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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - March 13, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather— Cloudy throng h Thursday, <• h a n c e of rain Thursday. Lows tonight in .'50s. ll i g |, Thursday near 50. rn in\m CITY FINAL IO CENTS VOLUME 92 - NUMBER 02 CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, MARCU 13, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMESARAB OIL VERDICT AWAITED SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) ~ The fiance of Patricia Hearst admitted Tuesday that there have been family disagreements, on how to meet the ransom demands of the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA), which kid naped the 20-year-old heiress Feb. 4. There have been just “too many opinions,” on what to do. | Steven Weed said, adding that the various propositions came both from inside and outside the family and that this was “stultifying the situation.” Asked whether he would be a substitute hostage, he said: “It all depends on the circumstances. I wouldn’t rule it out.” News Conference In another development, attorneys for two accused SLA assassins were to go into court1 Wednesday to try to get permission for the suspects to deliver a message to the kidnapers on na-, tionwide television. Joseph Remiro, 27. and Russell Little, 26, were accused of killing Oakland School Superintendent Marcus Foster Nov. 6. William Gagin, a defense lawyer, said the gist of the message would be: “The SLA should proceed to release Patty Hearst and not be concerned about the defendants because they feel, through the j judicial process, they will be fairly treated.” Death Penalty Passes First Test in Senate Forecasts Of Tripoli Stand Vary WASHINGTON (AP) — The’ing circumstances, outlined in senate Wednesday rejected an the bill, exist. amendment to take the manda- A decrec of execut>°" would ..ii,    • be mandatory, however, if ag- tory death sentence provisions .•    ,    ,    ,    , .    *    gravating factors also listed in out of a bill to restore capital the bill, and no mitigating cir-punishment under federal law. cumstances, exist.    TRIPOLI,    Libya    (AP) — The 47-41 vote provided the <>ther Amendments Egypt’s leading newspaper pre-first test of strength in the con-    „    n    ,,    .    ......    diets that the Arab oil ministers troversy over the legislation. Senators Kennedy and Philip    Wpdnpsdav    in Trinnli Senator John McClellan (D- Hart ,l>Mlch 1 both opponents    t    'Vtdncbday n Tripoli Ark.), floor manager of the bill,!0 *he bl11’ said they also «nl|: will follow President Sadat s told his colleagues that “if you r amcndments before final lead and end the oil embargo want no death penalty, you S(>naTe action on the lcgishition. against the U. S. Diplomats in should support this amend- Ke!™cdy    on<>    °*    his    the Libyan capital are doubtful. ment m    amendments    would require the registration ?f all handguns and There is also a possibility that Adoption of the amendment. I ,he fensing'cf ,)Wners thus in some of the nations will .ban- ll coir IIIAI ll/t mobo furl hA*»    °    ’    t\r\rI    I Un ArnhnKflA nnH    IiUa he said, would make urther jedj (hc controversia| issuc senate action on the bill an ex- of gunfcconlroI into thc bill. j erase rn tut.lily'because it    amendment, s po n- would permit the discretion rn £orc(j b Kcnm;d and „art imposing thc death penalty that wou|d ]ud(. (hc dt.ath . the supreme court has condemned. don the embargo and some, like Libya, will continue it. The meeting got underway at IO a m. COT. The soviet Union urged the nine oil ministers, in an Arabic Senator Floyd Haskell (D- unharmed remaining Colo.), author of the amend- he was holding. alty if a defendant, after killing ,    ,    .    .    .    .    . one or more persons released language broadl-'ast beamed to one or more persons, released (h(, Middle East to resist and main- No Problem Here Telephoto hostages. „. ® “American pressure ment, disputed this. He said a Kennedy sa*id he believed this tain the fuel judge should have discretion    in    would    give law    enforcement of-    “Progressive    Forces” imposing the death penalty    to    ficers    an indispensable tool with    qbe broadcast said “progres- prevent “terrible injustices.”    which    to save    lives in kidnap-    sive    forces in the    Arab world- “Mechanical Test”    ings,    airplane    hijackings and . , , ,    ,    ,    other crimes involving hostages. Haskell said he feels the death     .