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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 10, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Tho Cedar Rapids Gazette: Iii., May IO. 1974 Panel Agrees, Parents Lax In Monitoring TV County Expands Sign-Up Period for Road Oiling By Kevin Kane    day night at Kenwood Park manager at WMT-TV; Karen Parents kids Dr Max    Mis    Presbyterian church.    Pickett, a former high school I arents, kids, Dr. Max,    Mi.    teacher; Marian Hazelton, coor terogers, the Vietnam    war.    whed.ng dis^ssion    of    (Unator of early childhood edu- ‘•Wild    Kingdom”.    “Emergency’    ^    teIcvision‘    programming ;cali.on {<* Cedar K»ptds public and    Saturday    morning    cartoons    led    by    an    au-parent    panel    con-j*c.h 0 0 1 s 1 , fld 9 v ‘ ”f all shared the spotlight Thurs- sisting of James Oetken, station    [H|jddr”^‘n Televi sion”. The panelists, although differing over the merits and demerits of particular programs, I all tended to agree that parents I should take more responsibility A schedule    for    signing up    at    ted subdivisions and 300 feet for    toward    their    children    regarding county    shops    for    oiling    of rural    individual residences. Linn county roads has been sci    Cos, Us(ed The hours at the shops are im    ...    . addition to the previously an- ,    cost ""I be j a    for a flounced hours at (her court- j l5^foot section and $30 for a 300- foot section. Longer sections _ ‘    . ..    ,    , will be oiled in 50-foot additional The hours at the shops will be, innWmnts. at an from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. cos, of $5 per 50 (ee( Applications may be made a second opportunity for sign ,, at the Center Point shop, May jmr up foe the August applies- ^ children to see a program, 22; Central City shop, May 23;, tion only will be offered from tons'der d m*v ^sensibility as Springville shop, May 24; ML jujy 15 j0 jujy 26. The cost wjn a parent to turn it off. be $8 for a 150-foot section and “A lot of people cop out of $16 for a 300-foot section.    For    their    responsibilities    as    par- each additional 50 feet the    cost    ents.” will be $6.    1 Mrs. Hazelton pointed out that j .    „    television could be a valuable the engineer's office between    Second Application    learning tool for children, but May 20 and May 31 from 8 a.m. Harrington said the higher acjded that the experience was to noon and I p.m. to 5 p.m. cost for those signing up incomplete if parents were not County crews will treat the only for the second application fbcrc to discuss programs with roads with used crankcase oil. is the result of the need for {bem and pUt wbat they saw in Payments for the oiling must be more oil on sections that have perspective to the real world, made in cash.    not been oiled.    ., County Engineer Bill Harring- He said more heavily-used    Conceptual Void ton said prices for the work are roads will be oiled w ithout cost She pointed out that teelvision-designed to pay for the oil and to the nearby residents for safe- oriented four-year-olds in a new part of the labor.    ty reasons.    pilot program in the Cedar Oil will be applied twice dur Officials also pointed out that Rapids schools have come to Ing the summer, once in June permits may be obtained from school with larger vocabularies and once in August, for a mini- the engineer’s office to have the and a broader view of the num length of 150 feet in plat-'oiling done privately.    world, but without the coneep- Vemon shop, May 29, county home shop, May 30 Engineer’s Office Applications may be made at; television viewing. ‘On-Off Button’ Oetken had the harshest words for parents. ‘ The only thing I can say is SJnaiM ,hor.e arc f°ur ‘•han~l? Eastern Iowa and one on-off button,” he said. “If I don’t want tual understanding go with it. “lf we want that should)would be discussing at the fami-im ind I e s s cartoons,”    Mrs. My dinner table.    