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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 22, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather— Cloudy and continued cool through Sunday. I/>ws Saturday night in 50s. , Highs Sunday in 60s. Ithf Cedar itapulo CITY FINAL 15 CENTS VOLUMB 92 NUMBER 164 CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, SATURDAY, JUNK 22, 1974STORM CLAIMS ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES LIVES Sadat Asks Report Colson Warned Nixon Curb Nixon Abouf Mifche" Of Israelis By United Press International Egyptian President Anwar Sadat has sent an urgent letter to President Nixon asking him to pressure Israel into halting raids on Palestinian refugee camps in lebanon, government sources in Cairo said Saturday. Israeli soldiers meanwhile began efforts to seal the 50-mile border with Lebanon and stop guerilla attacks, Israeli Chief of Staff LL Gen. Mordechai Our said troops were taking positions to “seal the frontier hermetically.” Israel called on Lebanon to shut off the border to guerillas. Letter to U. N. WASHINGTON (AP) -Charles Colson has told house judiciary committee counsel ♦hat he twice warned President Nixon, in January and again in February, 1973, that former Attorney General John Mitchell was involved in the Watergate affair. Nixon has asserted repeatedly that he first learned of high-level participation in the breakin and coverup on March 21, 1973, when he was told by John Dean. Virtually identical reports of Colson’s statements were published Saturday by the New York Daily News and Columnist Jack Anderson, Committee officials refused comment, but Colson’s attorney and former law partner, David Shapiro, confirmed that “it’s all there” session in which he talked to Nixon of Mitchell’s role and the involvement of Jeb Magruder, then deputy.director of Nixon’s re-election campaign, in the planning of the Watergate affair. * * * The judiciary committee appears likely to question Colson about Nixon’s role in an attempted smear. Colson said Friday:    ‘‘The President on numerous occasions urged me to dissemi-n a t e damaging information about Daniel Ellsberg.” The former presidential aide made the statement before he was sentenced to one to three years for obstructing justice. He had pled guilty of scheming to “defame and destroy” the public image of Ellsberg in 1971. After the statement, several in the published accounts israel warned Frida, in a let-1 Jwhng *NixonTI nut™■    nimteiTiald    & ter to the U. N. that Lebanon 1973, that Mitchell had advance must decide whether it is an in- knowledge of the breakin, dependent nation or is con- it said Colson told of a Feb. 14 trolled by “Palestinian murder!—,  --- and terrorist organizations.” A Cairo newspaper quoted Egyptian government sources as, Missile Pact Jackson Says saying Sadat condemned the Israeli air attacks and asked Nixon to “take a firm stand.” “Egypt will not stand with arms folded in face of these Lids Juggled son should be called to testify in the panel’s impeachment inquiry. “Serious Questions” Chairman Rodino (D-N.J.), said: “Certainly the developments of today raise serious questions as to what that (Colson’s statement) implies.” The chairman would not comment directly on whether Colson would be called but said the AP Wirephoto , WASHINGTON (AP) - Sena ,    ,4.    44    .    .    .    ,    „    .. repeated aggressions on Leban- tor Jackson (D-Wash.) charges committee absolutely    would on and Is prepared to take the|that the adminjstration secretly! lo«k ‘nto tha matter Egil Krogh, Back Home, with His Son, Matthew, 4 necessary measures to deter the negotiated “rather startling” Israeli attacks.’ the letter changes in the U. S. and Soviet warned    missile levels permitted under The U. S. state department SALT agreement, called Friday for both Lebanon Knowledgeable sources said a and Israel to end the cycle of vi- “subsequent agreement” was olence and retaliation. Sadat Plans To Ask    $2Billion reached after the original 1972 pact. The sources said the 950 It has scheduled meetings for next week to decide such matters as what, if any, witnesses will be called and whether the testimony will be open to the public. Committee Counsel John Doar said he and the minority colin- Probe Is Good Thing For Counfry-Krogh WASHINGTON (AP) - ences Former White House aide Egil;thing: had taught him some-found out how impor- Link Crash To Terrain, Not Missile LOS ANGELES (AP) - Un-even terrain, not an anti 2 Electrocuted; Boy, 6, Drowns By Gazette Leased Wires    1    and two windmills on the Martin A six-year-old boy drowned ^arm> but missed the house. Saturday in a flash flood as a    Heard Noise third wave of severe storms and Martj„ sajd he woke about damaging winds reaching 75 4;30 gm (hc sound „f st miles per hour whipped across wjnd and buzzj „ and ^ Iowa, the Iowa highway patrol :a blast in another room :'sal(    , The force of the wind knocked Troopers at the patrols Ce- out several windows in the dar Falls office said theuniden- house, but left two silos and a I tified child was swept away in a I feed house, located near the flash flood on a creek one-and- farm house, untouched, a-half miles south of Whitten in Several sheen were ninned southeast Hardin county    down    in the barn wreckage, but Information was sketchy be- the Martins were able to re-cause high winds knocked out !move the debris to rescue them, telephone service to much of! the county.    No Estimate iTev.—i    No    estimate of damage has Body found    bwn    made bu, Mar(m *aaid , The child's body was found large quantity of hay stored in late Saturday morning during a the barn was lost search in which an estimated The tornado caused some JOO persons participated, au- damage on other farms located thorities said.    nearby, although it was general- Two persons were electrocut- ly limited to fallen tree limbs, ed in connection with the A circus truck was overturned weather.    by the high wind about 5 a m. Plymouth County sheriff’s Saturday a half-mile west of the deputies said a woman was West Liberty interchange of Inelectrocuted when her car came terstate 80 in contact with a downed power    Authorities said the driver, line along a county road near Stanley Vaught, 26, Huntington, Remsen.    w. Va., became concerned Authorities said a car driven about the wind and started to by a recent local high school pull onto the shoulder of the graduate, Jean Heidesch, Rem- road. sen, struck a utility pole after it The wind caught the truck, left the road and plunged into a however, and turned it over, ditch during the severe weather.    Passenger Hurt Fire Fighter..    A passenger, Pierre Tetatit, A fire fighter trying to rescue ^ McCook, Neb., was treated the woman, Robert Arens of J* University hospitals in Iowa Remsen, was also electrocuted. f ^or •aC(?rat>on^. authorities said    Hl*h wmd demolished two hog Ray Cram. 57, Wilton, spent a houses and destroyed nine trees half-hour with a hot wire dan-!00 the lj)uis Manfernach farm seven miles south of Man- r—.. — -——— — —,      ,    ,    i    ~    I    -    .       even    terrain    not an anti- tfhng only inches from his face ,    , sea-based missiles permitted >seL Albert Jenner, had ques- Krogh, home from prison, says; (ant it is to respect each individ- a|rcrafj m|ssj|e fjred bv the 'Friday after the utility pole fit '^le8ter Saturday the Soviet Union were raised to 1,020, while the U. S. total was lowered from 710 to 656, the, Pros- level before the strategic arms d°cs not believe Nixon ordered tion. Honed Colson and were likely to Watergate investigation is ual’s rights, talk to him further.    ,    . Vice-president Ford said he havin8 a good effect on the na Some Changes Symbionese caused the I i berat ion Armv had climbed broke and fell, pin-! \rdn,t; wasJ a,sruPl<;« on crash of °    n*nK    him    beneath    it.    (early    Saturday    following NEW YORK (AP) ident Sadat plans to ask the [limitation talks agreement was S. for $2 billion in compensation reached for oil pumped by Israel    from    Jackson said he plans to ask the Sinai desert over the    last    secretary of State Kissinger    Pentagon    Papers,    a seven years.    