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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 21, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa naoonai WI aim* si* vier iomcasj •» /a* iii tow W VOUK 30,00 —C.R. Police— (Continued from Page I.) the uniformed patrolmen’s eom-Frcd E. Stodola mitten of the association, had Fred E. Stodola, 68, of 1624 conducted the meeting. Second street SW, died uncxpec-    Officers    Displeased tedly Thursday Horn Jan 4, Ammeter told newsmen police 1906, in Czechoslovakia, he dicers were displeased with ,..... .    (    c.,.i    i    the mandatory    polygraph    ordi- eame    to    the    United    States    and    „    , ,,, J,,    .    ., nance and “tactics    used    by    the Cedar    Rapids in    1906    cdy councjj Mr Stodola was a retired city “This is just an example of employe and a member of St. city hall’s ramming things down Wenee,sinus Catholic church, people’s throats,” Jaeger said Holy Name Society, Cadets of “We have felt for some time The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Thor*., Mar. St George and Teamsters Union Local 2JR Surviving are his wife, the iformer Alice I* Jakoubec, to | whom he was married June 4, 1929, in Cedar Rapids; two d a u g h t, e r s , Mrs. Lloyd It. Cliver, Cedar Rapids, and Mrs. Kenneth L. Mote, Marion; a SNOW Aik the city council bac been challenging us,” Ammeter said. “We feel now is the time to take up that challenge.” Jaeger said it is the feeling that if they fire one officer, they will have to fire 137. Ammeter said the association’s attorney does not believe the UM WI ATMO IO! OC AM f^/^HOwm flow son, ftobert F. Stodola, San Per- ine ,1(‘w ordinance is nando Valley, Calif.; ten grand- burial. However, he Thursday night will find cold weather from the Rockies to the northern and middle Atlantic coast. Snow is expected in the middle Mississippi valley and tho Great Lakes. The far west will be clear. children, one great-grandson, j and three sisters, Mrs. Rudolph Vodieka, Mf Vernon; Mrs. Donald Stransky, Cedar Rapids, and Mrs. William Barnes. Iowa City. Services: Saturday at IO a rn. | in St. Wenceslaus church by the Rev. Clarence Prana. Parish constitu-said, a meeting was slated with the attorney Thursday afternoon to examine the ordinance more closely. Steinbeck Opposed The ordinance, adopted on a 4-to-l vote with Safety Commissioner James Steinbeck op- —Daily Record— The Weather High temperature Wedne*.flAy, low tem-ppraturrs overnight and inches of precipitation : 39 34 ,03 L Angeles 44 57 74 40 .44 Miami    7?    73 31 9 .01 Minneapolis 29 14 Anchorage Atlanta Bismarck Chicago Denver Duluth Honolulu Houson M- Missing. M M 27 14    .04    New York 21 4    Phoenix 81 74    07    Seattle    40 39 79 45    .14    Washington    SS 39 Campbell’s, where friends may call after IO a.m. Friday. Wyoming — Charles Pixley Smith, 85, of Orange, Texas. I Graveside services Saturday at Larry L. and Kathcy G. Kline/ '*• Wyoming cemetery. Friends Ruth A. and Vincent L. Feelian. maX between 8 and 9:30 Shirley M. and Arnold I,. pav- a ,'V.    V    it1* S* beek. Merry IjOe and Ronald! Iipton Virgll Kin.yon, .4 Laverne Perrin. Susan Theres-    changed    to    10:30    a.m.. sa and William Dean Schindler.    Y' Sheets and Son. md Cadets of St. George Rosa-'PT* provide* that any pol,ce ry at 7:30 p m Friday in the off'ce[ ,or‘e" bls P°sll'on ■laneba Kulm funeral home west a,nd „sha'' ,)(> s,uh)ecl 0 lmm!’d|-wherc friends may call after 7 al1' d^;harSe ‘™m ''mploy-pm. Thursday. ' Burial:    St.