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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 31, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa NATIONAt WIATMI* SlltVICI POtfCAST !• JAM IST I Firemen Ask Meeting with Robert Frye, Former /*>•! rs    *1 Job Office Head, Dies Oily OOUnCll Robert Frye, 53, former head, Firemen have requested a of the Iowa employment securi-imeeting with the city council to —Ehrlichman— (Continued from Page I ) I leased on personal bond pending outcome of that appeal. Resell said he had put Wa-tergate out of his mind and bad given “heavy weight” to other aspects of Khrliehman's I hp Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed., July 31, 1074    3 May ne Terms Papers Gift Improper, Not Fraudulent (Continued from Page I.) of Cambodia and Nixon's undcr- ty commission office at Cedar discuss manpower nrnhlems    ore ,    ,    .    . Rapids, died July 3 in Fort the fire department.    life,    otherwise “the sentence payment of    his    income    taxes dgc    The    request    was    in    a    letter Frye headed the employment j from Carrol Hayes, president of commission office from Jan-,local ll, International Assn uary, 195!) to October, 1969. He1 pjre Fighters, was an assistant manager of a Holiday Inn in Fort Dodge at r    "'’T* uTj ”    ;v! th. ,iJ» „r hi. A..ih    f("    Wednesday,    but ct of the sole power of impeachment vested by the Constitution in the house of representatives. in all of this, Richard M. would he far more severe. had a solid nucleus of support Nixon has acted in a manner Gesell gave Fhrlichman iden- among the Democrats as possi- contrary to his trust as Pres-tical 20-month to five year sen- dle impeachable offenses.    idcnt and subversive of constitu te time of his death.    ,n    U    , Burial was in Oelwein.    !,ch,ard    1tom«8n-    8    ™m**r ? the local executive board, said the meeting is wanted to discuss! a shortage of fire fighters. Mrs. Merrill Isaacs lorene M. Isaacs, 69, of route jrill Isaacs, died ; after a long illness.    May    to reduce overtime pay-j law is ignored.” She was born in Edwardsville, ment costs UU WI ATMI* f OTOO ASI © Rain is expected Wednesday night over the Dakotas and most of the Gulf coastal states. Clear to partly cloudy elsewhere. Four Arrested On Pot Charges At C. R. Theater The Weather High temperatures Tuesday, low temperatures overnight and inches ot precipi- ration: Anchorage *4 SI L.Angeles sa 69 Atlanta ♦o ai Miami 88 75 .lf Bismarck st ai Min'aoolis 78 S3 Chicago MMM N.Orleans 91 70 Denver 17 S9 New York 89 70 Duluth 67 48 Phoenix 107 88 Honolulu 88 77 Seattle 87 59 Houston 87 78 Washington 88 70 M—Missing    _    4 njl| Extended Forecast—Fair Fri- ;tnd ka. Atkins; Creighton Shepard, 820 Fifteenth street SE, each fined $30 and costs. William Settle, 4032 Dalewood avenue City, each fined $25 and costs. James Arnold. 408 Tenth street SE; David Brill. 1222 and a half!a‘er' Third street SE,; and Brenda fences on    each of three counts: Rep. Conyers (D-Mich ), who    tional government, to the great on which    he had been found |offered the Cambodian bombing    prejudice of the cause of law Hayes ^eould noi^ be reached    guilty, but said the sentences article, said concealment of the    and justice, and to the manifest ...      u..,    wouj(j r(jn    concurrent]y    bombing from congress and the    injury of the people of the Unit- Gesell    .said Martinez and American people “presents in-    ed States. Barker had    contributed “to die-    disputable evidence    of impeach-    Wherefore, Richard M.    