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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 21, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 8 The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Thurs., Mar. 21, 197 J What Young People Think Poll Indicates Sex Staandards Are Changing LAST RHUMBA IN Showing Friday Of Cancer Films A two-film cancer education program will he presented in By Nancy Gilbert THE ‘new morality’ seems to have made its mark on the attitudes and opinions of today’s young people. According to a recent survey, the majority of those polled believe sexual standards are changing. Eighty-nine percent of those polled said that they believe sexual standards for young people are changing, only 8 percent did not, and 2 percent had no answer. Forty-four percent said they learned the ‘facts of life’ from a member of their family, 48 percent from friends, 8 percent from a teacher or counselor, 9 percent from either a boyfriend or girlfriend; 17 percent from ‘other’ sources and I percent had no answer. For and Against With 33 percent approving sexual relations outside of marriage and 59 percent disapproving, those polled gave the following reasons for their opinions. Disapproves said this: “Marriage is a commitment and people who aren’t ready to take it shouldn't get married.’’ says Sal Martino, 15, of Dallas, Tex.    ____ “It could prove disastrous to D n ..    .    c.    .    -    , , , „ .. «. P. McDermott 17, of State Col- the marriage if revealed as well and the technique of breast self examination. A three-hour educational program was presented Wednesday morning to employes of the Merchants National bank. Mrs. James Owen, chairman ot the Nit. Vernon Friday noon for employes of the Midwest Nameplate Co. fall out of love for a short Mrs. Joseph Meade, Mt. Ver-period,” says Brian Oyler, 17, of non, a member of the Linn State College, Pa.    County Cancer Society’s speak ers bureau, will speak and an- cancer society’s education com-Agreement    swer qUestjons jn addition to mitten, conducted continuous “As long as it is something showing the- films, "Chi the showings of a film and was on the husband and wife agree Line’’ and “For a Wonderful hand to answer questions during upon beforehand,” says Alan Life’’.    coffee breaks throughout the Shippley, 17, of Dallas, Tex.    In    the school phase of the so- morning. “Onlv on the erounrk that ciety’s vear-round educational Organizations, there is an agreement between c,fort’ lhe "Jenn‘c « husband and wife,” says Ellen *)e shown next Tuesday Rubin. 17, of Topsham, Maine. Thursday (March 2t>, eighth grade students No Problems    | 20 YEARS AGO - Senate th* RHI J Foreign Relation! Chairman LONDON ail    Alexander Wiley warned that ish journal of criminology car-j|he pree World would suffer one tics an article in its current edi- of t|u, greatest defeats of this tion entitled:    “Embezzlement century if the communists cap- without problems.”    hired Indochina. schools, employers, unions and other groups can obtain films for free show-28) to ings by contacting the Linn will and As as to social life,” says Bill Bailey, 17, of South Harpswell, Maine. this to sex: The approvers: “I feel that it is important to be experienced before marriage,’’ says Loren Kiser, 17, of Mayfield Hts., Ohio. “Some people like to have sex without having to be    tied down,” says Steve Alberts, 17, of Highland Hts., Ohio. “It is love and you don’t have to be married to love,” commented Dan Kirby, 17, of Dallas, Texas. “If two people love each other and want to have sex, they shouldn’t have to be married,” says Bob Pellegrin, 17, of State College Pa. “Men have to be experienced in order to have suave. What if a guy gets married without any pre-marital sexual experiences sacred It may create a healthier his wife’s an old at Im-    County    Cancer    Society    in    the ar as premarital    sex, 54    macuiaje Conception school. The    .Margaret and Howard    Hall    Ra- pcrcent approved    and    39    per-    fj|m was developed bv the    diation    Center. cent    disappro\ed    while    6    P1'1-    American Cancer Society to ac-    ---- t ent gave no answer. I hey had quaint girls with the importance    DRIN    K    SAFELY say about premarital Those who approved, had thisj to say: pro lege, Pa. “Marriage vows are therefore they should not be marriage environment, I don’t Pretty embarrassing, no?” says “It generally has the effect of taken lightly,” notes Marty know. I do think it is possible to Mike Weintraub, 17, of Miami, breaking up families,” says S. ;Hansen, 16, of Miami, Fla. love two simultaneously, or to!Fla. Teens on Wheels By Michael Lamm Dear Mike: My 1965 Olds F-85 runs fine-smooth, good gas mileage, no complaints in that