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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 21, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 2 The (friar Rapids Gazette: Thuro., Mar. 21. 1974 Kane To Seek Re-election As County Recorder E. F. “Pat0 Kane, Airport Unit Okays New Study Plans I The Linn-Johnson counties re-Linn g i o ii a I airport commission Rep. McCormick Storms id South —-Democrats— Seeks Re-election a an f.    rrom p.* ..> In 18th District    ■    WCC! Ilia mittee for the Re-Election of a By Assoc iated Press    Democratic    Congress,    a    quasi- DKS MOINES — State Hep. _____ A.....j .......  __    official    fund-raising    group    head-    |)r0|rrtl0ll    a(,( He says it has no provision for Car Crashes Through public financing of congressional races. “Here’s Your Chance” Harold McCormick (D - M a Ilchester ) announced Thurs- Four deaths and more than 50 injuries were reported county recorder, announced Wednesday afternoon approved day he wil! br a candidate forjbnmght g Thursday he is a candidate for revised plans for a regional air- re'elec,ion ,0 a fourth ,crm on Bridge, Driver Unhurt QUASQUETON .Steven Kirby.    20, of    Quasqueton, es- Iii fait,    it    is    ail    incumbents    injury    early    Thursday ari .    D,.K,.P#    C,ralicc    „.Urt    I atar    "    ClCVCI Iv dC-^^    ^ car    nm Qff    ;| |)li(lgt' id by    Robirt    Strauss,    who    lat    signed to    increase    the advan    an(j tages of those already in office.” the bridge about four miles northwest of Quasqueton The buchanan county sheriff’s office charged Kirby with failure lo have his vehicle under control and violation of registration plate the Democratic nomination for port study, re-election to that post.    The    study    will define a region In announcing that he is seek- and establish criteria for devel-mg his third term as recorder opment of a regional airport system. The commission initially ap-, proved plans for the study last! August. However, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) I recommended costs of the plan • be reduced in all phases. Robert E. F. Kane Rep. Harold McCormick Thursday as a squall |inc.became party chairman. severe thunderstorms    Milk Group Wing and high winds    across the    The    Strauss committee    was    The    ad    referred to tonight’s Southeast.    listed    as having raised $376,507, Democratic fund-raising dinner The winds smashed and flat for house candidates and tened mobile homes, lifted roof- $260,lB02 for senatorial hopefuls tops, felled radio station    towers    under    the party banner. and toppled trees    and    power    The    largest giver among    busi-L    '    cmai].*jme special in- lines    a"d    Passional ranks was ^ sc„d a sin>(, Citizens reported sighting tor- I • ?mi Dn' i Thorough|sentative and pay $500 for the , ni epoi lea sigmmg ui Agricultural Political Education, nriviippi, R;p sni'rial intpr-nadoes. but the National Weath- (h    winP <lf thf> a puvilcgc. Big-time special mter- er Service was unable to con- • j mu, j    i    jests will take a table for IO at Ll oci vice Wda uiiauic IO tun S0CIated M||k probers Inc. Len™., firm that twisters rather than 1( gave $87 500 f0r l)<.mociatic $5 00°' _    __ It said “If you’ve been hankering to meet the special interests, here s your chance. They’ll all anded upside down in a creek.    Today’s budding musicians Authorities raid Kirby was a|1(, |ookmf. for ^xul used musi-reaching for a cigaret he had Lal instruments, Why not scil dropped when (he car went oil yours with a want ad? —Princess' iHilgenberg, committee exec* the Deinocratic ticket (rom the gusting winds were responsible house campaig„ers and $72.0(K) e director of the Johnson 18 hdw.net.    “>*    damage. In one city Tor senators! candidates. county regional planning com- McCormick, 63, is a furniture Columbus, Ga., the winds were mission, reported.    store owner-operator.    