Nixon gal activity    that was typical of    able conduct.”    by such conduct, warrants im- the regime    you so strenuously    The debate over    the article    peachment and trial, and    remo- _ ,, ,    „    .,    ...    , ^‘lyes said the meeting is not opposed in    Cuba.” He added    produced melancholy echoes of    val (rom office. e ,ar !: J1 (?.7? er*ibeing requested to discuss as-,that when “zealots take over” the debate over the Vietnam saacs, ie ((ms ay signment changes made in late tho result is that “the rule of war, with most Republicans /?q// Coll VotGS pointing out that Nixon inherit Iii., Sept. 3. ISM.and resided in    ..Noth|    j "amaKlnK ("formation Cedar Rapids since March of    ‘    Fielding’s    office    in    Beverly this year.    p    s nothing drastic,” he said Hills, Calif., was ransacked by Surviving is a son, Larry, of lhe mect,nK    the plumbers in 1971 in a search route 3, Cedar Rapids; a grand-: ‘Six new f*re fighters were ap- for damaging information about son; a sister, Minnie    Jones, St.!P°inted    by Safety Commissioner!Ellsberg, who    leaked the    Pon- Ix)uis; two brothers,    Irvin Ber- -fames    Steinbeck Wednesday, Stagon Papers to the press, leman, Edwardsville    and Leon- bnf the    department is still sev-j Six persons    associated    with ard Berleman, Ft. Wayne, Ind.    nral persons short of its author- the former White    House Services and burial will be »=»<* strength of ISO.    '"plumbers" special investiga- from the Herr funeral home in Steinbeck said although he live unit have been convicted of Collinsville, 111., on Saturday.!cannot speak for the rest of the1 Watergate-related crimes. Buba funeral home east was injcounc*l    he thinks it would have Egil “Bud”    Krogh. Ehrlich- heen more “diplomatic” if the.man s deputy in the    White tire fighters had come to him House and co-director    of the cd it from former President .Johnson, All 12 votes for the article were cast by Democrats. Nine On Subpoenas, Cambodia, Taxes WASHINGTON (AP) Here other Democrats, led by Rodino,    are thc ron caU votcs on the joined the 17 Republicans in    three articles of impeachment defeating it.    considered by the house judici- Faxes    ary committee Tuesday: Mezvinsky and Rep. Brooks    c l n ID-Texas) led the effort to add    ^uoPoenas an article covering Nixon’s For the article: 21. Democrats taxes and the use of government : .19    “    Donohue.    Mass.; ,    .    .    ?    •    •    ,    Brooks, I e x a s; Kastcnmeier, funds to improve his private! wis>; Kdwards, Calif.; Hungato! Four persons were charged AUDa mnerai nome east was in    “J    “    ”W“IU.r^,“ DUU IYUB"’    :property at San Clemente and Mo.; Conyers, Mich.; Eilberg, with    possession    of    a controlled charge of local arrangements. ”een more    diplomatic    if    the    man    s    deputy    in    thc    White    Key Biscayne t0 the jmpeach-    Pa.; Waldic Calif.; Sarbanes. gnhctar.™    oft,.,.    th™      t,re    ”Shters    had    come    to him    House    and    co-director    of    the    mnnt rp<.n|lltjnn    Md-l Seiberlmg, Ohio; Danicl- suh. tanct after they were ar-    nil    and    Chief    Edsel    McMickle    he    nlumhers nled euiltv to an ,, reso    , son, Calif.; Drinan, Mass.: Ran- rested at 9:54 p.m. Thursday at    Roy    Jackman    ,    .    