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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 14, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Th* Cedar Rapids Gazette: Thurs., Mar. 14, 1974 Cold, Dark Nights End for Marine Vet LISBON, Conn., (AP) upland not have to get in my truck Bornan Buffin is crawling be-| and drive to a pay phone.” tween warm, clean sheets at bedtime for the first time since Sept. 18. “It feels so wonderful. Clean sheets. Warmth. And I don’t have to grope around in the dark with a flashlight anymore,” the disabled marine veteran said Wednesday. His cold, dark winter ended when dozens of persons across the country sent money to help him out of financial troubles. Buffin has only 30 percent use,. ,    #    ...    .    _    , of his legs because of back:to keep my faith rn God. really strain incurred over a period of    f*    ™e a    e time during World war II. While he wus without heat, Buffin slept on a couch in the living room, in front of the fireplace. He used an outdoor privy and drew water from a well. Stories of his trouble prompted letters from as far away as California. “I just can’t thank these people enough. The ones who are spiritually minded, who told me ceived some orders for organic fertilizer. “My financial worries aren’t over yet, but at least I have peace of mind because of all the people who wrote and told me to keep my faith in God,” Buffin said. “This is what people are doing out of the good of their hearts.” -Oar#tte Photo by L. W Ward Magical Moment at Mercy Flame leaped from the fingertips of Abou Hasan, “close-up style" magician, during an appearance Wednesday at Hallmar and Mercy hospital. Riveting their attention to the pyrotechnics were Associate Mercy Administrator Bernard Gra-hek, and Sister Danielita, a patient-visitor at the hospital. U.S. Denies New Planes Break Pact SAIGON (AP) — American officials deny that the delivery of four advanced fightcr-bombers to South Vietnam violates the Vietnam peace agreement prohibiting the introduc tion of new types of arms into Tfoa air base near Saigon, the the country. The Viet Cong have charged that supplying the F-5E to the South Vietnamese air force violates the provision of the January 1973 agreement permitting replacement of arms, munitions and war supplies only on a piece-by-piece basis with material “of the same characteristics and properties.” The Communists claim the new plane, a replacement for the F-5A fighter-bomber, outperforms the F-5A in range, bomb load, radar and bomb guidance systems. Four F-5Es arrived Wednesday at the Bien The official said he couldn’t tell how many F-5Es “are in the pipeline” for South Vietnam, but some reports have said 150 will be delivered in the next two years. South Vietnamese command said. A U. S. Embassy spokesman conceded that the F-5E is “faster and more maneuverable” than the F-5A. “But the F-5As are not available any more,” he said. “The F-5Es are still basically the same aircraft. We do not consider this a violation of the ceasefire.” Officials Blame Wiring For Fire Fatal to 179 SAO PAULO, Brazil (AP) -A police report blames an unsafe electrical system for the Feb. I bank fire in which 179 Panel Head Sees Amnesty Delay WASHINGTON (AP) - The chairman of congress’ first in quiry on th© subject says he doubts amnesty for Vietnam war deserters and draft evaders will be enacted this year. “These three days of hearings have shown grave differences over the issue,” Rep. Robert Kastenmeier (D-Wis.) said in an interview. “I just don’t think we’re close to resolving it that’s all.” Kastenmeier said he does not He went broke trying to mali© and sell organic fertilizer, and last Sept. 18, the Connecticut Light and Power Co. cut electricity to his five-room, all-electric house because he couldn’t pay the $387 bill. But with donations from strangers he made a payment on the bill and power was restored Feb. 25. An anonymous Samaritan also paid his $137 phone bill. “The experience has really taught me a lot,” said Buffin. ‘It really makes me appreciate persons died. Investigators said the fire began in the wiring for I think it is likely that his house seven ceiling lamps and five judiciary subcommittee will put window air conditioners on the out a bill this year and said twelfth floor of the 25-story Cre-1 there has been no movement in fksul Bank building.    |    the senate on the issue. Sherwin-Williams helps you do it all wishers, those who said they felt sorry for what I was going through, really helped me. I don’t know if I could have gone through it without them,” said! Buffin, who lives alone. After subsisting most of the winter on a $77 monthly government disability pension, j Buffin received his first social security check last month but declined to disclose the amount. He says he cannot hold a steady job because of twice-weekly trips to a veterans hospital at Newington for treatments. But with spring on its way, OFFICE SPACE WANTED U.S. GOVT is conducting a market survey to determine the availability, with occupancy on or about December I, 1974, of an approximate total of 11,600 net usable square feet of air conditioned, fully serviced office space, together with off-street parking for a total of at least IO vehicles, within the city limits of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, or separate blocks of 7,390 square feet and 4,310 square feet of space, together with at least 5 off-street parking space with each separate block. Elevator service will be required for any space located above street level. Persons interested in offering space meeting this requirement should contact us in writing by March 37, 1974. Please furnish telephone number. GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION Public Buildings Service Space Management D iv., 8 PR A 1500 East Bannister Rood Kansas City, Missouri 64131 what it’s like to have a phone Buffin says he already has re- OPEN SUNDAYS & ’TIL 9 EVE’S am« OOO' R IN ll 1974 is THE YEAR TO GROW A GARDEN. With th* steadily rising food costs, a home garden is an ideal way to beat some of this increase. Also fresh home-grown vegetables taste much better then store-bought vegetables. You really don’t need a lot of space for a garden. (A 10x 16-foot minigarden can produce about $125 at retail costs, where as a 15x25 foot garden should produce over $350 worth of vegetables. Even if you are an aprartment dweller, many plants can be grown in containers. Regardless of the size of garden, a few dollars worth of seed, fertilizers and other gardening aids will produce a tasty bounty of produce that is well worth the time and money. 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