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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 10, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Three Papers Repudiate Support Of Nixon; Call for Resignat ion By Ansodatcd Tress Three newspapers that supported President Nixon in 1968 and 1972 have editorials in Friday’s issues calling for his resignation or impeachment The positions taken by the Los Angeles Times, Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Kansas City 'l imes follow by one day a similar call by the Chicago Tribune, which also had been a Nixon supporter. Also, the Nashville Tennessean said in its Friday editions that Nixon should resign from office. How, When The Washington Post, which was responsible for many of the disclosures that led to the reopening of the Watergate case, said “The question is no longer whether he (Nixon) should be removed from office, but how and when he will go. And the answer, in large measure is up to him.” The Post said any presidential resignation should be “firmly founded on an acknowledgement of presidential wrong-doing, as distinct from being used only on some amorphous sense that he has been unjustly robbed by others of his capacity to lead. The Tennessean, which supported McGovern in his 1972 presidential bid, said “President Nixon must be painfully aware that he has lost the most desperate and dangerous gamble recr.” of his political ca- The Tennessean referred to Nixon's decif-,ion “to defy subpenas for tape recordings and to submit edited transcripts of some tapes instead, in hopes that this move would establish his innocence in the public mind.” “Resignation would be the honorable course for President Richard Nixon,” the Tennessean editorial concluded. “At Least One” The Los Angeles Times said the transcripts “contain presumptive evidence of at least one impeachable offense — the obstruction of justice. The news- fleered nearly two centuries have virtually assured that impeachment of President Nixon will become reality,” The Plain Dealer said. “The facts of the matter now show that no other course is possible,” the Ohio newspaper said. The Kansas City Times said "The American Constitution ... is reflective of the hopes and ideal of mankind for justice and truth and a good life . . . “Can such values really be reconciled with the sleazy dialogues now emerging in the White House transcripts? Can the end product of the men who Regents Okay Soy Committee Didn't ^tjNM3omo Donation to Bebe paper said nothing less than impeachment by the house and trial by the senate could determine the President’s fitness to continue in office. “Standing alone, the transcript of March 21, 1973, would appear to justify Mr. Nixon’s removal from office under even the narrowest definition of an impeachable offense — the commission of an indictable crime,” the California newspaper said. The Plain Dealer said “The President has gone too far. The transcripts of White House conversations clearly involve him in a coverup, to say the least. That and his refusal to comply with the subpoenas of the Watergate special prosecutor and the house judiciary committee ago to frame the Constitution be a bank of knaves who talk of advantage, revenge and adroit maneuver and never of what is right or wrong, or what is good for the country?” The Kansas City Times said Nixon scored successes in foreign policy but “now must ask himself whether his continued presence in office might not destroy these great achievements.” COUNCIL BLUFFS (AP) The state board of regents voted unanimously Friday to enter the space age with construction of an innovative domed coliseum at the University Iowa (UNI). The $4 8 million UNI Dome in Cedar Falls would be “a poor man’s Astrodome,” said Dr. David Geiger, consulting engineer for Geiger Burger Associate, New York City. Geiger said that’s the way ed- Tlir Cedar Rapids Gazette: l r!., May IO, 1974 “J Maryland Woman Is XA/on't Void Mother of the Year _    .. n M YORK (UPI) - Mrs Cd I IGV Bd 11 Stewart Marriott of COLUMBUS, Ga. (UPI) - A NEW Russell WASHINGTON (Af’) — The vis, vice chairman of Winn-Dix-senate Watergate committee ie Corp., a fwd chain based in Kensington, Md., Friday was judge refused Friday to revoke has been told that a $50,000j Jacksonville, Fla.    named 1974 American Mother of bond for William L. Calley, the ucational building designers characterized space age building technique of employing a transluscent fabric dome held cash contribution, given by a supermarket executive to C. G. “Bebe” Rebozo as a secret con tribution for President Nixon’s of Northern re-election campaign, never reached the campaign committee as intended, the Washington Post reported Friday. The newspaper quoted informed sources as saying Rebozo, the President’s (lose friend and Key Biscayne, Fla., neighbor, has admitted under oath that he received the