1 ll(K,e ne- plumbers, plea guilty to an Mezvinsky said both criminal gel, N.Y.; Jordan. Texas; the Collins Road Drive-In the- Roy Jackman.'90, formerly of ,h^r_^n'n8    3 moetmg w,th 'dentK>al consPirac.v    ^    wrongdoing and abuse of presi- Thornton Ark.;^Holt/.man, 279 Wilson avenue SW a Cedar , . ,    ,    November and has been re- ^ential powers were involved in : pW5ns’ vaT ’ vins y’ en r» I T    ♦    Ihieiifn    1    have    not been addressed I e a s e d after serving four )h    . £d .. of . deed . Iowa; Rodino, NJ. Hart Anamosa each fined $20 P ’ arrf(1sled: , ^    ^    Z    °l    r*    about    what    the problem is. nor months in prison.    make vahd a lr ft of ore    tw:v,l nan, Anamosa, cacn unco 3un p r eese 19t and ciarencc!died Monday in Mason City fol- has thp fjre chje[ nQr gny hjs|    K    make valid a gut ot pre;[ciory, 111.; Hogan. Md. staff,” Steinbeck Police day through Sunday. Lows in    Disobeying a traffic signal — lBrew*r1’1 20’ both of 624 G ave- lowing a long illness. He was immedjate 50s and highs in the upper 70s1 John Henderson, 2317 Fifth In^e : Michael Richman, 20,[born March 30, 1884, in Alfords- sajd and low 80s. C. R. Weather High Tuesday .......•    • • I/)w overnight ...............^jsw, fined $20 and costs.    plaint    some    youths    were    smok-1 Weymer of Cedar Rapids. WI Failure to follow marked ing marijuana at the theater. I Private graveside services 'J' l,,dl tuu'u 'ldVC wen nan- n a t e damaging information ll,e ricsiucm nas sci us a Miss . Frochlich. Wis.; Moor- A quantity of marijuana waswe re conducted Wednesday^, wdh/n he de',artmeJnl as a about Ellsberg. He is serving a | very sorry example, said head Ca Ut.; Maraziti, N.J.; _ 1;____;.    rr..^L    matter of policy or procedure. 1.1 vp-t mcnn wm    Mayne.    “Even if it was tech- Batta. Ohio. avenue SE, fined $20 and costs, of 1047 Regent street NE; and Ville, Ind. Dorothy Pork, 924 A. avenue james stout, Omaha.    Mr.    Jackman    was NW, fined $10 and costs.    _    ,    i . llisohryinx a stop sl«n - lhe four were arresled in a °f Maine lodge, 1001-. Ralph Renshaw, 1816 M street car after police received a com- survived bv a daughter, Isabel ... •W KW Ti nor!    anrl    eoctc    nloin4 enmo imnlhp ...awa    WPVmPP nf    R^niH^ nor months in prison. Colson Term Former White House sSpecial Counsel Charles Colson, who Mr- presidential papers, for which Nixon claimed a $576,000 income tax deduction. a member He is; Against the article: IT. Democrats against: 2—Flowers, Ala.; Mann, S.C. Republicans against: 15 Want Specifics    ^'    v",u*,v”    Fi".‘7    After    an investigation, the In-. --r--------- ----- t. ■ .... .,    ...    ,    raised the money for the Field-    RpuAnilp Lrvipp dicai. Hufehinson, Mich.; Smith, N.Y.; the chief and myself jng breakin, pled guilty in June;    ‘    ‘Sandman,    N.J.;    Railsback,    ill.; r'“    ,;l"'     u"‘    <u-    count    of    obstruction of lowed the deduct,on and billed Wiggins. Calif.; Dennis, Ind.; would like to know what the to one 83 highway Fredrick Cress, fined $15 and Noon Wednesday 2 p.m. Wednesday Precipitation ............. None    I Center Point, Total for July ..............1.55    «*}»• vA.m,| (nr ...I.,    OKO    Control of vehicle violation Norma for July    ........ 3.58    _ Da)p Aikman< Tipton fined Normal through July ......20.19    $20 and costs. Total for 1974  ............31.49    Defective Equipment — Bob- Barometer, rising ........ 30.15:by Caldwell, route 3. fined $10 Humidity at noon ..........62%1 anfi costs. ji    *    Responsibility to minors vio- W md direction and velocity al lat|on _ Caro, wright, 1502 2 p.m. NW at 5 mph.    