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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 22, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- Chance of snow tonight. Lows 5 lo lo. Ililihs Saturday in 20s. ms nimbi (DnjfHt CITY FINAL IO CENTS vol UM |<: 92    NI IM moil 71 CK DAK RAPIDS, IOWA, FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRF,SS, UPI, NKW YORK TIMESC.R. POLICE BACK AT WORK Hits Report Says Panel Will Limit On Nixon's ^ro^eo^mPeac^men^ Home Fund WASHINGTON (UPI) — The I monious debate, Republicans on house judiciary staff reported- j the panel stuck fast to their ly is prepared to recommend to position that Nixon’s chief Wa- WASHINGTON (UPI) Rep. John Buchanan (R-Ala.), Friday blasted as “a total distortion’’ a supposedly secret house subcommittee report critical of government spending on President Nixon’s homes in California and Florida. Buchanan, ranking Republican on the government affairs subcommittee that studied the controversial spending, charged that the $17 million which the report said was spent on the homes was misleading and unfair. He said only $205,000 actually was spent on the homes in San Clemente and Key Biscayne. The rest, he said, went to support facilities. Nixon Ally the committee that certain areas of investigation into President Nixon’s conduct in office either be dropped or suspended, the Washington Star-News said Friday. The newspaper quoted informed sources as saying that Chief Counsel John Hoar probably will move next week to significantly narrow the committee’s impeachment investigation. 'I‘he decision, the paper said, also could silence criticism from some White House officials and G.O.P. congressmen about the scope of the in tergate lawyer, James St. Clair, should be permitted to cross-examine witnesses called in the inquiry. Parlier, the committee won a victory in its campaign for other evidence when a U.S. appeals court ruled that the grand jury review of Nixon’s role in the Watergate cover-up must be handed over to the committee. In a 5-1 decision Thursday, the I court swatted aside appeals by [attorneys for three of the seven Watergate defendants seeking a stay of Judge John Sirica’s ruling Monday that the house judiciary committee had to see the vcstigation. Dour possibly will suggest material, that the committee drop its I    Until    Monday probe into impoundment of con- jbe appeajs COurt gave attor- gressionally appropriated funds neys for II. R. Haldeman and Buchanan, a close Nixon ally, said he did not want the American people to be misled into believing the $17 million was spent to “fix up the President’s property.” and said the money was not illegally spent,    but might iconsidt r have been “unwisely    spent.” fense. “I am preparing a    line-by-line The    Star-News    quoted    its refutation of this distorted re sources as saying, however, port," Buchanan said. “I trust that suspending these inquiries the committee will    revise its [would    not    mean    the    charges and the 1969-70 secret bombing jobn Ehrlichmnn — two of Nix of Cambodia, the paper said. A third possibility is that the inquiry into the dismantling of the Office of Economic Opportunity 11; "s supreme court'. will be halted.    1    K The paper said these on’s former closest aides — and Gordon Straehan until 5 p.m. I Monday to seek help from the But John Wilson and Frank are I Strickler, attorneys for Hal-1 formation that the house would an impeachable of- rcport to make it a fair and factual report.” Buchanan said the committee chairman, Rep. Jack Brooks (D-Texas) is “a very partisan Democrat," and criticized the “high-handed way" Brooks handled the months-long study. Buchanan said the General areas in which the committee is ;deman and EhrHcliman> sajd believed unlikely to uncover in_ they believed there would not be any more appeals. “My thoughts are this is the end of the line,” Strickler said. ‘‘I think we’ve exhausted all reasonable avenues for review. That’s my gut feeling, and my gut feelings almost never change.” Wilson, usually an ebullient man, let Strickler do the talking. “If we take any action, it won’t be before Monday,” he said. John M. Bray, Strachan’s attorney, said he would give the Gun Found In River in Murder Case Two Hen Actually III Friday AP Wirephoto could not be resumed at a later time. President’s Rights Meanwhile, the committee remained badly fragmented along party lines over the issue of the President’s legal rights in the impeachment probe. Interruptions, Interruptions Tom Wallace of Lion Country Safari, Grand Prairie, Texas, had his problems while trying to repair a fence. Every time he tried to drive a nail, an ostrich took a peck at his hat. Finally the big bird was moved to another arca so Wallace could finish bis repairs without interruption. By Roland Krekeler A 20-gauge shotgun believed to have been used in the March1 IO murder of two Cedar Rapids! teenagers was found in the By Bill Lavalette Cedar river near Sixteenth ave- Nearly the entire day shift of nue bridge Thursday afternoon,: u* Cedar Rapids police deparl-a reliable source said !