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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 31, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Thr Cedar Rapid* Gazette: Wed., July SI, 1974 Funding    Drop Hurts Iowa Road Demands West Branch Resident Seeks Kirkwood Post By Tom Fruchling Although Iowa highway com mission staff members gave i gloomy report on road funding at the first of a series of public information meetings in Cedar Rapids Tuesday, they nevertheless were bombarded with suggestions for more and faster road building. The meeting, one of 20 held throughout the state, was a result of the commission's action plan to increase public involvement in highway development programs. The meeting was held at the coliseum armory. It was. said commission district engineer Van Snyder, a “good meeting.” as about 50 city and area residents were given details of road building plans and had the chance to voice suggestions and complaints to commission staff members. Most Discussion Drawing the most discussion were the proposed route of highway 30. interstate 380 through Cedar Rapids and the Marion bypass. Snyder summed up the prospect of road construction as “not encouraging,” due to rampant inflation this past year. “All components of construction have increased substantially in cost,” he said, “and the rate of mcrease in the most recent 12 months has been severe.” Costs Jump According to commission records, grading has risen in cost 39 percent, cement 44 percent, asphalt concrete 70 percent, structure* 23 percent and right-of-way acquistion 20 percent. This overall 33 percent jump, noted district planning engineer Robert Percival, will force the deferral of much new' construction, which in turn will require additional funds for road maintenance. “Few projects other than emergencies such as bridge replacements will be added to the new program,” he said. Percival predicted many “stopgap” measures. Citizen Input quite appropriate to take a shotgun approach” in demanding stepped-up construction in the English said he is running for the post “because I believe in the concept of the community college. I have been following Kirkwood because it has such a good program. It ranks pretty high in the country.” Continuing education courses, farm cooperative, veterans and vocational programs were areas English said he particularly supported at Kirkwood. English has also been pastor area. He said current plans “are too far in the future for the immediate needs” of Cedar Rapids. Richard Good, personnel director at Collins Radio, noted that the completion of 380 through the city is an “urgent necessity.” Roads ‘Outmoded’ He categorized local road systems as “inadequate and outmoded” and a hindrance to industry. He added that it is ironic that Iowa City residents are of West Branch Friends church able to travel to the Cedar-since 1968. He is married and Rapids airport faster than most has three sons, two in high Cedar Rapids citizens.    school and one in junior high. Speaking for the Chamber ofi has a bachelor of arts Commerce. Richard Petskaj<tegree from Oglethorpe univer-urged “a speed-up of the 1-380 shy. Atlanta; a master of divin-program, especially through the I ^.v degree from ^ew Brunswick metropolitan area.”    Theological    Seminary, New Jer- Petska also advocated four Mn’ a master °f arts degree in Un,hr of highway 30. a Marion^*™* a"d «""f! from bypass, widening of highway ISO ‘J10 tSta'ea University of Now and improvements on highway IX0!*; and ‘s. n ^mg on a spout in Cedar Rapids.    -' c alust ,n education degree a, v    the University of Iowa. Marion Comment    English served for six years in Both Marion mayor pro-temj,he nav>’ whcrc he tauRht elec-Victor Klopfenstein and past ,ronlcs- president of the Marion branch ,^e bas been a member of the of the Chamber of Commerce |/oe™as<)lls arK* tbe Parent-Phil Morris said the need for a leacher Assn. route around Marion is great.    English is running in director ,llI? ,    .    district I, which includes the Ve need it as soon as posse community school districts of We Morns commented.    (clarence, Lin«>ln,    Lisbon. Mid- Residents of Benton county||and 0|in So|on Tjp|on ,,nd showed concern that the pro-;West Branch; Lowden and Ox-posed route of highway 30 is f „ r d Junc(ion conso|idaled one-half mile south of the scbooi districts, and Iowa City PfMentroad.    precincts    7 and 8. This plan, said one land {___ owner, is “foolishness” as it will • “ruin some of the richest land in the country.” A counselor with the University of Iowa has filed nomination papers for a three-year term on; A. A the Kirkwood    Community col-    * bited    Way president,    an loge board of directors.    nounced    Wednesday that    Du- Edward M.    English,    44. of    buque United Way Executive West Branch,    will face    incum-l^rec^or    Robert Borning    has United Way High Court Nominee Is Decisions Listed Dubuque Man DES MOINES (AP) -.The Iowa supreme court handed ,,    .    .    .    .down opinions in these cases Hopers. Linn county Wcdnesdaj, A av nrpslnpnf an- BUCHANAN — In re: marriage of Novak, distribution of property, affirmed and remand- Van Dyke Land Case Re-Filed In Linn Court Bid 71 Percent Above Funding Mark Donahue I Seeks Two-Year Term to Board Mark I). Donahue, 31, of 126 The parks department re-Frederick A. and Irene C. Van ceivcd only one bid Wednesday;    NE    Tues. Dyke of Sebring, Fin., have had.for construction of ii manitou-»1 Wa'"a,r”    ;    1 .heir caseating for adiateLance building for .ho forestry day    >    ^ compensation for land con-:department, a bl(j that was 'I uut'    ,    ..    .    . denned in 1971 reinstated in.percent higher than the avail---     ioard. Linn district court.    able    funds.    L    ‘ J—— .    ..    ..    !-t £*S C.“ mUSi IO school board election.    8    j    JOHNSON - State cs. Yolk,    was dismissed in January, 1974,    for the building. The only bid, and State vs. Power, drag rac-    because of a technicality involv    submitted by Ixiomis Brothers ing, affirmed.    jng servjng of notices. The Van    Construction Co., was $147,221. Donahue, an employe of affirmed. Berning’s appointment, ommcnded by an ad hoc person nel committee, is subject to approval by the board of directors. Bettiga resigned his position as executive director, effective Aug. 5, to take a similar post at corpus Christi, Texas.    Kirkwood Talk Borning has held the Dubuque directorship for 15 months. He has, however, been with Dubuque United Way for over six years. He and his wife have three children. Borning is a graduate of Loras college and holds a master s degree in management!college from Drake university.    Percy. FAYETTE - In re: the mar- Dykes asked $60,000 for land riage of Blessing, child custody, that had been condemned in Parks Commissioner Stan Reims postponed a decision on By Sen. Percy Slated Friday connection with a federal high- the bid until next week, way program.    The    building    was to be con The city of Cedar Rapids, strutted at 2200 A street SW. Linn county, the county board of supervisors and county sheriff were named as defendants in Mark Donahue U.S. Sen. Charles H. <R ill.) will speak Friday afternoon at Kirkwood community the petition. According to Van Dyke. the Percy compensation commission had only offered him about $3,000 for the land The petition pointed out that the land was worth , , $60,000 in fair market value be-!*? have. l,s.,entirf WWW con  — "■—’£■    |     considered    a    Primer"“’“”“    ‘7    *7"    .rJdemned rather than just a por If approved by the board of contender for the Republican ™,se of ,he bus,ness on thelt ion of it was denied following a party presidential nomination in    ,    hearing    in    Linn    district    court. 1976, will be featured speaker at The petition noted that it was a workshop on employment for “extremely difficult to procure Heabel Request Y    I    a    ii    I    Hedges’ Associates, is seeking I O Condemn All fbe vacancy created by the res- ProDertv Denied i8na,ionof SlevcSovern nupeiiy L/cmcu “I have no special interests to The request of Heabel Co., represent,” Donahue said. “The Inc., 701 Center Point road NE. school board in the past has had good direction and will continuo directors at their Wednesday afternoon meeting, Berning will begin work Oct. I. to have in the future. “It is primarily a policy-making board, dealing with proce-A section of Heabel’s property dures and budgets, interviewing Mahlon L. Hi Candidate for Kirkwood Board cafeteria of Linn hall. Percy is I <>» county and municipal man "use n .was ... me pain ■t “ak at 4:15.    agement...and    abutting    land    P 0P°sed 1-380expressway. expected to speak The Illinois senator is member of the special senate Snyder responded by saying that due to the need for “extensive access roads.” it was felt when the corrridor was ap- Office Breakin Reported, Now Home Entered Dr. Richard Boelter, 130 Echo proved that less damage would!lane NYV. Tuesday reported $125 result than if present highway leash was taken from a closet in 30 were widened.    . his residence while he was on --vacation    between July 7 and House Panel Approves ,uI> 21 CM    Boelter    told police he did not FM-Band Requirement rpr>m, (he inc£ ^ ^ report WASHINGTON (AP) — A bill day because requiring radios be equipped to receive signals from both AM the elderly The program will properly” for auto .salvage work:had b“" condemned by the professionals in those areas and begin at 3 pm Friday in ^because of the "adverse attitude    hl8hwa>' commission bo- also academic ones I would like ®    ‘    ^    *    ■    ... .cause it was in the path of the to give my time to do that, he said. owners.” The petition added! Heabel    contended    that con-    Donahue is married amd has a that the land had been used fori^ema’n8    a poi tion of    its piopei-    (bree daughters in elementary auto salvage since 1960    I7 had rendered useless the school. He has lived in Cedar A teacher in the Cedar Rapids!commlttee on lhe afims    rho    v Dvk r loneer cn,ire Pr0Perty- The tirm had Rapids 23 years. Community school district has Also on the program Friday;    j h ,. y    ,,1 tasked that the entire property ,n 1966 he received a bachelor filed nomination papers for a will be State Sen Tom Riley au(0 M| operation. seat on the Kirkwood Communi- (R-Cedar Rapids), who will|    _____ ty college board of directors. speak on pre-retirement and...    