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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 21, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Shadow Excitement Outdoors on bright days or indoors on stormy days, shadows are a natural source of expression and excitement. Shadows are caused when something stands between a t opyrigln 19/1 source of light and a background. The light might be that of the sun or an artificial type. Any object can cause a shadow if it falls between the light source and a background of some kind. Shadows are fun to experiment with. Here are some activities you might find interesting to try. t int, try just observing or closely locking at shadows in nature. Study those caused by trees, clouds, buildings and animals. See how they change in size and shape. Observe them at differing times of day and in different seasons and you will discover varying lengths and shapes. Watch iiow they move. Discover ways in which you can cause them to change. Then try making some shadows yourself. Use your body or arrange other objects to cause shadows. Once you have* become somewhat familiar with shadows, you may wish to try drawing around some. Use paper as a background or, if possible, draw directly on the natural surface. You will probably wish to use chalk so that your markings may be easily erased. Chalkboards and artificial lights are ideal for this activity. Then it is very exciting to lake away the shadow and observe your drawing. Often it is difficult to guess what the object was. Your drawings may even result in very interesting designs. You can make artistic shadows by cutting holes and designs in paper and placing it between a light and a back-g r o u n d . Move the paper around lo cause changes. You may even wish to have someone draw around these shadows. You might wish to try having some shadow plays. Find a patch of sunlight or use an artificial light to make your stage. Then from construction paper or cardboard, cut out your characters and tape them on a stick. Then have your play using the shadows of the characters to perform on your stage of light. Another interesting art project based upon shadows is the silhouette. To do a silhouette, place your subject between a light and a background on which you can draw. Then carefully trace the outline of their shape on the background. Use either the drawing or transfer the silhouette onto black paper and cut it out. Mount it neatly, frame, and you have a lovely picture made from the person’s shadow. Games are possible with shadows. On a sunny day you might, try playing a hand shaking game. Try to shake hands with your friends using .shadows only. Your actual hands should not touch, just their shadows. Or try circling a stone or stick lying on the ground with the shadow made by your fingers. Touch your me icuar Rapids Gazette: Thurs., Mar. 21, 1974 pointer finger to your thumb, making a small circle. Try to circle the small objects with the shadow of this circle. Do not touch the ground or the objects. Can you do it? Shadow tag is fun. One player is chosen to be IT, and he must tag the others by stepping on their shadows. Therefore, no one touches anyone else. You can help yourself keep from being easily tagged by moving about very quickly and by keeping your arms very close to you so that your shadow will be smaller. These will help make your shadow harder to catch. And you might wish to have a base in your game. It could be the big shadow of a building or tree, because you will discover something about the shadows of persons when they become involved with bigger shadows. Shadows are a natural form of creativity. They can cause much fun and excitement for you. DR. CRAVEN . DENTIST PRACTICE LIMITED TO DENTURE WORK 113 Ut Ave SE, Cedar Rapid!, l«. De* Moines • Major* City Sioux City Select Your New Residence. . , . . .for early Fall occupancy. Several units left for your selection-—! 140 to 2230 square feet of living space. 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