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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - June 21, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa % Weather- Chance of rain tonight ii n <1 Saturday. Low tonight, tit). Highs Saturday, 80s. VOLUME 92 NUMBER 163 Oh* BJ CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, FRIDAY, .JUNE 21, 1974 COLSON GETS ghetto CITY FINAL 15 CENTS ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES YEARS High Court Lacks Tape Tells Judge Jurisdiction: St. Clair Nixon Order Gazette Leased Wires    he called an “intrabranch dis- WASHJNGTON — President pule” between the President Nixon’s attorneys asked the su-1sind Jaworski, who technically preme court Friday to turn works for him down Watergate .special prose-, ‘‘The duty to determine cutor Leon Jarwoski’s request! whet'her disclosure of confiden* for 64 presidential tapes and t i a I presidential com muni-documerits on grounds federal (cations is in the public interest courts lack jurisdiction.    has not been, and cannot be,(Colson, once Both James St. Clair, the legated'to the special prose _ I **«if/\a*    ' Vr I loir cai ii President s chief lawyer, Jaworski filed briefs in connection with the prosecutor’s suit for additional tapes for use in the scheduled for September Gazette Leaned Wires WASHINGTON -Charles one of President .(Nixon’s highest-ranking ad- and lcutor,” St. Clair said.    j vise!*, was sentenced Friday to Nixon s attorneys also argued (serve one to three years in pris- that the court should not for-on for obstructing justice. ward its findings to the house! U. S. District Judge Gerhard V.V..WU.I..1 lu,,.., ....    ...|    committee    which is Gesell also imposed a $5,000 Watergate cover-up trial J , , y wmi mice    .    if. 'studying Nixon s impeachment, tine. _.    , mil. I Such    a move    would    “represent The supreme court will hear|an    ansion    of    lhc    court-,    ju. oral arguments July 8 on the question of whether Nixon can j (Continued: Page 3, Col. 6.) withhold the information. St. Clair’s    brief argued the court does “not have the power to substitute    its judgment for | •    J ^ J. W. Painter Marion Post Gazette Photo bz Tom berryman WINDS OF UP TO 65 miles an hour uprooted many trees in Cedar Rapids. This office building at Third avenue and Sixth street SW was one of the more severely damaged structures in the city. The portion of the building damaged is the office of Architect David L. Brost. (More storm pictures on picture page.) that of the President” on the matter of disclosing confidential presidential communications. Threat of “Abuse” In his brief, Jaworski saidjBy    .    .    =,,, ...    ...    *    1*1    Joseph    W    Painter,    who    will I hat giving Nunn the absolute    ,    namM|    d,    | privilege of determining what    «... material should be released    m,I“«pr    Thursday by    the    Mar- ■ • I ai , I ., ion council. ‘would ead to numerable    n    .    .    , „__ ,    ,,    Painter    has    been    an    adminis trative assistant to the Burling “The President cannot be a    ^()n    cjty    manager    since    Febru- proper judge of whether the    ary    0f \^\ greater public Maximum penalty on the charge would have been five I years in prison and a $5,000 fine Colson said, “As to the specific charges, the President on numerous occasions urged me to disseminate damaging information about Daniel Either g, including information about Ellsberg’s attorney and Charles Colson Trees. Wires Down, 3 Hurt in CR By Staff Writers    j    suffered minor scratches when the wind ripped the entire roof. feet David L. Brost. About 25 storm except those in 1951 and u/inHc of .rn in mnh lashod ,he nSht P,anc he was PilotinR down to the concrete, from the percent of the roof caved in PWT Cedar Ranids between 5 md 6 was blown onto its back by a north wjn« uof. the )|motel a"d when an uprooted tree fell I    ‘Pretty Good Mess’ cedar capias oeiween o .ma o (jjrect crosswind while landing scattered debris “all over the    “We’ve    got    approximately    50 pm. Thursday, blowing down at the Municipal airport.    place.”    