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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 21, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Telephone Directory Recycling Project Again Planned in C.R. Johnson Supervisors Table Auditor's Contract Action For the third straight year a telephone directory recycling project will coincide with delivery of new Cedar Rapids area phone books. Distribution of more than 118,000 new directories w,s begun Wednesday by Northwestern Bell. It is expected to be completed in two weeks. According to Jerry Schaub, Northwestern Bell manager, fewer directories are being distributed this year due to the nationwide paper shortage. “To help relieve the shortage we’re asking our customers to take their directories with them if they ^novo and list frequently called numbers on a card near any phone that doesn’t have a directory.” The telephone company and the Salvation Army also are asking residents to recycle the old books by placing them in the nearest Salvation Army drop box. i Baled Books AU the old directories collected will be tied into bales by the Salvation Army and taken to the Riley Survey Goes Against ler Trucks Packaging Corp. of America’s plant in Tama. Once there, they’ll be turned into cartons for items ranging from soap lo cereal. compares to the IOO tons being distributed. This year’s directory cover features a reproduction of the locations of the drop boxes in Pa‘n*mtf Stone City by Grant the Cedar Rapids area have been printed on a flyer and inserted in the new directories. There will be no special pickups. A few of the drop boxes mentioned in the list are located in Cedar Rapids at the Hy-Vee Food stores at Forty-second and Oakland road NE and 2711 Mt. Vernon road SE, the Skelly station at 1822 Johnson avenue NW, the Dlask-U-Save at 1532 Ellis boulevard, May’s City at 3113 Sixteenth avenue SW, the Target store at 4501 First avenue SE and the Northwestern Bell business office, 615 Third avenue SE. Wood, one of Iowa’s best known artists. The painting was first exhibited at the iowa State fair in Des Moines in J930 and is a part of the permanent collection of the Joslyn art museum in Omaha. Couples Appeal Condemnation Award on Land Longi Respondents to a questionnaire mailed by state Sen. Tom Riley (R-Cedar Rapids) came out strongly against longer trucks and eliminating the 60 percent majority in bond issues, and solidly backed collective bargaining for public employes and tougher laws on obscenity. Nearly 1,000 persons mailed responses to the Riley questionnaire. By a 586 to 367 margin, they opposed the idea of a simple majority replacing 60 percent approval in bond issues. Legalizing of 65-foot doublebottom trucks was rejected 604 to 305; while 651 said there should be tougher obscenity laws, 251 disagreeing. Collective bargaining for public employes was backed 503 to 372. ♦ * * Following are results of the poll on other questions, with the number of “no opinion” votes not listed: Should smoking be restricted in public buildings and transportation systems? Yes, 704. No, 195. Do you favor allowing retail charge accounts to carry a 1.5 percent service charge per month? No, 499. Yes, 369. Should some type of no fault insurance plan be adopted? Yes, 628. No, 170. Do you favor some kind of public financing of political campaigns to reduce improper influence? Yes, 566. No, 329. Should state financial aid to schools be increased? Yes, 602. No, 261. Should laws be enacted to prevent growth of giant corporate farming and livestock feeding operations in low a? Yes, 706. No, 177. Do you favor the creation of a department of transportation to coordinate regulation and development of Iowa’s various transportation systems? Yes, 650. No, 197. Should Iowa use tax revenues to subsidize mass transit such as railroads and city buses? Yes, 524. No, 344. Should environmental standards be made less restrictive or postponed until the energy crisis is over? Yes, 511. No, 392. Should the state sales tax on food and prescription drugs be repealed? Yes, 717. No, 194. Two Central City couples have filed suit in Linn district court appealing condemnation jury Marion Locations    awards for    property along    the In    Marion, customers