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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 21, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Odar Rapids Gazette: Thurs., Mar. 21, 1974 New Delay on Credit Bill Seen Senate May Junk Sections On Consumer Protection Photo Exhibit By V al G. Col ley DES MOINES (AP) - Senate Republican leaders are repor tedly ready to junk consumer protection sections on a bill to establish an Iowa credit code Instead, they are expected to go only with a measure to increase credit interest rates. Senate Majority Leader Clit ton Lamborn (R-Maquoketa), told senators late Wednesday that the bill to rewrite Iowa’s credit laws will be delayed again, until some time next week. An Everglades attraction provided the subject matter for this photograph by Edward Nellis. It will be among IO photographs by Nellis in an exhibition to be shown at the University of Iowa Museum of Art from March 25-April 28. Organized by the Walker Art Cen* ter, Minneapolis, the show is titled "Photographers Midwest Invitational" and includes 240 photographs by 24 photographers from the Midwest. Nellis is a graduate assistant in art at the U. of I. On Iowa Campaign Trail Jensen Lists Contributions Martin Jensen, 69 congressmen admitted reeeiv-1 he favors legislation which ing income from a law firm in would demand the present Oc- 1972.    1 “A U.S. senator with a finan-! icupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. DUBUQUE candidate for the Democratic 'rial interest in a law firm is, -..J    ..    iau, nomination for U. S. congress in tempted to use his senate posi-1 iTi-mrm.v tnm, n .1Q OSHA is Iowa's Second district, reported lion to attract clients to his    neck Thursday that he received con- firm or to do favors for clients ‘    .    u..-: tributions of $4,735.88 during who want something from the, small, md pe V    j    J* /    r    Vu'    ^oi    m    I ness man since it contains many January and february of this federal government, Stanley I _______,,     .... warned. year. Included in the total were $931 in donations to a family fund established by family and friends to help pay living expenses. Receipts for the Jensen for congress fund for campaign activities totaled $3,804.88. Includ- and Feld Favors Amending OSHA unreasonably expensive I punitive measures. ‘‘In addition, it increases the Overhead of the business man and forces him to pass the added cost on to the consumer,” BELLEVUE—Speaking before Feld continued. a    group of Republican women    j “While it is safe to say    that * .    .1    aia    oo    * I in    Bellevue today, Mike Feld,    I everyone desires occupational «•    *    ,    in    Republican candidate for the safety and health, such meas- c°n    n    u    lonsa nomination to the U.S. congress    i ures must be reasonable    and $500.00 loan from    the    candidate.    jn    &cond djstrict saJd ^    prudent,” Feld concluded Expenditures from the cam-;  __ paign fund were $2,544.27 during the first two months of 1974. Jensen’s report provided de- j tails of the official documents, filed March IO with the clerk of the U. S. house of represent-j atives and with the Iowa secretary of state. lf e said a mysterious amendment being prepared would not be ready until at least noon Thursday. Lamborn would not tell newsmen what would be contained in the amendment, but several Republican senators said it would strike most consumer protection measures in the bill and set only a new interest rate. Interest Rate But the sources said the maximum interest rate to be finally set on revolving credit and installment credit is still under debate. Most felt the maximum would eventually be set at either 15 percent or 18 percent. The senate debated the credit bill for two days last week and then delayed the measure until this week because of strong opposing views on the measure. Senate Republican leaders asked lobbyists on each side of the issue to try to work for a compromise over the weekend. But the lobbyists were unable to compromise. Merchants claim they need to charge higher interest rates on credit than the 9 percent al lowed by an Iowa supreme court decision last fall. Previously, many charged 18 percent on both the installment credit-credit card-type accounts — and installment credit. A study committee had been working on a consumer credit protection bill for some time and added the interest rates to that measure. The senate was to have resumed debate on the measure ^Wednesday but both Democrats and Republicans held politico caucuses to discuss the