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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 31, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather-- (’hance of rain tonight and Thursday. I .ow tonight, low 60s. Highs Thursday, mid to upper 70s. rn VOLUME 92- NUMBER 203 l\npida CITY FINAL 15 CENTS CEPAK RAPIDS, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JULY 31, 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES Subpoena Article Voted 21-17: Two Others Lose WASHINGTON (AP) - Proclaiming that President Nixon “warrants impeachment and trial and removal from office,” the house judiciary committee has ended its historic inquiry with a three-part resolution to be sent to the house. In it the committee recommends Nixon's impeachment for obstructing justice, misuse of his powers and failing to obey committee subpoenas for evidence. The committee decided by 26-12 votes at its closing session Tuesday night against recommending impeachment on two other proposed grounds — the secret bombing of Cambodia, and underpayment of income taxes by $432,787. Rep. M e z v i n s k y <D-Iowa) voted in favor of all five articles considered by the •committee. Rep. Mavne (R-lowa) voted against all five. Debate in the house will begin in about two weeks. Subpoena Article The three articles approved would redefine and limit the power of the executive. The third impeachment article. relating to the subpoenas, was approved Tuesday by a narrow 21-17 vote. The three articles of impeachment charge Nixon with “high crimes and misdemeanors” by: Obstructing justice in covering up the Watergate affair, the breakin at Democratic national headquarters June 17.1972. once described by a White House spokesman as just a ‘third-rate burglary.” Abusing his powers through misuse of federal agents and agencies to violate constitutional rights of citizens by wiretapping, income tax audits and other activities. Refusing to comply with committee subpoenas for 147 taperecorded conversations and other material sought as evidence by the inquiry. The committee’s recommendations must first face the formality of passing through the house rules committee before making their way to the house floor. The committee report is supposed to be ready by next Wednesday, at which time Rodino probably will request a meeting of the rules committee to set the terms for house debate. Committee Report A majority vote is needed in the house to impeach the President. The senate then would conduct a trial, in which a two-thirds majority would be needed to convict and remove Nixon from office. The judiciary committee’s proceedings ended with a rap from the gavel of Chairman Rodino and his .ruling that ‘‘This concludes the work of the committee.” As he filed out of the committee room, Rep. Wiggins (R-Calif.), Nixon’s leading defender during the six days of debate and voting on the impeachment articles, said: “At the moment, I would have to say the odds are that the house would pass them.” Rep. Hogan of Maryland ap-|M.*aled Wednesday to his 186 Republican colleagues in the house to “welcome and demand” Nixon’s impeachment. Hogan, the only Republican on the committee to vote for all three adopted articles of impeachment. said in a four-page letter to other Republicans that they have nothing to fear from | defeat of the articles had re-Vicc-president Ford s elevation I moved that danger. to the presidency.    otters Belk Break-Down    jn    urging    adoption    of    Article The final day of the commit- III, McClory said Nixon’s re-tee’s deliberations saw a break- fusal to comply with eight corn-down in the bipartisan coalition mittee subpoenas for 147 taped that adopted the first two arti-1 conversations was an act of Ides by votes of 27 to ll and 28 “stonewalling” that threatened to IO. The committee has 21 Democrats and 17 Republicans, all lawyers. the impeachment process itself. And Hogan said it raised the most important issue in the in- Although the second-ranking quiry. “If we do not pass this Republican. Rep. McClory (R-1 article the whole impeachment 111.), offered the article dealing process becomes meaningless,” with subpoenas, it won the sup- be sajd port of only one other Republi-;    0(her    Republicans,    al- can, Hogan.    