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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 30, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa ]Q The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues., July 30, 1071    ^ OIH vision Bv Jav Sharbutt Rattle of Chains' in Nixon Deeds (Continued from Page I.) Pres- Confusion Over Bill President, hut future idents,” McClory said. “Inconsistent” NEW YORK (AP) - The White House denied in .June reports President Nixon had rejected a proposed long-range financing bill for public broadcasting. But a key advisor who sent him the bill says Nixon did turn it down, if only temporarily. He’s Dr. Clay T. Whitehead, who was instrumental in persuading Nixon, through Gen. Alexander Haig, jr., the President’s top aide, to send the measure intact to congress this month. But Whitehead, chief of the White House office of telecommunications policy nearly four years, admits he was startled when he learned of Nixon’s initial decision. He said it consisted only of “a short notification that he had not approved the bill. And it didn't make any sense in view? of the previous involvement he’s had in the public broadcasting matter.” He referred to administration efforts to decentralize public broadcasting and emphasize more of a ‘‘grassroots” approach. * * * Hie bill, aimed at insulating public broadcasters from undue government pressure and the vagaries of annual funding, would provide up to $400 million over a five-year period but on a matching basis of $1 for every $2.50 the broadcasters raised from nonfederal sources. Whitehead said its initial rejection was puzzling because it previously had support from Nixon, who ‘ knew what we were doing, why we were doing it and that public broadcasting had changed markedly. . . . ‘‘The bill we were able to work out with them (public broadcasters) reflected a lot of his concerns and would have reduced the danger that this could turn into a govern ment-funded television network.” He said it made certain that local stations had a strong role in national public broad casting and that it generally “was very consistent with the ‘New Federalism’ approach Mr. Nixon has advocated for so many years.” * * * Whitehead, who said Nixon's initial decision c a rn e without elaboration, said he argued the case for the bill with Haig, but not with the President personally. He said he later received a White House memo that said, “The President has approved your proposal." He said it also was without elaboration, but that he hasn’t tried to learn the whys of the reversal. He said that now' that White House debate on the bill has ended, he thinks the measure stands a good chance of passage, even though it has unique provisions congress rarely sees in a financing bill. It combines both authorization for spending and appropriation of the funds in the same document, he said. The two steps usually are voted on separately by the congress. He predicted strong opposition from two quarters on the bill. * * * “One will be the house ways and means committee, which traditionally doesn’t like mul-t i y e a r appropriations,” he said. “The other opposition will come from a substantial number of people in the congress who enjoy the influence annual appropriations give them.” He said he and his office have “borne the brunt of an awful lot of congressional sniping over the past couple of years from people who say we didn’t want to come up with a long-range financing or we like the kind of influence over public broadcasting that the year-to-year uncertainties provided. Republican, hold Nixon responsible for the misdeeds of others. But McClory, citing the score of former White House and Nixon re-election campaign officials either in prison or under indictment, said Nixon could not escape responsibility. “A President can onlv act Television Listings 2—WMT-TV, Cedar Rapids 7—KWWL-TV, Waterloo 9—KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapidi 3—KTVO, Ottumwa 4—WHBF-TV, Rock Island 6—WOC-TV, Davenport 8—WKBT, la Crosse IO—KROC-TV, Rochester 12—KIIN-TV, Iowa City 13—WHO-TV, De* Moines 40—KDUB, Dubuque Tuesday Night 6:00 2—Action News 7—News, Weather, Sot*. 9—Eyewitness News 3—News, Weather, Spts, 4— News, weather, Sots. 6—6 O'Clock Edition 8—News, Sots , Weather IO—News, Weather, Sots. 12—To Be Announced 13—Eyewitness News 40—Newsline 6:30 2—To Tell Truth 7—Community Quiz 9—Andv Griffith 3—Hawkeye Futurity Preview 4—Hee-Haw 6— Emergency 8—Bobby Goldsboro IO—Police Surgeon 12—Audubon Wildlife 13—Let s Woke a Deal 40—Celebrity Bowl 7:00 2—Maude 7—Adam 12 9—Hodov Days 3—Happy Dos 8—Maude IO—Adam 12 12—Man Builds, Man Destroys 13—Adam 12 40—Happy Days 7:30 2—Hawaii Five-0 7—Mystery Movie 9—ABC Movie— "Gun and Pulpit' 3—ABC Movie— "Gun and Pulpit" 4—Hawaii Five-0 6—Mystery Movie 8—Hawaii Five-0 10—Mystery Movie 12—Eye to Eye 13—Mystery Movie . 