Fifteenth    avenue    SE, fined $25 Sun rises Thursday, 6:00; sun and costs, sets. 8:26.    Meter    violation Year Ago Today low, 66; rainfall, none. Traveler's Forecast Thursday arc. Maybe its a mat- iu,lic. for soekin„ to dissomi-1 Nixon for M32-787 in back laxes fl-'h. N.Y.; Mayiw Iowa; Butter thai could have been ban- „ - , „ a,m,mno intnrmatinn "The ITesidcnt has set us a!---' '..ainc'-- " • found in the car. police said. Union Head Asks FHA Aid To Nip Building Slump Burial; Czech National. Turner chapel east was in charge of arrangements. “I policy or procedure. 1.3 year prison term, don’t think they're han- ar    mow    a    a    ..I    E.    Howard    Hunt,    a    former,"*8"*    l,e*al;    «    was    b|gh|y    ™'    Cambodia dhng 1 nght,' he said “I don’t c    d    ,he    roastermind(Proper to claim such a huge think its tactful to come up     e    d    u    c    11 0 n f°r his personal Memorial Services with ultimate surprises.” ♦ * * For the article: 12. Democrats for: 12 — Brooks, Texas; CHICAGO (AP) — The president of the Carpenters union, John Ho-j whose members have been hard High, 77;,lwel! 4417 Mf. Vernon road SE. hit by the slump in housing con-fined $10 and costs.    struction,    says    federal mort- "SSSTcSS"Seventh I ?88€.s at up of the Fielding operation, got immunity from prosecution for « aa    XT    «    'n.    j    «!    •    a    j a bis testimony. He, like Liddy, Matteson, Ada — Noon lhe six officers appointed to Thursday at Turner chapel the department Wednesday are    d    I    .    .. iS-S A    »■    »r*-,« r: •sstrrSTa -> “ -    -    H«Sn*SSKKI S55ert»,T3Ck”SZi" wk"--.,- *-•*« a m. Thursday. The casket will! Baucb (,520 Laurel lane NEV to Henry Kissinger, then Nixon s not be opened after the service. papers. But much as I deplore Kasicnmeicr, w,Edwa,ds, it, the question is, did he com-!Calif.; Hungatc, Mo.; Conyers, mit fraud?”    Mich.;    Waldie,    Calif.; Drinan, Mayne said he did not, but Mass.; Rangel. N Y ; Jordan, nexas: Holtzman, N.Y.; Owens, Kevin F. Sterenchuk, 600 Tenth; “tional!security affairs adviser at low interest rates street SW, fined $20 and costs. I should be provided to combat Weather. Hi-Lo Debris in streets violation — skyrocketing mortgage rates. Cloudv 80-52 j Perry Rooney, 381 Fifteenth William Sidell told 2.500 dele-.. . Fair    77-67    street SE, «ned$15 and .costs.    Rates tQ (he union’s 1974 conven. Fair    83-61    Failure to yield right of way".    .. PtCldv 78-58 after stop _ Robert Hunter,!bon on Tuesday that the time Tshwrs 80-67 1248 Fourth avenue SE, finedjhas come “to remove the hous- Indianapolis  PtCldv    85-64    ^YHlow" Hoe violation -    Jefpdse^lnlingTstem ^ ^    I<*****    to    4 5 percent from 4 8 Kansas City.....Tshwrs    88-67    Diane Kisling, Center Point,    ierPrise oanKing SN stem.    percent    in    1973,”    said Stewart Milwaukee'......PtCldv    74-58!    fined $20 and costs.    “In its place, I propose that    Cort Bethlehem    board chair- Mpls-St. Paul    Cloudy    77-56    Resisting an officer — Doug-    the federal government broaden    man  ---    —    las    L.    Petersen. 