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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - May 9, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- Showers through Trimly. High Friduy, mid (His. Low tonight, mid-iii. Diminishing winds. VOLUME Ir>. NUMBER 120 CITY FINAL IO CENTS * CUDAK RAPIDS, IOWA, THURSDAY, MAY 0, 1074 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES NIXON Food Holds Down Cost Index Rise WASH I NOTON (AP) _ Sharp declines in farm and food prices slowed the rise in wholesale prices in April to its slowest rate in six months, the government reported Thursday. The labor department said wholesale prices increased .7 percent seasonally adjusted and .5 percent unadjusted. The increase was still high by normal standards but considerably below increases recorded since November. April’s, rise compared with adjusted increases of 1.3 percent in March, 1.2 percent in February and 3.1 percent in January. Despite the slowdown in farm and food prices, there was no hint that the inflationary surge; was abating. Jump 2.3 Percent Industrial prices, regarded as one of the surest barometers of! inflation, jumped an adjusted 2.3 percent in April. In March industrial prices climbed 2.9 percent. The rise in industrial prices | reflected in part the dropping of price controls over various industries. Farm products, processed foods and feeds declined for the j second consecutive month, dropping an adjusted 3 percent and an unadjusted 3.7 percent. Wholesale prices have risen 18.8 percent over the past year. Changes in wholesale prices usually are reflected later at the retail level. April’s increase lifted the government’s wholesale pricing1 index to 155.3, meaning that it cost $155.30 to buy the same volume of wholesale goods that, $100 purchased in 1967. Over the last three months, wholesale prices have increased at an adjusted annual rate of 13 5 percent. Over the last year,; OTTAWA (AP) - Canada’s industrial commodity prices political parties began prepar-have risen 20.7 percent while jng Thursday for a general elec-farm and food prices advanced tj0n jn jujy following the over- 14 7 percent.    throw of Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s Liberal gov- Ascension Day at Mercy —Gazette Photo by John Mclvor The once-postponed hot air balloon ascension at Mt. Mercy college took place Thursday, but the flight was a short one. The balloon was launched about 8 a.m., and landed a short time later at Kennedy high school. The ascension, which college officials believe to be the first in the history of the city, had been scheduled for Tuesday morning but was postponed because of weather conditions. Thursday was cloudy, but it was dry and the wind was light. The balloon belongs to and was flown by John Kenney of Iowa City, a Mt. Mercy junior. Sacred Heart convent and chapel are in the background, and Regina hall is at the right. Trudeau Out, Prepare Henry Talks For Canadian Election Toa^jISt Aid, Iruce Kelley Not Backing Saxbe View on Pat Korean Reds Fire on Yanks eminent. Inflation was certain to be the major campaign issue. By a 137-123 vote, the house of commons late Wednesday adopted a motion ok no con-SEOUL (AP) — (ommunist fj(jence m Trudeau’s minority gunners Pierre Elliott Trudeau who    had summoned G.O.P. leaders to the White House for briefing on the economy. Rhodes missed that meeting. Rhodes was asked: “Would a resignation help the Republican party this fall?” He    replied:    “A    resignation Kelley said the pursuit of the .*ou“ Probably be beneficial SLA has been unusually dlffi. bul I rn not recommending it. ' | —Secretary    of    State    Kissinger |Thursday    that    it    had    not    been    (cult    because    the    members    were    Rhodes sa)(j    that    he now es- flew    lo    Saudi    Arabia    Thursday I Provcd    10    him    that    Patricia    dedicated    revolutionaries    who Hearst    ________ ______ ______ ___ ______ ____ — ___ to talk to King Faisal about    Q,in    EYan/>iCsw>    Kanir    lth*»    nntorin    nn/t    wnvt    thiic    ahtn    impeachment but said chances American technical aid for the Rhodes Sees    It As Party Boost Gazette Leased Wires    ;its .staff and lawyers for    the WASHINGTON - House Re-1 President, publican leader Rhodes said Committee Chairman Rodino Thursday the resignation by TDN. J.) promised that the 38-President Nixon would probably rn e rn be r committee would be beneficial to the G.O.P. meets its “high constitutional “I feel if the President comes responsibility in weighing a to the conclusion he can no mass of evidence on whether longer be effective as President, iN,xon was involved in the Waite will do something about it,” I tcrgate affair and its cover-up. Rhodes said. “If he should re-    ocher Topics sign I would accept it.”    0 ..    .    . . .. “    ..j Rodino also promised that m- In* A r I /. o n a Republican qUiricS would continue into five s ressed however I rn not re- ot^er topics “until each area commending resignation.    has been thoroughly    examined.” Anderson Call    He said that, starting next Another member of the house Tucsday' *hc <*»™nittco ,w°uld Republican leadership, Rep. An- m«ct thr'e days a weck dcrson of Illinois, said Thursday R^1"0 sald a b™f rcport on it would be best for the country <;ach da> s Proceedings would if Nixon resigned and predicted “ pleased daily. the President will be impeached Rep. Hutchinson of Michi-if he does not step down volun- gun, ranking Republican on the committee used the occasion to define his own view of an impeachable offense, (Continual: Page 3, Col. 7.) ★ ★ * Rebozo Again Quizzed by Senate Panel WASHINGTON (AP)-Charlcs “Bebe” Rebozo, President Nix- porters. just hours before the on’s close personal friend, made house judiciary committee a surprise appearance Thurs-opened its historic hearing of dav before the Senate Water-cvidence on Nixon’s possible im-.gale committee, peachment.    /    oomm/ffcc haft hern cx- He explained that the session pelted to consider only a rough was a long standing commit- draft 0f its final report. Bement and should not be in-bozo’s unexpected appearance terpretod as a snub to Nixon was officially unexplained. tarily. Anderson said he and other house and senate Republican leaders have considered going; to Nixon and asking him to resign. But, Anderson said. they have1, ’decided to wait until after a | house vote for impeachment since Nixon has continued to express adamant opposition to resigning. No Snub Rhodes made his remarks a breakfast meeting with at re- RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) WASHINGTON (UPI) -Director Clarence Kelley FBI said North Korean gunners fired on (wo American helicopters across the demilitarized zone Thursday for the first time since 1969. the army said. A U. S. spokesman said no crewmen were injured. South Korean defense ministry officials said one helicopter had to make an emergency hit by anti-aircraft pant in a robbery. economic development of the At a news conference, Kelley desert kingdom and to seek the declined to endorse views of monarch’s support of his drive Attorney General William Sax for a disengagement agreement be. ostensibly his boss, on timates the vote in the house is Hearst was a voluntary partici- he said were getting help from **    J®    Ai"'™    I    of'bililona^e Ho ward ’ Hughes San Francisco bank the outside and were thus able impeachment to remain in deep hiding. (Photo on Picture Page) party chief and government. He called on Gov.- j prime minister in 1968 did they Gen Jules Iaeger Thursday to I win a majority in commons. I The power the dynamic, _____________,    .    ,    .    , deau succeeded the late Lester coming statement, Foreign Min- cd opinion that Miss I Poarsnn rg.rivt nhiof unH ister Omar Saquaf said the a “common criminal Liberals have been in since 1963. But not until I Atween Syria and Israel. charismatic Tru- ,n an unusually warm the lease. Kelley was asked if he web shared Saxbe’s recently-express- Hearst is Nip Committee Reform Action had increased the Watergate Sources close to the committee said, however, Rebozo probably would be questioned about conflicts between his previous sworn testimony and that of Herbert Kalmbach, formerly the President’s personal attorney. In at least two other appearances, Rebozo has told the committee he received $100,000 in $100 bills from a representative In 1969 and 1970. ask him to dissolve the lower house and call an election. The election is scheduled for landing 8 Meanwhile, Trudeau and the Liberal office as ment, cabinet continue in a caretaker govern- Saudi people “cherish nothing but amity and friendliness for , .    . -    .    the people of the United States.” vents later    inflation and    ^ut ^    adcj(JC| ^at the American unemployment were increasing.    pe0|)|0    shouW kn()W that thc the    charisma was    much dimin-    Saudis    are a religious Moslem Four “will not be swav- ished, and the Liberal majority | pe0pie who was reduced to a three-scat pl edge over the Conservatives, with the New Democrats hold-    Brief    Sadat the balance of power.    