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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 14, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa JQ The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Thurs., Mar. 14. 1974 For Better Health Establishing Social Position Is One of Child's Problems By Dr. S.L. Andelman You might say making friends and influencing people is one of a young child’s main concerns, according to two University of Chicago researchers. They say one of the biggest problems facing the child is establishing and maintaining a position in the social structure of the school. Donald Omark and Murray Edelman of the Univer- -sity of Chicago’s Early Education Research center find a youngster goes about finding a Dr. S. L. Andelman class, private school children I between 4 and 8 showed human youngsters’ background behavior closely resembled that o! many other primate juveniles and was relatively “culture free” as well, as compared to the activities of Swiss and Ethio pian children As the youngsters struggled to achieve comfortable footing in “Of greatest importance in the group, certain differences this process of moving toward became apparent between boys p^Tin‘the pecr-group pecking others is for a child to maintain and girls’ behavior, order much the same way, no a high feeling of self-esteem ^°>'s playcd aggressively in matter where he lives, and in until his position within his so- lar£e groups, while girls talked much the same manner as cial world is fairly secure,” the *n groups of two or three; how young baboons, rhesus monkeys researchers report.    over, the size of the group in- and other nonhuman primates. Their studv of    450    middle-    creased for    both sexes as they ________ grew' older.    While boys general ^    ..    XA/    L    J. L ,y played with 1)0X8 and girls Canney Questions    Whej*-* '“X?’,? Gas Shortage Is Reality ^    -    u    i    i* w *    j    Girls maintained closer contact Mayor Don Carney, who has (UK. a chanco to compare and wj|h ad(||t supervisors ^ been on both coasts within the appreciate what progics>s we , though last two weeks battling to insure^ made’’ Roinis toId the > ’ g ,    .4    Realtors. adequate gasoline for city serv- He pointed out that Pioneer,, , ices, Wednesday questioned the village, started at Seminole Val- drei} flght less and 8enerally reality of a gasoline shortage, ley park, attracted more than don 1 form s0cial sutures, the Irishman Loses St. Pat's Vote supervisors boys, though adult contact declined for both sexes with age. At nursery school age, chil- researchers found. Asked who’s ley park, “There seems to be no appre- i 6,000 persons last year, com-,    , ciable gas shortage outside of pared with only about 400 the vvho in thcir gI oup* preschoolers the metropolitan areas,” Mayor! first year.    gave extremely self-centered Canney told the Cedar Rapids “Can you imagine what it j resf*?m,e3' "st a>s p'ac' Board of Realtors.    would bring if we had a real >»g themselves first or second rn He pointed out, too, that Ce- center?” Reinis asked. He said an- ierarc y dar Rapids finally received as- a search is on to find an old By Brat and second glade, surances Wednesday it would 1800 combination post office and kids perceive that a pecking receive adequate gasoline. store for Seminole, together order exists and are concerned The mayor contended gasoline with a fire house.    with reporting “the correct hier- supplies are, in fact, available Conceding that a “cloud has archy By third grade, howev-and that the current conditions been hanging over the law en- er» “the child may have become are the result of oil company forcement situation’’ in Cedar aware that he or she is making, action.    Rapids, Safety Commissioner hierarchy ('n the process of “The oil depletion allowance James Steinbeck cited as one of reporting it) and could put peo-was decreased last year and his primary’ responsibilities “to Pl® anywhere he or she might that’s when it all started,” the see that there is a continuing wish mayor said.    upswing” until the public knows    - “I’m not talking against free it has what it wants — an ef- Prs val Flush Hits enterprise,” the mayor told the fective police department.    / HARRISBURG, Pa. (UPI)--When the Pennsylvania house defeated for a second time a bill by Rep. Patrick McGinnis to let bars open if St. Patrick’s day falls on a Sunday, the good Irishman gave up his fight. Despite McGinnis’ plea and invocation of the name of Ireland’s natron saint, his bill was defeated Monday by a 94-92 vote. “It only falls on Sunday once every seven years,” McGinnis told his colleagues. “I can’t understand why you fellows want to vote against it. “Besides, it just happens to be my birthday,” he added green cane into the house chambers last week in a bid to drum up support for his bill. who pled guilty iii tile initial Watergate breakin case, denied Uie Helms accusation. t» YEARS AGO The Cyprus crisis eased after the Security Council met Turkey s invasion threat with a hands-off warning and Canada sped a peacekeeping vanguard toward the island. Cites Breakin Agent’s Criminal Involvement WASHINGTON (AP)-Former Central Intelligence Agency Director Richard Helms says the CIA broke oft contact with Watergate burglar Barnard Barker in the mid-1960s after “we found out he was involved in certain gambling and criminal elements.” Helm, now U.S. ambassador to Iran, referred to Barker in secret testimony before the senate foreign relations committee. The Montgomery county Re- The testimony was made public publican had worn a plastic Sunday, green hat and carried a kelly i Barker, one of seven men ST. PATRICK’S DAY Sunday, March 17 A Day for Shamrocks and Good Luck! Shamrock Plants Irish Corsages and Boutonnieres Top Hats filled with Shamrocks A Special Green Garden in Glass filled with top hats and a little bit of luck    $4.95 Weekend Special Mixed Bouquet .. $1.98 “We send flowers anywhere" I PLOWER A GARDEN SHOP I 393-5565 5008 CENTER PT. RD. NE Another Colorful Sign of SPRING at... 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Eight of the ticket and pay the fine,” Stein- hara hotel Casino Tuesday largest coal companies are beck said.    night, but he wasn’t the only owned by the seven largest oil Public Improvements Commis- one ^ fellow player. Joe Esposi-companies.    sioner Richard Phillips reported    to of Las Vegas d’rew a roya] “The gasoline and diesel fuel that    major projects for this    fjush |n cjubs distribution is being controlled summer include widening Sixth ..    ..    .    .    ., lock, stock and barrel by the oil street SW from Eighth to First Mathematicians and gamble s companies,” Mayor Canney avenues, completing the Mt. w,/? study. su^h [J111188 say 1 0 said. He charged that, in reality, Vernon road project, completing odds ,)f being dcalt a ™yal^ the regulatory agencies involved the first two phases of the Vin- in a Pok£r Same are M9,765-to-i are, by and large, controlled by ton ditch project and continu- ^ut there are figures 9° the oii industry.    .    mg the Kenwood drainage proj- odds *vv,° P!ayers in the *    *    *    Ppf    same    game    both drawing a oni royal flush. V) D o X in < IAI rn D o X in < 3600-3800 IST. AVE. SE TOWN A COUNTRY SHOPPING CENTER ON IST AVENUE - BEHIND BASKINROBBINS rn- Toum k Coimtrv SMOKING Cl MTU ■ 4DAYSONLY > in X o c in Other councilmen addressing the Cedar Rapids Board of Real- Both probably wished they the regulatory agencies involved!the first two phases of the Vin ditch project and continuing the Kenwood drainage proj-ieet. “Work also will continue the water pollution control fa-    . tors Wednesday ranged from cilities,” Commissioner Phillips ^iad been *n p tor higher stakes, sharing “an old dream” to out- said. “That has to be a top This was a 10-cent-a-bet table, lining plans under w’ay for 1974 priority for the entire city be- anc* there was only $28 in the action in Cedar Rapids.    cause without it, the city cannot P°t They split it. Parks Commissioner Stan continue to grow.” Reinis described “my old; Reporting that the city is “indream” as a desire to save deed solvent,” Finance Commis-some of the community’s older sioner Hal Schaefer pointed out buildings for the next generation some tax savings, in fact, have and to establish a Pioneer Vil- been made possible through BURNLEY, England (UPI) — lage.    revenue sharing.    A man paid his $96 tax bill by Show Children    Among    the    primary    uses    mailing to authorities enough “We should show our children planned for revenue sharing cloth to make 18 men’s suits, and their children exactly what    funds listed by Schaefer    were Tax officials declined to    iden- our pioneers had, show how they. aid to tha elderly and bandi-    tify him, but said they were regot their education and, there-    capped, storm sewers and    other    turning the excess money    from by, give youngsters of the fu-    capital improvements.    sale of the cloth. 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