money in an envelope1 from A. D. Da- Rebozo contended he turned the money over to Frederick LaRue, a campaign aide, but LaRue has told the Watergate committee he never received it. the Post story said. Can’t Find Record the Year. Mrs Marriott, who all her adult life has been active in church and community activities, has three grown sons and seven grandchildren. The American Mothers Com- The story, by Bob Woodward mittee, Inc., which each year and Carl Bernstein, said committee investigators have been unable to find any record that former army lieutenant convicted of murder at My Lai. U.S. District Judge J. Robert Elliott said he felt it was prop-per that the $1,000 bail be continued pending a determination of the merits of Callcy’s contention that he was unjustly tried and sentenced. The army had asked that the bail be revoked since President Nixon had refused to reduce days before a new campaign finance law took effect April 7, 1972, and thus did not have to! C. R. Jaycees Capture Top Honors at State Meeting Tourist Phone Service Is Set By Minnesota ST. PAUL (AP) - The Min- aloft by air pressure and kept in; Nemer Charged place by thee1 cables.    With Possession While the budget calls    for a    _    ,    _ total of $4.8 million, regents Of Stolen Goods Hetwwls thc subfect of a Wa-were told that amount will only!    1    Kebozo is the sud J ct a pay for construction of    the)    Everett    Sam Nemer,    part    tergate committee investigation dome, coliseum and half    of    the    owner of    the    Fifth    Street    Oro-    into a secret    $100,000    campaign 18.000 seats planned.    eery at 1201    Fifth    street    NW,|contribution    from    billionaire It would cost an additional ^ias *>ecn charged by the U.S. owarr up (l's $1.7 million to completely finish attorney s of I ice with posses;    r    # the project - including anotherlin8 four cases of cigarets that Subpoena Seeks 9.000 scats, office space and a he knew were stolen from an interstate shipment.    LOO TI KBC OTO S Assistant U.S. Attorney Rob- ..    ...    ....    . 3    1    Meanwhile a Watergate com-j since 1935 has honored an outstanding mother, selected her from 52 nominees representing the $50,000 was received by the!the 50 states, Puerto Rico and further Calley’s 10-year sen-campaign organization.    the District of Columbia. Mrs. | fence and the military review The story said Davis alleged- Mariott, born in Ogden, Utah, had been completed in the arty turned over the contribution was the D C. representative. my judicial system. to Rebozo in a saloon several and link to an existing physical edu cation center. Five Schools Slate Concert Monday Night Students from Wilson ort Sikma charges Nemer with having merchandise that was mittee subpoena was revealed seeking records of loans totaling reported musing from an H &i$75 000 „ says were madc by W Motor Express truck on Sep. N| d hj daughU:r Tricia » 1973-    j    to    Rebozo. The four cases were part of an 89-case shipment enroute junior from Winston-Salem, N.C, Hayes, The disclosure came as Rebozo’s lawyer worked out an nesola department of economic high school and Grant',’ Hayes.i    ml'^cement with the committee development has announced a'Tay|or, and Van Buren elemen- ““J*“hJ ™.h C° ’ 12    1 llmitlnK [h('uSCT free long-distance telephone ser- fary schools will present a con-    poena, which called    for a num- vice to encourage tourism. By dialing a toll-free number, persons both inside and outside Minnesota will be able to get in- cert Monday at 7 p.m. in Wilson auditorium. Several members of the Cedar Rapids Jaycees were honored as the chapter swept most prizes in its division at the recent state Jaycee convention in Dubuque. President Hal Walter was chosen as one of IO outstanding chapter presidents in the state and was also tabbed as chairman of the credentials committee for the national convention in June at San Diego. Charles Canterberry, who re-c e n 11 y moved from Cedar Rapids, was named one of IO outstanding state directors. Vice-President the outstanding chapter in its division. The Cedar Rapids club won first place in its division for internal and external programming. Sweepstakes awards, in competition with all Iowa chapters, were gained for six Cedar Rapids projects. Judged best in the state were: Alcoholism awareness program; the membership, orientation, motivation, activation and re- missioner tention (MOMAR) project; the Jaycee newsletter; elderly employment counseling; the human potential laboratory for social workers and clients; and the Christmas toy project. Other Awards Groups performing will be the elementary strings, elementary According to reports by FBI agents, Nemer admitted obtaining the cigarets, valued at over formation on gasoline availabil- „and w,f    ja^rock cnscm. By and on tourism events and b|r Wj|son ^|ue and (Jo|d $500, from two teenage boys [soon after they were stolen. activities. Road and weather conditions will be added later. Inside Minnesota, the number and the Wilson orches-i Painters Union Members Okay j bands, tra. Selections to be presented by, the Gold band include “Over-, “Introduction ber of Rebozo’s financial records. The lawyer, William Prates, complained that the subpoena I even sought Rebozo’s grocery 1 bills. Haig Rebuffed According to the subpoena, | the committee wants the rec-I fs , i ords of an unsecured $65,000 New Contract loan it said was made to Rebozo to dial is 1-800-328-9161.    