iacross and several truss trees completely gone." Yates lAint& tilt™*** fuiief/ifl    I    1    * Davis, no one interest lies in disclosing evidence subpoenaed for a trial, when that evidence may have a material bearing on whether he is impeached,” Jaworski said. Jaworski said the tapes cover “evidence which is demonstrably material to the trial of charges of conspiracy to defraud the United States and obstruct justice by former aides and associates of the President.” “My present responsibilities at Burlington are director of budget and personnel. I have been involved in labor negotiations as part of my work in Burlington,’ ’he said. Effective date of Painter's employment will be Aug 5. Tile aCfjng in the national interest.” council set his salary at $18,500. At lhe Whiu, i]oliiiei Deputy Painter told the council, newsjPress Secretary Gerald Warren media and other persons attend- when asked about Colson’s mg the Thursday night meeting: J statement, “I really don’t have (“I hope we can attract a lot of [any comment.” [citizen input, not just the brush others with whom Ellsberg had been in close contact.” “I don’t mean to shift the responsibility to the Prudent,” Colson said in a statement before his sentencing. “I believed what I was doing was right and the President believed he was said. “It’s a pretty good mess.” | “In light of the grand jury’ trees and power lines and dam- Airport Manager Roy Jame- Luckily, said aging some buildings but caus- sen said Cumblad, on a flight was injured.    Minor    roof    damage was also jviany residents lost electric Anding of probable cause mg only three injuries.    from Davenport to Cedar Although only the 68-room reported at Truman school, 441 an(j telephone service because believe that the President was a Lenora R. Pardubsky, 69, of    J!??"    north    wing    was    affected    by the West Post road NW, and to sev-'of wires broken by falling trees. was eva- cra* private homes throughout About 150 to 200 customers ^-conspirator . . . and that the subpoenaed conversations in all probability occurred during the 1524 Twonty-sixth street SE. was wind shifts and gust, ofW, ^ ^ ^ listed in satisfactory condilion "jP* *«e buffeting the    ;    d    Thursdav    niRht on thc the city.    were    without    telephone    serv.ee    ^    and    ,    furthprance    of inc an plane sustained major.....z    ^    _    a    u___K-J—^Friday morning, but damage. fire type and complaints. I to)would like to see real citizen involvement.” An Ohio State native of North Canton, Painter attended Kent State university in at St. Luke’s hospital Friday morning with leg and foot injuries. Pulled from House She was hurt when the high winds caught the door she was holding and pulled her out of her house, throwing her down porch steps onto a sidewalk. Fred Cumblad. Geneva, 111., Living Cost For May Up Ll Percent advice of the police and fire David McMurrin, 19. of 1407 departments, Davis commented. Seventh avenue SF], suffered a Forty-four rooms, plus the broken leg in a storm-related restaurant and lounge, reopened accident at about 6:30 p m. for business Friday morning. Davis said an extensive cleanup as well as the con Firemen said he was inspect- a temporary roof began early ing damage to a porch roof Friday. Kell Through Roof A mobile home belonging to r',Ud-v. Inu,',u,6’ UUI- (orrjPa[P the conspiracy, the convene* Leslie Oldfather was damaged °^lclals said service shou d e jjons re|ating to Watergate can-when it was blown off its foun- restored by 9 p.m. Friday. no( ^ shielded by privilege,” dation and onto its side at the Work crews loaned to Ankeny Jaworski’s brief said West Park court, 3701 Sixteenth lo help assist after a tornado ()n starch I the Watergate avenue SW. Damage was es- struck there late Tuesday havt structiorToftlmatcd at $2 00°    bven reca,lcd t0 Cedar RaPids- Hardest Hit    Widespread    Damage Most of the damage came Ernest Tipple, assistant super from downed trees. No area of visor of electric operation [Continued: Page 3, Col. 7. when he fell through the roof j\j0 structural damage w Hashing into part of a tree. Hts done t0 ,ho motc| although the city escaped damage com- eastern region, for Iowa Electric leg was splinted at the scene Davis sajd therc was water |eto| y hu, /hp southw*s, and Light and Power Co . said dam ^ and he was treated at Mercy damage in rooms on both floors southcast quadrants    ‘    *“ 4        |C»en<    re hardest hit. of the north wing. He had no os- WASHINGTON (UPI food prices turning up again, the cost of living to Americans rose l l percent in May, thc government reported F'riday. The labor department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics said food prices went up 0 7 percent in May after a decline of 0.3 percent in April. In addition, price increases were recorded in a wide range of other consumer goods and services. F'resh fruits and vegetables led the upswing in food prices hospital The Ramada Inn mote! highway 30 and 218 south ap- er parently sustained more dam- Several thousand dollars dam- "nrk^ age than any other business, but    ..... general manager Joe lines was wide- appeared age to power  ...... spread. on timate of monetary loss, howev- parks Commissioner Stan “We have outages and line., Reinis said    forestry crews    down at