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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 30, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa George Daniels Edgewood-Colesburg period even more college credit,The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., July 30. 1974    9 may be earned by completing To Conduct Bandi PaPers Available|one'ofthe hundreds of special’-110 carn ™rc crcdlt ,hrol,gh Mkj I • J    COLLSBlHG I he hdge- lze(j training courses offered by IN O © I I I Q g © woof] - Colesburg Community the army. In addition, they will For more information on this their post education office and program, contact Roger Bowen, from colleges or universities lo-1 Registrar, Upper Iowa college, Marion Board Proposals Approves for Fall Vote The bill was for Two articles were approved Monday afternoon by the Marion Independent school board for inclusion on the Sept. IO board election ballot. One proposition, if ap-proved, would replace Requisition of    libraries,    and    for    nations were accepted on the: present two-and-one-half mill opening roads    to    schoolhouses    p r e rn i s e that replacements; levy. It is a levy that would give 1 or buildings.    could be procured. Dr. Clark in    Allow    Purchases    Stevens, superintendent, indicat- i eel replacements already were It would also provide for the being considered. The board purchase of buildings or equip- commended both men for their for the purchase of grounds, construction of schoolhouses or buildings, the payment of debts contracted for the erection or construction of schoolhouses or buildings (not including interest on bonds), for procuring or ac- rcnovation. $22,293.94. Resignations were accepted from Richard Benz, Mentzer elementary school principal, and James Fox, high school indus-i trial arts teachers. Both resig-i the board wider latitude using the funds collected. The substitute levy would be George W. Daniels school district election will be have a variety of opportunities'coted near their post, held Sept. IO.    ——................  — Two directors will be elected! for three year terms: the positions currently held by Laverne Wiskus, Colesburg District I and, J Marvin Schulte, Edgewood Dis-1 trict 2. Nominations close Aug I. Any! qualified resident of the district wishing to become a candidate jmay obtain nomination papers; I from the school district score-i Jtary, Robert Arthur. Nomina- j jtion papers must contain the names of ten qualified voters ofj the district and be filed with Ar thur no later than 5 p m. Thurs-j dav. 319-425-3311. Officers Installed By Linn Legion ment for buildings or schoolhouses and for repairing remodeling, reconstructing, improving or expanding the schoolhouses or buildings for the school district, as well as landscaping, paving or improving the schoolhouse or building grounds. or for the rental of facilities for a period of ten years in compliance with state code. Wiskus has taken out nomina-George W. Daniels, 1220,^ion papers for re-election, service to the district.    Harold drive SE,    will    be    the    Schulte has indicated he will not Benz is resigning to accept a conductor for the Cedar seejj re-election, position with the Iowa    depart-, Rapids municipal band    concerti    Seeking the post held now by ment of public instruction.    Wednesday night    at    8    at    Schulte will be James Funke, *    *    *    Noelridge park.    Leo Bockenstedt and Mrs. Don- Daniels is the instrumental; ald Rhinos, music director at Regis high Virgil Meese will also seek reschool and will serve as head of;election as treasurer for the riis-the music department and; trict. Street Resurfacing Project Under Way Marion    paving project No. 2,    chairman of the fine arts de- asphaltic    resurfacing, began ■    payment this next school year. The second article to be in-| this week, the city engineer’s of- He received his bachelor’s decided on the ballot is a one-half fice said Tuesday morning. . gree from Quincy college in Jlli-mill levy to be used to establish These streets will be resur-inois and a master's degree plus and    maintain    public    recreation    faced by    the contractor, Bi-    additional graduate credits in places    and    playgrounds    and;tum‘nous    Materials Co., Inc.,    musicology from the University necessary accommodations for Marion, during the week:    of Iowa. these.    Third    avenue    from Twenty- Daniels has played first oboe    'Cation Credit Instituted For Military Service FAYETTE — Upper Iowa college has initiated a new academic program, Cooperative Ed-Program Admmission George Machacek George Machacek, Troy Mills, was installed as commander of the Linn County Assn. of the American Legion during recent ceremonies at the Marion American Legion post. Other officers installed by Charles Decker, Cedar Rapids, commander of the Iowa department of the American Legion, were: Ray Brown, Cedar Rapids, and Marion Kinkead, Marion, vice-commanders; J. Carl Kreamer, Marion, adjutant; second to Thirty-first streets; with the municipal band for five| (CEPA), which will enable. Sixth street from Third to (years. He will direct the bandi young people to complete their Fourth avenues; South Twelfth (through the following selec-; rnHitary obligation while en-1 from A to B avenues; tions:    ™u«ri in a nnivprdtv .    ,    ,    -ii    k    c    *    m    .    Seventeenth    street    from    Ninth!    “Castle    Gap”,    a    concert    ,    ,    ' !l0ard .vot*T.!1.be.SdpL10.an.dilo Tenth avenues; Twentieth march by Williams; ‘•Niagara”,! Beginning with the first day of street from Third to Fifth ave- an overture by Fote; a Karl m)Btary semce, a student of this n u e s ; Twenty-second street] King march, “Big Four’ The board, in compliance with state code, approved a resolution notifying the county com- j e t missioner of elections that the that two directors will be elect ed for three-year terms and treasurer for a two-vear term. program will be earning college Also on Ballot The two propositions were placed on the ballot. Approval was given to the progress payment bill presented by the school’s architect, Brown, Healey and Bock, of Cedar Rapids, for W'ork on the junior high school addition and from First to Third and Eighth “Western I to Tenth avenues. ajs0 All cars parked on these ranged by Foster; , streets should be removed by in One Movement’’ Dance” by Grund'. frcditI A,tcr successful comply Step” ar n ,c trainin£’ advanced Symphony individual training and the be- man; “Memphis Two-Step”, ar- . the owners during the time re- nim; surfacing is taking place. * * * “Bandolero” by Giovan-by Osser; Two Calls for Marion Firemen highlights from “Hello, Dolly!”, arranged by Cacavas, and two more Karl King marches, "Gar-, ..    .    .    ,    .    ... land Entree March” and "Sells ? e    ..I,.    .*“! ginning of on-the-job training] (approximately six months).; four semester hours of credit! will have been earned. By the end of one year of hon- Gene McCormack    Schwabe    residence,    1175 Floto Triumphal”. Also featured during the free Marion firemen answered two concert will be the “Catcalls Monday afternoon. Fire- voiles”, a women’s barbershop men extinguished a grass fire in quartet. a vacant lot on Highview drive.    _ No damage was reported. Firemen were called to the have earned a total of eight i semester hours. During this Bigger, smokier, coarser-ground. Wranglers are a whole, different breed of franks, 25% bigger than most regular / “hot dogs." We grind the meat coarser, so Wranglers are firm and solid. And we smoke ’em longer for a richer, deeper. taste. Range Brand Wranglers can satisfy grown-up appetites — if the kids don’t get ’em all first! Hormel§> * HOC**!.I* INSMCTIO MODUCT 'im FEATURED AT HY VEE FOOD STORES 1843 Johnson Awe.    2790    7th    Ave.,    Marion chaplain, and Loy Stunes Marion, sergeant at-arms. * * * Services Set for Elizabeth Booth set a lighter, firemen said, waste basket ablaze. Flames were confined to the Speeding — James L. Paw-lak, 700 Grand avenue, $30; Kenneth J. Jordan, route 2, |, ,    *    ,    ..    . ,$30; Robert C. Bakken, Spring- YMCA - Wednesday s acUvi-ville, $30; Kirk A. Skilling, ty schedule at the Marion 895 South Eleventh street, $30; YMCA is: Non-aquatic — pre-    Geraldine L. Durivagc, 2725 cchool kid Dower 9 3m Youth    ^ enue, $30. Driving scnooi Ria power y a.m., jouui    wronj way on a onP.uav street tennis 9 pre-school gymnastics;__ David j. jaCoby, 560 Ninth 10:30, adult gym noon, archery; avenue, $5. I p.m., trampoline 2:30. junior    Failure to control vehicle — high gym 4, family night 6; pool    Clarence E. Bdsland. 1816 Gary Want Ad section.—Adv. Lindale drive, for a kitchen fire., PA[X) _ Elizabeth (Li5bie) fL°.hl]d ?!?™.lW!tLa C'?.arC! Booth, 79, a resident of Palo all her life, died Monday following — von th lessons 9 am and i avenue NW, Cedar Rapids, $50. — >ouin lessons y am. ana i|Failure to yifId right-of-way a brief illness. Born Aug. 29, , .    ,.    .    .    1894, in Palo, she was married waste basketball adjacent door ,0 lsajah j ^ N#v. 29,1913. She was a member of the Palo Methodist church. Surviving are a daughter, Jean Woods; two sons, Edwin and Ivan, Palo; and a brother, Lauren Langguth, Palo; nine grandchildren; and six great- and the floor underneath * * * Dress Patterns and Needlecraft daily in the Classified Set Picnic ♦ * Excelsior A and p m., adult swim noon and 6:30,i„h(.„ ,m,.rei„e from a private    ............. J. Bauer, 700 ,L club Will hold its annual pie- ?rr.)ndf,hilriren team 5, family and adult swim I i™ry7‘Lln 2T2' $15‘jESi5 nic Sunday at 12:30 p.m. in the    t,' 7:30. * * * Services: Turner chapel west family and adult swim ™^y-fifth^cet J    : without headlights — Richard-i-    .    T .    