measure first. Consumer Protection Sen. Clifton Lamborn Osteopath Funds Voted as Solon Lashes Doctor Lag S. Tama Maintenance Projects Reportedly, many Republicans in their closed caucus argued that some consumer protection sections in the bill would place merchants at a disadvantage. At the same time, some Democrats in their open caucus ar gued that they wanted more consumer protection than the bill provided — that the bill was weighted heavily toward the merchant. Lamborn said afterwards the Republicans would be presenting an amendment being prepared, but said the contents would be secret until it is explained in another caucus. Some Republicans who attended the caucus Wednesday predicted the senate would have no trouble passing the bill with the consumer protection section stricken, but others said they would not vote for it without the consumer protection. Reportedly a wide gap exists on what the interest rate should be, but most say the maximum interest rate should be increased. * * * Mobile Homes A bill to extend property tax TAMA — The South Tama the contract for the electrical tors authorized the signing of a exemptions to low-income elder-Contributions to date for Jen- school board has accepted bids^ work in the Chelsea Elementary jcontract with H. F. (Fritz) Hallj!^ disabled persons who live sen’s campaign total $10,295.54, for c ame tine window reDlace- 30/1 the hallway in the junior Tama to furnish school bus inlmobl,e homes was Passed 47_ including $3,982 for the familyH ™ % £ ITZI TJWi school at Toledo on his low F3"13’    0 furn sh *cho°1    0 by the stnate and sent to the fund and loans totaling $1,500 ment> llghtmg and outle,s' n°or:bid of $2,253 for the two build-)transP°rtat,on for ,he 1974'75 house Wednesday. Expenditures to date have been ti,e* door replacement and as- ings    school year for $3,675.05. This:    *    *    * $4,878.84.    phaltic concrete surfacing for Reinbrecht II a r d w a r e and j includes five regular routes and £q Jobs The full disclosure of all con- the various attendance centers,Furniture, Tama, submitted the*one kindergarten route plus    j tributions received by the com-'in the school district in a low bid of $282.66 for floor tile in I 44 {0r ,he Sac and Fox Arsons classified as contra-mittee and the family fund is in planned maintenance program.    —J- -------*    inline with Jensen’s policy of vol- Horbach’s of Toledo was------------------------------- untarilv reporting all donations,' awarded the carpeting job for a school and was awarded the | Johnson-O’Malley federal funds. tae ^nate. I .    _        _    _    „    .    ...    I    _    _    I    .    _    _    _    .    1 'rn A nill ti rki aL vt the fourth grade ground floor|TTW’V T T' 1 v',entious objectors could work for room at the Tama Intermediate I sc"°°l route whlch paid from Iowa cities under a bill passed being liable for debts of the estate and allows quick distribution of the estate. ♦ * * Other Bills Bills in the Iowa legislature Wednesday. Introduced in House 1IF1463, To bring the Iowa Code into conformity wih recent court decisions holding school districts must provide education for all chldren including the handcapped. Education committee. IIF1464, To provide for dc-partment of environmental quality review of proposals to construct facilities which may be indirect sources of air contamination. Natural resources committee. 1IF1465, To authorize the Iowa highway commission and Iow-a conservation commission to develop the Great River Road as a scenic and recreational highway. Transportation commttec. Passed by Senate IIF 416, To eliminate requirements that physicians serve internships. 48-0. To house for action on amendments. SF1306, To correlate the statute granting property tax relief with the state providing for an extended fiscal year. 42-To house. SF1308, To provide property tax relief for low income elderly and disabled persons who live in mobile homes. 47-0. To house. IIF453, To simplify probate on small estates. 47-0. To house for action on amendments. IIF4. To permit conscientious objectors to work in municipal civil service jobs. 42-2. To house for action on amendment. 1IF98, To allow school boards to provide group contracts for tax sheltered annuities to employes. 