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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 22, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Sat., June 22. 1974 '    ••    v    •    -)    v      •    ttV? NATOMA* WI Atm* ii* Vie I 10*1 CAST Jo /AM III A - J*-A*  nr ................ * Second Storm Hits t* I T ,    |. Lj    *    t    r\ Seeks To Modify More Outages, Trees Down Court's Order un WI ATMI* lOtOCAM * •. Widespread showers and thunderstorms are expected Saturday night from northern Texas northeastward through Oklahoma, the Tennessee valley and into Virginia, Maryland and Delaware. Clear to partly cloudy elsewhere. By Bill Lavalette For the second day in a row, a storm accompanied by gusts of wind up to 30 miles per hour hit Eastern Iowa early Saturday causing power outages in northeast Cedar Rapids, rural areas of Marion, Springville, Whittier, Viola, Steno City and Central City. Hardest hit by outages was an area in Cedar Rapids roughly bounded by First avenue and E avenues on the south and north boun d a r i e s and Eighteenth street and Center Point road on the east and west boundaries, according to Harold Bern, superintendent, electric operations, Eastern region, Iowa Electric Light and Power Co. Cedar Rapids caused by tho; DAVENI*ORT A motion storm which hit after 4:30 a m      ,,    , Police reported two personsj"as 1    *•'    111 ‘(0 were trapped for several min-! county district court seeking utes in their car after a power modification of the court’s .lune iurv line fell on it.    ’n The driver of the car told police he was driving in the HH) block of Park court SE when he heard sparking sounds and noticed the wire leading over the top of the car. He stopped, turned the engine off and waited. A police squad happened upon the car a few-minutes Seed Oats Jury: Pair Guilty of 101 Counts By Tom Fruehling A Cedar Rapids federal court of seven men and able to collect almost $ I OO,(KH) before “pulling the plug on the flV(l operation and going off into the night. order concerning the appeal women Friday night found the |^e c)ainied that “not one per-of the Iowa commerce commis-1 two defendants in ta sit o * ^ wou|d have bought the seed sion's rate order of proposed j fraud trUl guilty on most of the, a( (h(, Inflated prices" that Ideas and electric rate increases ® count, with which they were ternate sol d ([would be V “ -a E,-|dEi„.„. ca.. rn., -iSyS" Lincoln, Neb.,    Central    Issue trie Co. Specifically the motion filed by the utility asked District Court Judge Max Werling to lame a d o fleer sum =    J™"* * ^ work ..row. who removed .he c»st rate base, average-year work crews who removed the wire. Short Outage Duane Sarby, were charged with 54 felony and ll misdemeanor counts dealing with fraud, City Briefs /    iv    vv    e    are    on Theft Reported — Liftian Ray- novv> he said C. R. Customers Approximately 700 customers in Cedar Rapids were without power for about 45 minutes after 6 a.m. Saturday when a primary line on Fifteenth street NE was downed by a fallen tree, Bern said. Most of the remaining outages I in Cedar Rapids were at individual homes. “We are on scattered calls value in fixing the rate base, and rate of return. These were the issues on A    four-minute    outage    at    6:08    which the court affirmed the a m. hit    parts of    Whittier,    Viola,    commission’s June 21, 1973 rate conspiracy, mail wire fraud, false advertising, interstate shipment of fraudulently obtained goods and violations of federal seed acts. Sarby and Wolf, Kirshen ar cued, saw the farmers as “marks,’’ and took their money for personal gain. “They took the money and ran.” Attorneys for the defendants replied that the central issue, Deliberation    whether    their clients intended to The jury, after seven hours ; defraud people, was not proven Stone City, Central City and order which authorized about 56 deliberation, found Sarby guilty by the government rural area? north, east and percent of the utility’s $7.5 mil-south