up    to    IOO    miles    per hour.    biggest    labor    union    gifts    , Costs Of tho Olm have heen1 He is the ranking Democratic nnmaDP ,.prvirtpH hpav !came from the nat,onaI AFL-shattering the front and rear vears’ exncrience in countv poi- 1 V‘    member of the house state gov- ■ Dan]agt v'as 1 cP°r,ed heavf CIO Committee on Political Edu- windows of the limousine. Boa- >ears_ _c.xpc.r.**ntf ,n ‘oun!> 8?'-,reduced from $62,000 to *,7.197.    of    pilous.estate go',|es( along lhe ,eadlng edge ^ ^ more    |ried    t0    fjrc ba(.k, hut his Kane said he believes his ten eminent will be beneficial in his with most of the cut coming in ernrn®n* committee and is a une jn jj0Ujsjanat iviissis continuing to provide the publiciconsultant fees, he said. with efficient and courteous ser vice. Kane, 47. of 910 Blairs Ferry road. Marion, and his wife, Roseila, have four children. Elizabeth, Daniel. Kevin and Hence. The federal government will cover two thirds of the cost with the Johnson county planning commission providing one-third of the remainder ($6,355) and the Linn county regional planning commission providing the other two-thirds of the remainder i$12.7ll). Work on the study member of the house ways-j    a    I    a    bi    mi    \vi    t h"lesser *43’000 U> Democratic congres- means and commerce commit- PP Alabama.    itn'lesser    candidates. mean, and <ommrree comm,. aamage,nGe0rg,aand Tonne,-1 Common Causc has been ac. His 18th district embraces sf>e / '.''j    f've    'n    electoral reform    and is a part of Fayette, Clayton. Du- rep°!('d    8    an    chief    advocate of public financ- huque and Delaware counties. •Nor,h and S°u,h ta,ollna- ing for federal elections ___More    than 50 injuries, none ll    7*1    Ok ' L    serious,    were reported in the Man,    Iii    otriCKen    various    states. In House Gallery A Natchitoches. Fred Cutler, 69. La. man, He is a native Iowan and was educated in Iowa public schools. After serving in the U.S. navy in ,        ~    . World war II he attended Iowa bv R Dickson Speas. Inc., director of the Iowa Soil tclfrom ‘he sforms. authorities Slate Teachers college and Coe hthassez, N.\., and the John- _    .    ...    ,    said. Hays Rapped It was a Common Cause lawsuit that forced President Nix- suffered a ons re-election committee to gun jammed. The man also shot Constable Michael Hills, on foot patrol nearby, and Journalist Brian McConnell when they tried to intervene. Hills managed to get off a warning on his walkie-talkie before he collapsed. Anne, her lady-in-waiting. will be des MOINES (AP)—A for- heart attack as he sought shel- disclose the sources of his early:Rowena Brassey, and (apt. campaign receipts, including Phillips, stayed in the back of money that figured in the Wa- the limousine until more police committee suf- college.    s^n    and    [aan    coun,v    'egional    ((insolation ....    ^    building    collapsed    near Kane is a member of St. Jo- PlannlnK s,afts'    fcred * hcarl at,ack rhursday Zwolle. I.a . felling a man iden- sc ph’s Catholic church in Hilgenberg said FAA approv- in the gallery of the Iowa ,ifjed on|y as chubby McFer-Marion. He has been a Marion a* rcv*sed study is expect- house.    inn, in his 50s. resident since 1956. He is a member of the Anteri tergate scandal.    arrived to    rescue    them. One However, Common Cause con-    eyewitness    said    the    gunman tends it is Democratic leader-    (Continued from Page I.) ship in congress, particularly    shook the    door    in    a    vain at- Chairman Wayne Hays (Ohio)    tempt to get in. the study itself expected to takeiMoine,. was reported in critical officers ,aid Ed Brock, about|of ,h* house administration    “They were very brave    " can Legion. Knight, of Colum- «> '*"0».hs.    condition    a,    Dc., Moines Gene, 36. of Commerce was hit by a —    ®    Up    "tk'hTd hifarm^“areunf h r bus and is president of the Do11 Gardner. Cedar Rapids al hospital where he was under- car and killed in early morning    .    . ...    .    .    ■    *    .. Marion Independent AFS airport commission chairman, going emergency treatment. darkness as he directed traffic .    *01sl®ni lcaa “‘PP01’    „    e,y    pro    ec    ive chapter.    