though they had supported the Rep. Railsback (R-Ill.), a leader in the bipartisan effort to pass the first two articles, accused the majority of engaging in “political overkill” in trying for more articles. When the Cambodian bomb- issuing of the subpoenas, said Nixon’s failure to comply with them was not a serious enough offense to warrant impeachment by itself. Rep. Cohen (R-Maine) said he would support a move on the mg tax fraud articles were callubouse fj00r t0 add Nixon’s failed up, Railsback said the Dem-. ure t0 comply to either the ob-ocrats were endangering Re-1 struction of justice or the abuse publican support on the floor for 0f p0wer articles, both of which any articles. He said later the he had supported. it if if    Rep.    Butler    (R-Va.), another backer of the first two articles, said Article III offended his sense of fair play. “The adoption of    Articles I and II will have placed the issue of whether the President should be removed before the senate.” he said. “We don’t    need any WASHINGTON (UPI) - With more arliclcs” odds growing that the house will    Effort    at    Halt impeach him, President Nixon Some Democrats agreed, no-is considering asking for a vote tably Reps. Flowers (D-Ala.) without debate in order to get a and Mann (D-S.C.), who voted prompt trial    in    the    senate,    a;against Article III.    After the White House    official    said    vote Rodino held a    caucus of ! Wednesday.    Democratic members to see if Patrick Buchanan, the Pres- an agreement could be reached ident s main speech writer. said (0 call a halt. It could not. I that such Nixon Mulling Vote Without House Debate R0nuCTuPuh+ Sentence Is bomb I hreat On Hostages 20 Months AP Wirt.Jiioto SIX LONG DAYS — Rep. Robert Kastenmeier (D-Wis.) leans on his fist as the house judiciary committee nears the end of its six-day debate on articles of impeachment. (More photos on picture page.) Greek Troops Demobilize ATHENS (AP) — Greece be-1 “very vague.” derides was no* I “on all fore es, including jrregu-gan demobilizing thousands of available for comment, but ini-1 lap forces to desist from all of-!!“,? TV5 “^erac; Since the inquiry began last reserves Wednesday following tial reaction among the Greek:f iye orhostile activities ” hln nS f    has not wimer different members have the agreement with Turkey to Cypriots in Nicosia was suspi- R?Jhi a th t th    staked <>ut different areas of in- cease hostilities in Cyprus and cions.    And ,ht Pdtt left.i,°,pen ^ Buchanan said that the reason-1 terest and thp secrct bom5inc map out a new constitutional The agreement provided that: question of troop withdrawals, *"    “    ,J    ’    setup for the Mediterranean is- The opposing military forces meaning the Turkish invasion 'and-    j    will not extend their territory I force could remain on the trou- The military mobilization was beyond the limits held Tuesday;bled island for the time being. It declared July 20 when Turkey night when the agreement was'also made no mention of Archinvaded Cyprus following Presi-jsigned:    bishop Makarios, the deposed dent Makarios’ overthrow by; A security zone manned by U. Cypriot president, the Cyprus national guard led IN. forces will be established HUNTSVILLE, Texas (UPI) — An excited Fred Gomez Carrasco threatened to explode a bomb attached to one of his 13 hostages Wednesday unless prison administrators surrender to his demands for six bulletproof vests. “We believe he has the bombs,” said prison spokesman Ron Taylor. Carrasco said he would wait until 8 a m. CDT for the vests, two each for him and his two confederates. But the deadline passed with no apparent action. The prison scene was tense but quiet as the deadline passed. Latest Ultimatum Prison officials have previously refused to meet such demands, and said nothing to change their position after the latest ultimatum. If the vests were not passed into his fortress inside the pris on library where Carrasco has held the hostages for a week he said he would kill one of his women captives, Taylor reported, adding, “He was very excit cd.” He said administrators believe Carrasco has three bombs, one for a female hostage sitting at the door of the library, one for the rest of the hostages and one for anybody who might try to rush the door. “We believe he has made the bombs, but we have no idea what they’ve been made from,” Tavlor f,aid. ing behind such a move would be to “get it over with quickly” in tile house and, if impeached, to give him a chance to prove his innocence in the senate. (Continued: Page 3, Col. 7.) Guilty Plea on Connally Bribe “Difficult Position” “None of us want to see the house Republicans put in a very W A S H I N G T 0 N rAPt — difficult position, especially if Harold Nelson, former head of the likelihood is not great that the nation’s largest milk prone will prevail” in keeping the ducers co-operative, pled guilty house from impeaching Nixon J Wednesday of conspiring to he said.    j bride John B. Connally, former Buchanan said there has been j treasury secretary, for helping “serious slippage” in the last (get government milk price sup-four weeks but that so far Nixon ports increased in 1971. and his aides have developed no; Nelson admitted authorizing a strategy to stem the tide against $10,000 payment to Connally by Vi ‘ impeachment.    