of Marion. Power was re- lion annual gas and electric rate stored by routing it around the increase request of August, 1971. downed transmission lines, Bern Judge werling’s decision on I Seed BrokerS) the firm Wolf and the utility’s appeal also modi-|Sarbv operatcd, were dropped An estimated 2,800 customers fied the commission's June 21, J for consideration by the jury by in Kalona, Riverside, and Lone 1973 decision, requiring the 'Tree were without power for commission to include in Iowa-parts of the mo r n i n g and I illinois’ rate base a working crews were working at scat- capital allowance in excess of tered locations to complete re- property tax accruals in the on and ‘in ^u'uuu-pairs, he said.    sum of $1,334,000; to increase on 51 counts and Wolf guilty oil' vvolf’s lawyer said seed oat 50 counts.    buyers    read, understood and Five counts against Interstate signed ‘statements of policy ' saying that Interstate would help them sell their oat harvest, not buy it back. Judge Edward J. McManus. Before the crop came in, how- The Weather man, 2048 Fourth avenue SE, .    _    ,    .Friday    reported three ceramic Iowa Deaths    antique    pots valued at $240 were -I Marquette — Mearl E. Swa- taken from her porch. veil, 71. Saturday at 1:30,    *    *    * Forty men, some of whom had worked continuously for 30 .    ...    .    ...    , hours rn the aftermath of thellcsv,lle were also hlt ** oul‘ Another 600 estimated customers in Clarence and Mechan ic company’s rate base by $2,190.0(H) of fair value depreciation, and to include as an Jive.’’ The two men could bo sen- eVer, the firm suffered a “nor-tenced to over 200 years in pris-jmal and unfortunate demise.’’ According to the defense attor Asst. U.S. Atty. Alan Kirshen; ney. “when the plug was pall^d’ found the verdict to be both! there was no water in the bath-“discriminating and percep- tub.’ storm that hit Thursday night, a^es< Hiofr temperatures Friday, tow temperatures overnight and Inches of pre dotation: M1*' ii I! „    Si ti Thornburg's in McGregor. Bur-.    . BiXSck 7444 Min'apods St 41 ial: Council Hill cemetery, Mo- Living room, $9.95; bedroom, | Rapids, Bern said o2J«vf? *3 57 -0’ N.SrlYo"rfc It 48,4» nona-    $7.95.    Diamond    Carpet    Cleaners, Duluth .. 7443 phoenix 04M Ossian — Clarence Mocn, 68. 366-6226. — Adv. W«N#n,ton 90 48 .03 Schmitz*.    *    *    *    |vUj where a tree knocked Extended Forecast - Partly! Lamont - Ida Gruman, 92.    -    -    —I vine, wnere Honolulu ..88 74 Houston ...94 48 are again on the job in Cedar Work crews were trying to restore power to parts of Spring He said tho business was a operating expense the utility’s! To reach it the jury had to "risky gamble and that the de- 1    .    .    —    -JT-w    “unfortunate vie- ^,7J_Mn"nh»v"'uhrt,' rhancw n'fi Monday at 1:30. Grace United ™'* ~ Els‘e clr ^a' 3105 down a primary line at an unde-cloudy Monday with chance of Methodist church visitation Danwood avenue SE, friday re- showers and thunderstorms Tuesday and Wednesday. Highs mid 70s to mid 80s. Lows mid 50s to lower 60s. Sunday, C. R. Weather Kreussel- ported $100 was taken from her purse while it was locked in a room at the YMCA where she is employed as a maid. ♦ * * after IO Fawcett’s. Lisbon — Mary D. Franks, 5)0. Monday at ll, United Methodist church. Burial: Monday at 2:30 at Wyoming. A memorial .    ..    K    has been established. Visitation Thrifty Steam Carpet Clean High Friday ............... Bb    after 2 Sunday, Morgan’s.    big    Rentals.    The    Original! 366- Low overnight ............. 64    Tipton    — Everett    (Sandy)    2926.—Adv. Noon Saturday ............ 57    Hoon, 78.    Monday at    2,    Dye’s,.    *    *    * 2 n m    60    where friends may call after 3    ~    ~ ......................,7(1    Sunday.    pla>'T    Take* ~ Greg Mach, Rainfall ................... *      500    First    avenue NE. Friday Total for June ............. 4.68 Normal for June ......... 