156 Twentieth    11 street drive NW. two days in Booth, Elizabeth (Libbie) — ■ —    *>    ,    pei:    jn    nipnn    «vho    oar- 1:30 P.m. Thursday at Turner,street SE; Richard (i. Larson,J.?!,;,-- "."I Bismarck Chicago .. Cincinnati Cleveland Des Moines Detroit ............Fair    81-55 chapel west by the Rev. Everett K. Burham. Burial: Palo cemetery. —Steel— (Continued from Page I.) 106 Fisher street, Hiawatha; and Robert W. Chapman, IOO Twenty-seventh street, Marion. Governors Hai Chance To Work On U. S. Budget Omaha St. Louis Sioux Falls Mississippi Stages (Flood stages In brackets) Lacrosse (12) 5.2, rise .5 Lansing (18) 8.4. no change Dam 9 (18) 12 9, no change McGregor (18) 6 9, no change I Goettsch’* Guttenberg (15)    4.2,    no    Belle-    Plaine change Dubuque (17) 7-3, rise .1 Davenport (15) 5, fall .5 Keokuk (16) 5.1, rise .1 ALBUQUERQUE, N. M. (AP) the Federal Housing Adm inis-; v s Steej chairmaI1 B. — White House agreement to ration and provide funds direct- s said return on saIes was| consult state and local officials WJ ly ‘0 the Citizen’ at interest c    _r„,_rrj    in the federal hudeet-m^kinn VVh,te House ticipated in the Fielding breakin, got immunity from any prosecution. —Nixon— (Continued from Page I.) has not been embraced or accepted.” Deputy Press Secretary Against the article: 26. Democrats against: 9—Donohue, Mass.; Eilberg, Pa.; Flowers, Ala.; Mann, S.C.; Sarbanes, Md.; Seiberling, Ohio; Danielson. Calif.; Thornton, Ark.; Rodino, NJ. Republicans against; 17 — Hutchinson, Mich.; McClory, 111.; Smith, N.Y.; Sandman, ,    •    4U    *    *    r    * 4- i    ittiNJ.; Railsback, 111.; Wiggins, lowing is    the    text    ol    Article    III    Calif.; Dennis. Ind.; Fish, N.Y.; of the impeachment resolution Mayne, Iowa; Hogan. Md.; Bui- approved    bv    the house judiciary    Vai> c?b.e(L    J-011* ...    3    1    J    Miss.;    Frochlicn.    Wis.:    Moot    - gMMuttee.    •    Bouw    r’nii    *■    Maraziti,    N.J.; P ! Article 3 Text: Failure To Turn Over Evidence WASHINGTON (AP) head. Calif.; In his conduct of the office of Latta. Ohio. President of the United States. faxes Gerald Warren told reporters J™    , Tuesday that the view at the Jcats for: .2 - Brooks. Texas; that the house j    I    resident    of    the    United    Kastenmcicr,    Wis.; Eriw’ards, For the article: 12. Demo- only 6.6 percent, compared within thc federal budget-making!    TpsnonsU    States    and» to the best of his Calil.; Conyers, Mich.; Eilberg. 10.2 percent in 1959.    process    has been hailed by gov- ,    ,    .    th    ability,    preserve, protect, and Pa I Seiberling, Ohio; Daniel- ernors as a breakthrough rn fed-1    ™    “fjT'defend the Constitution of theffi PtCldv 85-58 PtCldy 90-67 Cloudy 80-56! Linn county jail with credit for time served.    J    ly Iowa Deaths    <‘in the 4 or 5 percent cat’i Monticello — George H ^    .    i    However,    Speer    described    thei    ...    .v«-(    „    .    exDresscd    Nix-iv*v',t,,“    u,c    vu“s",uiw"    UI    urc    dan    Texas* Holtzman N Y.* Moenk,    82. Friday    at    ll.    Visita-j Current    mortgage interest:improvement over the previous ^ral cooperation.    ‘ “firm confidence” that he:Gnited States- and    *n violation    Mezvinsky, iowa; Rodino, N.J. ’ bon    after    lh    Thursday    at|rates    are    about double those (year as “encouraging because it I The first of a series of    meet-! woujd not be impeached bv the °f bis constitutional    duty to take j    Against the article: 26. Dcm- sought by Sidell.    indicates    that a level of profi-jings on the budget involving j house    ’Care    *be    ^aws    ^    faithfully    lOcrats    against: 9 — Donohue, He described his proposal as a Stability is emerging which cantate and local representatives; ’    *    ♦    *    executed,    has    failed    without    JSjf*?    