numerous    places in until    about midnight    practically every    town and    St rn Iowa that that en trees in the area of Third av*( we serve,” he said    doctrine    of crews powers, the court worked all night repairing the jurisdiction to intervene' rn what The    portion    of    the    building    the damage is    the third worst he    ^mage Five crews    from Mar- said people were in the damaged    is    the    office    of    archt    has seen in 30    years, more cx-|shajpown two from    Des Moines    Desert Search tensive thai that caused by anv pi •_ aKc vsas reported a! a building    streets    blocked    by    fall-    rural    area    in    East vvilh nevertheless" said Friday 'thai sw™ aV™U<’ S'X'h S'r<H‘l ™ lreeaar''a°! ™rd av* wo servf” he said emit and Sixth street SW.    Tippie    said    repair F'orester William Yates said “we were very, very fortunate.” Evacuated Davis swimming pool minutes before Roof Caved In On grand jury indicted seven former Nixon aides in the Watergate cover-up, and also secretly named Nixon as an unin-; dieted co-conspirator. Among those indicted on conspiracy! ; were former Attorney) al Mitchell and ex-White House aides John F]hrlichman and H R Haldeman. Separation of Bowers St. Clair’s brief contend*^ under the constitutional eparation of were without Joseph Painter Storm-Related Death; Extensive Property Damage Across Iowa low* n*wv~    Injuries    also were reported in Wind, rain and high water Dubuque, Clayton, Burlington as    the    consumer    price index,continued to plague Iowans thtf^    anet    Andover, but no identifica-' rose    to    145 6 This    meant prices week as a new set of late spring    tjon    was rc|case(j. IO    7 percent    higher than in storms ripped across the east-    a    rural Coggon woman, Janet 1973, ami it    cost $14 56 to em section of the state causing    Goethe, 33, was treated at St.) were May, buy the same goods and services that could be obtained for $10 about seven years ago. Brices for commodities other than food increased 1.6 percent in May compared to a I 3 percent rise in April. I I percent Increase in May was almost dou- extensive property damage One man died in a storm related incident in Clinton. Edwin Frogman, 25, Clinton suffered fatal head injuries of twisters ripped through Clin-Thursday night when a plank ton county Thursday night, first from a bleacher seat was blown touching down at Andover, then Two cows died as a result of the storm, but the other animals in the barn were rescued Volunteers from the Coggon fin* department pulled back the and one from Creston were ! called to assist, he said. “Our present estimate is that unless we have another storm move through here, we should (have everybody hooked up again by tonight,” he said Friday morning. Funnel Cloud Boy's Body Found in Well-Traveled Area Luke’s hospital and released for walls from the downed building injuriesi suffered when sho'was ^ the len cows, t.a|VCs, hit on tho head by flying dot**. and sows ,rappfd inside. What could have been a series Three Minutes in The prices hie ti-turnin prevailed 0 6 percent in April, roto the level of rise that in the two previou.* l l percent in March February into his car. Bassing Ballpark He was driving past a baseball park when 80-mile-per-hour proceeding southeasterly through F’ulton, UL, just aero the Iowa border from Clinton. Towns Sealed Off months arui I 3 Real spendabh workers increased 0 7 in May, the first increa September but 4 6 per* low a year earlier winds smashed the sending the board bleachers, careening earnings °f j through the area. percent since cot be- Tottay* i hackie New mother to husband studying hospital bill: IWW a lot for a baby, but look how long they last Roger Balk, 16, Clayton, was in good condition at Guttenberg hospital following a near der* troeution accident Thursday. Balk, son of the Andrew tWeen Miles Balks', was injured when he |(>VoDhJ grabbed a fallen 110-volt power line which had been knocked down by tho high winds while he w Mississippi river attempting repair a damaged dock Both Andover and Fulton but it looked awfully black. We were sealed    off by    authorities    headed for the basement and    at early F’riday    because    of downed    5:05 saw it (tho harm go power lines and trees.    