department. But when I first start it in the morning, unless I warm it up for about five minutes, the engine dies each time I shift the transmission Into drive. This is very annoying, especially when I’m anxious to get going early. Stalled Dear Stalled: First, please realize that proper warmup is good for an engine and extends its life. However, an engine shouldn’t stall just because it’s cold. Possibly your automatic choke or carburetor are out of adjustment. Accent * ■■ % on Youth Dear Mike: My gas gauge used to jump between full and empty without giving a true reading. After four trips to the dealer, this was corrected. But in the last visit, I was charged for a new sending unit in the gas tank. Yet I know the tank wasn’t removed from the car nor was it emptied. Is it possible to exchange sending units without emptying or removing the tank? Skeptic Dear Skep: Yes, and in some cars ifs amazingly easy. These have access holes in the trunk floor to get at the sending unit. In others, the sending unit is at the upper front or rear of the tank and can be replaced with the tank still half full. (Write to Mike Lamm at Room 601, 50 Rockefeller plaza, New York, N.Y. 10020.) fin ll J Up UU I L New at Slut key's TRY OUR PASTA PLATE WITH GARLIC BREAD 98 Spaghetti, pizza and salad .... $1 68 shuts 4810 1st Avenue N.E. Cedar Rapids "Do you have any books that Hollywood wouldn't dare film?!" Complete GE Stereo Component Set PLAYS RECORDS 8 TRACK TAPES AM/FM/ FM STEREO RADIO COMPARE THESE FEATURES... With Units Selling For Much More Record player with dust cover Continuous or manual 8-track tape player Two large closed speakers Q FM/AM/FM stereo radio Headphone set Discover The World of Stereo Today • Four channel adaptable: • ii m nrd-rapac Sly ll" Iurulable player ha* automatic shutoff/repeal, precision curing control, 45 HBM adapter, ceramic cartridge with diamond stylus • Tape player has channel indicator lights, < art ridge opening dust-guard lid • Matched 17" x 11* x 7" closed apruker* with H" woofer, 3* tweeter • Storm Star shows I M reception • Lightweight headphone with padded ear cuffs • Fold-up record storage shelves - Walnut finished • flaxy-roll easters give deluxe » omponent Maud easy mobility. Model SC, 3201, rn Record storage rack 0 Wood and metal roll-about stand No Money Down *1025 . m PER MONTH You pay only $10.25 for 20 THE CASH PRICE IS month#, and one final pa>- *4#-vqqc merit of $11.7«. Deterred 1^0 payment price is $216.78. esc Hiding sales tax. EXCLUDING SALES TAX The annual % rate is Goodyear Service Stores CEDAR RAPIDS- 402 SECOND AVE. SE Daily 7:30-5:30 Mon. & Thors. Till 9—Sat. Till 3 MARION — East Edge on SivDRth Av*. Doily 7:30-5:30 Thurs. Till 9—Sot. Till 3 Ai* ■V SWINGING INTO SPRINGTIME AND NEW BEGINNINGS... Spring is an ideal time to start thinking about setting your new financial goals for your family. And we can help, by showing you a wide variety of passbook and certificate savings plans that pay maximum interest. And unlike stock investments, your savings are insured for up to $20,000 by an agency of the federal government. You May Pay Your Property Taxes Here Open Mon. thru Thurs. 9 a.m. Til 4 p.m. Fridays 9 to 6 Drive-up windows Mss. Ifcrs Ihwrs. f SJM. TM AJO p.m. frt. f Is Si id 9 a m Is 12 I MT lit STATH HASH I our family Hank 1 aurtcouM Hanking Svrvicf i zn i mil Av.*. HW Member of POIC All Accounts Insured at $20,000 by FPIC CIU Mil 15 He's not a nut, he's a money-saver (You save up to SI OO) . . . because he knows the dealer’s crews aren’t as rushed (nobody's pushing the panic button because of the heat) and he can make a better deal on installation costs. And he’ll avoid the rush next summer, lf by now this doesn't sound so nutty to you, call us today for a free estimate on LENNOX AIR CONDITIONING and HEATING if This Limited Offer held over! In cm you wore unable to take advantage before now....Must end Saturday, March 30! Open and Thurs. ’til 106 2nd Ave. SW Open All Day Saturday Phone 363-0283 COE SUMMER SESSION 1974 An experience designed to offer the community exciting opportunities at only $150 per course! *f* The Fine Arts * llusi ness Offerings * Workshops * Concentrated Courses * Degree    Wor for example: workshops Conducting Workshop; Di. I uiinell/Reportory Thealte I; R#fw-tory I he,*tre ll; Children's Theatre, Dr. Hammer/Workshop in Dam a, Ms. Sostek/Creativc Photography Workshop; Mr. Klindt. see tomorrow night’# paper for other degree work Call: 364-1511, ext. 428, and we will mail our bulletin - or from 4:30pm to midnight -364-1511, ext. 382. or write:    Summer    Session Box 91C Coe College Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402 COE COLLEGE - ' A ll,■pi,,na Center    nj Excelle ;

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