i un II. Rowell, 807 C avenue NW.!brown Pfull0n    al    American    Le    at 1:30    p.m. Thursday by the , ...    .    'Cedf Bapids, SIOi Prohibited gion park    Rev    ErereU    R Burha^ of Hickory smoked barbecue ribs, ^.n*-Harold M. Christen-.    .    Sharon    United    Methodist shrimp and chicken Served se"' Central city, $iu.    L°St    male    Tjger    cat,    wearing    _hlirrh    tjllrial-    Painrnmpterv Wednesday, 6 to 9 p.m. Stick-*,r1toxlcatio“1 on theP pH,b,,,c flea collar nd yellow harness. „    highway    — Clarence E. Bds-'    J ney’s Scoreboard, Manon. - landt 1816 Gary avenue NW, Adv.    I Cedar Rapids, $50. nd yellow harness. 16th St. and Brockman. 377-3978. —Adv. Friends may call at Turner’s west. THE QUIZ worldscope (IO poi nil for ooch quotlton onrworod correctly) 1 The (CHOOSE ONE:    Greek, Turkish) government, led by Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit, ordered an air and sea invasion of Cyprus. 2 Both Greece and Turkey are members of NATO. True or False? 3 Sam Garrison replaced , . ? . . as the House Judiciary Committee’s Republican counsel. a Sam Dash b Edward Hutchinson c Albert Jenner 4 Former Senator.. ? , . of Oregon, known as the "Tiger of the Senate-’ for his refusal to compromise, died at the age of 73. 5 The GNP, considered the broadest and most accurate measure of the economy s overall health, dropped for a second consecutive quarter. What do the letters G N P stand for? a Greater Numerical Poll b Gross National Product c General Net Payments newsname (IO point* if you can identify this parson in the newt) The world peace organization that I head sought to end the conflict cr» Cyprus. Who am I? matchwords (4 point* for tach contd match) 1 rebuff    a scold severely 2 rebuke J.,,..rebut    csnub 4.....amphibious    d shapeless 5.... .amorphous    a argue against £ht Ctcilnu I\npub THI WEEKLY QUIZ IS PART OF THIS NEWSPAPER S SCHOOL PROGRAM - ; . *    '    f*    / v ^ ' : ;■ *•:< /ft *: ’ ' "5 • -a SAVE WM mil rn* * *4 TS1 b adapted for both land and water newspicture (IO pomtt if you antwtr th)* quaition corractty) . . ? . the deposed President of Cyprus, appealed to the United Nations to help restore him to power. The 60-year« cid leader had been elected to a third 5-year term, in february of 1973. spotlight (2 point* for each quaition antwsrad corractty) 1 The late Jay Hanna Dean, colorful baseball figure, of the 1930s, was known by the nickname,. ?,, 2 Veteran pitcher. . ? . . threw the first no-hitter of b's career, beating the Oakland A's, a Mike Marshall b Dick Bosnian c Wilbur Wood 3 (CHOOSE ONE: Del Crandall. Eddie Mathews) was f red as the manager of the Atlanta Braves. 4 Since 1851, the America’s Cup lias been emblematic of world supremacy in.. ?.. a-rugby b-yachting . t tennis 5 The 1974 US. Women’s Open golf championship was won by (CHOOSE ONE. Carol Mann, Sandra Hayme). roundtable F*mAy attention (na *<o**) Would you like to serve on a jury? Why or why not? YOUR SCORE. SI lo IOO point* - TOP SCORE! ll to *0 pomta - ((callant. 71 to SO porn!* - Good SI to 70 point* - Fair, 729-74 • TIC. Inc . Madlton. WtKon.ln ANSWERS ON REVERSE fAO^ Termites thrive on neglect.. YOURS! CX. i Let them alone, and they’ll grow fat and sassy. As long as your house holds out. But we know how to take care of them. With Gold Crest Chemical Protection. For Free Inspection Call 363-1676 INSECT CONTROL SPECIALISTS locally Ownad and Operated Sine• 1948 1516 MT. VERNON ROAD SI Come in answers to your questions CBB lowa-lllinois now has a “Customers’ Ideas and Information Center” display board filled with informative booklets and folders covering a wide variety of subjects. There is no charge for any of this material, and you are invited to come in, look them over, and help yourself to any you care to select. Here are some of the important subjects covered in these booklets and folders: • Ways to Conserve Energy and Save Money — Winter and Summer • How to Insulate Your Home • How to Use Natural Gas Safely and Efficiently • Utility Bill Budget Payment Plan • Home Appliances — Use and Care, Service, Sources, Energy Requirements • How to Take Care of Your Gas Grill • Kitchen and Laundry Planning and Design • Facts about Gas Space Heating • Ways to Solve Laundering Problems • Thermal Insulation For Windows • Money Saving Menus and Recipes • Outdoor Cooking with a Gas Grill • Broad Variety of Films/Slides Available on a Loan Basis to Schools/Organized Groups lf you are unable to come in to pick up the material you want, just give us a call and we will be happy to mail copies to you. It you have questions that can’t be answered from literature on our display board, the I.I.C, Answer Team is ready to assist you personally. lowa-lllinois Gas and Electric Company Ideas and Information Centers 327 Third Street S. E. Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401 364-5101 ;

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