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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 11, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- Fair tonight. Low in middle 40s. Fair lo partly cloudy Sunday. High in upper 60s. Wbt VOLUME 92 NUMBER 122 upub CITY FINAL IO CENTS JI: CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, SATURDAY, MAY ll, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES 6 Killed in Bus Crash; Many Hurt CHARLESTON, Mo. (UPI) -A Greyhound bus left the road at a detour on U.S. 60-62 in southeast Missouri early Saturday, struck a disabled truck trailer on the side of the road and was “ripped open like a tin can.” The highway patrol said six people were killed and nearly three dozen injured, some critically. Two persons with head injuries were taken to Baptist hospital in Memphis and other injured were admitted to Missouri Delta Community hospital in Sikeston, Mo. Detour Signs Charleston Police Chief Robert Ritchey, one of the first law enforcement officers on the scene after the 4:15 a.m. crash, said the accident happened at a spot where detour signs had been posted because of nearby Judge Orders Hypnotic Test For Conner Cedar Rapids News— One of the accused murderers of two Cedar Rapids teenagers has been granted a request for a hypnotic examination. Atwell Junior Conner, 29, of near Bertram, was granted the request Friday afternoon by Linn county district court Judge Robert Osmundson. The hypnotic examination is lo be performed by Harry Arons of Cedar Rapids in the second floor conference room of the Linn county jail at a time and date selected by the defense counsel. Security personnel may not be present or within hearing distance of the room, tho judge said, and the information gained from the examination will be protected under the attorney-client relationship. The judge also authorized state funds up to $600 to be used to provide assistance to Conner’s defense. Additional funds will have to be approved by the judge. Conner and George Junior construction of an Interstate 57 Nowlin, 31, rural Keystone are overpass.    accused    in Linn district court of Ritchey said the bus. bound I murdering Michael Servey, 18, for Memphis from Effingham, Julie Says 228 Hurt in Chicago E! Train Crash    "See It Through II CHICAGO (UPI) — A rush-1 hour elevated train slammed into the rear of another train which had made an abrupt halt between stations Friday night, and hundreds of screaming pas-] WASHINGTON (AP) — Julie | sengers were tossed about. Nixon Eisenhower said Satur-Thomas Buck, Chicago Tran-day that her father will fight any impeachment move against sit Authority spokesman, said there were no deaths. At least (Photos on Picture Doge) 228 persons were injured and treated at three South Side hospitals. The majority of the injuries did not appear serious. Only a few people were kept in the hospital. “We still do not know the cause and will not until an extensive investigation is made,” him all the way through a senate trial, even if “only one senator believes in him.” Holding a news conference with her husband, David, Mrs. Eisenhower said the President is “stronger now than he ever has been in his determination to see this through.” David Eisenhower, standing beside his wife in the East Garden at the White House, replied “Absolutely not” when asked if he could see any cir- Buck said, “all we know is that the southbound Englewood train cumstances that might prompt went into an emergency braking I Nixon to resign, situation and came to an abrupt    “Might Consider” halt and was struck in the rear by the Jackson Park train.”    The    news conference followed by a day the chiding of Nixon’s -UPI Telephoto 111., was traveling east on a banked e&rve when it rolled off the road and hit the trailer, which was on its side following an accident a little more than an hour earlier. The roads were dry, Ritchey said. “The only thing I can figure is that he was used to the road and wasn’t used to the detour signs that went up Wednesday.” “Completely Out” The driver, identified as Cloyd Dobbs, 30, of Memphis, was not injured. on March IO near Palisades-! Kepler state park, and with robbing him. They face murder and rape charges in Jones county in connection with the death of | Maureen Connolly, 17, on the same date. Graham: Nixon Will Put Nation Above All El se Doing Fine Robert Hanson, IO, of Oakland, Calif., savagely beaten by an assailant two months ago and given a 3 percent chance of survival, is coming along just fine as evidenced by this scene at bis home. Enjoying the slot car races with Robert is his sister, Jennifer, 5. Dr. Sorenson Embargo Return Seen Government <?“i+.s,p°st lf No Accord Reached "of.A£ou'To bink; rord Caution Light Buck said the motorman of the Englewood train apparently aoplied the emergency brake when he saw a caution light ahead. At Marion By Larry Tanner Dr. Richard M. Sorensen, Marion Independent school dis- NEW YORK (AP) - Evange-,. . .    , list Hilly Graham says the Wa- lnct «»per.ntendcnt for the last tergale affair has confronted mne ^urs- reslGncd Saturday Ritchey said the bus remained I America with a very serious sit-! mornin8-    * upright and there was no fire, luation in which he believes The resignation announce-! gagement pact is reached. “It ripped the right side of the bus completely out,” he said. “No passengers were thrown Republican critics by his wife and a suggestion by a top aide that Nixon conceivably might consider resigning at some future point if he felt it would be best for the country. Some of the 600 people on the As a moun^ng chorus of con-two trains told of screaming £ressi°nal Republicans called Dassengers being jolted from on *on *° consider stepping their seats into the aisles. One aside because of his Watergate of the injured was reported to Problems, his wife relayed word be a pregnant, woman, another through an assistant 1-riday that a girl who suffered two broken sbc teds it s too bad the Rearms.    publican    leadership is coming Police helicopters and fire de- and .^aymg ^hese things, oartment snorkels — tall, crane-    „ s harmful to the BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) -jviding for Israeli withdrawal! ^    \    '    ;j*'piaces-lifTed^he^to    WM* House Staff Chief Alex- King Faisal of Saudi Arabia has has not been implemented.    (OLLEGE    STATION    Texas    ^ seriously injured off the jander Haig said in an interview *    *    <UVc r ,V,C(‘-Pres;dent Ford tracks 20 feet above 29th and that se<* nothing now to Kissinger met with Israeli said Saturday that the adminis- Stat(/streets    *    prompt a Nixon resignation. But “It sounded like we hit it hc acknowledged the President twice.” said Larry Smith. 25. a ni‘ght consider that unprece-oassen^er on the second train. den^C(J step ”Jf he thought that “Everything was thrown around scrved the best interests of the President Nixon will put the na- went followed a 40-minute exec- The Beirut newspaper Al tion’s thing interests else in above every-|utive session which was attend-j Anwar said in a dispatch from deciding    his    ed by the board, its    attorney, from the bus. Everything was (course.    Sorensen and his    attorney, inside the bus. It was ripped “I think he    will    look at it    from    Brent Harstad. open like a tin can.” Ritchey said he did not know if the passengers were wearing best seat belts. Slip of Tongue: "President Ford'" BUFFALO (AP) — Labor Secretary Brennan did a fast turnaround after calling Vice-president Ford the President in an introduction at a labor leaders’ luncheon. “Er, ah, I mean, the vicepresident,” Brennan said Friday as the audience began chuckling. Then he added, “There will be a lot of talk about that tonight. It was just a Freudian slip.” the long view, the historical! Returning to open meeting, view, and do what he thinks I Sorensen read this brief state- sited him on Thursday to protect the presidency ment: and the country. I hope that’s    “Effective June 30, 1974, I going to be his position. The herewith resign from the posi-Nixon I know has a great love Bon of superintendent of schools of country, a great dedication to!°f Ibis district pursuant to the it.    j    amendment to superintendent’s “I think from knowing him, if he’s the same man I used to reportedly warned that the Arab oil embargo against the U.S    4ea(jers jn Jerusalem Saturday, Ration “isn’t about to sink" and might be re-imposed if no    working out details of a disen- that this was the message he Syrian-Israeli troop disen-    gagement plan for presentation gave President Nixon in an to Syrian leaders in Damascus hour-long meeting Friday. SlTday' . t ,    ,    i Ford- in rcmarks Prepared for and 'people" got thrown' cut "of American people.” American and Israeli officials an address to the graduating th0jr seats”    Ziegler    Denial appeared apprehensive but class of Texas A. and M. univer-    .    ...    * Riyadh, the Saudi capital, that hopeful that progress was being sity, alluded to news reports of    “Kind    of    Slid"    The    situation    in    Washington Faisal made the comment when    made and that there remained a his criticism Thursday of the    Another    nassenger    on    the    sec-    prompted    White    House    Press Secretary of State Kissinger vi-    chance f°r an agreement to stop w ay the Watergate transcripts ond    train.    Rickv    Pirtle,    16,    said. I Secretary    Ronald    Ziegler    to    call two months of fighting in the had been edited by the White!“we were moving pretty good the New York Times Friday and Golan Heights.    House before they were made    4 “Quick One” public. Get Real-Life Demonstration MENOMINEE, Midi. (API -When the Menominee emergency rescue squad offered to demonstrate life-saving techniques at the high school, the .students didn’t think they’d take it so seriously. But they had to. One of the four squad members, James Butler, 51, suffered a heart attack while lecturing on how to help a coronary victim. His companions gave him emergency treatment before taking him to a hospital. Butler was reported in good condition. Today s Index Church Page ............. S Comics .....  