__ * Leslie Wood's father may have trouble getting gas for his car but 9-ycar-old Leslie doesn't seem to be having any transportation problems. The Riverside, Ga., boy has trained his dogs, Junior and Rutty, to push him along the sidewalk on a skateboard. Irish: Ulster Is British State Leo B. Sedlacek, C. R. Physician penalty should be retained as a deterrent but could not vote for a bill having “a mechanical test” under which a man could lose his life. McClellan said he would like to provide for some discretion, hut he said that is “the very Report Ford Criticism of Nixon Stance WASHINGTON (UPI) - Vice- | DUBLIN (UPI) — Premierjthe present powersharing Liam Cosgrave said Wednesday rangement. ar- that the Irish Republic recog-1 Gagin said he had met with | njzes Northern Ireland as part some resistance on the television appearance from Dist. Atty. Lowell Jensen and Sheriff Frank Madigan. . Answers Patty However, militant [Protestants George Colley, deputy leader of the Fianna Fail party, for- evil this bill seeks to correct.” ,    ., . ,,    . ,    ..    , The measure is designed to Pf5'*" *ord flue.tamed overcome a 1972 supreme court £'e,slden,1 Nlxon s hand'mB 0 30 Years, Dies,**»«. «l»« ;JU death    a W JS££%Jm'«a+.mfem. The Sues Canal. _    HHS    been    applied    in    too    rsndom    #■    .    i    i    ii/    p    «    t. cedar Rapid* New*—      .    .*, ..    .    a    group    of reporters.    Meetings    scheduled    for    Feb.    14 want the embargo continued until Israel gives up all captured- land and the legitimate rights of the Palestinians are guaranteed. But the radio told its Russian listeners at home that general Arab opinion favors ending the ban. The meeting is thc Arab’s third try to get together on Sadat’s proposal to end the embargo in appreciation for Secretary of State Kissinger’s efforts in getting Israeli forces a manner to be constitutional. Weed s appearance on educational television station KQED and at a news conference came after Miss Hears.t complained in a tape-recorded message that he had not been heard from since just after the abduction. “I don’t have a particle of disagreement with the way she ks handling herself ... I’m very impressed.” Weed. 26, a University of California graduate student. told KQED. He added, “I want to say to her (Patty) we certainly haven't forgotten about her and I can see why she might be somewhat irritated. But I think she and everybody should realize that we’ve been under a lot of tension.” Belie ve Th fee Arrests Wrap Up Boy's Kidnaping MIAMI (AP) - Tips and sharp-eyed agents led to the arrest of three more persons in connection with the kidnaping of an 8-year-old New York boy, the FBI said. The $50,000 ransom still is missing. The three, arrested Tuesday night as they walked along a downtown street, brought to of Britain. ‘‘The factual position of    siaiemeni    irom    Mr. c-os- son or tormer ^resident canion    (jje<j Northern Ireland is that it is grave can in any way alter the De Valera, one of the founding within the United Kingdom and r?public s i /ii rtmAd n a constitution    ...    ___ _____  _____ .claims sovereignty over North-!left the house abruptly.    was    77 tm government accepts this as ern jreiancj ” a statement from “I accept the statement with Initially v dict ti, uiic ui mc luuuuiufc ,    ,    ,, PullmaiJ’    ^    Tuesda-V-    York    Daily    News.    According    to    I,le    embargo    to    continue    until which talliers of Ihe Irish Republic, day *°"owln8 8 bnef 'H"**- He ..Inthenameof God, I ask mv thc reports Ford madc thesejIsrael agrees to pull back on the a fact.” Cosgrave said. Cosgrave’s statement to a crowded parliament was thc first time the government of the! Irish Republic has formally rec-: ognized Northern Ireland as factually being a part of the United Kingdom. Claim Intact His statement still left intact t Ii e republic’s constitutional claim to sovereignty over the whole island which could only be changed by referendum. Cosgrave’s statement climaxed three months of political wrangling among Dublin. London and Belfast over the status of Northern Ireland in which the whole concept of Protestant-Roman Catholic power-sharing in the North was put in jeopardy. Cosgrave told a hushed house j that the present status of North-: ern Ireland could only be changed by consent of its peo-; pie The stains question blew into! a political crisis following the tripartite talks among government delegates from Dublin,; London and Belfast at Sunning-dale. England, last December. At that time Cosgrave issued the loyalist coalition said. colleagues to join me in reject- p0jnts-a general practi^f ta* infirming life, in „e is concermd that the Pres- reservations,” he said. (rejecting vengeance, in affirm- Syrian front. The prediction of success for San Francisco Strike Tightens Grip on City „ Unn Gazette Leased H ires    J    Bement.    He said progress was t    ^    ounLv    Mental SAN FRANCISCO — Striking made on some issues but not on    Ac tioner, Dr.    Sedlacek    later    rc-i*'“Jvvl‘Vft 7 6C”'u’ h"    (dent did not    report    to authori-! Egyptian    president    s    propos- . j ,.    ,    mg redemption,” Hughes plead-    ,•    0    . ..    .. al to    call    off    the    oil    war    came stricter! his practice to psyche- ed    ties a year ago that his aide f h Tri u corresDondcnt trv H,. rVriinstPrf much of hi J ,    John Dean had told him “hush r r,T,    ^    ^rts?onaem try. He dedicated much of    hit    ..Thcre is n0 roiddle    ground.    