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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - August 1, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa : Weather- I Chance of rain tonight .md Friday, hows tonight, mid fids. Highs Friday, mid 70s. VOLUME 82 NUMBER 204 HU eclvtr CITY FINAL 15 CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, THURSDAY, AUGUST I, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES TURKS POUND CYPRUS Project 3-1 House Vote To Impeach Gazette Leased Wires WASHINGTON - With house debate on the impeachment) question due to start in two weeks, some leading congressmen representing both parties and various political philosophic s say President Nixon’s chances are poor. Rep. Ashbrook (R-Ohio), a leading house conservative who supports impeachment, said Wednesday that he expects the house to vote to impeach Nixon by nearly a 3-1 margin. Ashbrook said the President would go into a senate trial as an underdog and would be* “hard pressed” to find the 34 senate votes required to stay in office. House Republican Whip Leslie Arends, who is generally considered the Republican congressional leader closest to Nixon.' was asked by reporters how he would assess Nixon’s chances of avoiding impeachment. “I would not tell him it looks good,” Arends replied. “Over 75 Percent” Greeks Plan Vote on (J. N. Action Return of Monarchy Gizikis Out? Blocked by Soviet Veto Causeway Collapse AP Wirephoto A Louisiana state trooper views a collapsed section of the 24-mile Lake Ponchartrain causeway after a tugboat pushing barges crashed into the span Thursday. A car and a truck plunged into the lake and three people were drowned. House Democratic Leader Thomas O'Neill predicted more than 75 percent of the house members will vote to impeach the President. O’Neill said no firm counts have been taken but said his discussions with members indicate not more than 38 of the cd United Way Goal Is Up I I Percent Farm Prices Rebound From Four-Month Sag Cedar Rapids News- WASHINGTON (UPI) —J The house authorized an Prices of raw farm products;emergency study of the national Phone Strike Sunday Night lf No Accord ATHENS (AP) — Greece’s to a republic, the president took new civilian government is on all the former powers of the going to reinstate the 1952 con-k| stitution, but a referendum will be held to decide whether the country should again become a    latest    move    by Caraman- monarchy, government .sources ds cabinet would suggest that By United Press International said Thursday.    President    Phaeton    Gizikis, a    Thc Cyprus cease.fir(. The sources said the two con- r * a .    . crf!    ".,.'tfsl.ln,    cncd to crumble Thursday,    with suctions drawn up by military , c ,    f aa ,°    's a '    ,    reports of major Turkish    truce dictator George Papadopoulos f,ovcmber    folln"‘n«    "* ^violations and a Soviet    veto will be scrapped. But the provi-: css ^oup aRalns aPa °P°U os. blocking thc Ii. N. from expand-sions of the 1952 constitution maybe on thcwayou'-    mg peacekeeping efforts on the pertaining to the monarchy will 1 be possibility of a return of war-torn island. be suspended until the people ,the monarchy has not been re Turkish warships anchorcd off decide whether they want the ceived VV1 h much enthusiasm thp northern Cypriot port of monarchy restored.    by many Greeks who feel that K    ^    v    f the king and Queen Mother I* re- • , .    , Republican Form    derika    brought    about the priot towns Wedncsday, less ...    ,    ,    ..    ?    ....    .    than 24 hours after the signing In the interim, the republican present turmoil by meddling in f three-nation cease fire form of government proclaimed politics as far back as 1965 agreement in Geneva by Papadopoulos will remain, Caramanlis is not considered Greek Cypriot leaders dottle sources said.    a fervent supporter of the mon- nounced the attacks as “gross The decision by Premier Con- archy. In 1963 a disagreement violations” of the truce and ac-stantine Caramanlis’ cabinet between Caramanlis and the cused Turkey of sending more was expected to be announced king led to Caramanlis’ self-im- reinforcements to occupied sec-in the government gazette later posed exile to Paris. He was tions of the embattled island Thursday.    