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Cedar Rapids Gazette Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1974, Page 1

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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 23, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa High priority archaeology Man Mado. Laluc threatens history in Section b All Iowa opens Friday schedules stories pictures in Section e Section a weather mostly sunny today highs around 70. Fair tonight lows Iii the Low 50s. Volume 92-number 165 he City final 35 cents Cedar rapids Iowa sunday june 23, 1974 associated press up new York time Iowa named . Denies soy Pentagon chief juggling of a ppm sed Aid of Israel arms pact Washington a allegations that Secretary of state Washington a Secretary of defense Schlesinger resisted sending planes and tanks badly needed by Israel in the Early Days of the 1973 Middle East War according to a new by contained in a Kissinger a written by lbs correspondents Marvin and Bernard Kalb. An excerpt was printed in the new York times sunday Magazine. The Book which will be published in full by Little Brown Graphy of Henry Kissinger. Kind non Mann uni minibar Kissinger and Schlesinger later in the summer maintains Kissinger made secret nuclear saturday denied the reports. A was univ apr up Paterl and arrangements with soviet Lead the authors say the Pentagon direct orders its in 19/2 Are a totally w without a beef and his top Deputy Wil Nixon that the Pentagon finally Merit or any foundation whats in Clements a Texas drilling u. To ? and la every the state Denim tent fa8 began the Supply Effort to end h s-,1, a in a p contractor delayed at a time Abe Israel to Berin a counter. Said saturday. Israel was reeling from the attack a there Are no secret arrange Arab attack hoping to avoid the a is their Book is further . Alienation of the based on int cry news with most 3 s a est of the major participants High excerpt printed officials and other informed the account of american in sources it a us scrutiny of Avail evolvement in the 1973 War is a a records Public and Pri i vate. The following account is taken from the excerpts in the times Magazine a stand on Kissinger Felt double crossed ments of any kind a Robert Anderson the department spokesman told newsmen in disputing reports suggesting the russians were allowed to build More missile launchers than Congress had been led to believe was permissible under the .-soviet Accord. A a reliable mayors take senator Jackson a Washa critic of the administrations negotiating strategy had supported the allegations As being a reliable and according to one account the 950 sea based missiles allowed the soviet Union were raised to 1,020, watergate san Diego Calif. A the Leader of the nations mayors said saturday the impasse in Washington could be resolved by the russians at the outset of the War in View of agreements promising to inform the . Of a any threat to the soviet Effort while the . Total was lowered by immediate resignation or from 710 to 656. Following a meeting with the Senate foreign relations committee Friday Kissinger was asked about Jackson a comment and said a that View must be based on a misapprehension of the negotiations by some of the Senate majority Leader Mansfield told reporters saturday he had been satisfied with Kissinger a explanation in the closed door committee meeting. Meanwhile rep. Wiley m a y n e a Iowa saturday called for new agreements with the russians to limit multiple warheads and reduce Hie Over All arms expenditures by the . And Russia. Mayne. Speaking at the veterans of foreign wars state convention said the soviets Are making much faster Progress than expected in weapons and technology not covered by the he also was angry because the massive soviet Supply Effort at the beginning of the War in impeachment of president Nix do rated re ians h on but his colleagues refused Cai Culatto the. Crud have both to formally embroil themselves delete and or. In watergate politics. J Kissinger s original strategy democratic mayor Roy mar was 0 avoid provoking the tin of Norfolk va., said a pro a Rabs with a Large scale Ameri longed trial of the president j can Supply Effort and he shared would be disastrous for the a the common Assumption that lion and particularly for critical Sraj could quickly repulse the Urban legislation stalled in the Arab attack Congress. J in that did not prove out Martin who said he Wasny to Kissinger began working to get endorsing impeachment or resignation made his comments up telephoto Rochester flooding River wafer of Rochester minn., was slowly receding saturday and some of the too persons who had been driven from their Homes by fhe High wafer were returning. The Zumbro River crested at five feel above flood level Friday and fhe National weather service said it was receding saturday. Ten fires blamed on arsonists Federal Aid due in Wake of storms Des Moines a president Nixon has declared the state of Iowa a Federal disaster area Dick Gilbert an aide to gov. Ray said saturday. Gilbert said Federal officials Are in Iowa and would set up centers throughout the state monday afternoon. He said the first Center would probably be in Ankeny which was hit by a Tornado tuesday night. Disaster officials Ray met with Federal disaster officials in Kansas City Friday a and told them he wanted a Federal disaster declaration right away said Gilbert. Ray was told the declaration would be issued within 24 hours added Gilbert. The governor had initially requested that 36 counties which had been hit by severe storms during much of May and into june be declared disaster areas. In a letter to president Nixon june 