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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 29, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather— Mostly fair through Tuesday. Lows tonight around 50. Highs Tuesday, lower 80s. '4&Wt VOLUME 92 NUMBER 201 CONNALLY ttpuU # CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA. MONDAY, .JI LY 29. 1971 CITY FINAL 15 CENTS ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES Another Republican Deserts Charge He President on Abuse of Power Took Bribe Of $10,000 Gazette Leased Wires WASHINGTON — Rep. McClory (Rill.), second-ranking Republican on the house judiciary committee who voted [against impeachment in the his-! toric weekend vote, said Mon-! ; day he would vote to impeach President Nixon on the grounds [of misuse of constitutional powers. The 38-member committee reconvened its historic hear-! ings Monday on a second article jof impeachment that was rewritten in an attempt to add McClory’s vote to the 27 who recommended Saturday that ; Nixon be impeached for obstruction of justice in the Watergate cover-up. To get McClory's approval, a section in the second article! charging Nixon with contempt of congress for refusing to com-! ply with the committee’s sub-j |poenas was dropped so that McClory could offer a separate [article of impeachment on that charge. Mezvinsky Reveals Proposed Tax Article WASHINGTON (UPI) — Rep. Mezvinksy (D-Iowa) made public a copy of an impeachment article he plans to propose to the house judiciary committee claiming President Nixon tried to evade paying federal income tax. In the draft of the article, Mezvinsky said Nixon: . . Unlawfully received compensation in the form of government expenditures at and on his privately owned properties located in or near San Clemente, Calif., and Key Biscayne, Fla.” . . Failed to report certain income and claimed deductions in the years 1969, 1970, 1971 and 1972 on his federal income tax returns which were not authorized by law.” Mezvinksy said Nixon “acted in a manner contrary to his trust as President and subversive of constitutional government” and should be impeached and removed from office. Because of debate on other articles, Mezvinsky was not expected to propose his impeachment article until late Monday or Tuesday. AP WiteP'tCtO Five Charges The redrafted second article partment, and CIA gate special prosecutor, crimi-i As soon as the committee na] division of the justice de- clerk had finished reading the nartmonf anti PIA “in nrHnrl    .    .    .TSH    _ WAITING AND WONDERING — Connie House Everts, daughter of hostage Aline House, silently listens to her mother's voice on a tape outside the Texas state prison administration building in Huntsville. Monday was the fifth day that 14 hostages were being held by three armed convicts inside the prison. (Another photo on picture page.) proposed second article, Rep. s. Wiggins (R-Calif.) declared that approving such an article would I crease in March, 1971,” the be “a step toward a parliamen- Connally statement said. WASHINGTON (AP) Former Treasury Secretary John Connally was indicted Monday by a federal grand jury on charges of bribery, perjury and obstructing justice. The indictment said Connally accepted $10,000 in cash from a milk fund official, Jake Jacobsen, in exchange for recommending that federal milk price supports be increased, I Jacobsen, an official of As* ; sociated Milk Producers Inc., also was indicted on a charge of giving an illegal payment to a public official. Five Violations In all, the grand jury cited I Connally, a Texas Democrat turned Republican, on five a1* I leged violations of federal law. Connally in a statement released through his Houston law office after disclosure of the in-dictiment, denied any wrong doing. “For months there have been leaks, rumors and speculation concerning my role in the milk support price in- Hostage Escapes Convicts HUNTSVILLE, Texas (AP)-One of 15 hostages held by three armed convicts leaped through a glass door in a state prison building and escaped his captors Monday, officials reported. They identified the escapee as Henry Escamilla, 40, one of tcision has been made on any i rated he wanted to take four release.” Carrasco had told newsmen earlier Sunday evening by telephone that “things are looking up.” “I believe we will conclude hostages with him to Cuba. The hostages include four other convicts; nine school teachers and librarians; the By United Press International in order; was presented to the com-1 corruptly to impede the due and mittee by Rep. Hungate (D-1 proper administration of jus-Mo.). It included five itemized itice.” charges and a conclusion that: I Shifting majorities were ex-iT'" ** ^    j “In all of this Richard M. |pected for the various sections,    th°    C(^^naJ    “The    matter    is    now    in the Nixon has acted in a manner but all are likely to remain in    h    c    open    where    it    can    be    dealt    with ---contrary to his trust as Pres- the article and win final approv-    *    honestly    and    fairly.    