recalled    from    France    by the It was not immediately clear!military leadership July 24 to    -xp. n what articles of the constitution!head a    new    civi,ian    govern-    At the U.N., Soviet Ambas- were to be suspended pertaining ment-    sador    Yakov Malik rushed to to the head of state.    King    Constantine    in London Ibe Security Council from a va- The 1952 constitution gave the said short|y ■*'<* Caramanlis’:ca)ion and vet0pd a resolution king the authority to choose his return that he hoped to return •calling for peacekeeping forces premier and dissolve paella-; *® Greece soon with his family.! to expand their duties on Cyprus ment.    But there was no indication that in accordance with the Geneva u7u u J .    the Athens government had ex- peace agreement. When I apadopoulos dissolved    or,    Immediately    after    the    dra- ,i    iruj-7    tended    an    invitation. the constitution in    1967 and    matic vote, Secretary General again in 1973 which changed the    Communist Party    Waldheim said Turkeys mili- iorm of ruling from a    monarchy    |n    addition,    a government    tarv commander on Cyprus had source said the    cabinet also dis-    demanded U. N. withdrawal cussed the possibility of recog-from Turkish enclaves. Wald-nizing the outlawed Greek Com- heim said he had no choice but munist party — EKE — which to comply, was banned in 1936.    In    Moscow,    the official Soviet The EKE tried to overthrow news agency Tass said Malik the legal government in a    “foiled the attempts” by some bloody    civil conflict from 1947-!    North Atlantic Treaty Or- 49. It*was put down with the as- ganglion members to impose a “It appears that a strike is in- r,    3Mo'S‘StanCC°f ,he U’S and Britain'    TN'    r#l*.    With°U' evitable” said Glenn Watts    Thursday    about    3,000    Anthony    Amha    sufficient sounding out. evitable    said    Glenn    watts,    „ons    flf slj    hU    radioactive    J,e^er’ Anthony .^b3’    Bntain Greece and Turkey president    of    the    Commum-    * ater    was inadvertently    re-    e,os’    Wednesday appealed for    Knid,n’    3110 iurKcy cations Workers of America. Watts announced the strike WASHINGTON (AP) - Lead- wili support the President on last year’s goal impeachment.    The    board    also    gave    unani- Rep. Waggonner (D-La), a mous approval to hiring Robert strong Nixon supporter, thinks! Berning, 30. of Dubuque, as its even fewer than 38 Democrats new executive director. will vote against impeachment, included in the campaign goal O Neill said.    is a 6.5 percent salary cost Nuclear Plant The board of directors of Unit- rebounded sharply from a four- economy and the causes and cf- ers of 750,000 telephone workers ll/'ilfl*' IT ca sin no I Way of Linn County Wednes-month slump in July.    fects of inflation.    Thursday    called a nationwide    fffllEr LSCdPCS To Cedar River 248 house Democrats and fewer day set a 1974 campaign goal of The agriculture department than 80 of the 187 Republicans $1-250,830, up ll peicent over sajd Wednesday that they rose 6 .. til -___ i    .I ai, luck PBar'c nnil    .    .    .. Grocery Price percent in the month ending July 15 as livestock began recov-1^^^^ BlOOest in ering from depressed levels;    *7** and grains rose in price from bd Ore than Year the impact of drouth damage But Rep. Wiggins < R-Calif. I,. incrcase who led Nixon’s defense during staff. the house judiciary committee sessions which approved three for the United Way Pledge Results The resulting upward pres sure on consumer food bills was . By The Associated Press Consumers got hit during July Thursday strike against the Bell System to begin ai 11:01 p.m., Iowa time, Sunday if negotiators fail to agree on a new contract. Cedar Rapids Newt— water was inadvertently    his ’ (v '“j -J” and signed the ..ccvi leased into the Cedar river at , , j‘J ® ,?g recognitionand T .. jmposjnc the Duane Arnold Energy Center slated ,hal we are not in favor *a*y’ p.s « considered likely to increase with the worst round of grocery deadline at a news conference arouncj 7 p m Wednesday    of    monarchy    as    an    institution.” Agriculture Secretary Bu tz’ price increases in more than a at which he announced that his/    , pressure on food industry mid-)year, an Associated Press mar- union’s 500,000 members voted dlemen to narrow their margins, kct basket survey shows. The by a 7-1 margin in favor of The water was released to the river from the turbine building articles of impeachment, said,! R was announced that as of: which he has already criticized bill went up an average of 4 per- walkout. Of those voting, he as a resu^ a valvp foiling to Everybody’s been telling me June 30. 