|fncot " he re,uses *° 8nswcr Garotte Photo hv John Mclvor The Cedar Rapids city council met in closed session with Acting Police Chief Wallace Johnson for more than an hour Thursday morning regarding the walkout by tome police officers. Afterward, Mayor Donald Canney said Johnson would order the policemen back on the job immediately. Johnson is pictured at the desk in the background. In the foreground, from left, are Public Improvements Commissioner Richard Phillips; Safety Commissioner James Steinbeck; and Parks Commissioner Stan Reinis. John s cemetery. Hazel A. Hensley EiSvVrk* ®M M 0S! Wanda M. and Billy G. Smiley.IF . N”*'V"rh 49 59.681 James H. and Celia F. Noilly. Fnfla-V‘ Donald R. and Karla R. Wain ! June M. and Terry L. Varner whore friends may call after 9' Itazel A. Hensley, 86, formerly of 1645 B avenue NE, widow of I George W. Hensley, died in a Sandra Lee and Wyatt. Petitions for Bankruptcy Extended Forecast--Cold Sat-u r d a y through Monday. A chance of rain or snow Sunday. Highs in the 30s and lower 40s. I>ows in teens and lower 20s. C. R. Weather ... I ... ■    ,    00    court    NE, and Joy    J. Dyer, 1257 High Wednesday .............38    Fjftb    avenue SE.    He claimed I/)w overnight ...............15,    debts    of S33.073.48 and aswoon Thursday ............ 30    sets    of $20,692,    with $7,000 d.l;    *    n    n0    claimed as exempt. She claimed Precipitation .............. 0.02’ri<lhts    nf    nnH Dennis am ,, - Impeachment- (Continued from Page I.) held a news conference Wednes- ! Marion nursing home Wednesday after a short illness. Born July 4, 1887, in Bertram I she had lived in the Cedar officers he would support what-    McGuire said the concept of the    They decided a police    car questions \ . . specifically, di-    ever    action they considered. He    ordinance has been upheld by    would be sent to pick up    the rectly and narrowly    relating to    said    he also told them that if    the U.S. supreme court, and    phone bocks. the performance of .    . . official j    they    were going to take action,    that it did not take away any    Further discussion dcter- duties, or to submit to a poly- they should consult an attorney constitutional rights.    mined the maps might be too graph test, without being re- and take the attorney’s advice. [owa Atty. Gen Richard small to be adequate and a sec-quired to waive the privilege    a(so Sajd bp (0)c( ^]0 of_    Turner told The Gazette that of-    on(1 phone call was placed    to the ticers he was in charge of the    ficers must first be offered im-    civil defense office, police department and protect-    munity before being compelled    The civ'l defense office    could take not provide adequate maps, so a third call was placed to the If they are offered immunity. Chamber of Commerce. Turner said, they can be dis a Chamber official in- against incrimination ... or who shall refuse or fail to ap- pear when duly summoned rn |ng lhp citj7en, and he was ,0 answ(.r <|UesUms or make sure they were polygraph te< protected. connection with an official de- j tf) maj(e sure tbey were pojygrapb tcsts. partmental investigation, civil !® *tnrf    » J* ‘ . Total for March ,    ,    ,    .    | Rapids vicinity all her life. She nroceedines inquiry or inves-    Leaving    Room day to urge that a third party ;was married Feb. 27, 1907, in Sonhv anvindividual or    ii    i    t n    o #r , misspd und(‘r thp ordinance if Thomas F. Dyer, Des Moines,; be permitted to review the tapes I Marion.    h L allthnrivnH hv law tn mn    v r(>,ti,ed lolling the officers tbcy refuse f0 take the test. He formerly of 1629 Park Towne    ...    .    .    ^ authorized by law ,0 con* he was going to leave the meet- , ifj th p Cedar Ranid* nrdi and determine    which would be She is survived by a daughter duct    same.”    ing because he felt the officers    nance as he undersfands i relevant to the    committee’s im    Mrs. Marvin Beden, Cedar    nr*««i*nr-    Ronn*«t»<f    mav have some things thev    ' t ’    * u unders 'nds ftanids- two sons I nuis I I    Ordinance    Requested    may nave some things they    conforms to the supreme court peachment inquiry.    capias, two sons, Louis J    wanted to talk about without nilinp ,,    „    Hensley. Cedar Rapids and' The ordinance was adopted in1. .    tU. . ruling He did not spe out his pro ‘ Ic ,    ,,    ,    ’    '    ,    K    *ort    I him there, and “some things I 1    '    ^1 Hensley, Santa response to a request by Asst. I    u;unf    ,in.jr    H    No    Difference a “I think it makes no de formed the secretary the Chamber obtains its maps from a local real estate firm. The fourth telephone call was placed to Larry I) Sharp & Co., Realtors. The firm promised to send 30 maps immediately. A short time later, a salesman , __ aeDts or $.5l,3/d.4H ana assets ^oai hut caiH it ™nlH ho nlnno    uciioity,    otJino    w    J    .    Jmiffht not want In hpar ’’ 1 721 of $7,015,    with all claimed as Posa bl,t    said ll cou,d b(    Maria, Calif.; a brother, Earl Atty. General Garry Woodward    g Normal for March ..........2 48 exempt    bnes    lbe    9ne    ma^e    ^ I Cox and a sister Mrs Mignon who is .special prosecutor in the    Commissioner    Steinbeck,    # Normal through March .....5.02    John    Patrick and Cheryl, President Nixon to former spe- w ’    .    ‘    ’    R    *    ,    b    former    police    detective,    said:    ference if the ordinance applied arrived at the police station and Total for im.  6 35 ^    chimed    I'S gratdehlld™ and 14 A*?Tike pol,centon wan,| 'My reaction intmedta.oly is «a'V to pol,co officers and not to turned the maps over to the Barometer, steady ....... 30.02    debts of S6,811.29 and assets of 8 for Sen. John Stennis (D- (,rca[.„ran(jchiidren.    to    seek    a court test of the new! that the decision was made on 0,bf‘r employes. I tuner said. owa lh way pa ro Humidity at noon ......... 61%    $2,570, with $2,120 claimed as j Miss.) to listen to tapes then in r • qatnrdav at 9 in polygraph ordinance, Ammeter Ie rn o t i on , rather than ra- However my own feeling is ,    exempt. She claimed debts of; dispute between the White cervices. Saturday at z.3u    “rprtainiv ”    tinnalitv    ”    *bat any public officer or other Wind direction and velocity at $9,840.23 and assets of $2,070, House and the Watergate grand P at Stewart funeral home rePJJ“.    ,    na    ll-;    employe who takes the Fifth    mWI Gazette weather station at noon with $1,290 claimed as exempt. ,Ury. Cox’ refusal to accept the ^ ^ Charles Mehaffey,    Councilmen    were    asked    to    Ampndment like common (Continued from Page I.) WSW at 12 mph.    I Magistrate's Court proposal led to his firing.    Pf tor of Asbury United Meth-    on4    what    m‘«ht    hjPP«    hood. particularly after hr has vap . Sun rises Friday 7:07; sun    ^    ;       .    J    odist church. Burial: Campbell lately. • • J!%ou^n ,nr when tho 4 p.m. to midnight . „romised that no renrisals search sets,7:21.    ’    j Cornville* finTd $5f?and cos^J    ™Iy Rejected    cemetery. Friends may call 3l « , Srs^nd it” Am-I^Thd ti t , wi» bc taken against him 'for'*un- a    with    a    three- Year Ago Today — High, 52; Walter Bin/.. Coralville^ fined Rhodes suggestion seemed|the funeral home from 9 a.rn 4...... u-..-    *,.!    bat’    tboy    said‘    ul11    deped    this testimony should he sum-or four-inch blade and some low, 30; rainfall, none. Traveler's Forecast Magistrates Court proposal led to his firing.    