After    seeing    Faisal,    Kissinger “It has not as yet been proved to me and the FBI that she is a voluntary participant,” Kelley said He indicated support of another controversial Saxbe as- of impeachment since release of transcripts. “Devastating” He described the contents of the transcripts as “certainly de-’    ~    vastating” but said that he had umyu\,,c“ Uilu J*** .ICI rcfuscd a completely open mind on the^ lntact * Hu«h« last According to informed sour ced for Loans? He said the money was intended as a contribution to President Nixon’s re-election campaign but was kept in a vault untouched and was re- hethcr WASHINGTON < U P House Democrats Thursday to accept a proposed . , ..    ,.__.    . reform of the congressional    of    ™Pe**nwnt. committee system They voted Rep^/ieaderY wore"™.1 “SJKa!mbach has testified that instead for further study, which ^rma !miM.,la„hin„ Klynn Reborn some plan. The interpreted as killing the Democrats voted 111 to 95 after it was fire. Unconfirmed reports said a South Korean civilian in a vil- Trudeau, 54, said in a telecast' inS lagc .south of the DMZ was after his defeat that he wel-j Conservative    Leader    Robertiplanned to fly to Cairo to brief wounded by shell fragments. corned the    electoral fight but j Stanfield predicted the Th*. Amor iran spokesman considered    the interruption of election would    sweep his    party said helicopters -Toh™ parliament    while .he‘country in., power vation (hopper and a Cobra faced inflationary problems J excellent chance of achieving gunship - were on routine oper-l“unfortunate and unnecessary.” majority, adonai missions on the South He was brought down by the; The leader of the New Korean side of the DMZ. American troops turned isertion, made before any lion was raised about Hearst being a willing SLA miltee created three Fears ago. :his ljst t0 thlnk about : member, that, if law enforce- The proposal called for reascent officers knew where she signing jurisdiction of several key c o rn rn i 11 e sidering approaching Nixon toi"v‘?”,7.1°^ hlm I*1*1 ISI? urge him to resign. “I know of par,t of ,hc money to make gifts no definite plan at this time,’ he said. or loans to the President’s two ilv    BuMf The" President    br0‘bers; to Rose Mary Woods. , ques-    " a    closed    party    caucus    lo    solidly |d „e lm b,d hc shoul(J    Nixon's personal secretary, and Mis,    the    resolution    to    a    reform    com- haV(, r(,M(,Jl0n vtTV „ „ on    to others. _.    A source close to the com- Asked if he thought Nixon    *™Hee said members were con- icould govern effectively    si er,nS a action of the draft President Sadat on the ogress Was ***"* hcld’ the>’ wou,d *    ’    I° T ' ‘ 1 * ab°Hsh,n? Rhodes was quoted as saying: coming » resident ouaat on the progress    jn    their    duty    if    they    Two    longtime    standing commit    1    b of his negotiations with Syria    ...... an a everything is he’ said eader of the New Demo-New    Democratic Party, Cana-    frats.    David    Lewis,    said his all da’s    third largest political fac-1 party’s    campaign    machinery is ground patrol duties along the'''on, whose support had kept 'rolling already -in •smith Korean him in office since the Liberal moving along well About 43,000 U. S.’majority in commons was re-South duced to a minority by the 1972 I election. After siding with the govern-•    I    n    I*    mcnt    on 19 previous no-con- Spanish    rolice, fidcncc motions, the 31 New Students Battle ,)*'mocra's ,0‘ncd lhc 108 Con- DMZ over forces in 1971 troops are stationed Korea and Israel. Meanwhile, both Americans and Israelis reported some progress in Kissinger’s talks with the Syrians and Israelis. It was the first time Israeli sources reported progress in the (Continued: Page 3, Col 8 > did not go in and get her. I tees. and splitting another in “If it is determined where she two. Proponents said it would is in the future, we are going to help offset low public esteem of go in. Kelley said. Ile said he could give assurance that any such move would be wtII planned and that FBI agents would “make every effort not to hurt anyone.” congress. Rep. Bolling (D-Mo ), chairman of a special panel that made the streamlining proposal, said Thursday’s vote “badh wounds” the plan. in MADRID (AP) Police routed thousands of students from Madrid university Thursday, university sources said Witnesses reported clashes and an unspecified number of arrests. The students were holding unauthorized meetings as part of a “Day of Fighting.” Sources said the coup in Portugal was discussed and the students shouted, “Long Live Portugal’s revolt!” Totiln n''n thin-lilt" About the only thing leave to the imagination now adays is the plot co*>vri»h» Expert on Cussing Deplores