5.21    WGOthCr- Normal through June 16.61 Total for 1973 .............25.94 termined location. Workmen were trying to find the trouble spot so power could be re-routed. No injuries were reported in DEATHS Telephones Out    1971    strike expense to be paid sort through the 175-page indict- Cerata Schaub, general man- °hver '° ^rs. These items had meat testimony by one defense ager of Northwestern Bell Tete- dlsallowcd b7 "* «■—!*■« «4 government witnesses phone Co., said about IOO cus- slon tomers in scattered locations! around Cedar Rapids were with- Court* Lr* W out phone service in the after-'    *    fc-CIW math of Saturday’s storm. The northeast side reported the most1 problems, he said. Telephone company crews are! expected to have repair? com on Gifts, Gratuities Unconstitutiona DES MOINES (AP) i . a    .    a    county    District    Judge    Robert    gratified. It would bo the gov- pleted and service restored to    that    vindira- Frederick has ruled an Iowa1 eminent s position that vinaica law that makes it illegal for mu-; ti°n those victims would be a nicipal and county employes to j major criterion that the court all customers ' said. by 9 p.m., he fendants were tims of an idea — and not a criminal one — that didn t stipulated testimony of 52 wit- work.’’ nesses not called to the stand He added that no written evi-and over IOO exhibits.    d e n c e was submitted that proved Wolf and Sarby contracted to buy back any grain. Wit-I Saturday    Kirshen    said,    “On    nesscs who claimed this, he I behalf of    the victims of    the    said bad tbe *‘jdea implanted” fraudulent    schemes    that    we    by government officials. Warren were alleging I am particularly    “Receptive” Sarby s lawyer echoed this argument by saying that some witnesses were “very receptive (Continued from Page I.) Ear! H. Riggins    IM    OIMJI    Sd    STS    aconin,    at    the    ” Earl Henry Riggins. 55. Buffa-lo, and formerly of Cedar reported a tape player valued at $120 and six tapes valued at $42 were taken from his car while it was parked near his residence. I Bom Dec. 8. 1908, McDonough *    *    *    county,    111.,    he is survived by Games, Saturday and Sunday, two brothers. Eugene, Cedar individual lines were t, j j- j p -j $. T knocked down by falling tree Rapids, died Friday in an Iowa    ;<j City hospital.    _ nection with business transac- time of sentencing.’ tions is unconstitutional. Barometer, rising ........ 29.81    communities after late Thurs- Humidity at noon .........93%    day and early Friday’s storm Wind direction and velocity at that left about 30 people injured Montrose, doors open 6:30. Camp Rapids; Sylvester, Springville; 2 p.m. NE at 17 mph.    j    from flying debris.    Courage. — Adv. -    a    sister,    Mrs.    Richard    Farmer, Sun rises at 5:31 a m.; sun    F    .    r|    .    j    *    *    *    California,    and    two sets 8.46 p.m.    i    Hiawatha    Jaycees    —    The    Hia-Ichildren. Found Innocent Of Kidnaping Officials in the Iowa attor- ANOKA. Minn. (AP) — James,.. . , .    ..    . grand-] Johnson. 35. one of three men 1 vlolat" th® ^ual protection I charged in the kidnaping of Bun- clausc °f the u- S. Constitution. Year Ago Today — High. 83; Winds in excess of 90 miles an j Watha Jaycees sandbox fill Services: Tuesday at 1:30 at ice Kronholm, was found in- e lsmlssed c ar8es agaws hour, torrential rains and nu- scheduled for Saturday has been Turner chapel east by the Rev.1 nocent by a jury FYiday. He still two'Carlisle city employes and, —    -    -    *    r    *    I-    a    chemical    salesman. funnel'0 an c e * ed • T^ey anticipate, Wayne Shireman of First Bap- faces a federal charge of extor- low, 66; rainfall, none T * i c . merous sightings of I raveler s Forecast ciouds were re ted durin thf weather permitting, completing tist church. Burial: Linwood tion Sunday    i™    ^    the project within the  A—- j- ----- —n M Weather, Hi-Lo night. “There is no question dealers Kirshen lauded the 27 agen- didn t get ap tbat was due cies who participated in the in- (hem,’’ he said, “but Mr. Sarby Hey goner,bs office    said    the    " W°"    “ I'owa’supremo couTh    ^    ^ '•*««    ^y. who    headed    the    He sa,d (hey paid many bills i a j , ,    .. .,    .    .    pr°?e‘    .    -JU    j ru before the business failed. “The Judge Frederick said the stat- The jury Friday began delib- rnmcnt evidence does not Ute is unconstitutional    because    eration    shortly after    4 p m    tot-    ahow a e.conceived p,an to .....lowing    final arguments by    l«w-idefraui/he concluded. yers for both the defense and    .    .    „    ...    ,, government    A da,e [or sentencmK Wolf In closing statements, Kirshen and Sardy has not yet been set. called Wolf and Sarby a “fly-by- J week. next cemetery. Friends may call att Mrs. Kronholm, 46. wife of ai ing against the law since the    g‘ve    a    had    name    ,() Bismarck  ....... Fair    76-46j Flash flood warnings were out i    *    *    *    dav The casket will not Cincfnnati ....Tshwrs 87-66'Pr’daT [or Claylou, Delaware,, Money Taken - Paul Lekin.1 opined after the service. Cleveland • . Cldy 82-62 Dubuque, Jones and Jackson owner of Paul's Auto Body    - Des Moines’ Tshwrs 94-64 counties after torrential rains Sales, 423 Second street SE, Fri- Mrs GavUn RRchio PtCldy 85-63 dumped almost two inches of qay reported cash and checks Turner east until I p.m. Tues-ji>outh St. Paul banker, was ab- attorney general’s office t Midwest bv gaining the trust of 'people while they themselves! This is the second court rub    bunch    of    crooks.    He    said    £    FifOmdn's • _    .    .U    .    .    ..    I    thpv    “oiv/o    n    haH    namp    tn    thp    I    *    1    VM'    ' Hearing Set in Bankruptcy Case Detroit Indianapolis Milwaukee '’ ,8hm 79*53 cuuntv in less than an hour Mpls.-St. Paul • • ^ -Fair 81-62 A fjaSh f,(K)d late Thursday be ducted from her home March began an investigation early 15. She walked away from one1 last fall and began obtaining vvcre a c0UP‘e    con artlsts of her abductors March 18 after indictments and convictions ncd worthy of trust. her husband paid a $200,000 ran- for violations of the statute.    “Lulling    Letters’’ 'som. The FBI says all but $80 The first ruling was issued in! Kirshen said their intent A hearing in federal bankruptcy court on the motion to dis- m Omaha .........PtCldy    101-65 St, Louis........Tshwrs    89-70 Sioux Falls  PtCldy 90-62 Fires 1:12 p.m. Friday. Backfire through carburetor at First avenue and Twelfth street SE. a drawer business. in March by Judge R. K. Richard- the seed operation was to de- miss a lawsuit filed by Cedar Kailua City Tshwrs ™:?3jPrec‘pitat‘on in antral Clay ton I valued at $200 were taken (romLJe“ie En.fl!tchie,.7.i'    has    been    recovered. front of the    dirt    Fridiy    following    Heiberg    has    pled    son'in    Sac    rou'nTy    dist'rici    court."    |iraud=toth”£‘ed    oat    buyers    and    jRapids f;re™n derry Bud has forced about 55 campers to flee to high ground at the Yellow River state forest north of lansing. Allamakee county Conserva nt * ♦ Visit Stamp Tower. a long illness. A Cedar Rapids ^^he^rawBCUtton in John so iV si The attorney general’s office dealers. He claimed they “paid been set for July5 at ll am. f AH Alf AH CA lf A AHA nl*A I    * Jerome’s Coin and resldent for over 50 years< sho trial Ga^ H^imar awa t’°btained 32 convictions: a little money to people and Buol filed suit in April, re-Hnhhv    Center    if was ^    Nov- 7. 1899- at Md- tr\»\ J    against chemical company sales-1 wrote “lulling    letters to string questing an injunction to keep Hobby    Center,    IE lersburg    trial on the    same charge    men and I o c a I government people along.’’    