27-18. To house for action on amendments. Introduced in Senate SFI316, To reduce individual income tax rates on the first $9,000 by IO percent. Glenn. SF1317, To make discrimination in credit unlawful. Shaw and five others. SF1318, To define property which is assessed and taxed as real property. Ways and Means. SFI319, To prohibit agencies from hiring consultants for more than $5,000 without approval of four state agencies. Andersen. SF1320, To legalize the proceedings of the Harlan municipal power plant. Cities and Towns. By Frank Nye DES MOINES - A $1 million appropriation for 1974-75 to help start a program designed to produce more doctors for rural Iowa, was approved Thursday for the College of Osteopathic Medicine and Surgery (COMS) of Des Moines by a house appropriations sub-committee. Under terms of the bill, which now goes to the house appropriations committee, 40 percent of freshman class at COMS for the next three years must be Iowa residents. The vote came after Rep. Keith Dun ton (l)-Thornburgl delivered a stinging attack on the University of Iowa college of medicine for not producing more doctors who stay in Iowa. “We’ve given the college of medicine everything it ever wanted in the way of money and help," Dunton said, “and I am sadly disappointed in the number of doctors it produces who stay in Iowa." Cites Tuitions believe that there are many who couldn’t afford to pay for a medical education at the university if the tuition was doubled. The house sub-committee met without its senate counterpart for the first time in several weeks Thursday. Only a few weeks ago, the joint sub-committee approved the governor’s recommendation for a $400,000 appropriation for COMS for 1974-75, including $100,000 to help finance interns and residents. But at that time house subcommittee members indicated they might favor increasing the appropriation to $1 million. Defends School Rep. Glenn Brockett (R-Marshalltown) came to the defense of the university’s medical school, saying an increasing number of its graduates are staying in Iowa. He said recent news stories indicate that 24 of the present class have indicated they will remain in Iowa to practice compared to 18 a year ago. But, he lamented, 24 of a class of 160 isn’t too much of a Dunton said he has informa- percentage, tion that tuition at the college of The university presently medicine at Creighton universe |enrolls about 160-165 medical ty at Omaha is $5,000 a year and it is $3,000 at COMS. “Yet when we talk about doubling the tuition at the university’s college of medicine, we’re told it will keep the poor boys out,” Dunton said, “even though they have about 1,000 applicants a year for the medical school.” At a recent meeting Rep. Robert Kreamer (R-Des Moines), the sub-committee’s chairman, suggested that the $870 a year tuition for residents ( at the college of doubled to help costs of education. Dunton said it is impossible in his area to get young people to work in the summer at anywhere from $2 to $5 an students a year and eventually plans for 175. COMS classes are about 120 a year. Arson Investigators Headed by Johnson DES MOINES - Wilbur R. Johnson, Iowa state fire marshal, has been elected president of the International Association of Arson Investigators. Commissioner of Public Safe-medicine be ty, Charles W. Larson, said meet rising Johnson was elected during the Wednesday session of the organization’s annual conference being held this week in Austin, Texas. Johnson, who has been state La w Practice Ban Proposed by Stanley although the law requires listing total cost of $3,257.96 which will contract. Hardon’s also bid on only those of more than $100. include carpeting of the music, the tile job. —    room    in    the Tama primary i    The board accepted the bid of building, the library at Montour, Kubias Hardware of Cedar the first grade room at Chelsea, < Rapids for $3,135.43 for replace-a classroom at Tama primary,; ment of seven doors at buildings Dave Stanley i R-Muscatme). and two first grade roofns at the in Tama, Montour, Chelsea and candidate for U.S. senate for Toledo primary building. Har-( South Tama high school, all out-Iowa, has proposed a federal don’s Tama, and Reinbrecht’s1 side doors. Kubias’ low bid of law to prohibit U.S. senators and Furniture, Tama, were other $151 for kickplates was also ac-congressmen from having priv- bidders.    cepted. ate law practices. He spoke to The bid of Dealers Warehouse    Low bids of Cessford Con struction Co., Le Grand, were accepted for asphaltic concrete surfacing at three places, including a bid of $5,277.25 for the Cresco Man Hurt in Decorah Area Crash DECORAH — Allan Anderson, era! years, notified the board |ments’ was Passcd 42'2 Wednes- 22, of Cresco, was in fair condi-that for the next year he will j “ay* run his buses as usual. Hill, who has had the contract T^e    returns    to thej with the school district for sev-!