about the matter when Kis-    Vietnam war, to the    press In an interview with    CBS    singer testifies Monday before News televised Friday, Sadat Jackson’s armed services subways asked by Walter Cronkite I committee on arms control, what direct economic aid he ex Asked about Jackson’s state-pected from the U. S.    ment    as    he emerged from a briefing for the senate armed services committee Friday, Kissinger replied, “Such views must be based on some misapprehension of the negotiations.” He said he would make some helic0Pter last monlh' a F<,deral pol <y £ram a |jneman for Eastern three-inch downpour at Indepen-Administration inves- ,owa LiRht and Power Coopera- d™^' five, was in serious condition in .rpb,, Davenport. A spokesman for the utility The one-hour deluge caused water to flow across highway 20 both east and west of the com- He replied: “I expect to see only $20 million, but I can’t compare it with what you have given to Israel. And, for instance, I’m losing every year $300 million from my oil that’s exploited in Sinai by the Israe-cal of President Nixon’s detente lis. . billion. also.” It makes about $2 I’m going to ask for it Chopper Gift policy, told newsmen he has received “reliable and creditable information ’ that the true missile ceilings “are higher for rr|y the Soviets and lower for the ,lon those given Colson to wry out the breakin! ‘The trials, the convictions, changcs the adions tha, ,ed    dZ^3 chiatrist °    EUiberg    leaked5    ’thor* sentt'"e(!s' a11. arc just a to his conviction if he could live    The FAA said Friday: study of the smaH Parl ,of com“’R    '° Rnpa! his life again. “I    would certain-    helicopter began a rotational    ~ cram was    worklng at0_    a    munity,    as well as    flooding    in with what this country    means, |,y TO( engage |n    anything that    descent where it struck uneven    ™ *aa    *'™    a    •>»)“« Park n n    he said Friday. And that’s a was stupid, unlawful or illegal,'’ terrain and rolled down the hill ’    ..    'Tn..,r«    High wind which accompanied One Reason    good thing '    he added.    «"    and    the    aircraft    rain    caused little property Ford said there is a difference Krogh,    who supervised    the    Krogh pled    guilty Nov.    30 of    was destroyed    ^ Bennett    damage, and flood water reced- between the    President    asking an    white House    agents who bur-i conspiring to violate the rights    The highest-ranking Los An-    ed rapidly. Some Tornadoes    qov    Robert D. Ray Friday The most severe weather Fri- asked President Nixon to add Pentagon    Papers defendant months of that was suspended.    In fh° May 29 crash. Just 12    day was in the central,    north    three more    storm-stricken Iowa Daniel Ellsberg, made    the com- He said he had    no firm plans    days earlier, he had command-    central and east    central sections    counties    to the 43 other counties ments after he, his    wife and other than to relax and visit    ed th# department’s SWAT (spe    0f the state.    already    in a state    request    for their two    children arrived I friends and relatives.    cial weapons and tactics) of-    “A number of funnels    were    federal disaster    assistance. home    “i'm more or less regroup-    fleers in a shootout that killed    reported,” said    lead Meteoroid To Decide    ing,” he said, “I don't    know    six SLA members    rologist Paul    Waite    at    the    Na- what we will    do yet. I’m just    The crash injured    two    SWAT    tional Weather    Service    office    in Krogh    was released from    a    piayjng jt a    dav at a    time,    officers and the police    pilot.    Des Moines. aide to smear someone, as|g,arized the officcs of Dr i^wis of Fielding. He was sentenced to fieles* police officer ever killed Fieldine the psychiatrist of two to six years but all but six on duty, Cmdr. Paul Gillen, died claimed by Colson, and ordering ■ Fielding. a breakin. Colson told U. S. District Judge Gerhard Gesell that one reason for his guilty plea was to Jackson, who has been criti- a'*()W h'm testify in the im peachment hearing. He said the work of the special prosecutor and the committee is “far more WASHINGTON (UPI ident Nixon helicopters to I during his visit to Egypt, White House has confirmed. The White House said it was 12 years old and congress a1 I’m a day at a time, important than    the possibility of    halfway house in Baltimore Fri-which    is    the way you get eventual    public    vindica-    day after serving four months    through prison.” >    and 17 days in prison, most of it__ The White House    communi-|    at the prison farm at Allenwood. Ken    Clawson,    Pa. Americans” than nre<, congress in 1972.    