jAssociated    Milk    Producers,    01    ce Two Republican congressmen. Inc., in 1971. Sam Steiger of Arizona and Nelson, former general man-Charles Gubser of California, j ager of the co-op. also pled have been floating the proposal)guilty of conspiring to donate for a quick vote in the house. I more than $300,000 illegally House Republican Leader John from milk producer funds dur-Rhodes of Arizona, however, ing the elections of 1968, 1970 dismissed the proposal Tuesday I and 1972. as a “gimmick.”    The    funds included $100,000 to c’yPrus- ‘‘Not Embraced”    President    Nixon’s    fund-raiser. To 5 Years WASHINGTON (UPI) - John Shrlichman, President Nixon's ormcr top domestic affairs adviser, was given a prison sentence of 20 months to five years Wednesday for conspiracy in the Ellsberg breakin. Ehrlichman continued to proclaim his innocence before sentence was imposed by Judge Gerhard Gescll. Removing his glasses as he stood before the judge, Ehrlichman said, “I believe I am the only one who re- m John Ehrlichman ally knows whether I am guilty and, your honor, I am innocent of each and every charge.” A bureau of prisons official said Ehrlichman would not be eligible for parole consideration until he had served the minimum 20-mouth sentence if his appeals are rejected. Gesell also sentenced G. Gordon Liddy to one to three years — to run concurrently with his sentence as a Watergate conspirator — but gave suspended sentences to other Watergate The desperados wanted one participants, Bernard Barker vest to shield the front of their and Eugenio Martinez, saying bodies and one to cover their (hey had been punished enough, backs.    They were put on probation for More Ammunition    three years each. How Carrasco made the; “Shameful Episode” tombs was "OI taown. Taylor Gcse|| m Ehrlichmani ..You rf ’ U'n hr, J,r Th., ' rvrlihs are 3 lawyer. you    pOSi- like a ppe bomb. The spokes- .    .    ...    .    r    .„ man also conceded Carrasco'10" °Uh,fhcs' P^c. trust might actually have more am- f."?0"* defendants in this munition than authorities origi-! ^amlul episode of Amen nally believed. Taylor said certain chemicals, can history. “The Constitution was ignored, the rights of citizens ■ In Nicosia, a U. N. spokesman glue and other products used for    ana by army officers from Greece, around the enclave of approxi-;said the peace-keeping forces on making bombs could be found in e AKnilt Win f*tn roeorulcle V.i,i muinlv    crmarn    ttt    line    Cfii-rnrl    a.    :_l I  IJ I    ~.JI    likroTMr    kniMinrr    COnCCalmCntS    WCTC    employed, About 200,000 reservists had mately 200 square miles seized the island would need immedi-j the library building.    Ehrlichman iust been called up during the mobil- bv the Turkish invasion force on ate reinforcements to supervise Earlier in the day Carrasco). ,J * inj, ,pntpnrn ization to bolster the 160,000- the north coast, including the the truce. “We now have 3.500 said he was willing to release    re passing sentence, man army. Most of the army port of Kyrenia;    troops and we will need 5,000 to|the hostages in exchange for! had massed on the Turkish fron- He could have given Ehrlichman up to 20 years in prison tier in event of war. The Cyprus agreement pro- be evacuated immediately, and vides for the indefinite partition j U. N. forces will protect the of the island, the indefinite pres- enclaves: once of the Turkish Invasion U. N. forces will protect all All Greek and Greek Cypriot make the cease-fire work.” he five high prison officials but ad- , ~ p...    ^    ^ forces in Turkish enclaves will j said.    jministrators emphatically re- --jetted his offer. i irlrle»c Fminrl Carrasco, who last Wednesday «    k    i    w    gabbed 15 hostages    at gunpoint By    N.    