran. 187 D street NW; fined $15 and costs. Striking unattended vehicle James Dolan. 3710 Rrim-Rapids; fined $151 The request tor a county solid occurred waste commission follows decision by the association to seek a greater voice in the planning It asks that the commission be composed of a representative from each of the 17 cities in the county, one from Marion township and one from Ihe super- p rn Monday, when the breakin Cedar Rapids public schools, de- intervention vised a new set of tests for the war in the Indo-China iii the Watergate cover-up case. Those trials are scheduled to begin no earlier than Septem-; ber. A house report that $17.1 million in federal funds has been spent in connection with President Nixon’s homes was approved by the house govern- lowa Deaths Decorah -Stephen Kiana. 48 Wednesday at 10:30, St. Reno- visors, with each representative diet’s Catholic church. Burial: having one vote. City Reviews Traffic, Drainage at Westdale St Weneeslaus cemetery, Spillville Rosary: 'Tuesday at 8. Ol-son-Kjelstuhf’s. Springville Cleo C. Crew 85, Denver. Colo Thursday at 2, Brogh chapel, Cedar Rapids Burial’ Jordan's Grove, Wan beck. Visitation after 5 Wednesday Williamsburg Min    George (Marietta) Meyer, 71. Thins- Meeting Slated On Use of Linn Federal Funds Linn supervisors next Tuesdax al 6 Presbyterian discuss expenditure day at 2, United church. Jones’. Williams burg Harriet Uenei a By Mike Deuprec City councilmen representatives of man Development nearly two hours the company’s plans for traffic and drainage control at the pro-will meet posed Westdale shopping center 45 pm to Sixty-six acres have been of federal zoned to permit construction of test strengths, as well as questioned fie,” Skogman said Hahn-New- John Joyce, project manager Corp for for Hahn-New man, then outlined Tuesday on a system of ponds and catch basins to provide on-site water traf- size of the one initially proposed. with about 750.000 square feel of leasable retail area, could be located on the 66 acres that are already zoned commercial He said the additional land is retention and channel it through needed to provide a more ap Edge 97 Wednesday al Parry, Jones’. Monticello Henry Andrr*--sen, 75. Wednesday at I 30, Wayne Zion Lutheran church (toot I.soh s Iowa ('tty Di David J an existing culvert under wood road SVA He said the plan makes use of ()e parking area within the 22-acre site The parking space will only pealing center and help solve drainage and traffic problems Participants Mso participating in the dis till im Amu nil grandparents an Mi and IVR' Torn (bu Mich, 1400 A avenue NW ^ Marriages Dissolved Betty Ann and Wendell Neu-bawei Shelly M and Rodney N Simile Roxann H and Larry L. Build Nancy Ann and Ronald I; Rugger. Richard T and Bar-Xnri McKinney. Iami.se lid Owen Leroy Berry. Fires •( 13 |i iii Monday Accidental .llano at 'TI Second avenue SE ij 02 p rn Monday Stand by downed lino at 2(141 North Town* pl*4'e F ti u t a 'Tuesday Cutting put ti to insulation at First ave nut. aud 'Tim Beth si 1 < ct di ive 1 ii 02 a rn Tut day Ovei heated washing machine at •1898 Vet /ens concerning funds. Supervisors said expect to receive BatM. 27. N.'W    Conn.    |hp    ,,*) Wednesday at 9 at Si Wen- eof, I a us church Rosary at 7 30' Ihe    county    bos Tuesday ai Donohue's, yvtierc    $2,254,817 from    4he friends may call altei 7 'Tues    since it    began day. 20 YEARS Alio Russia pro posed that any settlement of the Indochina eonllie! be carried out under supervision of a lieu Ital nation s supervisory com mission revenue sharing funds the center at the intersection for the year beginning July 11 Edgewood road and highway    ...    ,    j    r.    , .    ,    .    1    oui hi ii ti    1    he needed at three peak periods cussion were (it v Engineer Jon and to listen 0 interested cill- SW Pending before the council    ..    ,    ,, 1.    ,x . L    *    ..    during    he    year    Christmas.1 Janda. Public Services Director he is a request to rezone an addi- h ■    ,    ,    ......    ... spending the que ttonal 22 acres to he included in Tuesday they the center site $1,212,929 for Roy Skogman, president of Midwest Development Corp. received the contract purchaser of the program additional acreage, said the 22 acres will provide belter drain The meeting Tuesday also will age and better traffic control .IMI with rhmiKi'x iii plans far    s spending some ol the hinds al Heady allocated    I    ‘    Hrainage    is    one    of    our    grea Easter and just before school resumes he explaind. Drainage Plan The drainage plan is designed to bandle the runoff from the shopping center, as well as the runoff from a one-acre drainage area north of the site, during a 25 year frequency storm Skogman said a center the lick Jensen, Traffic Engineer Mel Meyer and attorney Pat Robs , a member of the board of directors of Taxpayers for Sensible Planning. Inc 1 TSP' TSP opposes the additional rezoning Councilmen did not indicate whether they will vote on the rezoning request Wednesday or delay action for another week ment operations committee Tuesday. The vote was 36-0 The report recommends that government agencies take action to recover any “improper expenditures.” It also recommends that permanent security systems be limited to only one of a President’s private homes in the future Democratic National Chairman Robert Strauss told reporters Tuesday. “This terrible hue land cry from Republicans for} the resignation of the President comes from men who are running for office and trying to put 1 some distance between themselves and the President Nixon Letter Backs Aides on Ellsberg Case NKW YORK (Ar I Pits-idem Nixon says in a letter to a federal fudge that the While House plumbers unit that burglarized the office of Daniel Ellsberg s psychiatrist was acting under a general delegation The newspaper said the discrepancy apparently occurred because at least a portion of the Nixon- Petersen conversation was transcribed by two different typists and the two versions were then mistakenly included together in preparing the overall set of transcripts. —Iowa County— (Continued from Page I.) he said would cost about $200,000 Fundi said all land for this project is held by his clients, except for a small portion of timberland which the Amana Society oyvns. He said the society and Amana tourist businesses are the ones which might gain the most from the highway, but thai they would not lose land Pundt asked that the project be stopped “for the benefit of all involved ’’ WM rn \ C.R. Drug Numbers To report a violation: Michael Dooley 363-0671 lf you need help: Foundation ll 362-2174 (4 pm lo midnigM) Pine rot lit N K Sa iii/hi th \ in I hr Inn tint n on! lo H'rilr, aha ii ii uh flu Hr rn PIERSON'S X" IWN) ll I IS HI VO NU I I OW I HI'HllM )ti«i licht iv For 6 I years . . . Dowers for all occasions/ J a Im E. Lapes 308 3rd Ave. SI    365-051    1 Convenient downtown loiation z < 2 o tell someone you care with flowers Florist and Gift Shop 364-8139 phone nnsweied 24 hours every day Only 01 x'service... our best to all. Cost is entirely a matter of personal choic e. k )hn IV lunier S. Son Turner s Last, 800 Second Ave SE Turners West, 1221 First Ave West ;

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