jjlmn’ way    out    for his 8 50 , OOO stimulate steelmaking expan- will be in Washington shortly Nixon has begun giving up the;fawful cause or excuse to pro-    S.C.'. Sarbanes, Md.; Drinan! an linpm-lcinn u/ithin »hn dnmpstie steel I affpe Sept. I, Kenneth    Cole. I V\ratergate tapes he fought to!duCe nannrc and    ikinoc «    Ma.« * Thornton. Ark : Owens. B. at Harry Allen. 85. Thursday at 2 Peffers-Halverson’s. Manchester — Lillie Jarvis, 83. Thursday at IO at St. -j    Mary’s. Wake scripture service Cedar at C R. (13) 3.93, fall Wednesday at 8. Visitation .04    I    after 2 Wednesday at Boh-1 slump. nenkamp’s.    Officials    of    the    National    Assn. Wellman — Charles Martin Wednesday at Powell’s Randalla 70. Graveside million housing starts in 1973, o\ei increased p.vi.u* ... .tK-itheir suggestions on things to be prosecutor Leon Jaworski sub- 30* 1974> and June 24- 1974- and leV va.rCohen,”Maine;'Lott, J J ...u--------------1    ” *    *    Willfully    disobeyed such subpoc- Mls^ Frochlich Wis.; Moor- mu i  j    j    head,    Calif.; Maraziti, N J.; nas. The subpoenaed papers and!Latta Ohio r.arnavill® —Clarence Mora-1—'•"»    rai.ed    nrices    on    most    Droducls ""    """    “'’I'*s    John    Sirica    thinKS were deemed necessary rend, BO. Thursday at St. Paul’s I mg starts were 26 percent below    .Lv,mie    enntrnU! Rampion, Utah Democrat and An index and ana|ysis by the committee in lAitheran church, ruecke-Al- Hast year’s 1.595,000. lemstein’s.    _____ Oelwein — Mrs. Jessie Thornton, 59. Friday at 2 at j Presbyterian Coralville Lake Pool level Wednesday . Births — Mercy July 3ft — To the families of Spencer Sorenson, route I, | IO. Delsing Marion a daughter; Craig Hite. 840 Oakland road NE. a son. July 31 — To the families of David Storer, 2926 Mansfield avenue SE, a son; Gerald Clark, 6608 Kclburn lane NE. a son. ca    I    I < (Christ United Births — of.    Luke S i church. Hintz’s. July 3ft — To the families of, Tipton — Burdette E. Agne. Melvin Kann. Belle Plaine, a 91. Friday at 10:30 at    First daughter; Jim Foster, Twenty- United Methodist church.    Visi- fifth avenue, Marion, a daugh-    tation after 3 Thursday tor.    J Dye’s. i •    Aurora — Walter Bird. 75. Marriage Licenses    Friday at 1:30 at    St. Paul’S!    rangen^nts Floyd McDowell and Sally,    Lutheran church.    Kreussel-    Bear, when he    dies,    to    be    re- Welter, Steven Zamastil and    Fawcett’s, Lamont.    turned to his birthplace    in    New Mary Hines, all of Cedar; Van Horne — Ida Thompson, \Iexico Rapids. Bradley Kiburz and 76. Friday at 1:30 at Salem    ‘    Ln,uo Elizabeth Lusk, both of Marion. .United Methodist church.    Visi-    A    proposed    joint    scnate-house tation after I Thursday at    Fell-    resolution    adopted    by    the    panel met’s, Keystone.    Tuesday provides that when the Dysart Roy Winkclplcck. 24-vear-old black bear expires 82. Friday at i0:3() at Over-1 members, who have an unem-'sion within the domestic steel after plovment rate estimated at 12'industry.” percent because of the housing    Optimism    >c    adviser, said Tuesday at the "aj£ prosecutors. I I 0*7 A U.'Ar>t ACU f ’ntfAnrtArrt) r' nofrtH ” Several other major steel papers and things PtwMwrt mm'tjM    >y    duly    authori!!cd    u'i;!!mlWk.an<    a,,.,ins;:    „ 1974 Western Governors’ Conference here. ,    w.  --------  |    .    .    