• riday. merit reported for duty Friday A reliable source also told morning. Die Gazette there is good rea- Two patrolmen on the day son to believe the two suspects sbjf( ca|jed jn sick Friday morn-became involved with the two jpg, but their illnesses were de-, victims when the victims came scribed by a command officer i near where the suspects were as legitimate about to break into a building. The return t0 work ended a The victims, Michael Servey, walkout that started Thursday 18. and Maureen Connolly, 17, morning in protest of a city or-had run out of gas on Sixth dinance passed the day before street SW near Skateland and had telephoned friends and rela- (Photo on Picture Page) tives about midnight March 9.    - A friend who had agreed to that required officers to take lie take gasoline to them was un- detector tests during certain able to locate them in the area types of investigation. a half hour later.    The city council, meeting after a closed session Thursday night, revised the ordinance to Charged in the case are At- limit the instances when officers well Junior Conner, 29, of near must take polygraph tests to Bertram, and George Junior grand jury proceedings. (For de-Nowlin, 31, rural Keystone. tails on amended ordinance, see They are accused of raping story in adjoining column.) and murdering Mies Connolly in .The previous ordinance speei-Jones county. Her body was fied several other cases where found at the old Morley bridge officers would be required to southeast of Anamosa, where take lie detector tests or face dismissal. Two Charged Can Be Fired The new ordinance still contains the provision that officers who refuse the tests will be fired. Despite the return to work and the revised ordinance, the president of the Policemen’s Accounting Office, which audit-: Uur*n8 a second day of acri- matter “careful review/ cd the spending, listed as “questionable” only $70,000 — less than I percent of the expenditure. Brocks disclosed brief higl* lights g!“ the report Thursday before his house government activities subcommittee apnroved it on a straight 6-4 party line vote. Not a Shocker Seifert’s Buys Higley Building In C. R. Loop The appeals court, which : heard oral arguments earlier Thursday, said in its decision, I "We think it of significance that the President of the United States, who is described by all parties as the focus of the re- she reportedly was killed. They are accused of robbing and murdering Servey in Linn [county. His body was found in a wooded area west of Pali-sades-Kepler state park, south of the Cedar river. It is believed he was killed there. 1 The bodies were found the weekend following the murders. Cause of death has been at-1 Protective Assn. said the of-tributed to a gunshot wound to Beers still oppose taking lie defile head of each    victim.    Hector tests and will    wait    for a ■ # I    #    |    Authorities    reportedly    are    still    challenge in court. I i rib    I met! !)&niC±fi searching for another gun.    During    the sick in,” the city LmS 11f\ / U v/1    511 LJK+i lf CU    was guarded by members of the Search    Warrant    .    . u    . i    « Iowa highway patrol,    the    Iowa | WASHINGTON (AP) — The made an emergency landing in a search warrant was issued!Criminal Bureau of Investiga-MONTREAL (UPI) — Planes Fedora Aviation Administration Detroit, and no one was injured, earlier for evidence at two resin tj0n and the Linn sheriff’s dc- were dispatched f1 riday to evac- savs jbo manufacturer of the i Not Incorporated uate 900 men left without heat|rA„    .    ..    ...... DC-10 jumbo jet refused to ana Brizendine said that incident 900 Men in Sub-Arctic Minus Heat Safety Analysis Veto or light in sub-zero darkness in By Sandy VanAmburg The Higley building donees of Nowlin and a car in pertinent, h i s custody. Among items The highway patrol and the sought was a single-shot. 20- gel officers were assigned to area by the governor’s of- P°rt and who presumably would a sub-Arctic construction    camp    ^ measures designed to pre-    prompted McDonnell-Douglas to    gauge bammer type shotgun, the have the greatest interest in its!that was reported afire    after    vent explosive decompression of    mak<* the car&° door latching    on»in7S7pMe 3 Col 4) (Bee. disposition, has interposed no sabolaB,    thn car™ hold nnlv six davs    mechanism fa,1*safe’ but a Pr!‘    Continued. Page 3 Col. 4.) lowed by a denial by the manu- Since the Paris crash, he said, facturer, McDonnell - Douglas DC-10s in service worldwide have been checked to sec that ..-    •    .sabotage.    the    cargo    hold only six days,.. .    .    ,    .    .    .,    .. .    .    ,    -    -    and    objection    to the district court’s! a nlaneload of 50 nnlienmpn u r tv m u a \ *iminary check showed the aft Brooks told newsmen he does annex. 116-118 Third avenue SE, action.”    !    was senunihe seen!. P0 ™, before a rc*10 crashcd near bulk cargo door on the Turkish not consider the report a have been sold by Elmer A.! „CI    .