61 percent of the cam- as (00 wide    cent.    said (hc rcsu!ts wcre 225.560 for c,ose Properly, thus overflowing Meat Animals Procedures The statements came as the about Republican erosions    but    I    paign    pledges for this year had don’t find any.”    been    collected. The amount taken    in totaled $712,837 out of    Average    farm    prices    for all $1,168,335 pledged.    meat animals jumped 16 per. Approval was given    for    tents-    cent but remained 21 percent house prepared for debate on jive allocations in 1975 for Camp below a year earlier, the articles approved    bv    the    pjre    Qjrjs ($59,885), Hoover    Mid-July    farm    prices    over-all committee.    Health council ($3,00(1) and Girl    were I percent    above    a year A    number    of procedural mat-    Scouts, ($18.5001.    earlier. They were 14 percent ters    have to    be settled,    such as    *    *    *    below the level of February, the    length of time for    debate.    Berning, presently    executive    when the slump began, and whether the proceedings in the djrect0r of the Dubuque United house chamber will be tele- Way, will assume the position vised, and whether the commit-) j at a starting annual sala-tee's articles will be open for rv of $21,000. TtesTspeakcr Albert met Robcrt Bo,,‘8a' p,esem excc‘ with Judiciary The AP checked the prices of a strike and 33,326 against.    a recP*v *n£ fonk 'n (he turbine 15 food and non-food items in 13 Officials of the International 100,11 basement. I The water was on its way (Continued: Page 3, Col. 2.) I (Continued: Page 3, Col. 8 . i 41% of 1974 Model Drivers Shun Belts Geneva agreement a standstill cease-fire and adopting a de facto partition of the former Britrh colony between the majority Greeks and minority Turks. Shelled Villages UPI Correspondent Richard (i r 0 s s said Turkish forces UT rreeaom shelled the Greek Cypriot villages of Karavas and Lapithos, IO miles west of Kyrenia on the northern coast. A U.N. military source said Convict Says No to Offer about 15.5 percent below the record set last August. The price of corn rose from WASHINGTON (UPI) A (Aug. 15, 1973.required a scat j rence at tte nuclear plant, study says 41 percent of the belt system that allows cars to $2.57 a bushel June 15 to $2.91 dr,vers of 1974 model cars are;Boug *    lion,    however,    the AEC con- negotiations, an enraged Car- reinforcements into areas east July 15, compared with $2.45 a getting around the system de-; ,.jn snjtp ^ jntprim.k svs.:firmed foal there was no public rasco placed what he said was of Kyrenia and into Karavas, on bazard-    |a bomb in the doorway of-the thc western side of the harbor ^ added that the radioactivity library classroom where he has town, vnairuidii iwumu    •*:    at    rwnin:    rhrkfT    mid-July,    compared    with    $2.47 a putting on the belts.    not    usjnLr    anv    belts” said the m the water °iay have exceetlcd held the hostages for eight days. F’oreign Minister Dimis Dim i- discuss the procedural qp«-;rx's He has held the Unli year earlier.    j    A    separate    study    published    in    Itudy    by    l.eon    Bober,son a he Permissible levels for, normal) But moments before he said triou said Greek Cypriot troops start only under certain condi- back to the reactor when the mishap occurred.    HUNTSVILLE,    Texas    (UPI) .    ,    ...    . . . I*“ Ired Gomez Carrasco spurn- Investigators Dispatched pd an offer of frecdom%nd The Atomic Energy Commis- transportation from his prison the shelling by a Turkish war-sion (AEC) announced it was stronghold Wednesday, telling ship forced the withdrawal of dispatching two inspectors from penitentiary administrators he g r e e k -1 e d Cypriot national region three office in Glen wanted to use all 13 of his hos- guard troops in the area Ellyn, ll!., to review the occur- tages to shield him and two con- Greek Cypriot President Glaf- i fodcrates in their escape.    