I    again ■p I VA/* I ident and subversive of constitu- a1.    contended    tin    ques-    jppy    that    I    am    guilty    of ane urks Widen tional government to the great    Factual Data    IT “is.^hoth,eur abuse of    wrongdoing and I am confident prejudice of the cause of law    factual Hat    falls wlthm ,hlgh cnmes and that j will ^ completely vin- and justice and to the manifest As they did in debating Arti- misdemeanors.”    He    said    abuse dicated    of    these charges ” injury of the people of the Unit- cie I on Saturday, supporters of I of    power    "is    an empty phrase j    Th    mavimiim    nn«.hIp wna] T ii a* I I I led States.”    Article II were planning to having meaning only in terms of .•    ,    _    ",    ‘ Talks Stall The five charges were that Present tactual data to back up what we pour into it."    yoars    jn    jai,    d    ™    f    ™ I Nixon:    ,    the allegations.    j    Rep.    Danielson (D-Calif.) ar- for Connally. Acted personally and through ! Following the advice of spe- gued that “offenses charged Cyprus Grip; Rev. Joseph O’Brien, a Roman) Turkish invasion forces with S subordinates to get confidential I cial counsel John Do ar the [against the President in this ar-J    Price    Supports Catholic priest who is the prison tanks expanded their beachhead income tex information from committee is keeping the lan- tide are uniquely presidential The indictment charged that # _________, _j    chaplain; and a prison guard, jon Cyprus Monday and demand-)toe Internal Revenue Service. guage of the articles broad offenses. No one else can com-between May 14 and Sept. 24, four    fellow    inmates held    cap-    lbis 111    a    tow ilours-    Carrasco    All except bather (J Brien have    0fj    jjpj. peacekeeping1 Misused the FBI and secret    enough to cover any new devel-    mit them    . . . Only the    Pres-    1971 Jacobsen gave Connally tive    since    the hostages    were    sa^-/    ^    n°t provoked tonight,    been with the rebels Once    forces withdraw from the area, service by directing or authoriz-    opments that may occur in the    ident can violate the oath    of of-    the $10,000 in exchange for Con- taken nearly five days ago in I believe tomorrow will be the Wednesday.    Foreign ministers of Great ing them to wiretap for pur- Watergate investigation before fice of the President; only the nally’s recommendation to the the Texas state prison. pa-v release.    ; Father O’Brien has been in Britain Greece and Turkey in poses unrelated to national se-, the senate trial is held, if there President can abuse the powers secretary of agriculture that the Bleeding Heavily    To    Cuba    the ,ibrar>f sincc Thursday when Geneva drafted a peace plan for curity.    is one.    of the President.”    milk price supports be raised. he went there to negotiate with    the island republic bu: final Established the so-called    The house will have to spell    Wiggins    argued the    article    Connally was charged specifi- Escamilla    was rushed to sur-    But    laylor said,    Negotia-    the rebels. Prison officials say    agreement was delayed by last-; “plumbers” unit ‘‘financed in    out the actual charges before a    would, in    effect, make    some-    witb *w0 counts of accept- gery at a hospital, bleeding lions ha\e not changed. We there is a possibility he may be minute objections from Turkey, part with money derived from trial, and will then be limited to thing illegal after the act had an rilegail payment under heavily from cuts on the head, have not received any addition- remaining with the rebels volun-    Third    Meeting    campaign contributions which those charges in presenting evi-been committed.    bribery statutes; one count of shoulders and arms. Doctors a1 demands. I think serious tardy.    *    unlawfully utilized the resources dence.    Rodino    ruled    Wieeins    out    0f    consP*racy to commit perjury repaired cut tendons in his negotiations are ahead.    The    four    inmates    being    held    ,Thc ^.viei L_nl,onL lTnJL °I°f toe Central Intelligence Chairman Rodino (D-N. J.) order on his attempt to bar con- am* obstruct justice, and two arms and said his prognosis Carrasco, a former kingpin of; hostage were thought originally a longer role in the crisis j\gency»» was excellent. He was undy    illegal    drug traffic in south    to be among the rebels,    prison heavy sedation and unable to    Texas    and Mexico, has indi-    authorities said, talk immediately with prison—  - "in his only communication    $300} I ll OH VV^ with officials Monday, the con-victs’ ringleader, Fred Gomez Carrasco, said he held his fire during Escamilla’s dive through the quarter-inch Pl«e glass    UaMd    wltes door, and a prison spokesman said that might have been a gesture of good faith.    