Deletions "At the present moment I think he can, but the present situation is volatile.” Any further erosion of support for Nixon, he said, might force a re-appraisal Cites Newspapers Rhodes was quoted as saying several times that Nixon’s position should be reassessed in view of which deals specifically with Rebozo. “Its the Rebozo file,” he said. “And it contains a history of efforts to petition and subpoena plus a section on the law of contempt of congress, which I gather deals with perjury.” Mitchell sedatives to bring down the government with a motion condemning the budget submitted Monday. With one Liberal absent, Trudeau mustered IDR votes from his party and 15 from the Social Credit Party The decisive vote came on a New Democratic amendment to a Conservative motion of no confidence charging the budget failed to provide effective remedies for the IO percent inflation Canada is suffering. The amendment charged that the budget failed to provide help for pensioners and others on movies fixed income, failed to deal with the housing crisis and did noth ing about the “glaring inequalities of the tax system.” MILWAUKEE (AP) Dr Reinhold1 Aman takes a different view of the Watergate transcripts than the pastors and politicians who have criticized President Nixon for the salt\ language used in the White House 'ti just eat it up,” said Aman, a professor of modi oval German literature and an expert on swearing who can give ‘em hell, damn and thousands of other expletives in 50 languages Aman, who teaches at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, sees swearing as a necessary means of letting off steam iii almost every language “I don’t advocate swear ing,” he said “I don’t encourage my children or students or friends to swear. I personally swear because there are so many things that bug mc That’s why everyone swears, and almost everyone does.” Far I'rom being shocked at the language in the transcripts, Aman finds it lacking iii the very words he's interested in. “Most of the time they are omitted, although you can s o rn etimcs predict what should bt' there,” he said. “I ve been sort of trying to fill in what it can be “I wish I could get all the expletives That would be like winning a lottery or something.” Aman, 38, has plenty of experience in dealing with nondeleted expletives He has published several scholarly works on profanity patterns throughout the world and compiled dictionaries of cuss words to help explain the background and meaning of curses. “Swearing is a means of letting off steam, to keep from getting ulcers and from keeping frustrations bottled up inside," said Aman. “It should be used properly,” he cautioned, adding that most people don’t appreciate the finer points of cursing. He said the unsophisticated curser aims insults at a foe’s p h y s i c a I characteristics rather than gauging his cultural and educational background before using the verbal rapier. Only a low-brow swearer relies on ethnic slurs. Aman said. Americans art among the least refined cussers, largely because their profane vocabulary is 25 or fewer words, he said. Among his favorite curses are Yiddish’s “May all your teeth but one fall out so you can get a toothache,” the rhymed insults of the Turks and the singing exchanges between Eskimoes. “Tell me what swear words you use and I will tell you who son arc,” he said. The committee's staff report also contains a conclusion that editorial calls this week evidence exists to support the for Ins resignation or impeach- view that former Attorney ment by the Chicago Tribune. General Mitchell approved the the Omaha World-Herald and [plan that led to the Watergate William Randolph Hearst. jr., breakin editor-in-chief of the Hearst Newspapers. The White House sharply de-; med Wednesday that Nixon was) giving any thought to resignation and Ken Clawson, commu-i meat ions chief, said Thursday, the President would not quit even if Hell freezes over — no matter what ’’ Closed Sessions The judiciary committee! opened its hearing of evidence' Thursday and almost immediately voted to receive the complex and controversial data in closed session. The committee met in public J session for only 25 minutes be-; fore voting 31-6 to move into cx-| iecutive sos ion joined only by * That and other conclusions (Continued Page3,Col 6.) Today s Index Comics 39 Crossword 39 Daily Record ..........I Deaths ..........3 Editorial Features ......... I Farm 38 Financial 40 Marion ...... 20 Movies m Society . ..... 32-37 Sports .. 25-30 State ., . 10,11, It Television n VS ant Ads ... 43-47 OF EXIT ;

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