cations    director,    ......    .    .    , A "Ifs a material change.” he [charged that the same felony He said Watergate has forced added* VtT'not" a”'matter of I for which Colson was sentenced people in public life to decide resident .v    about    fjve    or mjs _ defaming a person under in- whether their political decisions ( -Pies.”    (lictment — “has been standard are morally right. Jackson said “we were led to practice of members and staff, “I m not sure if you asked ev- Presbyterian Merger Step Two days later, a Los Angeles “J think there may have been television station received a let ! some tornadoes reported. But ter saying the helicopter had from much of the damage, it’s been downed by a Soviet-made hard to tell if they were tor- anti-aircraft missile in “retribu- nadoes.” tion for the 17 May South- Tmigh Law LISBON (AP) The tuguese junta decreed a get Nixon a new one. Normally it would have reverted to the U. S. military. LOUISVILLE (AP) . believe there    would    be    Roodiof    the Watergate committee    for,eryone what is    right that you.<•r " Presbyterians Saturday    mJdia law    Friday,    settih* limitsH/>ne Tre*. year and    is    the    would come up    with the same    launched a process designed to    on freedom of the    press, radio,    The    storm destroyed the barn, answers,” he said. “But at least    reunite them with a sister de-    television,    plays and films give    the information    about    the    some    partisan members    of    the    the question now    will be asked,    nomination of the North from changed missile levels. u years u,a d,«\    consultation    with the congress” more than a year and is the ready has appropna d f   but (hp adrninjslratjon faijed to same felony committed daily by A tornado struck early Saturday, demolishing most of the buildings on the farm owned by Por- Burford Martin, located three-tough and-one-half miles southeast of saster declaration for the counties “sometime soon." Damage Estimate machine shed, corn crib, garage In light oi Thursday night s and Friday morning’s storms in Eastern Iowa which took one life in Clinton, Ray asked that Allamakee, Clayton and Delaware counties he declared federal disaster areas. Clinton and Dubuque counties, also hit hard in the storm, were in the earlier requests. An aide to Gov. Ray said the governor expects a federal di- 46 house judiciary committee.” Krogh added that his expcri- whjch they divided in the civn Gradual Rise in Gas Cost Seen Soviets Round Up Jews MOSCOW (AP) — Secret po- Kishinev, Kiev and Visitsa, they American Ike widened a dragnet opera- claimed. The cities have large cause of Federal Power ( ommission ^r-uj0n (0 several Soviet cities Jewish communities WASHINGTON (AP The public opinion congressional opposi loday.    IP    Jfwish    a,-    Thl,    roundup    appeared    greater^? war. The governing assembly of the Presbyterian Church U. S. (Southern) authorized a prelimi be- nary ehurchwide study of a draft plan for merger with the United Presbyterian Church, a Report Woman Saved By 2-Day Turtle Ride producer price for new natura tjvists |0 bJock dem0nstrations|than the similar precautions, .    .    , gas, is likely to gradually in- and protcsts durinR President taken by the government prior sions until the Kremlin eases its, a five-year crease costs to con su me is    Nixon’s visit next week, Jewish to Nixon's first Moscow summit Iharsh emigration policies. Most committee. The FFC said it wanted to se goyrcgg reported.    tin 1972 The arrests were evi-Jewish activists maintain such a price high enough to increase The plan was developed over period by a joint and not “quiet dip-will bring about a in 1972. inc arrests were .I    Kll*    enoiwh    to    p0,ice    a8ents    have    detained|dently aimed at heading off em-!pressure orotectthe consumer ^    -    a"    <i-n,cd    per-    barren* dis.urhnnccs    Lacy" An oil industry study indies!- "»»">" J® '^a"1 - and in' “ arr('st ()f J"w'sh aC( ^hcy ehan(,0 s ll    Ka,.