^ous,e or actlon on amend- * * * However, after that he intends to eliminate one bus route per year until he has phased out his operation completely. The school district will then operate all of its own buses. The district has been operating about 22 buses each year. Small Estates A bill to make it easier to i settle small estates was approved 47-0 by the senate ! Wednesday. The measure returns to the I house for action on amend-I ments. J tion at the Winneshiek County Memorial hospital after a one-car accident early Thursday morning. Anderson suffered severe neck injuries after a car driven by Annon Anderson, 19, Cresco, hit a patch of ice and rolled over, landing on its wheels on the left hand side of the road. According to the Winneshiek The bill sets guidelines for county sheriff the accident hap- an “Iowans for Stanley" coffee Co,, Newton, for $8,252    was ac- meeting Wednesday evening at cepted for window replacement Ottumwa.    [on the middle floor of the Tama 0      f________,    ,y “No person can serve ;wo Primary' building. Devac of    eluding a bid of $5,277.25 for the    Hill has furnished his own    handling    estates of    less    than    pened    at    2:15    a m.    on    a    county masters," Stanley said. “A U.S. Minneapolis also bid on the win-playground at Chelsea elemen-    buses and his own drivers for    $10,000    when    the only    benefi-    pavement    a    mile    and    a    half senator is paid a generous full- dow job.    tary    school, $298.90 for over the bis contracted routes. He will be    claries are a spouse or children.(north of Ridgeway. The Ander- time salary' and should devote    (. ^    .    coal    chute 'area at the Tama out the school transportation    The bill also lets an administra- son vehicle was a total loss. full time to his job."    er ,s    Primary school to stop a leak. agreement in six years by this tor of a small estate to agree to No charges were filed. Stanley, a lwayer, made a For lighting and outlets, the and 5530 to surface an area at plan of route elimination, public commitment last January! low bid of Hardon’s, Tama, for i the bus barn in Toledo where a The board, in another matter, | that if elected as U S senator, J $2,730 to include installation in    gas tan|( was replaced. Total    a c c e P t c d the resignation of he will withdraw from his law the Montour elementary, Tamaiamount is $6 2o6 15.    Dorothea Van Tiger, a junior: firm and will not have any con-i intermediate and junior    high in    ’    high    science teacher,    in    accor-i nection with any law practice. ! Toledo was accepted.    R. 0.    Bai    Contract    dance    with its    retirement    age Stanley reported that at least Thomas,    Tama,    was    awarded,    In    other business, the direc-,policy. hour so ifs hard for him to f»re marshal for ten years, has ___been an active member of the . ,    International Association of Cedar Rapids Rites Arson Investigators for fifteen Set for J. Sedlacek years serving on numerous  ______    M    committees and holding several SOLON — John Sedlacek, 99,L    nffjrP<. of route 4. Solon, dted Wednes-    jj,e    association    includes    a|> day afternoon after a long ill-    proximately    2,000    members ness. A retired farmer, he was fretn aj| fifty states, Canada born March 2, 1875, near Swish- and fifteen other foreign na-er and farmed in that vicinity most of his life.    |___ His wife, the former Mary Ka-dera, died Dec. 23,1954. Surviving are two daughters, Agnes Machacek and Mary Smyth, both of rural Solon; three grandchildren and    ll great-grandchildren, and    a sister, Blanche Becicka of Iowa City. Services: Brosh chapel    in Cedar Rapids 10:30 a m. Saturday by the Rev. Leonard Sho-waiter. Burial: Anderson cemetery near Swisher. Friends may call at the chapel Friday. GAZETTE TELEPHONE NUMBERS For Ntwv Sports, lookkoopmg, Control Infor motion ond Offices Not Listed Solo* (oil ................ 391-1711 Circulotion-Subscription Dept .    398    8333 Mon. thru Sot. I n m. to J p m. Sundogs Until 12 Noon Holidoys ll o.m.to7p.m. Wont Ads    .............191    87341 Mon. thru Fri. I o.m. to 5 p.m. Soturdoy until 12 Noon Oisploy Advertising    .    ....    398 8222 8 a rn. to S pm. Morton Office    398    8430 a \\l ED! Trent™ NEW 1974 ® SOLID-STATE 23” GIANT SCREEN CONSOLES DIAGONAL The MARACAIBO«E4549 Mediterranean styled full base console with casters. Chromatic One-button Tuning. Power Sentry System. 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