k()s derides protcstetl to thc Based on IE s initial investiga- At one point during the day’s U N. that Turkish troops moved tion, however, the AEC r    jlt_ utive director, has resigned, ef- Year earlfor- Wheat rose from signed to prevent them from (em however, 41 percent of Chairman Rodino «D-NJ > to fective AuS- 5’ t0 take a similar j*3;5,7. j,n mid-June to $4JM in starting their vehicles before | drivers in the 1974 vehicles were tions. but no decisions were re-! ,    .    .    „    , ported Rodino said he warned coun,>' Past f to talk matters over with other    ‘Best    Town' committee members. The 1968 * * * radioactive liquids. Analyzing Water IE is analyzing the water to determine if the release exceeded the radioactivity permitted the American Journal of Public    havioral    scientist    with the    In Other economic    develop-    Health concludes    that the buz-    surance    Institute    for Highway ments:    zer-light system    installed in    Safety. . Bettiga commented Wednes-; Kenneth Rush,    President    Nix-.some 1972 model    cars and all Legislation is pending in    the IO Republican mem ers    day    ^ was **jeavjng the    on’s top economic adviser, said    1973 models to remind    drivers    house of    representatives to who    voted against impeac men    best    town in the world." He said    impeachment of Nixon by the    to use belts was “a    public    allow purchasers of 1975 and held    a    meeting of t leir own o    ^ “^pjg jn ynn county care    house of representatives would    health failure'’ bt cause    it does    later model    cars to choose be-    . ALV, plan defense moves, and later about one ,inother    have no effect on the economy. n°t significantly increase their tween ignition interlock and y~    . !”“lrW'nh„ °hUJes PU an We have problem, in Unn The iab„r department report-u.,e    buzzer-iigh, bel, ay stems.    d    oSv Leader John R    county, but we deal with them ed that the productivity of the Earlier model cars, though And Senators Buckley lCon'H-radloa(.tlv ’ walpr wa- rpiPa£d ‘ the they may have had belts, had N Y.) and Eagleton (D-Mo.I rr ‘ I h th d d ■    chi*    i uu oun\ s wee nm ii mem    value ui nui net a par yiicy Iva ad-    neither thc warning nor    ignition    Wednesday    introduced legisla-    .    ,    ,    (n/j . ,. peachmcnt, ts meetmg regular-    »*W    lnlm,justed    for    inflation*    r0SP    sIightly    interl.vk system    tion -o revoke the interim* sj-s-'1™* where ,he AEC ** ,hc A federal standard effective, tem requirement.    (Continued:    Page    3,    Col.    4.) permissible levels for normal controlled release of low-level tbe bomb was due to explode, were under orders not to eof age he removed it. The labor department report- Rbodes who savs he remains cuum-v’ DUl we °tai w,in inem    cd ^a^ Productivity of the    Earlier model .mdoridnd how to vote on im- °Pcn[y and on the table Others I    American economy, unaecnu a    arp tQo busy sweepjng (hem    value of workers’paychecks ad-neither the warning nor ignition Wednesday    introduced    legisla-j, K 'ttith'nrouns of"Ronublicans’tn und(,r the rug!”    justed for inflation, rose slightly    interlock system    tion    to    revoke    the    interlock    sys- f'ind out where they stand.    B e 11 i g a was praised by: in tht second quarter of lt74. ...    I former United Way president Studying Specifics    Henry    Madden for being a Wiggins said the anti-im^“changer and an innovator,” He peachment forces are trying to added that the outgoing assure that whatever debate director always displayed an procedures are adopted will pro- “unswerving sense of purpose.” j W. J. Estelle, head of the Texas corrections department, told Carrasco earlier Wednesday the TDC would provide transportation to take him, his two confederates, and four hostages safely out of the prison. He also said the prison would provide him with three bullet- the Turks in battle. Turk “Violations” The International Red Cross, which has taken over from the ; U.N. in supplying refugees with food and medical supplies, accused the Turks of “flagrant violations’’ of the Geneva convention. At the U N., the Soviet ambassador vetoed the proposed reso- Rain Eases East Iowa Drought Stress (Continued: Rage 3. Col. 7.) Today s Index Comics . 