j Schrimper said, more critical,! Oetken also cited the educa-| Oetken allowed that    “Dr. thinking people instead or pas- tja,,aI valuc of wha, he ca„cd Max” might not be “as good as sive. accepting people, then we (irst TV wai... and hypotho. d could be but pointed out that have got to give children more sized (ha, such coverage may I'1 was immensely popular wi h than the passive input of televi- have brouRhl lhc war c|oscr to an audience of approximately sion,” she said.    home t0 television-oriented 160,000 y®un(!s,*rs Mrs. Pickett and Oetken disa- young people and thus in- The WMT staffers invited greed over whether television fluenced their more pacifistic j anyone with objections to “Dr How to fight dog damage and other bare spots Mans Best Friend has a way of creating unsightly bare spots in the best of lawns. But you can fill em in fast... with North-rup Kings Fast & Fine grass seed. Fast & Fine is a blend of grasses, featuring a fine-leafed perennial ryegrass that comes up quickly and fills in beautifully. For repairing dog damage and other bare spots, Fast & Fine will work to your complete satisfaction. Or you'll get your money back. is Regular S4.4o Green Grass Sale Price (2 lh. box) 1500 Jackson Street N L., Minneapolis, Minn. 55413 violence had any effect on chil- attitude dren, with Oetken contending    Waf    Atliiiidos that all studies he had seen were “inconclusive” and Mrs.    * hope 30 years from now at- Pickett answering that she had etudes toward war are moie observed “overtly violent” be-jhkethose of our young peo-havior in her own children fob Pie*’ he said, lowing shows where violence Mrs. Schrimper took on Oet-was featured.    ken    and several members of the WMT-TV staff also present when she criticized what Mrs. Pickett, who said she caueti the “mindless cartoon and her husband monitor what format of Saturday Max” or any other program to call the station, and said it would take only one reasonable phone call to get an objectionable cartoon pulled from “Dr. Max”. Monitor Shows Statistics Bill DES MOINES (AP) A bill she * to make certain vital statistics! including births, deaths and morning!    marriage records—available to shows    their    children    watch    and    shows    as well    as    Channel    2’s    af-    the public was signed into law also make    a    point    to    watch    tele-    ternoon “Dr    Max” show.    Wednesday by Gov. Robert vision with them complimented she w jhe |atf t0 S(T Hay But the statistics will be, such shows as Wild Kingdom ,hi more educational! av,allable ufor Publ,a Inspection and “Emergency ’ for being ed-i r, r™™ I only it the records were at well as Early Elevator Probe To Center On Major Cities Bv Handy Minkoff DES MOINES (UPI) State L a I) o r Commissioner Jerry Addy said Friday inspectors will concentrate their intitial elevator inspection efforts in the state’s major metropolitan areas. Addy’s department received authority to conduct safety Inspections after the legislature approved an elevator safety code in a move to crack down on unsafe elevators in the state. Under the legislation, the bureau of labor will be able to survey the 6.0(H) elevators in Iowa to make sure they meet safety standards. The bureau could close down some facilities if the elevators fail lo meet Hie .standards. Addy said he expects to have inspectors view elevators iii cities such as Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Sioux City, Council Bluffs and Davenport and concentrate on some of the older buildings in those areas. '' T Ii e larger metropolitan areas will la1 the first place we will look,” Addy said. “In addi lion, we will not overlook some of the taller, newer buildings that have jue-.t been built, but we would imagine the elevators in those buildings will meet re quirements. ” Asks Audit OELWEIN—Arthur    Sensor, who has been dismissed as superintendent of schools here, effective at the clote of the school year, has asked an audit of all school books. old. Statistics being ed-Wme aj°ng m the form of Chan-;‘)n,y ucational as well as entertain-' ,    ,,.s ..Mis,eagers" and least 65 »«“» inS    added    that    her family has re-ar-1ba" *>, J*" wl" rc’ She did not object as strongly |ranged its supper hour in order ma,n contidentiat. to the violence shown in news- to watch the show together. casts, and pointed out that tele-      20    YEARS    AGO vision coverage of the Vietnam war helped give her children an “We are most concerned with council for a sanitary sewer ex | awareness of an important issue what our children are missing tension to the Indian Creek Hills* which she and her husband by seeing hour after hour of area of eastern Cedar Rapids. RENT A NEW PIANO aaa Per Month J 11 UU No Cartage Only Seventy-three petitioners asked the city or Drayage subject lo office approval All Rent Will Apply lf You Decide To Buy! 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