«ihoiw ohs Arrogated and warned many: tivists is shameless blackmail of ♦ J 6 K l I iii h. oraHual and fair- others, the informants said    American public opinion.” three rho current    detentions the hills should ( g    “jn    Moscow there’s a    real Moscow Jews declared Satur- three Moscow    Jews declared, !ymiW.    hunt    on for Jews- asserted day    "have nothing to do with s,*cun Alexander Goldfarb, 27, a chem- In an open appeal addressed iLv. ‘hey take place iii many Kidnapers Free American Nurse Life Savers Costlier NEW YORK (AP) - Life “vadf Savers, “the candy with the hole.” will cost 15 cents a roll ist who said he has managed to to U. S. congressmen, Mikhail lf*,u‘s and 'dfo.c*. P°0P^' the police. “We are on Agursky, Vitaly Rubin and Inns-the run We are under siege, It sa Axelrod said “the responsi-' is not a very pleasant feeling to bilify for such blackmail should The Increase from IO cents was away jjk(, a raj *•    be laid on the Soviet and Amcri* announced l'r‘day.    ^ore    t^an    ^ Jewish activists can governments.” M -mil --m    *    Were pi0ked UP in Mos?°W ’    Tough    Policies day and the .sources said further! Toilet lf'ti Chuckle .crests were expected over the Some Jews have claimed Nix-The lrule man yelled inlo weekend    on', recent stalement thai em.. ti , ei,    .*whiit Ha vnn    ...    gration was an internal Soviet the telephone Wli.it do you    Bigger than’72    i-.ffair pnronratmH a rraekHown mean you're a recording’You    affau encouraged a crack n. *    '    Preventive    arrests were un The Jewish community here jderway in l«eningrad, Odessa, is ADDIS ABABA (UPI Anti-j government guerillas in north em Ethiopia Saturday released Deborah Dortzbach, 24, an who!American nurse, four weeks called me!” C o|»y right Sa I particularly interested in have never participated in dem- after they kidnaped her from a castrations ”    mission    hospital, relatives said. In Moscow, polar smashed Mrs Dortzbach, six months down the apartment door of sci pregnant, was set free apparent-enlist Alexander Slepak to ar- |y unharmed in Massawa, a Red rest him, while others were seaport 450 miles north of Addis blockaded in their homes or fled Ababa into hiding    Members    of    tin'    Eritrean    Lib- Rubin was warned hi' could be elation Front abducted her anti tried for treason if he continued a Dutch nurse May 27. The to plan an unofficial July I sci- Dutch woman, Anna Stiekwer entific seminar of Western and da, 55, was shot to death later Jewish scientists.    bv the four kidnapers MANILA (UPI) The Philippine navy Friday published an official account of how a giant sea turtle was credited with saving the life of a shipwreck victim Tin* account said Candelaria Villanueva. 52, rode the turtle for two days until rescued by the navy ship RPS Kalantia June 4 Mrs Villanueva was one of 277 persons aboard the interisland passenger ship Aloha which sank off Zamboanga del Norte, about HOO miles south of Manila, June 2, according to the navy. A total of 243 were rescued “I would not have believed it if I had merely heard it," the account quoted Ii. Cesario Mana, an officer aboard the rescue ship “The truth is I was an eyewitness myself together with practically everyone else aboard the Kalantia ” Mana said Mrs Villanueva was sighted on the second day of the search and rescue operation, clinging to what seemed to be a “huge oil drum,” according to the navy report. "Someone threw her a life ring. The moment she transferred her hold to the life ring, the drum sank. We did not realize it was a giant sea turtle until we started hauling up the woman. For the turtle was beneath her, apparently propping her up,” Mana was quoted. “The sea creature even circled the area twice before disappearing into the depths of the sea, as if to reassure itself that its former rider was already in good hands ” The account said Mrs. Villanueva “kept quiet on the episode with the turtle, giving some the impression she did not believe it ever happened at all.” News Secretary Richard Gilbert also said Ray has put the total amount of damage done to both public and private property and farm losses at an estimated $27 million caused by violent weather and heavy rains in recent weeks The storm’s one victim was identified as Edwin Krogman, 25, w’io died of injuries he sustained when high winds hurled a hoard through the windshield of his ear striking him in the head. Clean-up operations started Friday in Dubuque, Clinton, Burlington, Waterloo, Cedar Rapids and other Eastern Iowa (Continued: Page 2, Col. 2.) 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