nreme    court    Nixon    Tuesday    House    of Representatives oni^-J:; i^lsb?ckf’ 663.13157, Monroe. Mich. Thursday    Builder* ropor.ed two|^    opHm.smj    ..W(1.re    ^    tor|htir    input,]^    April    ll,    1974. May 15, .974. Mayj^’ That preme battle lost in subpoenas issued by the Com- Hutchinson. Mich.; McClory, the su-mittee on Judiciary of the 111.; Smith. N.Y : Sandman. Unit Sets Final Plan for Smokey WASHINGTON (UPI) at house agriculture committee has unanimously approved artar Smoke v the At Scott College after federal economic controls    An index and analysis -    oy me committee in order to    Graduation Held Inbred Anri. IO U S Steel’s chalrman of ,he Na,10nal (:°ver-Lhich mav contain fresh claims;resolve by direct evidence fun- ^ d    Meltl hike came in three stcDS'"0rS Conference' and Danicl'some of lhe taped conversations damcntal. factual questions re- averagine 13 5 percent over its'E^ans- WasJ»inet°n Republican.    should    kept secret on;    (ating lo presidential direction,    DAVENPORT - Eastern product line    s’    ,chairman    of    lhe    ra    .grounds    of    national    security    or;    knowledge or approval of actions iowans werc among thosp slu. Speer who has said the com-    !!onaJ c’onfcrence ,asl>7ar’ ^'d^ciceeutive privilege - was prom-    demonstrated by other evidence    dents who graduated Aug. 2 ....    panv piaas no further signifi-    lhe d«,s,on represented a new    jwd for Wednesday.    J* be substantial grounds for    from ^ Community college. •I    cant price hikes this vcar, said    T » ° cooperation between    Presidential defense lawyer    impeachment of the President,    n** receiving degrees in- I CP    mikes    tuts yvai, aam w,vnn admin Stratton andit »    ____in rof.icincr ne^„nn    . demand for steel products a"d;J(l^erNte^,,s    aEJd*Jame*    St*    C**lr    pro1"i^ed    slr^»l,n    refusln«    *<?    Pro^uce    ,hese    eluded; most of the corporations nonsteel products was ex U113 I1U11.    •    I j a “significant portion’ of the papers and things Richard M. Delhi — Dennis Covington; uppted to a rec°gnit,on of growing leader- remaining recordings by Fri- Nixon, substituting his judgment Columbus - Mark Lowe* Wil- u" L1 u    chin.    a*    tho    n-jfinnal    laval    hv thp ! ,    .___ remain strong the rest of the _ship at ,he nationaI ,evel bV thc day, along with doc'uments per- as to what materials were nee- ton _ Kevin Puls; Oxford Juneau state governors.    taining to the conversations.    essarv for the inquiry, interpo- Bon year The budget meetings will in- Marriages Dissolved Julia Kay and Aubrey V. Davisson. Judy Ann and Larry Roy Sills. Ann L. and Douglas Lon’s*. D. Ortberg. Francis M. and Marlene True. Gertrude Helen and Paul John Janda. Beatrice and Nathan Cohn. Doi 4las D. and Elizabeth A. Vander Moor. Fires More Propane, Butane Exports Are Okayed at his long-time home in the National zoo here, he be returned I to Capitan. N.M., “tar proper disposition and a permanent 1 memorial." The resolution was a toned businesslike and blunter earnings levels are comparable puce, National lieague of Cities. to other investment activities. u. S. Conference of Mayors. Na- WASHINGTON (AP) — The 12:32 p.m. Tuesday. Grease commerce department has in-    dovvn, fire in roasting pit at 4747 First (*fpaspd the maximum permis-    version    of the original    diatl avenue SE.    ... exnorts for DroMne bu- that avoided direct reference rieiret STirLh    “I    .anc aud    natural gas liquids to    about    Smokey’.,.    