f| The department says it will tur<1 ln 11 V,at ’ r^^TI ,, ,    „    ..    . .    ..    by Tricia in March. 1973. and not make resort or hotel reser- an(, Ca£r ce • ./ d {J? I, , eddr Ral)lds Painters friday an unsecured $10 000 ]oan made vations for tourists but will send ,CV > . .K,lhn« Me Softly , and signed a new one-year agree- ^ b Nixon ln Ja a ft hi 1/a tirhtstri    «    ** out packets of information to Randology March . callers interested in a particular I*1<> orcflostra P'i|y Rie area of the state. ‘Hummel Concertante”, “Ita a ment, ending a strike which I began May I.    . „,    .    .    ....    ., I The committee also rejected The contract was ratified by a unanimously a claim of cxecu- lor February, 1973. Economic Development Com- Ran basters Suite , Frederick (W0 to one majority Thursday tive prjvpe„e by the White ...issioner James Heltzer sajd the Ureal (Kwturc and The night by the painter's un'on House chief of staff. Alexander gasoline supplies appear to be Green, Green Grassof Borne . membership    Haig, and ordered him to re- Admission is $1 or adults and The agreement calls tor a 75-    bcfore    the committee 50 cents for students.    |cent an hour pay increase, jand answer nil questions. —:  j bringing base pay for painters to $7.68 an hour. * * adequate but tourists may re-; quire information on which stations will be open on Sundays. Mike McNamara was picked as state Jaycee vice-president, to serve under Iowa President David Bell of Earlville. John Songster and Patrick Cobb of the Cedar Rapids chapter were elected to junior Chamber international membership. In its division for chapters in,_ .    .    . cities with a population between 0 tl(,n Agency water and Besides these winning programs, first place prizes within its division went to the following: Winter board and outstanding young man banquet; annual awards night, featuring writer Jack Anderson; Environmental Man Fined $100 for Reckless Driving Victor Lacy, 1502 D avenue NE, was found guilty in magistrate’s court on an amended charge of reckless driving and was fined $100 and costs. He was charged with assault Pointing Gun Charge Results in $50 Fine John Finn, 315 Eleventh street, SW, was found guilty Thursday Wheeler remain on strike in magistrate’s court on a charge of pointing a gun at another and was fined $50 and costs. He was charged with pointing officers Chairman Sam Ervin (D-N.C.) *    said the committee would con- Teamsters union members al sid, r ,a|“n« conte'net of Prestressed Concrete of ,owa. grew action against Haig, .the again to answer ques- refuses tions Do something really sporting give him a Seiko Self-Winding. V No. AC003M-17J, Self-W nd, Day-Instant Date Calendar, 96 2 Ft. Water Tested. Stainless Steel, Slue Dial. $09.50 The man with a Seiko watch on his wrist is a winner no matter whot his sport. Our collection of 17-jewel men s sport watches by Seiko, the automation-age watch, has all the features he wants for land or sea sports—automatic self-wind, instant day-date change, bi-lingual calendar, mar-• resist crystal, 98.2 ft. water-tested, luminous hands and dial markers. And we can offer them at sporting prices because they’re made by automation. You pay only for the timepiece, not the time it took to make it. Come in and get the champion among sports watches for every champion you know. Open Saturday 9 a.m. ’til 5 p.m. SMULEKOFF’S 75,000 and 150,000, the local group won in 16 of 18 competitive areas. Giessenbier Award For the third year in a row, the Cedar Rapids chapter received the Henry Giessenbier with intent to do    bodily injury    a f>un at after the car he    was driving ran    April 8 into the side of    a    car driven by    —_ _    __    __ waste water placement project; David Reid. Linn county deputy,;    leaching    I    osts and Easter egg hunt.    following    a    high    speed    chase    WEST    UNION—The joint Also: Farm to food essay con-April 23.    school    board    of    Fayette and test; garage sale and flea mar-| - iChickasaw    counties    has    author ket for the Children’s Home; VD task force; haunted house; banquet honoring National Vicepresident David Hale; and IO memorial trophy, designating it i leadership in action programs. 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