money„    ^    ^    w Wa. effort to the    problems    of mental    no neutral zone,” he    added,    tergatc    defendants.    According of Al Ahram, the Cairo newspaper that often speaks for the He re health and alcoholism.    “The    choice    is    either    life    or    (0    tbe    p0S{ porcj conceded that    8®vernmen,t1 He was one of the founders of dea^- cd to obstruction of justice. Death Crimes it could be argued this amount-1 P°rtfd ^,.me*ting w^“sday would end the ban on shipments to the U. S. and the Netherlands and thc Citizens!. Hu«hcs sPJkc ,as ,h' began consideration of Refusal by Nixon to give Fie ,    '    .    ..    , senate h„„.„      and    suspend    the    cutbacks    in a bill house judiciary committee ,    . f ®fn P^ncisco municipal cm"! the "basic issue" of”pay!”Another I    on    Alcohollsm    and    i    *a(h    P^naUyl^P^J1    ta *c^d    that"- set for ployes tightened their paralyz-: meeting was ing grip on the city Wednesday,Wednesday. by blocking transit buses bring-1 A judge ordered the strikers mg commuters across the Bay bacj^ j0 Work Wednesday under dr,dKe-    penalty    of    arrest,    but    the    unions Only a few trans-bay drivers.defied it and Alioto said police for thc AL I ransit Co. took their would not enforce it. Judge buses out of the Oakland yard Clayton Horn then modified his , . Drug Abuse. Born July 28. for treason, where espionage and death occurs — Rapids, he was married to the,m!llc;s    ,    ....    , including murder, political as- (Cont inned: Page 3, Col. 5. ★ ★ ★ salination, kidnaping, ing and others. hijack- when they were instructed by their union not to make the San Francisco run. Thousands of commuters who live in Oakland and other cities east of San Francisco bay were prevented or delayed getting to work. All public transit in San Francisco has been tied up for six days by the city workers’ strike. The new BART subway used bv commuters from the peninsula was halted earlier this week. Early Wednesday Mayor Jo- a declaration that    the    “present    soph    Alioto announced    that    a eight the number of persons    ar-    status” of Northern    Ireland    night-long bargaining    session rested in the case.    i    could only be changed bv con- with the unions brought no sel- FBI agent Kenneth    Whitaker    sent but he did not    specify what said no more arrests    were    ex-    the status was. order, dropping the part about arresting pickets. The union is seeking $16 million a year in pay raises and a dental health plan. The city offered $8.5 million. Refusal of sewage plant personnel who are not on strike to cross union picket lines had resulted in a daily flow of IOO million gallons of raw sewage into San Francisco bay and the Pacific ocean. The state ordered a quarantine of beaches in the area “to prevent a disease outbreak of epidemic proportions.” Three of the four sewage (Continued: Page 3. Col. 4.) a “catalyst” President’s impeachment. On the Dean report of “hush money,” Ford was quoted by the Post as saying: “I think in retrospect it probably would 25 percent and more mat were ordered in hopes otner oil-buying nations would exert effective pressure on the U. S. In a dassie Uberal-conserya- bave bcen better procedure (to;woujd end wdb lan argued that “justice U. S. Efforts Al Ahram said the meeting a communique !!T “gwdtattat'    ^irep?r,-'he    .inforn?aV(m’- if analyzing the effects of the oil (serves no less” than restoration1 was (0jd b|m of the death penalty. He said the “death penalty Dr. Leo Sedlacek peeled but the ransom money had not yet been recovered. Two of the three arrested were Protestant Attack Militant Protestants in the Town Besieged by Millions of Birds identified as former brothers-in- North bitterly attacked the rid law of the kidnaped hoy’s fa- mg coalition of Roman Catholics jber    and Protestants led bv Chiel The three were identified as Minister Brian Faulkner. They' Roberto Emelio Martinez. 37, his I demanded that Faulkner wrest brother Jorge Martinez. 28. and from Cosgrave an admission Jose Antonio Hernandez. 17. all I that Northern Ireland was part Cuban-born residents of New of the United Kingdom. Jersey. They were being held In the recent British general without bond pending arraign election, militant Protestants ment today before a U. S. mag-; opposed to the Sunningdale istrate. “We hope this brings to an (Continued: Page 3. Col 5.) Today's Chuckle The worst thing about living in a mobile home is that there’s no place to put anything except where it belongs. Copyriqhf 9 agreement swept all hut one of Northern Ireland’s 12 seats in the British parliament After his overwhelming defeat at the polls. Faulkner served Cosgrave with an ultimatum that unless he agreed to accept the North as part of the United Kingdom the Northern coalition would not ratify the Sunningdale j agreement This would have j meant a virtual end to the pro-! posed Council of Ireland and to GR ACEH AM. Md (UPI) -Just before sunset for the last several months, the skies have blackened and erupted (Photo on Picture Pogo) in a chorus of sharp, shrill whistles as besieged townsfolk braced for another attack. Tile aggressors are birds a massive and rapidly-growing flock of starlings, grackles and blackbirds whose number is now estimated by health officials at more than It) million ‘Its unbelievable, its frightening, but it’s for real,” said Clare Myers, whose home adjoins the 60 acre pine forest where the menacing fowl roost. “Our dog Herman shakes when they fly by,” she said. “They go into his doghouse, chase him out and eat his food.