vestigators    have    characterized only 500 miles from its frontiers. hoped to get a vote on the sec-isideration of the article on the counts making tolse declara- ‘‘Failed to take care that the ond article by the end of the basis that no impeachable of-^tons before the grand jury. S6ut T ?!?SerV^r If (,cnrva ynd tows were faithfully executed by day.    1    fense had been stated called the third emergency faiH to t when he k -J. I *    tense naa oeen siaiea. meeting of the U.N. Security Ld ?eason l0 know hjs    Wiggins Protest    Sandman    charged that Demo- Council in as many days.    close subordinates endeavored! “I believe the whole ballgame    were a<*using    a'*on “I In Washington, Secretary of l0    or frustrate lawful in- will be over today,” said Rep.    ™scs f0"™    y bls a s »-v    III-    i*+l    I    State Kiss**er scheduled_ an-, quiriM by duly constituted exec- Sandman (R-N.J.1. one of the    iau'10ned    his colleagues: r)cm I FI nnKDDn 0ttier mefting f1'1 Archbishop utjVC( judicial and legislative:President’s most vocal support-    (.a\    ,Vm • f!*? * Of    GfwGr    (Makanos, the deposed president enmities concerning the unlawful ers on the committee. He said    J    resident. Do you **    of Cyprus.    entry int0 !ho headquarters of he did not anticipate any Re- want,hlm to llve llP toail ,hese underestimated the impact of Turkish tank forces and para- the Democratic national com- publican attempts to delay the laws you ** “ ie sales.    troops expanded their beach- mitteeproceedings since the Demo Although the charge is “less Subcommittee Chairman bead centering on the poi ? of Misused executive power by in- crats have the votes to pass diamatic and less sensational ickson (D-Wash.) said in a Kyrenia early Monday, encoun- terferjng with the FBI, Water- whatever they want passed.    (Continuedrpage    3    Col.    7.)    Although WASHINGTON - Senate in- Istatement accompanying the re-! toeing only token resistance Carrasco basically explained the massive 1972 wheat sale to Jackson that he could have shot this in-, the Soviet Union as a ^00-;^^ “the Russians°an’d the I from outgunned Greek Cypriots, mate. but didn’t a prison    minion error in judgment by top    iarge    grain companies reaped    UPI    Correspondent    Michael spokesman said. He (Escarrul-    officiais 0f the agriculture de-    thc major benefits of the sales”    Keats    reported. la) jumpwJ through the door partment.    |The government funneled $300; “The Turks demanded we then rolled mid craw e ow jn    synd^    on    million to six grain trading toave the entire area,’ a U.N. to the yard,    controversial    deal, the sen-)firms in the form of export sub- officer said. “They are taking No Decision    ate investigations subcommittee    sidles.    away    our rights    under    the Escamilla's predawn dash    Raid the sale resulted in sharply The    sale involved more than!ce?^-fi!T    •    aw. from Hie education building in- hi8h«r food Pri('cs for Amen- 700 mil,ion bushels of grain asked New York for lnstruc-(.arette Leased Wires side the    Denitentiary was    made    cans’ cause^ a shortage of farm    including    440    million bushels of    ,ns _    _    .    „    ,, „ipaorc Al i    hill    in ne-    products and brought a virtual    wheat    In Geneva,    Foreign    Ministers during the overnight lull nn    freight    movements in c n f ....    ..    James    Callaghan    of    Great Bri- gotiations between prison offi-^eignt movemenw Sen Percy of Illinois ranking |tai Ge0 Mavros of GreeCe dais and the armed convicits,    ]ar t in US RePub“ca? °? ^ subcommd- d Turon Clines of Turkey whose ringleader tad said their ™8ra‘^sa^    ‘    -    tee, said the deal should provide hammtrod out a dra(t peace standoff could end Monday in j™5 wry, was pari oi im    a lesson for us trade negotiaj freedom for the rebels.    ! administration s P°licy eas' tors. “We need to be certain But Ron Taylor a spokesman -JJ®. te*wions with tl»    that officials representing this Hon layior. a six    l**j    tnion. The subcommittee said,! .    .    t .    n„ontiatinnc    aith    ^......- for the    Texas department of    - ^ federal txilicv aimed at im-    na;,on.in    trddc    neK°,iatlon!5    wltb    for final    approval. corrections, told newsmen as    .eta,ions!a fore,gn !»«•«<• appreciate and Xonfthf|^s_ Callagh£ Haig: Still Confident, but Hurt by Triple Whammy WASHINGTON - A key aide acknowledges President Nixon has suffered “some very severe losses” that make his chances of avoiding house impeachment “more uncer-agreement in an all-night mara- fajn • thon. But a snag developed Meanwhile. Nixon planned to when (lunes telephoned Ankara! mee^ \foncjay wj(h his chief Watergate lawyers, James St, in said -----proving international relations    .    