eventual deathy IOO First avenue NW.    3.4 million barrels for the July-1 speaking    instead    of the    time 5:12 a in. Wednesday. Bark- s«ni«mber neriod The maxi-    when he    would go    “to the Great j ‘h™u*!'t,    81    It    the two previous three-1    Honey Tree in    .he Sky.” 3707 First avenue 5>fc.    juju    no    _____ ,    . month periods had been 2.8 Magistrate s Court million barrels. r:J,87Ti^k,“Tv Whether exporters will use route 2; Robert Zaiesky, Ely,    r each fined $40 and costs. Fame-all of that authority, however. la Burger, Fairfax; Steven (was unclear. Total exports for Myers, 325 Nineteenth street    ^ Brsj    (bree months of the SE; John Read. 1401 A avenue    example fell nearly NW; Ellen Lindberg, 3028 Cir-!ytar' ,(,)l cx, p, ’ ,c‘‘ ned‘iy cie drive NE; Sylvester Sebet-1700.0(H) barrels below the quota lion has been authorized tar expansion and replacement in addition to $119 million spent in the second quarter and $226 million in the half. On the strength of the increased earnings, the company raised its quarterly dividend Cyprus Airlift    from    50 cents to 60 cents per WASHINGTON (UPI) — The share, air force will airlift 150 Danish Rita Chapin; Wapello — Earnings Levels    "j“    u    Thc    jud^e novv has the j°b of sed the powcrs of the Presi' Pamela Jackson; West Branch I volve    federal officials    and the    listening to all of    the    tapes and    dency against the lawful sub-    _ Renee Nash Spoor    said    more    production j “New    Coalition . a group repro    deciding which should    be    turned    poenas of the house of repre-    Monticello — Steven    Nagel: capacity    can be    linanced    only    if j senting the governors    confer-    Jover Jaworski.    sentatives, thereby assuming to    iowa City — Cindy Zimmer- himself functions and judg-    mann, Margaret Long;    Wash- 20 YEARS AGO    — Tho    senate    ments necessary to the exercise    ington — Sally Tanner U. S. Steel plans to add nearly tional Assn. of Counties and rece|vpd sjx charges for con- _-_-___ two million tons of annual ca-1 state legislators’organizations, divination of Sen Joseph Mc-1 pacify by year’s end and a total This will tx* the first time fiov-;Carthv including the accusation of five million tons by the end of lemurs and local leaders havent he “shook down” a housing 1976. Speer said. Some $855 mil- bad an opportunity to present a fjrm for $10,000. united front at the start of the J    ____ budget-writing process. Evans said. Drive Sately BROSH CHAPEL ’’Ih’rntf’tl lo    Service    ’" Inquire About Our Pre-arranged Service* Cedar Rapids Solon ut ics ii . . HMH HHS , I'rom/tl HvHrvry PH k S n il ITOW MI MHH* 5008 ( enter Pl. Rd. N.E. 393-5565 & Light Up Someone s day with Flowers PIERSONS ROWH SHOP I 800 HIU Blvd. NW FIOWIBPMONI 366-1826 servicemen to Cyprus as part of a continuing effort to bolster the U. N. force there, the Pentagon said Tuesday. 30 YEARS AGO - At least 4.0(H) German officers were reported to have fled from Germany in disguise. <X o Let our Flowers express your respect and love FLORIST and GIFT SHOP    364-8139 phone anjwered 24 houri every day. Since BHH) flowers for all occasions JOHN E. LAPES (onvement downtown location m 3rd Ave. SE    365-0511 John B. Turner & Son Rinrml Directors since 1888 Now, two completely-staffed locations to serve you. Dimers l.< is! hi M) Sec < Hid Ave. Si Dimer s West 1221 First Ave.West NEW IN THE WANT ADS! Look To Classified Each Day For PATTERNS NEEDLECRAFT I nj £ au\r< VV kcdkLt Shop The Want Ads For Excellent Buys. ;

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