** In addition, the birds scare dairy herds, destroy entire cornfields and have become a potential health hazard to this community of 400. The birds have chased cattle from their troughs and divcbombed barns, ripping open seed hags and eating the contents On rainy days, millions of birds can be seen swarming beneath rooftops and onto porches to the dismay of housewives and children. “No. the birds haven't attacked anyone and we don’t think they will,” said Paul Beale of the county health department. “But they sure do leave their mark on rooftops and cars.” Bird droppings in some sections of town are more than two inches deep. The owner of the land the birds use for nesting is Edgar Einrich, who is just as troubled as his fellow townspeople. “We used to have beautiful song birds iii the yard. Pheasants walked along the edges of the lawn. It was a common sight to see five or six rabbits when you drove at night. “Now you don’t see any wildlife but the birds. I think they’ve driven everything out,” lie said. The birds began moving perfectly clear that was what weapon anti explaining the deci-1 think I would sjon shelve it. It said the con-have. yes.    ference would recognize the U. . • rililnrbjifnl,,riminQ, Watergate conspirator James s government’s efforts to re- £ I, ,,st,.rn . rrnnh J McCord haS chilrs''d a let,cr solve the Middle Hast eonllicl “ "lf .1"    10 ,hc h0USC 01 rePrescntatlves and would be within the frame- restively the eur-intriusing (bat Njxon should be impeached wor^ 0r th,, Arabs’ “policy of tide oi violent crimes — crimes for obstruction of justice for: flexibilitv ” 01 HCrr0r r»!hat ?r?fte,ht0 Cn‘ failinS t0 report the informa- Diplomats in Tripoli indicated gulf our nation and if the eon- tion The Post quoted Ford as tha(‘ despite Sadat's strung fidence of the American people conceding that could he argued pressure on the other Arab gov- in our system of justice is to be 5ut that there were also “good ernments, they might not go restored.    |cgal questions” favoring the aiong with him. And the Libyan Hughes was joined by Sens^ President.    government radio on the eve of Edward Kennedy ID-Mass.) and presidential counsel James the conference loosed a new Vance Hartke (D-Ind.) and a st C|air has said Nixon was b|ast at the U. S., saying: Republican, Jacob Javits, under no obligation to report the “The conference comes at a rn , rn    "“(m    10    la»    HiJ Stan ti tob wTu I.«' Ihe death penalty could not forcement officials since he is ptTiencing more plots and chal-bt imposed if specific mitiest- highest Isw enforcement of*- longes from thc Zionist enemy fieial in the land. St. Clair said Nixon launched an investigation and that was enough. Ford generally supported tin* President in the private meeting. the accounts said. He did so; even more strongly in a public meeting Tuesday with a group the Cuban Communist party «n-of high school students. He said lral committee, died Monday. he did not believe Nixon would be impeached because there; was no evidence “at the mo-' ment” to warrant such action into the area, seven miles from the presidential retreat Camp David, last fall. No one knows why they came, but they do not seem in any hurry to leave. People are afraid that, if the birds do not leave, the residents will bo driven off. And IsTdeli-Syridn (Continued: Page 3, Col. 5.) Cuban Leader Dies MIAMI (AP) — lza/aro Pena, 62, head of the Cuban Labor Confederation and a member of Today's Index health officials fear the droppings may trigger an outbreak of histoplasmosis, a lung disease. “We could possibly spray the field with poison, but that might kill off all the birds and set off an insect explosion,” Beale said. Residents have taken to firing volleys of shotgun pellets, Comics Crossword Daily Record Artillery Duel '    Editorial    Features Farm ............. Bv United Prest Ii lernalionel Israeli and Syrian artillery battl(“d along the muddy Golan Heights for nearly three hours Wednesday in the second con seeutive day of fighting there Financial Marion Movies Society Sports Damascus said Syrian artil-, I lory fire killed a number of Is- “****. Iraeli soldiers and destroyed! U’levision producing no noticeable re- military equipment Israel said Want Ads duction in the bird population, it suffered no casualties HD bl) .    . 3A 3A .... HA 3B  71) .... bit 4C BIB ITB , I DM I . 1C-3C ... UC ID-LII)• & ;

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