„    *    Paris    and    killed 346 persons. DC-10 “did not incorporate all shocker, but rather a delinea- Higley, Inc., to Seifert's. I    er    In    erest    [    The    camp,    site of a $6-billion Th(J assertion wfas fob the approved changes.” tion of facts that came out dur- The 60- by 120-foot property at As for the claims that there, hydroelectric project of the ing his subcommittee's public the corner of Third avenue and might be a leak that would gen-|James Bay Energy Corp,, was hearings in October.    Second street consists of eight,cra*e prejudicial publicity, the! left without heat or light after Brooks said in a prepared floors while the 20-by 60-foot aPPcals court said ,hpi’ u/nrU generators were damaged, statement concern: “The loose which the --------- --------- --------------------- ministration paid for items not ing the annex and main floor a occurred.    I    set afire requested by the secret service,    and    basement of    the Higley    If the disclosures to the pub-    He added, "Should this news “The manner in which the    building, made the    purchase for    be so feared by petitioners do in    turn out to be    true, work will be secret service submitted after- investment. Seifert’s has no    P*ace and have thejdelayed several months, per- the-fact requests.    plans    for expansion.    consequences that petitioners    haps even a    year, and losses “The procurement of items    All    tenants in the    building will    P^dlcL they will be free at trial    J might amount    to several million far in excess of security needs, remain and management will ra^sc ^esc cairns in the light dollars. ’ The obligation of federal continue as before, under Chan- 0 , a*    actually happened.    Planes    Chartered ___finn I n en/i mn ♦ fani4 I An csl mlinf I About 50 Quebec provincial C. R. Cyclist Dies in Crash Cedar Rapid* Haw*— Rick G. Lemon, Patrol Withdrawal The highway patrol withdrew its officers shortly after 8 a.m. when it was determined the police department was back to full I strength. of 2227 Patrol Capt. Lyle Dickinson response on our part could have I Press'on tt said the manufac-prevented the tragedy is both ir-11 ii r* e r responded that the responsible and malicious.” changes previously recommend-l    ______________ John Brizendine, president of fd _ in company maintenance ”    turning    north on Center RaP*ds> Dickinson said. The s were sufficient.    ,,    » . _    . 6    men are assigned to the south. day. State troopers reported he was driving his motorcycle east During the walkout, the HIP had about 50 troopers and six on Forty-second street NE and supervisors assigned to Cedar funds by non-government sonnet. “And other such practices as were adequately demonstrated Higley explained the during the hearings.”    |^or    sale. Brooks gave no details except "Cur company per- dler 0. Higley. Reason For Sale and to see the traditional relief ranging from continuance through change of venue to dis-reason missal of their indictments. Judge George MacKinnon dis-was incorpo- sen,(*d in part from the decision. to say the $17 million figure was f ated in 1922 by my grandfa- MacKinnon said he believed reached by adding $7 million in thor, Elmer A. Higley. At that the grand jury exceeded its salaries and costs for all federal (Continued: Page 3, Col. 8 I    (Continued?Page T, Col. 2.) employes at. or associated with     ____-—................ .................... the homes to the $10 million cost previously estimated by the administration. Ken W. Clawson. White House communications director, issued this statement: “Partisanship” Brooks is try River Beachhead PHNOM PENH IAP) Gov-Ie driven by Ronald L. Randall. by eminent armor and infantry    avenue SE* truck the cycle, carrying it until striking another vehicle. The third vehicle, headed Would Slow Energy Demand WASHINGTON (AP) — Pres- been presented to President I growth in direct energy con- the firm’s Douglas Aircraft divi-J bulletins sion, said. Cooperative Program "The study proposed to us police have been flown to the the FAA in mid-February in- have carved out a beachhead on; remote site in northern Quebec volved subjects of industry-wide the bank of the Tonic Sap river to help the 20 local policemen concern and seemed to warrant east of fallen Oudong, field rekeep order at the main work a cooperative program—and we ports said Friday.  I site, the spokesman said.    sa,d so. “The corporation has char-; The cause of the March 3 tcred planes to carry out the Turkish Airlines crash has not been determined but some investigators believe sudden decompression of the cargo hold could have jammed the rudder controls. Sudden cargo-hold decompression was blamed for a June, Point road.    men    are assi«ned t0 the south- They said a southbound vehic- eaiil (luadranI of the state. City Protected The city, according to the acting police chief, Wallace John- lContinued: Page 3. Col. 3 Continued: Page 3, Col. 3.) New City Law Limits Use of Lie Detector By Mike Dcupree The city council day, which precipitated a wat son, was not without adequate protection at any time except at the imtal stage of the walkout. Crime and other police duties were light compared with normal Thursdays, Johnson