7, Ray cited a Large scale flooding a in portions of East Central and Southeastern Iowa. At that time Ray said total damage in the 36 counties amounted to $12,566,361. Damage to agricultural land was placed at $9 million. Just a week later Ray asked that six additional counties be during a news conference opening the 42nd annual meeting of the u. S. Conference of mayors of which he is president. He said a critical Lack of leadership from Washington could be resolved a by either j the United states. Immediate impeachment and political Power conviction resignation a or forget Kissinger cleared this up later added to the list As heavy Rains Spokane Wash. Apr flames broke out at the Villa three parked trucks and a warehouse when the apartment continued to flood the state Aid for Israel particularly twelve fires erupted in Spokane Nova apartments the North wooden shed in a suburban alarm was received. Damage planes and tanks and its suburbs saturday and Side building automotive Ware area. There was contained to a loading two dead but Early on the morning of officials of three fire depart House distributors inc., and officials said a total of seven Dick and door. Last tuesday torn adic winds oct. 8, 48 hours after the out ments said at least to of them Gung to restaurant. Trucks were damaged. But soon after the apartment swept through Central Iowa break of fighting the Book says were the work of arsonists. The Schlesinger refused even to most serious destroyed a three allow israeli planes to pick up Story apartment building Teav. Ammunition and spare parts in ing about 60 persons homeless de distributorship a truck Dis within a 6 i hour period i tribute worship two parked cars wooden shed fires also struck a Moto Cyc that morning but acknowledged to israeli ambassador Simcha but when the conference sessions formally began other mayors apparently thought it Dinitz he could get Only two 1972 abm treaty and interim Best to avoid the controversy. J phantom jets released for the agreements. I with scant debate the Resolu-1 jewish state. Leaving two Ankeny residents dead and causing extensive res Spokane fire chief Alfred iwas reported in flames Crews of Conner said it was not known were dispatched to the restau whether the fires were the work rant it where a set Blaze dam damage to businesses of the same arsonist. A a a doorway and trash con Dences and farmsteads. A a it a still too Early to say run Jan laidst�?~8ator j destructive winds of up to 85 whether these Are All i a. Miles an hour lashed through o Connor said. Quot they Are All of a a Eastern Iowa thursday night under investigation is a Quot a Friday strewing debris eleven trucks answered the a a Over wide areas and causing pre Dawn three alarm Call for Al apparatus one death. Building00 a Brick to nurture Al that doing with a a the severe Wea her again Pagud arms race a said Mayne. Be would he said the russians know the gras to write a strict Legal def continued Page 3. Col. 6. Continued Page 3, col. 6. Monterey Calif. Apr while ruling himself out Ford suggested such a Job. Ford said an in Western Edge of the City s an ind Epen dependent listener could Iron downtown arca.,. I re a a a a a Dent third party might listen to out alleged discrepancies be flames began in Tho base have asked con dim to k a mgr w Lapos and make tween the transects released men., o Conner said. Shortly fire a. M Wii Ciha at i tvs a fire apparatus shifted to North Central Iowa Friday night of 1 Pere lied on a Steep Hillside at key locations it a Hajj and saturday resulting in two Ford Neutral party should review tapes Monterey Ca Quot Quot unless they can be Persuad-1 ions committee killed three 1� the defense department cd not to exploit their full Potin proposed measures dealing with reluctantly said it might allow r till we Are headed for a costly j watergate and related matters j 16 phantoms to go to Dent thirty i the watergate tapes Amidase Ween me Meas a Imp a noo7remnantscated across from an empty fire made on damage an unbiased transcript of their by the White House and those i station was spa vile Dinv iced storms last week. Hov Kinnari he Tho in Lisp in hire were still flaring from Corners lotion was Nevi in damaged Moi Maium Wick. --------1 Ary committee which is Eon he building j aspic fire a Wnm of uhe Filbert said a toll hospitals take note Man to watch out for would invoke the political Power continued Page 3, col. 2 came from the building Supply j electrocutions and one drown company. Ing the quonset hut Structure loj no Dollar estimate has been caused by ducting impeachment hearings on president Nixon. Neutral party a perhaps we have to have a total of 46 coun second car burst into flames on ties were included in the Federal the same Street. J disaster list. Meanwhile Spokane \ Alle however he said it was Possi Kuder sad All residents a fire department Crews were Dis be thac not a a of the counties Parent by were evacuated from patched to what officials said Avo Jcj qualify for Federal discs All evacuated apartment manager Dale 64-Vear-old Structure. But were arson fires at a truck Dis ter Relief and a list of those third or Neutral party take the of Conner said firemen planned tribute worship. In the same area Wuscik. A0 anal if would be is tapes and get transcripts from to search the partially caved in the motorcycle shop was set i sued monday. By Gary Peterson what do hospitals in Cedar rapids Moline iu., and Billings mont., have in common the answer a Man who Calls himself or. James Roberts and he a not your average sort of doctor. Without a doubt Many other hospitals in the country have heard of or. James Roberts and each May have the same Story to Tell about him. Hospitals