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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 21, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa JO The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Thurs., Mar. 21, 1974 from ll. J. Bjornscn for instal- Richard D. Jones; R-l to M I at lation of sanitary and storm Blairs Ferry road west of Colin sowers in Interstate Properties^, strcf, ^ petmonod by| Northwestern Bell; R-l to R-3(i at 3102 F avenue NVV, petitioned by Viva Rowray, et a1. addition. OPEN DAILY 10-10; SUNDAY 10-6 THURS., FRI., SAT., SUN., MON. Mcr- Parks Resolution authorizing chants National bank to condue! petitions Reports I bicycle races in Bever park    r Aug. 18.    Petition    withdrawing    request Resolution authorizing a con- for waiver of sidewalk require-I    tract with    the    state    highway    ment in MarSue circle from    YVil- *    commission    for    a    temporary    mar Development Co. easement for the purpose of 0 .. .    ,    ..    ... constructing relocated Prairie Fetl,,on from Mr and Ml* creek    Alvin Fdaburn requesting    an ____    _    open burning day sometime    this The    Cedar Rapids city council    with    juveniles    at Cleveland,    I Zoning    spring. met in regular session Wednes- Ohio. May 20-24.    Resolution denying request Petition from Martye Hileman day with the mayor and all Third reading for ordinance from Donald and Mary Jane of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority at commissioners present. Invoca-relating to parking regulations Kopecky to rezone <16 Eighth Coe college requesting permis- tion was given by the Rev. and tickets; ordinance adopted. ja^nui^    to    sion to set up a booth at the „ ,    _    _    ...    c    .    First    reading for ordinance    , Larry    Engle, Galilee Baptist    Second    reading for ordinances    rezoning    r.2 to R-T.    property    corner of Second avenue    and church.    ;    relating    to electrical mainte- at 2909 c avenue NE. petitioned Second street SE April 12 for the The    following    business    was    nance    _work    and    the examina- LeFebure Corp.    arthritis foundation. conducted; all rc&olutions were tlon; Jicensing and bonding of Thjr(J reading for ordinance Petition from Walter F. passed unanimously and all pe- J’lectr,c<l1 contract rs and clee- rezoning R_2 to R*T. property Corey, president of Pickwick titions and reports taken under p an?* .    .    ...    at 2923, 29234. 2925 and 2927 C Co., requesting continuation of advisement, unless otherwise eso u J?" j;rcin iag Pf01 *'javenue NE, petitioned bv LeFe- the police department’s alarm ,    cense    to    O d Town Inn, 62 Sev- .    „    r..    ;    . ,    .    r noted.    ,    nth    av miin    bure Corp.; ordinance adopted, system. Public    hearings set    April IO    Operations report from    the Accounts. Finance    n    ...    I    .    on the following rezoning re-water department for February. _    Public    Improvements    quests.    Petition from attorney    for' micffnnU    Hprfart    Resolution    awarding A avenue R-l to R-3G at Thirtieth street Northtowne, Ltd . requesting hnnwim. Ll urbanHp' ne reconstruction contract to and Pioneer avenue SE, peti- the council rescind the require- *T]V\ S°ns-InC 1 ',0ned by Gilber‘ an“ Mary men‘,hat grantS ,he PCrmanent' 1Q7c Knacpf fnr th* lpacnH Resolutions approving prelim- Boxa; B-l to B-2 at Mt. Vernon perpetual and continual ease-year 1975 budget for the lea. od jnary ^ Applewood Mesa road and Forty-second street ment for a frontage road along addition. M and L second addi- SE, petitioned by Brentwood. Collins road. housing program. Resolution authorizing t he {.Qn gnd Vfln Ruren . fjrst Inc^ and NafX). R.3 t0 R.T at Notice from state department mayor to sign requisition for additjon and finaJ plats of M 202 Twelfth street NYV, peti- of environmental quality ap--;la'P'r:in?Kr“|n_    and L second addition and Van tinned by Home for Aged proving the sanitary and futtc- u°™~wriKh nlmn Buren park first addition.    VVomen and Loomis Brothers, tional features for the Forty- r    Resolution filing plat and Inc.; R-l to R-3G at 3715 John- second street NE and Edgewood I a I IKt.tF i been th sti-Md SEI008 schcdulc for proposed constmc- son avenue NW. petitioned by road NE water main extension Seventeenth    avenue SE    ani 921    !io"    of "ft""* in, 5*    —    =    ~ Ninth street SE.    ,and    road ™ " >'ey boulevard., Resolution    approving    mutual    M avenif Cedarv^est dnve assignment    between    Harmon    and    et' 00 VZ ArAliifi An ii Itnrr Webb and Paul Underwood of Resolution filing resolution of demolition contracts with the "ece“d>'' Plan.s and sPf'flca-Cltv    tions for construction of sam- Resolution accepting bid and ,ar-v 6,ewer ” "fast'and r°ad' awarding contract to Barber's N,H,, c,c • and P“bUsh.ng notice Excavation Co, for the construe- hea™« on ,sald Plans, and lion of water main extensions specifications; filing resolution on the north side of Forty- necess,t>’ for    APnl NT*"1 Resolution approving contract , Resolution approving warran- with Harmon Webb Md autho- »' d,,ed r0™ G'adys ' f' ming mayor and clerk to ex- tf™ a"d Lefebure Oyrp for ccute said contract for the dem- "ght-of-way on C avenue olition of structure at 1018 Ninth • . .. Resolution approving warranty deed from Cecil L. and Ellen nil-    E Northrop and LeFebure Corp. Public Safety    for street rightK)f.wav on c ave. Resolution granting a taxicab nue NE. license refund to Clifford J. Din- Resolutions granting request nell.    from Ralph and Dwight Hughes Resolution authorizing the fire for installation of concrete pave-department to have aerial ment and concrete sidewalk in pumper number one repaired Van Buren park first addition, and rebuilt.    concrete sidewalks in Van Resolution granting permis- Buren Heights second addition 6ion to the police department to and accepting subdivision bonds send Lt. Charles Peters to a for same, training course in police work Resolutions granting requests avenue SE. 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