40—ABC Movie— "Gun and Pulpit" 8:00 12- Big idea 8:30 2—CBS Movies— "Friends and Lovers", "Dominic's Dream", "Fess Parker" 4—CBS Movies — "Friends and Lovers". 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Mayne, against. Also likely to come to a vote Tuesday was a proposed article o n Nixon’s    $432,000 under- One of the President’s staun- payment of taxes and use of chest defenders on the commit-    government money to improve I tee,    Rep. Wiggins (R-Calif.), 'his homes. ! said    that to impeach Nixon for    Us sponsor,    Mezvinski, said not turning over evidence would believed he had 17 Demo-! through his subordinates,” Niche inconsistent with the panel’s cretic votes and might get three dory said. “The question is. is previous votes approving two or four Republican votes for a he tolerating, has he tolerated articles based on the evidence, winning majority.    this kind of conduct in and In    opposing the articles, Wig-    There is also    a possibility that around the White    House?” gins    said:    "The committee    an article will    be offered cov-    Plumbers 'viewed the evidence and you cring the concealment from .........    .    , found it overwhelming and nowicongress and the public of the Much of the debate centered you seek to impeach him be-jsecret bombing of Cambodia in on the establishment of the cause he didn’t give you the evi- 1969 and 1970. donee you needed to do the    Same    Reaction job,” he said. "Those who voted; _    .    ..    .ut    j    l    i    •. for tho first two articles cannot e '*f>' »h,'« "ousc P^tlf,ed b>’ national security con- have their cake and eat it too - Sccretar-V Gerald VVarrcn gavc■ccrns causod b>’ thc lcak,nf! of plumbers investigative unit in the White House, which Nixon’s defenders said was entirely jus- this article is inconsistent. By your earlier votes you said the | additional evidence was not nec-[essary.” Rep. Froelieh (R-Wis.), who the same response to Monday’s the Pentagon Papers by Daniel committee vote as the WhitejEllsberg. House had made to the first ar-1 Rep Eilberg (D-Pa.) said betide of impeachment, voted Sat-;tween |he administration’s vvire-urday: “We’re confident the, tapping of private citizens and voTed for'theV|wo "previous im- fac!s do not suPP°r‘ tbe    operations    of the plumbers Ipeachment articles, opposed and wcre coof,dent the house unit, ..|he Nixon white House this one. He said, "the commit- wdl as,sess ,be. facts„and not made the secret police a reality tee should have gone to the ™ f impeachment.    in the United States, courts to see what the law is."! ‘ an.\ ^ comm!    Rep    Hutchinson (R-Mieh I adding that Nixon "used the c 0 n s 1 d * 1 c d AG 'j .    .    said the country had forgotten courts all the way up."    5 ronf1* ,ban ,bc *a*rf * >be war, the riots and the dis- , . \L.    structlon, °f ,UStlCe artlC f orders that prevailed when o e use    previously.    Nixon authorized warrantless The committee climaxed a 12- "Just as a consistent abuse of wiretaps of newsmen and gov-hour session Mondav night b\ power holds more danger for    pmment    officials approving, 28 to IO, an article j the republic than a single crimi-    .    .    .    „ charging Nixon with violating nal act. so is this a far more    Rattle    ot    cnains his oath of office and his consti- serious charge than in the artic- But Rep. Cohen (R-Maine), tutional duties.    \e already adopted.” said Rep. recalling Soviet author Alex- McClory, who had voted Hogan (R-Md.), a leading sup- under Solzhenitsyn’s smuggled against the committee article on p0rter of Article II.    book about life in Russian politi- obstruction of justice in the Wa- Rep. Drinan (D-Mass.) called cal prisons, said Nixon had intergate cover-up, switched sides the committee’s action “A victo- troduced the seeds of despotism to support the second article rv for justice” and said history I    into this country, charging Nixon with abusing his ^av compare it to the challenge    “What    we are really    saying is powers by ordering illegal wire-j0f tj,e English barons that led to that all these activities raise the taps, breakins and tax harass-.the signing of the Magna Carta faint specter of an American jment.    