5 Crossword ...................5 Dally Record..............I Deaths ......................2 Editorial Features...........I Financial ................ ll Marion .........    II Movies  ................ 7 Sports ....... 9,    IO Television ............. 6 Want Ads ..........12-15 know, I think he will put what’s best for the country above everything else,” Graham said in a telephone interview Friday. Graham, a longtime friend of the President’s, said “the whole country is facing a very serious situation” in regard to its influence in the world, whose problems move ahead without waiting for settlement of difficulties here at home. “The situations in Germany, Britain, France and elsewhere demand strong American leadership,” Graham said. “We ought to pray for the country,” he said. “We ought to pray for the judiciary committee, that God will give it wisdom. We ought to pray for the President, that he will be given the wisdom to clo what God wants him to do.” contract dated today.” Murdoch Statement Al Anwar quoted Faisal as telling Kissinger: “The decision last March to lift the embargo “lf ,hcre ls 811 agreement,    “The next day the news was conditional on a Golan dis-jil win bo a au'lck one'" specu-1 stories said I was making my eneaeement. If no aereement is',a,ed Israel» Information Minis-1 sharpest attack to date on the    .    .    ..    J    „ reached a reconsideration of tcr Shimon Peres. “The biggest President and trying to line my- *ast car of the first train, said, false, and the one that heads the *    cl._____i. ______i__ij* ___  ...UL    il    i_    ii    “Pm    ciill    enamel    I    hnfirrl    Ihie    list    i.vj    thp    ftnp    thnt    Qfll/C Pmfi- the decision is not unlikely.’’ and then I heard the breaks and issue a strong denial that Nixon the engine stopped. W’e kind of would resign slid and I saw the dust from the “The city of Washington is air brakes and then we hit.” I full of rumors. All that have Barbara Bednar. riding in the been presented to me today are In making the motion accept ing Sorensen’s resignation,|that a new board member George F. Murdoch said he “appreciated all Dr. Sorensen has done for the community. I have considered it a privilege to serve with you for nine years on the board . . .” Other board members and Sorensen did not comment on the resignation. Board President John O. Vernon told The Gazette on Friday some board members desired a change in the post, but would not relieve Sorensen from the job. He had one more year to run on his contract. Hired as Consultant Following unanimous approval of Murdoch’s motion accept- (Continued: Page 2, Col. 6.) War Warning Faisal also reportedly warned Middle East war would break out if Kissinger’s current shuttle between Syria and Israel failed to produce a disengagement agreement. Al Anwar said Faisal's comments were in response to Kissinger’s report that Israel was unwilling to withdraw its forces to a line behind the city of Quneitra. Kissinger relayed to Faisal an Israeli argument that such a withdrawal would put Syrian forces in positions from which they could easily shell Israeli settlements near the Sea of Galilee, the paper said. The king dismissed the Israeli fears as a “myth” and said he could not see why tile 1967 U.N. Security Council resolution pro- problem awaits the secretary on self up with those who are try-(Continued: Page 2 Col. I.) (Continued Page 2 Col. 2.) Colombian Hijackers Follow Erratic Path BOGOTA, Colombia (UPI) —, The hijackers’ plans were still A hijacked Avianca Colombian a mystery. Airlines Boeing 727 jet with 89 persons aboard landed in this Colombian capital for the second time around Saturday. In a confusing saga where the hijackers seemed to retrace their original flight after the government refused to pay $400,000 ransom, the plane arrived back at Bogota's Eldorado International airport after a brief second flight from Pereira in eastern Colombia, where the aircraft originated Friday night. The plane left Palmeseca airport at Cali in western Colombia I’m still scared. I heard this list is the one that says ures-scrccch behind me. I looked ident Nixon intends to resign,” around but I couldn't see. Then the Times quoted Ziegler, bang.”    | “His attitude is one of deter- Scores of injured were ferried mination that he will not be bv another train to the nearest driven out of office by rumor, station, where buses were wait- speculation, excessive charges ing to take them to hospitals. or hypocrisy. He is up to the - battle, he intends to fight it and Prnrllnw he fe(ds bas a P€rsonal and .JOYI©T rroaigy constitutional responsibility to Beats Spassky d(°so ",hc Times fur,hcr quut' a travel-studded cd Ziegler. MOSCOW (AP) — A Russian1 Continuing shortly after Avianca personnel chess prodigy, Anatoly Karpov, i personal campaign to enlist took aboard breakfasts consist- 23, has eliminated former world ing of sandwiches, eggs, coffee | champion Boris Spassky with and cigarets. public support. Nixon was to fly to Oklahoma to address evening Demand Raised The control tower at Pal-maseca had said the hijackers raised their ransom demand for the safety of the plane and those aboard from $320.1)00 to $400,000. (Continued: Page 2, Col. 5.) James Bond Act Snares Vesco "Airborne Chariot unexpected case front the world! commencement exercises in Ok-challengers’ competition.    