28 Crossword 28 Daily Record 3 Deaths .... 3 Editorial Features (i Farm ...... 25 Financial 29 Marion . 13 Movies.......... 26 Society 16-18 Sports 81*84 State 4,5 Television lf Want Ads 31-35 Difficult Month Dr. William Ramstad, last year's United Way president, commented that the almost two-month period in which there will bi1 no permanent director will he “difficult months,” He said thc board's adminis t rat ive committee will meet Friday noon to name an acting' director. New Israeli Attache TEL AVIV ( AR) Gen. Avra-ham Adan, the tank commander! who closed the armored ring around Egypt's Third army dur-i By Terry Hunter This was one morning in central Iowa when farmers didn't mind getting up to hear the sound of rain drizzling outside their windows. Because of the spotty rains and prolonged dry spell in most of the state, the gradual drizzling of I 56 inches of rain in thc Cedar Rapids arca before noon was the answer lo many prayers. Although east-central Iowa was not experiencing thc se vere drought conditions of the ern Iowa moisture reserves were diminishing quickly. "Last r, ght’s rain should alleviate most of the drought stress in this area and carry us for the next ten days without any drying conditions,” said Gogan. The area’s rain and the de-s i r a h I e temperatures the past week should be a positive factor boosting area yields this fall, Gogan said. Rural Cedar Rapids farmer Ed Bontty agrees that this rain will boost fall yields if there is a late frost date OS we mg the October war. has been southwest part of the state, appointed Israel’s military; Cedar Rapids area Crop Spe-: attache in Washington.    cialist Jerry Gogan said East- “It always seems that 15 minutes before the disaster we finally get a rain,” said Bon! tv. Farming 600 acres of corn and 300 acres of soybeans with his son. Bontty was glad to get the half inch of rain he had received by 9 a m. “Although the crop situation looked fair hut dry before tho rain,” said Bontty, “we needed that moisture that is criticaj in silking of corn and blossoming in soybeans.” Even though Bonity welcomed the recent rain, he will still take a yield cut because of the over abundance of rain last spring. “We’ll lose some yields from the wet spots left in the fields from spring.” said Bontty. “Even the rain can’t help those damaged areas ” In another part of the state. a 2-inch rain Wednesday night was the answer to many prayers. Tht* Rev. Nicholas Vogel-zand of Sheldon has been holding prayer meetings for rain and is getting results. “It's clear to me the rain last night was a direct result of our prayer meeting in Sibley and Sanborn,” said the Rev. Mr. Vogelzand, “Surely if man can walk on the moon, he can receive rain by imploring the God of the Universe for help.” But even though prayer may he the key to the north western Iowa drought, the southwestern part of the state iContinued: Rage 3, Col. 3.) proof vests and drop charges !    1    ,a the president of the against Carrasco’s wife, Rosa, C0U,U1‘ refused to grant a who has been implicated in Car rPc^s so dlat the Soviet mission rasco’s escape plan    could get instiactions from Mos- But for some unknown reason COmu    . . Carrasco - who earlier in the    T d,'s'K,,od *° day had said, -The only thing I    ? JJ T I’" am asking for is transportation    0    Geneva out of here and four hostages”    ? manning buffer - rejected the latest prison f.r I    Turkiah    and H Greek Cypriot forces and pa- °* fr;    fooling    towns where both com Not    only    do    I find them    munities    live. childish, but humiliating,” he    _ said. “Any man with a prudent mind will realize (Estelle) is jeopardizing    the    lives    of    the civilian    hostages    and,    at    this time, the inmate hostages. I can do without the vests.” I Of/in/*.v ( luicHc Wakened from a deep sleep. a man answered the phone: “You have the wrong idiot, you number!”    cww.bm Replacement for Santarelli Picked WASHINGTON (UPI) pres-ident Nixon has appointed Richard Velde to head the I .aw Enforcement Assistance Administration, replacing Donald Santarelli, who resigned under fire May 30. Velde, 42, had been deputy to Santarelli, who quit after he was quoted as saying Nixon should resign ;

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