jn 1215, a milestone in the Gulag Archipelago’,” Cohen McClory’s vote brought to growth    of political    liberty in    said. .seven the number of Republi- England.    "I think    that    when the chief cans who have voted for im-    1)ark view    executive of a country starts to peachment. with IO consistently    cimnorters    on    the    investigate private citizens who <’rSsfcond"„moUemOCratS    his    policies,    or    auth. cd a second lime.    „rm .    nzes his subordinates to do such Iowans .Spilt    for the    [uture cf    thc pres!.;things, the    rattle of the chains Iowa’s two members on the dcncy,”    said Rep.    Latta ir.    that would    bind    up our constitu- committee split on the second ohio >. Froelieh, Hogan, McClory, Railsback. Against the article (IO): Democrats — none. Republicans — Dennis, Hutchinson, Latta, Lott, Maraziti, Mayne, Moorhead, Sandman, Smith, Wiggins. Wiggins said the committee was taking a step toward parliamentary government by basing impeachment on so vague a charge as abuse of presidential power. But the Democrats and Republicans supporting the article said the offenses charged against Nixon were so serious tional freedoms can be heard. And it is against this rattle that we should awake and say, ‘No!’ ” losing our basic freedoms,” said jeu r ~ Rep: Salaries (D-Md.l in a grounds of abuse of powers: final round of debate before the For article with Rep. Mezvinsky. a Democrat, voting for it and Larceny Charge Filed Following Office Incident James B. Healy, 67, of 324 Second avenue SE, Monday was charged with grand larceny. Healy was arretted in the offices of Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co., 210 Second street SE, at 2:40    p.m.    Monday    final round of    debate before the    For the    artic,e    (28): Dem°- after he allegedly    took    a    secre-    vote *< ^n(j ^    js for t^at reason    crats “ Donohue,    Brooks. Kas- tary’s purse.    we must act    affirmatively to-    ^nmeier,    Edwards. Hungate, The secretary. Mary Jo Ed- night.”    'Conyers. Eilberg. Waldie, Flow- wards, 2222 First avenue NE.    Nixonites Stand    ers' Manm Sarbanes. Seiber- fold police she noticed Healy During thc long day and nigh( ling. Danielson Drinan Rangel, walking in the halls. When she ( debate on the artic, Nixon-s Jordan, Thornton, Holtzman. , left her office Miss Edwards supporters ,nsisted there either 0w™s' Mezvinsky. Rod,no. Re-said she saw Healy approach was no evidence linking the Publ!cans~Butlcr’ Cohen’ F,sh-her desk.    President to    the illegal acts Healy was allegedly carrying charged, or that the acts were her purse when she returned to justified by national security the office. Miss Edwards told considerations. police she grabbed the purse    artjcje    covers    acts    by Nixon's subordinates, as well as his own, a provision challenged by Wiggins as attempting to —Hostages— (Continued from Page 1.1 prison officials against any kind of exchange. He said Carrasco made a similar proposal Friday but the nine-member board of corrections unanimously rejected it. The number of hostages dropped from 15 to 13 on Monday after one inmute-hostage dashed to freedom through a glass door and a woman captive suffered an apparent heart attack. “Great Concern” “At this point there is a little bit of tension,” Taylor said. “But things are not at a point where they are causing great concern.” Prison Director W. J. Estelle repeated his offer to let the three rebels surrender. But ringleader Carrasco, a former narcotics kingpin serving life for assault to murder a police officer. pressed demands for weapons, ammunition and flak jackets. Aline House, a 61-year-old librarian, was taken by stretcher from the library about 5:30 p.m. en Monday when Carrasco called the warden’s office to say she was sick. She had been taking medication for high blood pressure since the ordeal began Wednesday. She was taken to a Huntsville hospital. “Doctors have not been able to ascertain if she had a heart attack although she has symptoms of a heart attack,” Taylor said. Suffering Shock About 12 hours earlier. Henry Escamilla, a 40-year-old inmate hostage, plunged through a glass door of the prison library and ran down a ramp. He was still suffering from shock after being severely cut around the head and shoulder, prison hospital attendants said. Mama Cass Dies, Expert Doubts Natural Causes LONDON (AP) - Britain’s top pathologist said after an autopsy Tuesday that further tests would be needed to determine how “Mama” Cass Elliot, thc sweet-voiced 238-pound pop singer, died. Prof. Keith Simpson gave no details of his examination, but I said she did not appear to have died from natural causes. He I did not elaborate. Police said an inquest will be held at Westminster coroner’s court Wednesday. Simpson’s statement came only hours after the singer’s doctor, Anthony Greenhurg. told newsmen: “I think the postmortem will probably show that she died as a result of choking on a sandwich while lying in bed ...    * “She was a very big lady and I could not rule out the possibility of a heart attack.” Dot MacLeod, the singer’s secretary, said she found the 33-year-old star’s body Monday slightly propped up in her double bed in the six-room apartment she was occupying during engagements in Britain. The television set was on. and a ham sandwich and a soft drink were beside her pillow, Miss Macl/ood said. The singer, who rose to fame in the 1960s as the leading Mama of the Mamas and the Papas, completed a two-week engagement at the Palladium Saturday night. She was preparing to start a tour of Britain. Change Stolen HAZLETON - T h i e v e s escaped with an estimated $695, mostly in change, following a breakin early Monday at Denny’s Chug-A-Mug here. Most of the change was marked with red ink. When you run a classified ad . . . plan on being home to answer your telephone! Firms Stop Ads Claiming Plastic Is Flame-Proof WASHINGTON (AP) — The F e d e r a I Trade Commission I ( FTC) announced Monday that 25 companies have agreed to stop advertising as self-extinguishing or nonburning a type of plastic used in home construction and furniture. In a negotiated settlement of |a complaint filed last year, the companies agreed to set up a $5 million research program to make their product safer and to run magazine advertisements stating the plastics will burn rapidly if not properly protected. The plastics involved are polyurethane foam and other socalled cellular or foamed plastics. Besides being used in some molded furniture the plastics are used to insulate homes and panel walls. The FTC investigation was prompted by a home fire in which two Missouri children died. Illinois Man Faces Charge of Larceny OELWEIN - A South Chicago, 111., man was charged with larceny over $20 value Sunday in connection with the theft of a ten-speed bicycle in Oelwein. Authorities said Oelwein ambulance personnel saw Larry Banks, 26. riding a bicycle matching the description of one reported stolen. Oelwein authorities wcre alerted and Banks was taken into custody as he reached the community. The ambulance was headed toward Maynard in response to an emergency call involving Dennis Rechkemmer, 26, rural Oelwein. Rechkemmer, who was hospi-t a I i z e d in Waterloo, w as knocked down during a tractor pull which was being conducted as part of the Maynard days observance. Committee Vote AU    A «F* I SM held hostage were eight Un Abuse Article school teachers and librarians. WASHINGTON (UPI, - The.a Priest a guard and three in-28-10 roll eau vote bv which mates Six cap!,vex are women. Cltdinai .NIAUII Wile av .-'Ciiuura ,    ,    With    C arrUSCO are IUIIcIL'IU thcv threatened the freedom of e "u!!0.{    ,    - . .    Cuevas.    42. serving 45 years on the American people.    a.PProvred    Monday    n»gM    an    ar-    a murder convict *n and Rudv "We came perilously close to-“ *    ,7    President    Nixon    on    P°T«uez.'    15    -vears for attempted murder. “ • WEEKEND AND O IAI Advertisement to struggle with and began Healy. The struggle ended when a male employe arrived and told Healy to wait until police arrived. Miss Edwards’ purse, which was recovered, contained $11 and a pair of glasses valued at $75. Healy was taken to the county jail on bond of $5,000 IO YEARS AGO - Sen. Clair Engle, died before finishing his term and speculation was that California Gov. Brown would name Pierre Salinger, to fill the remainder of the term. The Best Carpet Buys Are At Carpetland U.S.A. o U >- < O i/» Ui Z o 2-3-2 COURSE LISTING AUGUST ll, WATCH FOR IT! ITI < rn z z o n O o rn Tuesday ... Be Our Guest KCRG FREE MOVIE NIGHT At the Twin West Drive-In Theatre Theatre Opens at 7:30 PM Show Starts at 9:00 PM FIRST FEATURE: “ROUGH NIGHT IN JERICHO’' Starring Dean Martin and George Peppard PG All ages, Parental Guidance Suggested    • SECOND FEATURE: “SUCH GOOD FRIENDS” Starring Dyan Cannon and James Coco R Restricted, Under I 7 Requires Accompanying Parent or Adult Guardian PLUS TWO CARTOONS NO TICKETS TO BUY ... JUST ORIVE OUT AND DRIVE IN COMPLIMENTS OF • FUTURE COLLEGE • RADI01600 ;

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