from being fired from the fire *    *    *    |    Surviving    are    a    daughter,    contr^tor. ‘‘ admitted* partied WOrkerS for vio,atin« thc stat’: With this “stalling,” he con-department. He claimed that Car Entered — Tom Tarpy, *^rs ®ar^ Sandstrom, and a son, pating in the kidnaping. Howey- Utt _-    d0,n of^cer Bob Oden said it is,370 Eighteenth street SE Friday!Gsiylan, both of Cedar Rapids, er bo insisted he was forced to 10:02 p.m. Friday. Needless believed all of the campers “I * f ac*, rriaay J nronHrhilrWn    ’    er,    ne    insisita    ne    was torced lo and made it to hicher around safely reP°rte<i a tdPe Player* 11 tapes and S1X grandchildren.    do    so    by    a    man    known (0 him J?.! fuiJ .. * -I 8 t , I!?.’ and a carrying case were taken Services: Monday at 10:30 at only as Mike. from his car while parked at his Brosh chapel by the Rev. Johnson’s lawyer said his residence. The items were val- Wayne Shireman. Burial: Cedar client was a pawn of the underued at $161.    Memorial. F’riends may cair world and acted out of fear for * * *    Sunday at the chapel. The cas-    his life. You’ll like our new hairstylist,' ket will not be opened after the    —......—- Hotel service.    Power    Agreement tinued. Wolf and Sarby were after filing for bankruptcy he ------------------------ was told he would be dismissed. call at Oakland road Thirty-second street NE Petition for Bankruptcy Bell, but there was no way of know ling for stTre. 12-Foot Rise Carl Marvin and Dorothy! «    , Jean Witt, jr., 821 Tenth street!    flooding    caused a SW. Both claim debts    of    12-foot rise in the Little Paint $1,938.27 and assets    of    $40.    and Big Paint creeks in the    steve    Wood Roosevelt within Claimed as exempt , s, , f (    ,    „    h    d    Barber    Shop.-Adv. Gary Wayne and Phyllis . ,    .    .    ..    .    .    ,,    *    *    * Jean Williams, 1015 Tenth ave- two storms hit about ll p.m.    tJ    ,    . nue SE. He claims debts of Thursday, authorities said.    tar    Looted    — noDcrt $13,902.36 and assets of $1,575, with $1,225 claimed as exempt.    .    .    ,    ■ ,    , will be closed until further no-, .    .....    ,    ,    .    ... lice, said Jack McSweeney, the pa‘r uf J*®** and a flash area forester    !ll8ht    were taken    from hls car  -----  ‘    while    it was in a parking lot in Sixth avenue St Debts: S8.504    Turkey Creek    was expected to (^    ^    Thfrteen,g    stree, Assets: $200, with all    claimed    crest 6.5 feet over flood stage at    SE    Th    missinL,    items    were    v    , as exempt.    Garber Friday nioht and the,    missing    Items    were    Vdi- David Wayne Marchal, 803 “J*1rclrand 'ued at $100. Fernwood drive NE. Debts:    1    Skunk was also expi i (I $4,886.64. Assets: $2,350, with!    to crest 2 5 feet    over flood stage    ~    ” $100 claimed as exempt.    at Oskaloosa due to heavy rains. art and timc 6ales "elP Allan and Sandra Goodno, Federal Move May Speed Extradition of Fryers on Memorial Services Goodenough. J. Claude Sne claims debts of $6,755.68 and assets of $700, with $400 claimed as exempt. Ernest Joseph Frank. 515 The Yellow River state forest 1267 Flfst avende SE. Friday, sunday at 2 at Brosh chapel by I agreed to develop a will he rinsed until further nJrepOTted aborted elotlung. a teVcgr    nctwork and rial.    power    stations. GILLETTE, Wyo. (AP) —extradited to Iowa Federal officials are investigat- niurder warrants. mg thc possibility of filing ^ He said officials in Iowa will SOFIA, Bulgaria (AP) chared that could result in a haVC t0 draW Up cx,radltion Eastern Europe's Council of Mu* . .    ,    .    .    ,    papers, which would have to be itual Economic Assistance has dU r r'urn 10 lowa »f t''° signed by both Iowa Gov. Rob- mutual S10UX Falls, S. D., brothers ert Ray and Wyoming Gov. Stan atomic charged with a quadruple slay-; Hathaway, ing there. In May, City Attorney David .McGuire — acting for defendants Fire Chief Edsel McMickle, Safety Commissioner James Steinbeck and the civil service tbe commission — asked that the suit be dismissed. Dorchester. Both claim debts ofillt% . $8,452.