I. Probers and threatened to    kill them '    unless he was provided with ar- Ehrlicbman told an impromptu news conference outside of the courthouse that “justice will be found and done and that I will ultimately a U.N. buffer zone other Turkish enclaves as well around the territory occupied by as villages containing both NEW YORK (UPI) - City mored protection’ guns, ammu-j be exonerated and vindicate the Turks.    Greek and Turkish Cypriots.    investigators have located all    aition and his freedom, relayed!    ed> The agreement signed by the    The agreement also provided    but $84,000 of the $5.4 million in    hies demand for the exchange    Ehrlichman repeated the dc- foreign ministers of    Britain,    for the release or exchange as    securities which an independ-    through Kathy Pollard, the 34-    tenses he attempted to raise at Greece and Turkey on    Tuesday    soon as possible of all “military    ent audit said were missing    ycar-old daughter of one of the    the trial and again charged that after six days of negotiations personnel and civilians detained from the comptroller’s vault, hostages.    !    Gesell    had erred in not allowing also put no brake on the landing as a result of the recent hostili- Manhattan District Attorney---him    to    present    them    all    to    the of foreign troops or supplies on)ties.”    Richard K.uh and Investigations    British Bombings    jury. Touchy Question    Commissioner    Nicholas    Scop-;    LONDON    (AP)—Three iden-    people    who    are    in    gov- Morc Turks    No    mention    was    madc    of    the    Pctta    said    Wednesday.    jtical sma!,    went    off    ear-    eminent are constantly required Herbert Kalmbach; $8,400 to]    A spokesman for the U.    N.    I touchy question of the reinforce-    "We    were able to    resolve    the,    ly today    in    streets    in Oxford,; lo balance    the    interests of an    in- At a breakfast meeting with    sen. Edmund Muskie’s 1970    sen-    peacekeeping force reported    the    merit    and resupply of    troops,    discrepancies quickly and    rd-    and four    fire bombs were set    dividual    against    the    larger    in reporters. Buchanan said he    a(e race, $5,000 to the 1970    sen-    Turks brought in more reinforce-1 What    the accord forbids    is mill-    atively    simply by    uncovering    off at movie    houses    in Binning-    terest learned the proposal was under    a{e campaign of Democrat    Phi- considcration from one of Nixon’s closest aides but not from lip Hoff and various amounts to _    .    j    three successive campaigns by the President himself.    Sen. Hubert Humphrey. He said it has not been ruled; Nelson faces a possible max-out but he added it certainly; |mum 0f fjvc years in prison and a $10,000 fine. (Continued: Page 3, Col. 6.) of the country as a ments on Tuesday, and a !tary expansion beyond the lines; and examining original doeu- ham. There were no casualties, wh°le>i’ Ibc former White House high-ranking Western diplomat held Tuesday night, and it calls ments,” the officials said.    and damage was slight. in Nicosia estimated the Turkish force at 40.000 men and 300 tanks. The three g o v e r n rn e n t s Indict Howard Hughes, 3 Others 1 official said. “There was a balance of that Todays Index Comics .... 35 Crossword . 35 Daily Record 3 Deaths 3 Editorial Features ...I Farm ......29 Financial 36 Marion ...... 39 Movies 18. 19 Society 12 11 Sports 23-28 State ..........8.9 Television .......... 34 Want Ads 40-43 ' kind involved in this case,” Ehr-I lichman said and contended that ! Gescll should have allowed him agreed to begin further talks in j VEGAS (AP) — Billion- The jurv was the same one top department officials not to Geneva on Aug, 8 .o restore air, Howard Hughes and three I that handed down the original include Hughes    ? constitutional government to others have ^ charged wlth charges.    i    Zton    .aW    summonscs    would    . Cyprus. They said rej^esent-conspiracy, stock manipulation1 inHmtpH u/ith unohn« nn TnncJ.      Found    Guilty atives of the Greek and lurkish;and fraud bv _ Cypriot communities would join ;urv two days later, and Greek    ‘ I Maw™ Soh th^fVnpk    GvnHnts    mcn    Tuesday of trying    to    force    counsel    for    Hughes’    Summa    known    when    diev    uou*d ** rc* PITTSBURGH (AP) — U. S.    earned    $249.8 million    cr    $4.61 ‘ ‘    ^    renresenteri    bv    their    dovvn    the    value    of    Air    West    Corp.;    and    David    Charnav,    qu*rcd    *°    appear    in couit. Steel Corp. reports its second-    per share, on sales    of    $4.38l*ould    1)0    represented    bv    their.    . quarter net income, bolstered    billion.    In the first six months of U. S. Steel Reports 92% Earnings Jump ... ., ^dieted with Hughes on Tues-! ^    ,    [or    Hughes    rcport federal grand jay were Robert Maheu, former accused the head of Hughes’ Nevada gaming e(^-s four empire; Chester Davis, chief and by 13.5 percent in price increases. surpassed a 15-year record. 1973, tile company reported income of $134.0 million, or $2 47 per share, on sales of $3.33 11    I    . lC stock to make it for chairman of Four Star Interna- Asked if he felt Hughes would ■P.    Ehrlichman. Liddy, Barker living    in    the    Bahamas,    and \iartinez were all found the    others.    It    was    not    guilty July 12 of conspiring to violate the rights of Dr. Lewis Fielding, Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist. Liddy, Barker and The nation's largest steel-!billion. maker said Tuesday    that it    Bethlehem Steel Corp.,    the earned a record $160.3    million,    nation’s    No. 2 steel producer, or $2.96 per share, on    sales of    reported    Wednesday that its    net $2.42 billion. Earnings    were up    I earnings    were up 20 percent    for 92 percent from $84 9 million, or $1.56 per common share, on sales of $181 billion in the second quarter of 1973 Income Record the second quarter. The company said earnings for the first half of the year rose 14.5 percent. “Although shipments and revenues for the first six months of They also broke Hic quarterly 1974 established new records for present president. (limens,510™ 10 mane ii easier derides not bv ousted Pres- NufJies to financial control tional, a laos Angeles movie pro- respond to the summons, Mea- Martinez wen* among the par-idcnt Makarios.    °f the regional    airline;    Now    duction firm.    I ton said he was “always willingjticipants in the breakin. Vice-president Rauf    Denktash called Hughes Airwest, it    was    Hank Greenspun,    publisher    of -to give everyone named in the    Ehrlichman, who already    has the unchallenged leader of the! taken over by him Dec. 31,1968. the Las Vegas Sun, and George; indictment the benefit of the, appealed his conviction on Turkish Cypriots, will represent The charges are a stream* Crockett, a Las Vegas business!doubt . , . Intil he proves dif-;grounds that Gesell s gestures them. Mavros said.    lined version of    an indictment    man, were named    as unindicted j faintly, I have no reason to    and facial expressions    m- Paint”    returned last    Dec. 27    and    co-conspirators.    'eel he won t show up. ’ He said    tluenccd the trial jury, was    rethrown out by a federal judge. Reported in Bahamas    if    Hughes    failed to appear. Although    Turkey    gave up    He    termed    it    “the worst Case of    ^    a warrant for his arrest would|. nothing,    Greek    Premier Con-lamina!    nleadimr” ho    had ever    rho    indictments    apparently    be sought. represented a change in justice The stock manipulation department planning and settled charge carries a maximum pen-I a    dispute    between    the depart-    ally of two years in    prison and were:    merit    and    Nevada    ll S. Attor-    a $10,000 fine. The    conspiracy (Continued: Page 3, Col. 6.) Stantine Caramanlis said he was satisfied with the agreement because it “puts an end to hostilities” and “can mark the start-! criminal pleading” he had ever seen. income record of about $148.5 million in 1959. For (he first half, U. S. Steel the six-monlh period, the return I A,,hbishop Mourns ..onion revenues (or the period de-|p|ained ,ha( (hc provision C|jn. (Continued: Page 3, Col. 4.) cerning Turkish withdrawal was Same One When the charges ing point of a fair settlement of thrown out Jan. 30, the jury waslney V. DeVoe Heaton over the Cyprus issue . .given six months to return a whether Hughes was to bt' in- new indictment, a time limit eluded in the new indictment, which expired Tuesday at mid- sources said. They said Heaton night.    had been under pressure from charge carries a maximum of Tmffi;/'* Chuckle How can a society that exists on Instant mashed potatoes, packaged cake mixes, five years and $10,000 fine. Each frozen dinners a;ul instant of the two wire fraud counts carries a maximum of five years and $1,000. cameras teach patience to the young?    Copyright CHH ;

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