beware the Man is a con Man and a very adept one and not in an Ordinary sense. Drugs Are the object of his con according to Loc Al physicians. This particular Eon is not new hut it is Seldom heard of and bears a text it ook name a Munchausen syndrome. The following is the Story related by or. Roberts to St. Luke s Hospital personnel and attending physicians and their reactions to him. Lie arrived at the emergency room by ambulance in late May complaining of pain indicative of kidney problems. Routine tests indicated blood in his urine and he was admitted. Though stories varied slightly from person to person or. Roberts said he was a Provost at the University of the West indies and most recently had completed a commencement speaking engagement in Vancouver . He said he was returning to the West indies when he suffered a kidney attack and the plane on which he was Riding made an emergency Landing at Cedar rapids so he could seek medical help. Complaining of intense pain or. Roberts said lie was allergic to morphine and demanded 150 milligrams of demerol a pain killer that is addictive. Doctors said 150 milligrams is about twice the Normal dose. Lie was a patient at the Hospital for three Days during which time he was administered several shots and tests. On his second Day he received a a tragic news that his grandmother had died. He checked out on the third Day arranging with the Hospital to Bill him in the West indies. He also took with him some $70 which had been collected to help pay for his unscheduled trip Home. He promised to repay the Money. It was not until two or three Days after the patients departure that the con became evident. One of the women involved in the collection of the $70 for or. Roberts trip to the West indies mrs. Hurley Bassett was attending a Church meeting in Des Moines. There a minister from Davenport related a Story about a Provost from the University of the West indies who was hospitalized Iii Moline with a kidney ailment. On top of that his grandmother Iii the West indies died and efforts were under Way to raise some funds so he would be Able to attend the funeral. Mrs. Bassett suspected the worst mid made a Call to mrs. Kingsley Grant in Cedar rapids. Mrs. Grant told her husband or. Grant who had had occasion to visit with the patient. Or. Grant notified or. Percy g. Harris also a frequent visitor with the patient during his stay at St. Luke a. Or. Harris called the Moline Hospital to find out if they did in fact have a or. James Roberts As a patient there. They did and or. Harris had his Call transferred to the patients room and and talked with him. Harris was told that or. Roberts had had another attack and the plane was forced to land in Moline. The Call apparently frightened the patient. He left the Hospital without paying. He later showed up in Billings mont., using the same continued Page a col i apes Ana get transcripts them a Ford told a news Confer enee Here where he is spending a golfing weekend. Inflame. Damage there was con the apartment Blaze was fined to smoke and water classified As possible arson. No a Blaze handled by suburban. Damage estimate was available. Fire District 9 destroyed a in 1 but Kuder said a $150,000 remo wooden shed and five hogs i work but i Don t think Iii s an project including fire Side. The shed fire tentatively impossible task to undertake. Safety improvements had been was identified As arson. A a in a sure there can be if we close to completion. City officials also said a look around hard enough some units from a fire station a so lists set fire to a parked Jone who would do it As an in Block away were fighting an Semi truck and a two ton truck dependent objective arson fire at the automotive parked in a different location. The new York times reported j Friday that judiciary committee i transcripts of some of the watergate tape recordings differ j extensively and in Many eases significantly from the edited versions made Public by the White House. Today s Index doubts vote top . Mediator Calls meeting on nurse strike san Francisco apr and Settle the strike a l Ussery the nations top labor mediator i said before meeting with Hospi called both sides together Satur-1 Tai officials at a hotel. Words phrases and some Day in a two week old strike by meanwhile a spokesman for times whole sections of conver 4,000 registered nurses against sat ions contained in the commit 42 hospitals and clinics. Tee transcripts arc missing from miam less re of or at variance with the Eipur. C i the Federal mediation service flew Here ruin Washington on Friday after hospitals reported danger of a crisis resulting Fromes in 0 n g the nurses abandonment of firmer continued Page 3, col. 4. The striking California nurses Assn. Warned that a the potential is there for a very Long strike unless we get our demands. A the nurses started out and they re getting every Day a said Erie v grandmother is a baby sit or Ltd Onty rooms Aiu intensive p00ie of the Union which called care units. A 8 re june 7 against 28 Hospi t Oil u a s Iii tick to ter who does t hang around the i refrigerator. Copy Ritto i a hopeful that i will be i Able to help resolve the issues continued Page 3, col. I Section a Lait news. Death. Report card. Editorial City Hall note. Accent on youth Section b Iowa new Frank by political note television table Marion food building movie record review farm Section c social. Around Tho town new Book. Travel Section 0 sport outdoor Iowa financial new York Hock want and crot word. Section b fair event Pat Ade Metaline comic i i. I i s a to of in 4 10 14 is of Jo-11 11 us 114 j. J j Moio la 14 it i a a. U i 40

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