said    a    regional    airport authority Mendell was discovered in the around downed telephone lines.    rntn?IeSw!tornafnce    H    Sfnu itv may never become reality, but gallery by Rep William Grif- A 21-year-old Montezuma,    " "r*    J or,nQ,oc e as sc ie ne >ears as S(U(jv WOuld still provide in fee (D-Nashual.    Ga., woman apparently was house by a member of the Iowa State Recorders Assn. legislative committee and is in his second year on the bourd of directors of the International Assn. of Clerks, Recorders, Election Officials and Treasurers. He is an alternate director of the IPERS Improvement Assn. ed in four to five weeks, with Frank Mendell, 72, Des Banks county, Ga., sheriff’s sort of prevent    future    W'atergates    is    Security    around    Princess j (’■)    woman    aDDarentlv    was    camPa'Sn ^nance reform.”    the    Anne    and    others    in    the royal formation for decisions on arca Mended was treated at the crushed    to    death    when    high    £ said.    "Why    ha, the house Stanley winds blew her mobile home 20 Democratic leadership permit-j relaxed to recent years as they airport needs State Dr. ,    ii i j i i ii i i . it ‘i c a »• tn i i ted Chairman Wavne Hays to have tried to project a more I he revised study already has Haugland, Uke Mills who was lect off its lounda loin officials    „    f 5 mon|hs m presonting folksy    image lo the British pub- approva! from the Linn county assigned as the doctor of the said> She was identified as Ber- ■ ^    “nanre    reform    *'c- legislation9 regional planning commission day for the capitol tha Yoder Brennan. and the Johnson county regional Dr. Haugland was assisted      —    “After    15    months    of    stall    I    Mr.    Serviceman:    Advertise planning commission re- by Dr. Donald Oldie. Oelwein, It s easy, it s fun. it s mexpen-    says    he's    W    service    today to our more approved the plan Wednesday who had been visiting the (egis- rive iFsi rest.Itful . . . ifs Cia- ^    -    „    jthan    a    quarter    million    readers. night, providing the go-ahead lature.    zette    want    ads. for the final FAA application for Kane has served eight years federal funds, on the Linn County Democratic___ Central Committee and has . . completed three years as pres- Linn U6mOCr0rS idcnt of the Marion Democratic club. When you know it's for keeps, choose a Keepsake diamond ring to symbolize your love forever. A perter t, fine white diamond precisely cut, with permanent registration and loss protection. There is no finer diamond ring. Diamonds from MOO Tridr Mtrk $ Open Tonight (Thurs.) ’til 9 p.m. Eastern Iowa s Headquarters for Keepsake Diamonds SMULEKOFF’S Jewelry Dept. Main Floor Prices- Set Platform Committee Meet The Linn county Democratic (Continued from Page I.)    party p(,at7form c0™™"ee    will) store food prices are “most like- me^    P    ™    Tbur-da>'    t0 ly” to rise 12 percent this year st"dy rcsu,tsu of an op,n,on P011 still is sound. In 1973. food store en at re(i5.nf prec,nct prices jumped 16 percent, ac- ca^cuses 0,J some issues, cording to the USA method of Democrats were askied to averaging them over an entire mar^ e top *ssues. The final 12-montb span.    tabulations of the    poll are    the Butz told reporters that    he    sar”e as reported    in The    Ga- believed most of the 1974 food    ze!!5 ^und*y- price rise already has occurred ,    € top issue as reflected by In its report on workers earn- P° . comPlehon of ings, the labor department said    impeachment    proceed- the average weekly earnings of 'n”s p>res*den^ Nixon. a married worker with three ^b e P^Morm committee dependents was $147.10 in Feb- mectln8 »s open to the public. It ’ ruary, compared with $139.10 a ,s bcin8 held at the Joint County year earlier. But because of the ^c’h°ol building. 4401 Sixth I Vmi rn iff lit Ii Lr In L mnr I Intl... we are the only locally-■'owned, independent Optical Dispensary in the Cedar Rapids area. Now in the New IE Tower BODE OPTICAL DISPENSARY Open Daily 8:30 'til 5:00 . . . Wed. A Sat. 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