can    route of the    reconstructed high- drop    their books in the    boxes    way J3 north    of Central City, located at the Hy-Veo    hood    William P.    and Lois Clark    are store, 2500 Seventh avenue, and the Goodyear store, 3270 Seventh avenue. Vinton customers may drop their books in the box at the Fareway store at A avenue and Fifth street. In Mt. Vernon, the Salvation Army drop box is at the Super Valu store at the junction of highways 30 and I. In all other communities listed in the directory, books may be dropped at the nearest Salvation Army drop box or given to the Salvation Army representative when he calls. Support Program Money the Salvation Army receives from the books will go to help support its program to rehabilitate men, said Capt. Edward Jarvis, director of the Salvation Army Men’s Social eery ter. i    I According to Schaub, the company hopes to collect 30 tons of directories in this area. This asking $59,813 damages for their 10.69 acres. The condemnation jury awarded them $15,000. They claim the rerouted highway will cut across their farm diagonally and their house, barn and other buildings will be separated from the remainder of the farm. The sightliness of the farm and a spring will be destroyed and drainage problems and additional fencing will result from the highway, they say. Ronald F. and Donna Mae Smith seek $58,750 for 12.24 acres right-of-way and 1.4 acres easement. The condemnation jury awarded them $21,000. They similarly report the highway will separate their house and buildings from the remainder of the farm. They also claim the road will run so close to a barn the entire method of feeding stock will have to be changed. IOWA CITY — - The Johnson county board of supervisors Wednesday voted unarniously to “table” an action seeking a declaratory judgment from district court on the legality of a contract between the county auditor and a data processing firm. Previously, the board instructed County Atty. Carl Goetz to ask for a legal opinion regarding a contract the auditor, Delores Rogers, has with Iowa Data Processing, Inc., of Cedar Rapids. Wednesday, Goetz requested a clarification suggesting that Data Processing be named as a co-defendant in any legal suit. Mrs. Rogers immediately retorted “Here we go again... She said, “I think Carl is off the mark, dragging Iowa Data into this.” The supervisors, criticized in the past for dealing in personalities rather than issues, individually expressed a desire to shut off any angry exchanges. Board Chairman Richard Bartel said “I don’t want to start this all over again.” Supervisor Robert Burns agreed and the board voted to table the earlier action. 30 YEARS AGO - The British government announced a secret military zone, IO milos deep and stretching along 600 miles of England’s south and east coast would be established April I. W rn *» 'Mvm '?■ "/**' I / WSf '%    I APPLIANCE SPECIALTIES CORPORATION 5519 Center Pf. Rd. N.E./393-2916 EASTERN IOWA HEADQUARTERS FOR* • CHARMGLOW* Ga* grills, lights, & logs • WHIRLPOOL*-Home Appliances • ROPER'—ranges • CALORIC*—ranges • PREWAY9—space heaters A fireplaces e CALCINATOR9—Incinerators ..•> ■ ■■ •    ■: -    , ;■ • RUDD* —water heaters Sherwin-Williams helps you do ii all— LATEX PAINTING. EASIER THAN EVER east| on qou • easy on qour pocketbook Sentencing Deferred On Hashish Charge Rim Klopcich, Fort Atkinson,1 pled guilty last week in magistrate’s court to charge of possession of controlled substance and sentencing was deferred until June 14. He was charged with having hashish in his possession March 5. The Cedar Rapids 9 Gazette: Thurs., Mar. 21, 1974 IO YEARS AGO - Cuba demanded return of a Cuban military helicopter and of the two Want ads are used the world defectors who hijacked it to over to produce desired results! [Florida, While you’re enjoying life, enjoy your Age. Ancient Age Bourbon. The one drink so smooth, it creates a faultless old fashioned. Ancient £ge Bourbon STRAIGHT KENTUCKY BOURBON WHISKEY • 86 PROOF • ©19/4 ANCIENT AGL DISTILLING CO, FRANKFORT. KY NEW 1st STEP DISHWASHER REPLACEMENT CENTER Ganaral Electric can show you this, Became wa hava th# dlahwaahert that will do thle. 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