nuriau    Camnhelllimmca,aieiy-    • • inroogn inCjwhen the 4 pm to midnight CIi:’    VC    a’CT'-CC."’;:!    search    were    a •eediiiK — Walter Bin/.;    Flatly    Rejected Rhodes’ suggestion seemed,the funeral home from 9 a.m. et^ fajT^'thevmay' have To I That ,hcy ^    ,hls    les,imony' sbould bp sum'or four-'ncl . Friday. The family mf,cr ,sa'd' ,hey ™ay na KI|upon response to C hief John- marilv dismissed    hl™,dv    Hod 2237 c avenue NW; Fern I The White House has indicated! will be at the funeral home from tal*e ac,lon against s®™™"*-, son’s ‘’report or else” order.    "Public    officers    and    officials    i    i Starr, 5,21 Holly avenue NW;'no    „    and    ,hp    chajrJ2 4 and 7    ,    J    and    then    we    will    take    ,1    from!    Steinbeck    added,    however/.J “™C. “"'“r* and 0,flc.ials gray slacks. ;each fined $35 and costs. Rob-    . Friday    ert £)ye 2055 H avenue NE; man and ranking Republican on Friday Weather, Hi-Lo Judith Fields, 2431 Wilson av-1 the committee have flatly re- Bismarck ..........Snow    24-21 enue SW; Norman Dreyor, 2200 jetted it. Chicago   Cloudy 37-23(Country Club drive Marion/ • The committee has a const!-1 Cincinnati .......Cloudy    42-29 Kenneth Hoffer, 2312 D ave- Cleveland  Cloudy 35-28 nut NE; Allan Anderegg, 1309 j f,on9 responsibility to con- there. No Reason Now Ammeter then added ■thai officers who left the day ?"d, emP,#yes have a .pub,ic, Amens items found rn shift are mostly veterans and    0WC    a m    h,8berparches of the car in Benton there'.that might provide some indira-    10    the    Tf°*    countV    and    Nowlin’s    residences. Cletus Pierce    ammeter    men au«cu mw    .uvmr    plo    than    is    owed by anyone else. onp in Benton and one in Linn iwas no reason now ,0 cal1 any|tlon on how officers on the other (L-.    „    . unnn’t0 'count to    ii-    a cieveiann .. uouuv ou-.o,....          .    -    ,    fetus    4.0’    rNa±U*’|ficers °|f!he job- 8 st“f sh}!tS wH1 ref#.    . the public with respect to their    ^    ^    °    1    R    ^ Des Moines • PtCldy 32-16 Ellis boulevard NW; Paul Vik- duct the inquiry,” said Rep. Ed- a former Cedar Rapids resident, that puzzled newsmen Another Cannot said the council gave duti(Ts thpv should not be erJ Detroit ...... Cloudy 38-211 tora, 1018 Nineteenth street SE;i ward Hutchinson (R-Mich.), the|died Thursday.    officer    had    just said: “The “no consideration” to rescind-1mittpfj tn hjrip 1|n#w a ^ \ Indianapolis ... Cloudy 42-34 Robert Shaffer 313 Twenty-;rankj GOp mnmber. “And Kansas City  PtCldy 52-22 Milwaukee  Cloudy 32-16 Mpls.-St. Paul .. . PtCldy 26-8 Okla. City Omaha . Sioux Falls ninth street NW; each fined,. .,    ....    , *    .    .    i,    .    . . „ . . $30 and costs. John Tudccn, ocsidcs, I don t understand why; he was employed by Pemck and 1485 Meadowview drive]    someone else’s judgment of rel    Ford in Cedar Rapids for five Marion; Keith Peters, Fairfax;    evancy should be anv better    years before moving to Charles Cloudy 27-12|Linda Drymon Martelle: James, than mine .* Cloudy 22- IO I Fi t z p a tr I c k, 202 Twenty-    ....    . M. ^ seventh street NW; Kenneth    Although Nixon has given no    Survivors include two sons, Degree Days    Basten, 1840 C avenue NE; each    sign of yielding on the issue and    Handy and Scott both of 4av    aa    fined $20 and costs.    committee    counsel    John    Doar    jCh-irlos    citv.    two    daughters pledged Wednesday that the    Fe)icja and Julie, both of committee was ‘unswerving in Carles City: IWO brothers, Caids determination to get the ma-U, and claud    o(    Cedar mitted to hide under a rock lik: the Fifth Amendment. Born Sept. 22, 1933, in Lawler, streets are going to bf' mighty ing the controversial ordinance bare.”    ]    Charles    Mullinex,    chairman of Ammeter said no vote was the Cedar Rapids civil service » .    .    . taken in the meeting. He said commission, responding to news MODS TOT lOWQ officers just decided to protest about the walkout said:    *    i the ordinance. He then walked “I can’t evaluate the situation I CT TOI IVGn O a pair of blue-gray slacks. Officials have refused to say whether the murder weapon ■las been found. Wednesday .............. So Total to date  ........ 5,758 Faulty equipment — Alan Through March 20, 1973 .5,93Liaise, Toddville; Steve Er-Percent of normal year .. 86.72 j lacher. 1645 Thirtieth street SE; Total normal year ......6.6311 Dan Sweeney, 2140 Memorial (drive SE; each fined $10 and costs. Mississippi Stages (Flood stages in brackets) Lacrosse (12) 6.0, no change Lansing (18) 8.2. no change Dam 9 (18 15.9, no change McGregor (18) 8.6, no change Guttenberg (15) 7.3, fall .1 Dubuque (17) 10.0, no change Davenport (15 8.8, fall .1 Keokuk (16) 9.2, fall .3 has turned over 700 documents and 19 tapes he had Traffic    signal violation —    dim. Dennis Jahnel, Coralville; fined Nixon $20 and costs. Yarbrough Floyd. I >09 Sugar Pint driv< NE Marion    Burlingame. 1830    previously    given to    the Water- Western    drive SW; Michael    gate grand    jury and    Doar    wants Wampler    397 Eighteenth street    time for the inquiry    staff    to cx- SE; Robert Bohnger, Edge-     V terial the prospect of an Rapids; three sisters, Eunice mediate confrontation appeared!^ of ,ndianapolis, Hazel iii!. I.    anybody.    We have not been ac- Usher and Rena Calvig, both cfi ^ y (p|onif!. and havp The search warrant for Nowlin’s Cedar Rapids residence. 622 Eleventh avenue SE, described it as the apartment of Mabel Irene Franks. In other court documents in the case i O’10 tbp problems of equip- thPrp K reformer to “Mahel We feel this is an invasion of Ralph ( oty, executive direc- ping an emergency law enforce* Elizabeth Beltz also known as our privacy,' Jaeger said. and tor of the city's human rights mcnt agency unfamiliar with X..L, irene Franks" it points to the city hall attitude commission, said:    (Cedar Rapids was solved Thurs- ' -rhl    lre tn Ihal they can do anything to;    F|rst    ,.erso„    day by a police secretary who ^ U'° SMSpCC,S are ' into his commander's office, re- until I know something about it. prnUlf^m ported he was sick, and went it’s unfortunate if something I rODIQiTI home. like that is happening.” ceive a preliminary hearing on Nashua Services ,awler. were Monday Cedar at C.R. (13) 5.60, .25 Coralville Lake Pool level Thursday ..    670.90 Births — Mercy March 20 — Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sundberg. 4640 Mt. Vernon road SE3, a son. Births — St. Luke’: March 20 To the families of Verlin Smith. 1618 Twentieth street NW. twin sons; John Schriner. 1080 Edgewood road NW, a son; David Mueller, 1704 Richmond road NE. a daughter. Out of Town Births At Quito. Ecuador Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Knight, a son March 14. Mrs. Knight is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Williams, 1117 Thirty-fifth street NE. Knight is the son of Ruth E. Knight, 1905 Washington avenue SE. Marriage Licenses Rita Min/, and Gary Musser, Peggy Cooper and Dennis Pan-osh, Martha Turner and Robert (lark, Barbara Hewitt and wood; each fined $15 and costs Improper registration — f Theodore Herring, Mechanicsville; fined $20 and costs. William Davis, 1834 Wilson avenue SW; fined $10 and costs. Driver’s