jlahoma State university’s foot- Karpov defeated Spassky in I ball stadium in Stillwater, the lith game in the series    Half Opposed Friday to win the series 4-1. He meets another Russian, Viktor A recent student poll indicat-Korchnoi, in the full to decide jed ybout halt the campus op-who will meet world champion posed the visit. University auth* Bobby Fischer in 1975.    orities    said they would bar hos tile placards from the stadium. Nixon’s hope* of gaining the initiative in his fight against (possible impeachment suffered another serious blow Friday rr NEWARK (AP) — Captain A. L. Eisenhauer says he won’t disclose how he managed to “repossess” in Panama hie luxurious private Boeing 707 of fugitive financier Robert Vesco. “It would be like a bank president writing a book on how to rob a bank,” the mustachioed pilot said after landing the plane Friday at Newark airport where it was impounded by receivers for one of Veseo's former corporations. “And anyway, tho actual details are so exciting and so James Bond-like that 1 11 save it for my book,” he said. Eisenhauer said he is writing a book to be called “High Tyranny”. It is about Vesco in the years from 1968 to 1973, when Eisenhauer was his personal pilot and head of the aviation division of his corporations. "Private Chariot” Attorney Jay Bcnenson, one of tin* court-appointed re ceivers of Veseo’s Fairfield General Corp., said Eisenhauer, of Denville, N J., “just flew it the hell out” of Panama without Veseo’s knowledge. Bcnenson said the big jct, winch Vesco is said to have refitted to the tune of $600,000. was used as a “private airborne chariot.” Bcnenson and deputies bear ing a court order to impound the plane were on hand when Eisenhauer brought it to Newark. Bencson represents Fairfield a n ti International Controls Corp. International Controls was the central firm in Veseo’s fallen international corporate empire, which included Fairfield. The Securities and Exchange Commission has accused Vesco, believed living iii Costa Rica, ut looting $224 million from four mutual funds connected to International Controls. Improper Sale Ownership of the plane is disputed. Bcnenson says Fair field's Skyways Leasing subsidiary improperly sold it to a Bahamian corporation allegedly controlled by Vesco. B e n e n s o n said Superior Court Judge Irwin Kimmel-man authorized prepayment of $7,500 to Eisenhauer, and also authorized payment of another $55,000 when the pilot brought the plane to Newark But he denied reports the judge directly authorized Eisenhauer to go to Panama to retrieve the plane. Bcnenson said he had heard that Eisenhauer aud two other men told Panamanian officials tile plane needed a test Right for safety reasons. They paid $2,500 iii airport fees and flew the plane Thursday to Mexico City, where they wired the receivers for more money for fuel, Bcnenson said. On Friday they flew to Miami and then to Newark, he added Eisenhauer was asked if he felt satisfied at taking the p I a n e and receiving the money Vesco allegedly owed him. “No Axe To Grind” “I've got no axe to grind with Vesco,” he said. “It was strictly a legalized act; they came to me with it, I didn’t go to them.” In addition to his difficulties with the SEC, a New York stale indictment charges Vesco embezzled $50,000 from International Controls, and a federal indictment charges he conspired with former Attorney General John N. Mitchell and former Commerce Secretary Maurice Stans to halt the SEC investigation of his affairs. Mitchell and Stuns have been acquitted in with that case. Bcnenson said, and Eisenhauer confirmed, that the 707 was sold by Skyways Leasing lust December for $1.4 million to Air Intersales of tile Bahamas. after a federal court judge overseeing the bankruptcy of Fairfield had been assured that Vesco had no interest in Air Intersales. Eisenhauer said ' Vesco in fact did control Air Intersales and he told Bcnenson. when conservative Republican Sen. Milton Young (N U.), long a Nixon stalwart, urged that he turn over tho presidency to Vice-president Ford until the impeachment question is resolved. Under the 25th Amendment, connection !Young said, Nixon could re-| claim the presidency should the house vole against impeachment or the senate acquit him. Mrs. Nixon said through Press (Continued: Page 2. Col. 8.) Today's Chuckle A consultant is a man who borrows your watch to answer your question of what time it is.    Co0yri9ftt ;

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