^4 and assets of $2,200, UP to tvvo feet over flooti b,a8e Police Radio Conversion Advances; C.R. Work Set usKHioosa cue lo Heavy rams. -    ■-- —r    By WiI1|am L Et On the Mississippi, crests of raiai,1g course. Die Gourmet t to two feet over flood staae ^    ^Cda^    Rapids MlCPO- DES MOINES Eberline ‘bas been very complimentary Man Listed Good After Cycle Crash James Kirklin, 18, of 618 The stolen motor vehicle Eighth street NW, was in good • r c D. ,    ,,,,,    .    charges being considered by condition Saturday at Mercy U. S. Atty Richard Thomas at;fedpra| authoa,ies wou|d be ln hospital with a fractured leg Cheyenne, VVyo., said Friday he connection with a pickup truck suffered at ll 45 p.m. Friday in had been informed by federal the F’ryers allegedly took in a car-motorcycle collision, officials in Sioux City that Rock Rapids and then aban- Kirklin was injured when the charges of interstate transport do^od *n Newcastle, Wyo. The motorcycle he was driving and tation of a stolen motor vehicle vea,c‘e the Fryers were riding an oncoming car driven by John are expected from Dubuque to!^av®    ^ for Bud. — Adv. with all claimed as exempt. Regis T. and Charlotte A. j Grafton, 111., next week. Of-Sampica, Independence. Both fjcja]s said the Mississippi River ^ olm Hoht*    7(ZI nn/4 nretifc * claim debts of $5,767 and assets of $361, exempt. , with all claimed as rose almost a foot in 12 hours early Friday. (AP) - Ask have been taken or 83 more mobile radios to be installed in *    *    *    lowa    highway    patrol    cars    as Apartment Entered — Sheryl part of the conversion of the Blds about the Iowa plan,” said state j might be filed against Allen *n w^en ^ey were captured!M. Owens, 19, of 2417 Lauren here was stolen in Newcastle. drive SW. collided at the inter- The brothers, who escaped    T'"0," °' !?rS‘ aV<,nUC and Wednesday mornine from the y 7    f lt charBes !*'- Twenty-second street    SE .Wednesday morning from theicause such actlon wou|d on,y| The Communications Director Glen Kr-V,'r' 30' and James Frycr'21' Anderson.    "The    brothers,    who    escaped _    ..    ^    Wednesday morning fr Converting rransimtters Uyon coun(y Ja||' Rock The plan involves converting Rapids, Iowa, and were cap- 545 Citations Issued In Truck Crackdown Dr,wold. 41445 First avenue states law enforcement    the    state    police    radio’s traius-1 lured here later in the day. record!    ma    ne    nor    rom    miners    to    high    band and the have refused to sign extradition NW, Friday reported 30 delay extradition proceedings Four Murders Allen F’ryer has been convict ions attempted to make a left turn in front of the motorcycle, police said. albums, two lamps, eight stereo    '> a r o ag an    Storm    Lake transmitter is the papers that would allow    their ed of    four counts of first-decroeL°Wens was char8ed with mak- ! tapes and Christmas ornaments    Stanley McCausland,    state f    transfer hark rn low*    I    I    *    nrsl"aeRree ng an improper turn and Kirk were taken from her apart-director of general services,%    transfer back to lowa.    murder    rn    the shotgun sayings U|f ment. The items were valued at said that whereas the first 150 of ,n ,s .sbdp.n,K up tv,e.r'S rapld";    Ugal    Basis    bioux    Falls    teenagers at wjtbout the $372. An antique dresser of un-'he radios purchased in Jan-    The    undcrsheritl in Wycm-'°7S,    ^anltOU    S,alc    validation determined value was also^^ary. 1973, cost $1,170 per unit,' „_are ™ ino’s Campbell -------- „__ipark last November. prop<’r motorcycle By Dan Even DES MOINES quirements during the 48-hour (APi - operation. _    .    .    .    4.    “Future    plans    in    this    area    will Truckers may not have seen the;be djclatcd by what spo( checks last of the massive crackdowns show,” said Iowa Public Safety that resulted in 545 citations for Commissioner Charles Larson. violations of state laws earlier taken. Fall, said Friday Iowa AUthori-L^ye^waillo^MS    «mrt4r Jake Jacobsen Trial Postponed .icniijarv 1973 cost $1 170 Der unit (Control repeaters are now being .    „    , was also uary> Jcos:t $1,170 ptr unit,    conversion    shoU]dlmgs Campbell county, Ken the new ones for which bids    ana    inc    conversion    srKjma    *    { —    were    opened May 22 will cost bc completed around Aug. I. ties told him thev had mailpd ,James Fryer was to have been ll .481 each    The    Cedar    Rapids    transmitter    wJ7a't^    to hl.n Full 'ransfarr''d "> a ™d‘<-'al Thats “the measure of infla- will be the next in line, Ander- , fb    ,>n Oakdale, lowa, to determine (ion in less than a year and a son said.    to    gfv^ Wm a tol b U to " "S “    c,,mPelcn*    '» half,” McCausland said.    The    state    safety    department    hoid    ,hJ    brothers    in    iail    stand    trial originally planned to give the    ^    A    third brother, 24-year-old Cedar Falls transmitter second . "e sa,d ()dce ^he warrants ar- David F’ryer, has been convict- Same Firm this week. More than 75 persons from various state agencies, assisted by federal officials, began a two-day joint check late Tuesday. It was concentrated at six weigh stations in Eastern Iowa, around and on Interstate 80 DALLAS (AP) - The trial of “But I would say we are not I Jake Jacobsen, a figure in the ^^.J^U'Hteations of Rochester, N. Y., son said, but a change had through with the band (CB) radios.” citizens’ The same firm. R F Commu- priority for conversion, Ander-!riv<’’ the Fryers probably will ed on one count of first-degree i to be!?* laken hi*** a JudS« to have murder and is serving a life delayed from July I to Sept. 23 was tbe succcssfu| bidder both made because of aspace prob bond set. Fall said mailing of sentence in the lowa state penT-Larson said state officials! request of both prosecu-;times    l,-“    ithp    warrantK    wa#    thp    fir«»    elan    — Eilabliihtd In III] bv the Gaiett* Co Th?rd«!I,5?/5i,V o'1" Of IM jniro ove SE. Cedar Rapid*, iowa I240A Rap?d*f Iowa * P°*'°g'‘ p0,d <^*^r :    '    N'°hf Edison and Sundav' *    I37S    a    month, 139 OO a veer Af ternoon Edition* and Sunda" “mu.* *3 IS a month. 140 OO a veaV nthL .i-.I: aKtfJRWSSS .nim.. were very satisfied with the results on state violations, “but disappointed with the action of the Federal Communications Commission” in regard to the large number of unlicensed CB radios found iii the trucks tion and defense. lem. *    lthe warrants was the first step tentiary. The communications network The reason for the priority *n extradition proceedings How- ... The delay granted Friday by is being converted from low rating, Anderson said, is that ever- Fall said it could take LI. S. District Judge Robert Hill. band to high band to cure cover- “we had severe coverage prob- weeks before the brothers were was caused by the illness of a age and interference problems lems at Storm Lake, and severe -—- witness, Morgan Pierce of Aus- that have plagued law enforce-'interference problems at Cedar tin, who is recovering from a ment officers for years.    Rapids    and    Cedar    Falls    ” heart attack. tnt Itiiiwaiii iK-    I* v n I rn t rj oil tho rn™ * U1,,f0r '•oubll'oHon 0f min., J'oco'n»"» Printed In thl* n*w»-01 *•" ®» «" AP n*w» dl»oatth.*. The new system was dcvel* After those stations are taken State officials said 15,1531 checked.    ! Jacobsen is accused of misap oped through extensive studies care of, transmitters at Maquo- trucks were checked for viola- He said federal officials had plying $825,000 in funds of a San by communications engineers keta, Fairfield and Des Moines tions of length, width, weight issued only warnings to truckers Angelo savings and loan assoc!- and the federal I^w Enforce- will be converted in that order, fuel tax and registration re-caught with equipment.    ation.    ment Assistance Administration Anderson said. WEDDING FLOWERS for Rooufy from . . . PIERSON'S*?;" Your ETD Floral I HOO EMU Blvd MW I lowerphonr MO- IHM For 61 years... flower* for all occasions .POUX K. I.APKS Convenient downtown location 308 Third Avinui S.I. 365-OS 11 ✓ ;

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