said. The clear weather also helped keep emergencies to a minimum, he said. More law officers were pa* “Congressman nrooKs ii ing to deceive the American people by deliberately creating a report based on runaway partisanship and not facts, “Either deliberately or unwittingly, Brooks I member of tin gang of Democratic rungless men lieut on destroying Ro President without regard to tin national interest. School Bonds at Ed-Co Rejected EDGEW(X)D — Voters in the Thursday night limited the cases in which would be re- Reaction to New Ordinance: Page 3 ■dent Nixon’s top environmental    Nixon and thus does not repre-1 sumption    at a rate of 0.7 per- j    d^fr    of^txMOblewoff anTthe    a P°lice officcr adviser Friday urged a sharp    sent an administration position, cent per person per year. I controls    jammed.    The    aircraft^ cutback in growth ot U. S. en-    Higher    Rate    This    would    be    matched by ust-    The    spokesman    said Peterson jener8y savings of 0.7 percent Russell Peterson, chairman ol |)as djscussed |( wjth |hf [edora, per year through conservation the President s Council on    c|)|ef    Wj||jam Slmon (measures, vironmenlal tidily, proposed ; ,nitial plani lor achjevlnfi Taken together, the two is become    a    thai clingy demand, grow ing at    Nixon's Projeet Independence halves of    tho plan would make unprincipled    a rajt, 0j about 5 percent a year    goal ()f energy self -sufficiency j available    the energy equivalent reduced lo a seem to call for a higher growth a 14 percent growth rate only 14 percent rate    1947-72    Average The Project Independence Peterson said that was the la,hill * Clinid11- A learned doctor denies that spring fever is incurable The trouble, he says. is (hat d impossible to find a p.Unit who wants lo get well Cc$>vri9h* recently, la I growth rate a year. In a speech in New York to plan as described by Simon’s (The Conference Board, an in-Federal Energy Office last •lv‘,,al*1- rate of energy growth dependent economic research month called for reducing the; om    to    19<2,    although organization. Peterson said (his growth rate of energy demand ?r0W.. as n am,1‘ ratmK in goal was part of a “half-and- to about 2 percent a year. half plan" prepared by the Peterson said plans have em [council — "half growth and half phasized increasing energy pro recent years. He said this plan would allow a 60 percent increase in U. S. iconservation " In Washington, for Peterson said questions that the of this century, providing for a (faction rut!,,',- than efforts to 'T'F consumPllon >’>'    "x1    ,«    m a spokesman conserve energy. in answer to, He said the council’s “halfplan has not and-half plan” would aim for percent increase in residen-Continned: Page 3, Col 3 ) quired, on threat of discharge,|Really, directly and narrowly” to answer questions and submit relating to the performance of to a lie detector test.    [his duties, or refuses to take a The vote on    the revised ordi-    polygraph test with reference to nance was unanimous    in a spe-j those duties — if he is not .    ,    I j•    (Clat meeting    called    Thursday    required to waive the privilege Edgewood-Colcsburg school    njght at the request of Asst. At-,aKa‘ntJ self-incrimination, t r i c t Thursday rejected    a    (0rnev General Garry Wood-    The    only    difference    between $700,000 bond issue, 538 no to 440 ward.    *    the two ordinances is that the yes.    I Safety Commissioner Jaim.sone ^|,pl,os only to grand Only 44 percent of the voters Steinbeck, who cast the lone dis- h,, v P,ot ,nks approved the proposal. A 60 per-'senting vote when the council cent margin was necessary.    adopted the original ordinance Colesburg voters rejected    the    W e d n e s d a y, explained his    .. ® * change of heart by saying he is satisfied the new ordinance does not infringe    on an rights. The ordinance is nearly iden Beal to the one adopted Wcdnes*j (Continued: Page 3, Col. 5 out'bv members of tho depart-'tro||ing the city's streets during nicnl    the walk    out than is normal when the    police    department is Still    Tan    I- ire    operating    at full    strength, John* It specifies    an    officer shall be son said. Aside from command officers, the police department during (Continued: Page 3, Col. 6.) subject to discharge if he re-fuses to answer questions "sped i Today's Index plan, 183 yes to 344 no, while Edgewood voters okayed it, 302 yi* no. The bonds would have fin*! anced a new addition to the high, school and remodelling work The original ordinance also included civil service proceed ! departmental investiga-i tions, "or any other inquiry or! investigation by any individual officer’s*®1, authorized by law” to conduct an investigation. The ordinance, besides incense Comics ..... 20 Crossword........ ..... 20 Dally Record ..... .......,3 Deaths .......3 Editorial Features I Furm ........... 19 Financial ,. _______ .....21 Marion ..... 22 Movies 12,13 Society ..... _____ IO Sports ... 15-17 State ......4,5 Television .... 18 Wnt \(ls . 25*27 ;

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