license violation Ronald Yarington, 7100 Mt. Vernon road SE, two charges; fined $10 and costs on one and $15 and costs on the other. Right-of-way violation — Barbara Mann, 3800 Vine ave- Mrs. John J. Smith amine the material Cross-Examination    Anna    Mayo    Smith,    formerlyia demand for an And a new issue arose!C^ar Rapids, died of a $ioo-a-month raise. Wednesday to plague the com-;boar^ attack in florida March I mittee. St. Clair requested per- Her husband was the owner of,ham Byrne, who is in charge of grossly irresponsible mission to sit in on the impeach- Smith Silver Co. which was lo- detectives, said none on the day .support it •I believe I was the first per-    ™pdse    a    series    of    ,e,ephone    the Linn county    charges Mon- not been advised    of    our    constitu-! son to express concern (hat    the    Cd    day. They have been given    un- *n Itional ri°hts ”    ordinance was violating    the    Mar7    Rcnfer,    secretary    to    the    til Wednesday to    waive or    de- ;    ‘    °    .    rights    of police officers. I still Pcjicp chief, was directed to ob- mand preliminary hearings on Seek Raise    believe    this.    ,ain 30 maps of the    city for the Jones county charges. Jaeger    said it would be a    good    “The    officers, however, have    members of the Iowa    highway time to    hit the city council    with    access    to the    courts and    the    Patr°i vyho have been    called in j immediate I    civil service    commission    to    t° replace C edar Rapids police redress their grievance    officers    who    have    walked    ofl Acting Assistant    Chief    Wil-    “I believe the walkout    is•    their jobs. I do not! The maps were needed be-j I would urge the cause the highway patrolmen j with the Nuclear Plant Ban Is Sought fined $15 and costs. Improper turn Dixie Carl- Democrats opposing it son, 5466 Gordon avenue NW;; fined $15 and costs. Improper passing — Ira Kul-I bersh, Chicago; fined $25 and I costs. One-way street violation Ronald Snow, Iowa City; fined 1*15 and costs.    I,l<ls    w<,rf companies Wednesday Iowa Deaths WASHINGTON (UPI) - Rep ment panel proceedings, cross-cated in the    Roosevelt    building,    detective shift had gone home,    police to return to work immedi-    are unfamiliar    with    the city 'Jerome Waldie <    D-Calif.) Thurs- examine witnesses, call his own Mrs. Smith, a graduate of St.    hut added he could not predict    ately, and then use those re    street patterns.    day introduced    legislation to witnesses and present evidence. Catherine’s    academy    and the    what the situation might be    sources available to them within    An assistant    chief    suggested    bon construction    of new nuclear The request immediately split University of Kentucky, both in later.    Uhe system    \irs. Rcnfer call the telephone power plants until independent the Republicans and Democrats I Lexington, Ky . assisted her hus- “You have heard of the Hung! “Those of us concerned about company to obtain phone books.! studies are made on safety haz- Kong flu? This is the Canney    >heir rights will help, but, imvwhich contain a    detailed map of    ards. flu,” Byrne said. “You had bet-    responsible person can support    tbe cjty    ----- ter watch out. I heard it is con-la group that would leave nm SE; fined $25 and coati.    „ Le Anna Boddickcr, Vinton; 0,1 (he committee, with the Re- hand in their jewelry business publicans favoring it and the Bids Opened on Water Main Pipe before thev moved to Florida. She is survived bv one sister. Mrs. I. M Strain, Jesup. taken from four for furnishing water main pipe to the Monticello    Mrs.    