Cl*    Lll Mahlon L.    Hill,    40,    of    4325    post-retirement programs. Woman O 11 g hi I y Willowbrook drive NE, is seek* Percy will speak later Friday    Ll,, J. !n ing the three-year term current-; at a fund raising dinner for    ll UTT In ly held by Morris Allen of Riley, who is running for Carol DeGroot. 26. of I«0I ■ -1aMU    -"iRapids Arf Assn., St. Matthewr’s Marion Allen    announced    pre-congress.    K avenue NE, .suffered a cut lip “ Pr0P«rt7 not .1c0"dcmned    Catholic church, the YMCA, violists llial he will not seek re- The Kirkwood workshop will Wednesday when the ear she 'J0'1,, ™, l'<’'-CSsa" ■' re and the XX Club. election.    be jointly sponsored bv the was driving struck a telephone (er,er u‘s.e    .. others in the field for the two- Engaged in teaching for HjCedaJr Rapids laycees. jaycee pole.    tads    found no evtdence of rn-    “J,™ ‘A™ years.    Hill    ts    currently    coof-    wives,    lhe    Area Agency    for the Miss DeGroot    wa,    treated    at    JT"0" "" the    ^    Kucera sS oL and How- donator    of    trades    and    industry    A„inp    anH    thfl , *    ejatp    '    ..    ,    s    iredien    31    highway commission in    condem-    Nucerascoii uisun dnu n al Kennedy high school. He is    ® service    St. Luke s hospital and released. I njng |he portion of Heabcl-S ard Beati. Lari Ledtord returned married and has one child. |    .    '    J    charged    Miss DeGroot property and dhssolved the tem- hls nmmnation papers fot the Officials of the cooperating with failure to maintain control porarv injunction barring the seat ^^H^sday. agencies will describe “Project of her car. She told police she condemnation.    "    Incumbent board member Mainstream”, a program de- fell asleep about 3:30 a.rn     I______Norman Lipsky filed his nomin- Nixon Cruise    ation papers Tuesday for an- WASHINGTON (AP)    -    pres-    other three-year term on the Hurt in Crash Carol DeGroot. 26. of IB01 'u bo condemned so it could reto- o( ar|s de e from ,he tjnivcr-cate the entire business facility. isjtv jowa Donahue is a member of the 'Cedar Rapids Board of Realtors, the Greater Downtown Assn., the Jaycees, the Cedar However, the highway com-i mission demonstrated to the satisfaction of District Judge William Eads that there were alternatives and the buildings left property a program de- leu asleep about 3:30 a.rn signed to aid Cedar Rapids area Wednesday while driving in the senior citizens in finding jobs.11500 block of Maplewood drive Hill is running in director district seven, composed of Alburnett and Linn-Mar independent school districts, the Marion Independent school district, and,m, .    i,rn Cedar Rapids precincts Thw ProJect was Iunded b>' a NE-32.33,.‘18.39. and 41.    ' grant to the Cedar Rapids Jay-! The car In 1971, Hill ran against Allen Icees    curve    and but was defeated.    The    Area Agency for the said. — ---- Aging    will provide free bus Three Children, Left nd“ fof, clde,r'>' p°rsons “:sh- .. n* DI    attend the program. Pcr- fi{0ne, OIB HI oldZG sons wishing reservations money might have been mis-j KANSAS CITY, Kan. (UPI)— sh°uld telephone 398-5435. placed.    (Three    children,    left    alone    for;    The    workshop is open to the The incident at Boelter’s resi- the night by their mother, died public at no charge. . ident Nixon went for a cruise on board, failed to round a the Potomac on his second night Lipsky is ending his third1 hit the pole, police back in Washington after re- term on the board, and his sec-turning from California.    jond    as    president. he thought the have been mis- and FM stations has been ap-I r .    proved    by the house communi-;dence was the second breakiniearly Tuesday in a fire at their Several Cedar Rapidians lo|>-1cations subcommittee. Exempt!he has reported since returning1 two-story home.    20    YEARS    AGO    —    Tribesmen hied    for    "Wroved highways rn frorn this requirement would be'from vacation.    Neighbors said thev could    of the Aidagalla and Arap tribes and around me    city.    lower-priced radios, and avia- Boelter's business    office. 182 hear the children screaming for    of British Somaliland    agreed tion, marine and citizen-band! Jacolyn drive    NW,    was broken I help but firemen were unable    that a compensation    of IOO radios.    ! into July 18.    An    18-year-old | to reach the two girls, 7 and 8. Similar legislation was passed youth was charged last week in the downstairs bedroom or Joseph Hladky, jr., commented that although he “appreciated the little bit of impetus that Woolworth Satisfaction Guaranteed • Replacement or Money Refunded “His” and “Her” Shoe Sale has been taken ... 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