The    storm    did    not    damage Farms In the Andover area (any other buildings on the reported extensive damage, Casey farm with initial    reports    indicating Two miles west of l/iwden,    IS buildings on    every    farm be    cars of the North Western and Fulton were railroad were blown off the track. Most outages were caused by trees and limbs on wires, he said, but a 161,000-volt transmission line owned by Central Iowa Bower Cooperative was out of service between Cedar Rapids and Woyming because five sup-; porting structures were blown down. j The damaging winds were ap-My husband had just put the parently not tornadic, hut a funnel cloud was reported near the intersection of highways 13 and 151 cast of Marion at about 5 30 p.m. Thursday. No damage was reported at tbs* Municipal airport or at the j Marion or McBride field air-, ports. Jamesen said the control) tower at the Municipal airport was evacuated during the height RUPERT, Idaho 11-year-old boy, Ins tlesnake-infested de: em Idaho for ll da Al1) — An mg to news accounts of in the rat- search on radio and televis sit of south- when “he developed a picture of my s. died four the area in his mind.”    of miles from a waterhole in an Drexler said Sturm told him area well-traveled by many of hi* went to the area, saw the the 4(H) people who searched for hoy’s straw hat and then found him    the body. Jeff Hodgson became separat- “He went out that way and he ed from a wilderness survival four cows in their stanchions and across Was in the house three minutes before the storm hit.” Mrs.1 Casey said “We didn't see any twister,; study group June IO. His body was found Thursday by a man who told police he developed a picture in his mind of the place where Jeff w as The body was leaning against a lava rock 250 feet from a road. Footprints and horse droppings indicated many searchers had passed that way. Time Question the body. just like that,” Drexler said. “That arca seemed to have been searched repeatedly ” Volunteer Death A volunteer searcher died of sunstroke last week as the tem perature soared above IOO Jeff and Rocky Nielson, IO, became separated from the stir vival group Jeff wanted to stay where he was but Rocky deeid- Hughes Looks On With Sen Hughes (D-Iowa) and other members of Colson’s prayer group sitting in the front row of the courtroom with heads bowed, Colson said in a long statement to the court that he had always “tried to use every minute to maximum advantage. “I had one rule. to get done what the Bresident wanted done now. I never really questioned whether it was right or wrong.” “F’or 3Vi years I worked day and night I believed I was making a great personal sacrifice for my country,” Colson said. Colson, who once said he would walk over his grandmother to get Nixon re-elected, told the court that he had been pictured as “arrogant, self-assured and in the pursuit of power." He said that was not an accurate characterization “Often Frightened” He said that “actually I was often frightened by the awesome decisions” that he had to make as a top presidential aide. “I lost my perspective — and i thought) any criticism of what I or what the [’resident was doing was unfair,” he said Colson said he now knows how easy it is, even for a strong man “to lose perspective under pressure.” “This experience has brought a complete re-examination of lf and I will spend the rest y life regretting what I have done.” he said Blea for Brohntion After Colson’s 12-minute statement to the judge, his lawyer spent a full half-hour asking that Colson bo placed on probation rather than sent to prison Attorney David Shapiro told Gesell that Colson should not he (Continued: Bago 3, Col 8.) mm Today s Index d to hike out of the area and Sheriff Orville Drexler said he wandered onto a farm un expected an autopsy would be harmed next day. Searchers es-performed to determine when timated he walked about 20 of the storm and the airport    died.    The    Official    search    miles    after    leaving    Jeff closed, with some traffic divert- (.nded Monday ed to Des Moines. A barn on the farm two miles Baul Casey    Two    Funnels northeast of xhe storm hit near Lowden at E No Sirens a c ll a t i o ti of thc gla* >Wn I’.nHiftn kit** Bonn IL* Coggon was demolished by wind 5:35 p m. resulting in power and enclosed tower was a precau A    Thurs.    wa,J    Floridly    angary    measure,    he    said. he [day (Continued Page Col Continued Page 2, Col 6 Drexler said a Jeff's mother. Mrs Clyde major question was how long Hodgson, has criticized leaders the boy had been dead. “before of the survival program, spun or after the search was called sored by the Idaho department off?”    of environmental and commune The sheriff said the man who ty services. She also said the found Jeff’s body. Gerald Sturm national guard should have; of Blackfoot, said he was listen- been called out to help search. Comics ... 19 Crossword 19 Daily Record ....... 3 Deaths . 3 Editorial F eatures ... 6 Farm Iii Financial ______ 26 Marion 5 Movies .12,13 Society l.t Sports 11*17 State 4 Tele vision . ll Want Ads 22 25 ;

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