Stella    city H**™, f Services Friday at Thp b|ds    Ukon    „„    „ 9:30 at Sacred Heart Catholic I    „ church Wake service at 7:30 '-Vpps and sizes of pipe. Because Harnish. Burial: Czech National Thursday at Goettsch’s.    of that and cost escalation fac- cemetery. John Sedlacck, 99. tors, based on the price of scrap „    Francis R. Services at ll a rn. Saturday at home. Burial; Memorial Services Wyant, Edward ll. Monday at I p.m. at the Cedar Memorial columbarium. He died in Florida March 19. Yitek, Marie Friday at 2 p.m. in the Kuba funeral home cast by the Rev. William B. Officers on Street a group that would leave a tagious.” Byrne remained on)major city without police pro-dutv.    taction Some 30 officers, including Acting Chief Johnson, attended Acting Chief Johnson told Wednesday’s council meeting newsmen. “We have officers and protested passage of the (trout on the street. There is no dinance. extreme emergency and there isn’t going to be.” Johnson denied reports he told A telephone company supervisor promised Mrs. Renter he would deliver the maps in several days, hut was informed the maps were needed immediately to deal with the emergency. Duck Deaths fy\N JACINTO. Calif (AP)— Nearly 2.500 ducks have died of a mysterious malady, their bodies found strewn around a dry lake near this desert community. » Has Been Upheld However, City Atty. David Solon Services Saturday at 10:30 at metal at the time of deliyery, it    f    f.    '    rn Brosh chapel, Cedar Rapids wa„ immwnhli* tn immnHiotnlv'ct    I Burial: Anderson cemetery?3® imPoss,b«> to immediately Shiloh cemetery near Swisher Fayette determine the low bidder  Cassie Kitnpton,    The bids were referred to flu Douglas McArthur all of C edarj91. nollas-Wright    waler department fur study Rapids. Catherine Pruett,; Hazleton Pirn Watson, 90. iiiHHinn „ our,., i. -im Atkins, and Ricky Stoneburner, I Services Friday at 1:30 at    ‘bddmg ut it Griffin lipeiski. I hen Watkin:    Bonnie Baum, Cedar. Methodist church Brant's    Products Co of Council Bluffs, committal Rapids, and Haynes Hutchin- Decorah Roy Wicks Clow Corp of Bensenville, III son, Mt. Vernon.    Steine'f Yeager, Grace Maud vices were at Turner west at 3 p.m. Thursday Very Rev. (’anon D. A Sor-ehapel tty the I arter- was a cremation Howell, Janette    G.    Services    were    at Turner    chapel .    , r „ American Cast Iron Pipe Co. of east at noon Thursday bv the* r    I? 7 V    v;,    J!    ,mv i J ♦ Shawnee    Mission.    Ran    .    and    Rev.    John    Shew    and    Larry . alton, 87. Services Einlay at 2    ^    ,    ,,    ,    ,    ,    Johnson Burial was in the Irvin William and Frances at    Henderson s.    H o.    I    ip(    alio    I (Hindi\    (o.    ut Pauline Blattner. Katherine; Vinton Roger Cummings, Chicago. Ann and Ronald •Lynn Coates 64 Services Saturday at 2, Marriages Dissolved G rove son, ll Hill cemetery. Morro floral artistry O Let our Flowers express your respect and love FLORIST and GIFT SHOP phone answered 24 hours every day FLORIST 364-8139 Town and Country Shopping Center 364-2146 Since 1909 flowers for all occasions JOHN E. LAPES Convenient downtown lorotion •‘MIS 3rd Ave. SE    365-0511 11    1    rn...........   —    in    ^ John B/IUrner&Son Rincrnl Direc tors sine c 1888 * ♦ Now, two completely-staffed locations to serve you. Hi KSU . . . Prompt KH* UvUtvru PMR'* FTI! FLOW IIH SHOP 5008 Center Pl. Rd. N.E. 393-5565 four f for Any Occasion FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS it? PIERSON'S FLOWER SHOR D Floral I HOO | lits Blvd. IVW i M OW! 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Clippings and Obituaries for the Cedar Rapids Gazette