AmpriPAn    in-; *----------—    ~”VT    ; . negotiations with the convicts (.a[mo( ^ (ermed success(u| if it    " l>r< ’«nt    ov(;r_aU    America]n    he cxpoc(cd a fma, de recessed Sunday night, No de- causps hardship in domestic af- ^ anna,vid conflict inter-the ,aKrecment b-v Tuesday i fairs.**    .c*    -    Pttpo,.    coin    morning. “Ineotlv Managed”    Unv    said    Conference    delegates    snit. -r I i I I    ’    Not    Contested    Turkish    Prime    Minister    Bulent Todays Index    ^ Jarge    The    aubcororolttce    did    no.    (Continued-    Pa.!..    J.    .'OI.    .1 I Comics ... 16 Crossword 16 Daily Record .....I Deaths ....... J Editorial Features .....I Farm • Financial ..... . 17 Marion IS Movies ll Society I Sports 13-15 State . .1,5 Television IO Want Ads 20-23 “The large sales of grain to! [the Russians are an illustration Tbe    . of how. in pursuit of a worth- ""lest tile-conclusion of the juj- while goal, government pro- department tha hi ii w. q QrODS grams and officials can go,™    of.merest in the^role    “,UH» aslrav," the sulaommittcc said Pla>ed Clarence almby. |n V/oiTl! in its report. “At virtually every step, from [the initial planning of the sales to the subsidy that helped support them, the grain sales were ineptly managed,” the report added. Major Benefits The report said that Agriculture Secretary But/, serious!) who conducted the initial negoti-iContinued: Page 3. Col. 3.) 13.53 Worried Market Todd if'* C'linrfcli* NEW' YORK t AP)—Inflation worries and uneasiness over im-: peachment sent the New York stock market into a sharp decline Monday. The 2 p m. Dow An old-timer is a person who Jones average was down 13.53 to remembers when sex educa- 771 04 and losers swamped gammon used to be called mar- ers by a 4-1 margin on the New riage,    cowrit^    York stock exchange in rela- , tively light trading. Clair and J. Fred Buzhardt, and White House chief of staff Alexander Haig. Haig told newsmen aboard Air Force One on Sunday night as Nixon flew home from California, “We have suffered some losses this week and some very severe losses, quite obviously.” “Triple Whammy” He cited what he termed “a triple whammy’’ that involved a “rehash of evidence” by the house judiciary committee, an adverse supreme court ruling in the Watergate tapes and documents case and the shift of some judiciary committee Republicans to pro-impeach-mcnt positions. Haig said that if a vote were to be held now on the house floor on whether to impeach Nixon and place him on trial before the senate, “it would be very close.” The Nixon aide said presidential assistants believe the “triple whammy” coupled with Saturday night's pro-im-pcachment vote by the judiciary committee “has made thc margin on the floor of the h o u s e considerably narrower.” Developments have changed “fairly favorable prospects” as of about three weeks ago to “one that is more uncertain,” he said. “Evidence Not There” “Having said that,” Haig continued, “all of us arc aware of the fact that we’ve had high points and low points and when they settle down to the synthesis of the dialectic we remain confident that the members of the house will reject impeachment. “We are confident because we know that our attorneys have consistently advised us that the hard evidence is not there.” Asked if he thought Nixon really believes he will win, Haig said, “I think he believes that.” Won’t Quit Asked it tho President might conceivably resign, he said, “at this juncture I just don’t foresee it. “Basically. I think he understands and in many re-spects expected this action fri rn the judiciary committee. It hasn’t changed one iota his sense of self-confidence and sense ut determination to see this thing through, and above all to continue performing his functions as President of tho I’luted States.” Nixon, wife Pat, daughter Tricia (’ox anti son-in-law Edward i’ox had boon at the presidential home iii San < lemon! o, (’alif., since J uh 12. Haig said he expects Nixon to remain in the Washington area “ior the foreseeable future Jacobsen was indicted earlier this year on a charge of making a false declaration to the grand jury about his handling of a $10,000 payment he said he made to a public of* ficial. Judge George Hart dis* missed that indictment later because the questions to which Jacobsen allegedly lied had not been precisely phrased. the money actually went to Connally, the indictment said iii.it Connally and Jacobsen both agreed to testify before the grand jury and the senate Watergate committee that the $10,000 was intended for political candidates or the “Democrats for Nixon” group headed by Connally in 1972. The indictment charged that I Continued: Page J. Col. ti i John Connally ;

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