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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 25, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa naiionm wtAim* siAviu io*»casi ic. 7am tsi t 3000 ?V,7 7 -Jfc- 74 30.00 Cedar Rapids Obituaries N. J. Dautremon+,1 Retired Banker. I Dies at Age 75 Norbort Joseph I)autremont,| VT), of 845 First avenue SF, died Thursday. He was retired as Alphonce O'Bannon    Mrs. Sylvester Ralston Alphorns A. O'Bannon, 58. Mary L. Ralston, 75, of 1547 2260 C street SW,    a    Cedar    Thirty-second street NE, died Rapids resident for    33    years,    Thursday    after a long    illness. died Wednesday in    a    Cedar    Formerly    of Council    drove, Rapids hospital following    a long    Kan., she    had lived in    Cedar illness. He was born Jan. 23, 1916, in Pensacola, Fla., and was mar-vire president of Merchants Na- rj(,d to Aretha Ramer, June 16, Rapids 58 years. The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Thurs., July 25, 1971 Wilson and Co. Ponders Pollution Control Bonds Officials of Wilson and Co., lower interest rates, reducing Inc., are considering asking the'^e cost to the industry city council to sell pollution con trol revenue bonds I maculate Conception Catholic church, Knights council 909, Elks, of Columbus; Uh Wf ATH! k f DICK AST ® tional bank.    11969, at Pensacola. Mr. Horn Oct. 27, 1898, in Wash non was an employe ington, he was a member of Im-iQuaket Oats Co. and member of Mf. Zion church. Surviving in addition and f°r sever- wjfe are ^our sons al years was on the board of the O’Bannon, Alphonce United Hospital campaign, lie jr., Oscar O’Bannon, was married to Kathryn Mottet Cedar Rapids; Dannie in Riverside Oct. 25, 1923.    a ° a » Clendale, Calif.; Surviving in addition to his wife are two daughters, Mrs. Fester McCune, Cedar Rapids; O’Ban-of the was a Baptist to help fi-pollu-at the air post Forrest Mykleby, plant manager, said he has discussed the in addition to berend sale possibility with Mayor Born Jan. 2, 1899, at Fairplay, nance installation of Mo., she was married to Syl- tion control equipment vjrtw-P fB«k, Ralston JuM cedar Rapids plant. 18, 1927, at Anamosa. She was a] member of the Hanford auxiliary. Surviving ...    ..v. husband are two daughters, Don CanlH* strcss?d'    how- t0 bis Mrs. Virgil Greenwood, Vinton;!*™. “ was °n!y 3    nHor,    frnm Roger Mrs. Clifton Smith Seattle, d,*c“ss,P!*®nJ? his company has;odors from rioter|    nnnaia    nftnndpn not decided how to finance the the plant. 0 Bannon.    1^ ^    ^ -son, Donald Donegan, ieauiDment    He    estimated    the    cost    at    he- all    of    Cedar Rapid* a brother. 'IP'"    ;    wMch    tween *1    million    and    $2 million. O’Ban- Homer Turley, Des Moines; a1 Under state legislation whicn    mnmPnt    is    necessarv    to ♦ ^sister Eva Stoll Cedar RaDids-! W(!nt into effect in 1972. mumm-    nl    ^    n cessary tw0 sister, r,\a .moi oeaar napias,    iH . .    bring    the firm into compliance ghters, Cdoria Diggs, (> n grandchildren and en P .. n ueuaif 0r ioca| with new air quality standards Denver, Colo.; Mona ,.isa great-grandchildren.    fZ    mal    ">«’ federal environmental O'Bannon, Cedar Rapids; three Cervices: .Saturday at I p m. firms for the purpose of install stepsons. Rick Williams, of I1at tho' Chapel of Memories by >nR pollution control equipment. Mykleby said because the project is in the early planning stages, he does not know the amount necessary to finance the equipment nor the exact type of equipment under consideration. It. would probably include equipment to control the discharge of particulate matter from smoke stacks he said, as well as “scrubbers” to remove air exhausted from protection agency. Rain is expected Thursday night from the Lakes area southeastward through the Ohio and Tennessee valleys, Arkansas and into the Gulf states. Clear to partly cloudy elsewhere. Mrs. Orville Sauser Greenville, SiQUX CUy; Lgrry Wi„iams and the Rev. Alvon Nelson of First SU., nine grandchildren, two vf,jri,    0f    £edar    Futheran    church.    Burial:    Cedar Intermediary brothers, Clement, Mark Williams, both I Rapids; three stepdaughters, Mcmor*a — Cyprus — (Continued from Page I.) Friends may call at The process has been followed by several Iowa cities, including The Weather High temperatures Wednesday, low temperatures overnight and inches of precipitation: Anchorage    44 SS    L Angeles    #8 74 Atlanta    84 70    Miami    88 87 Bismarck    84 SI    Min'apolis    87 48 Chicago    7144    N. Orleans 87 70.10 Denver    87 58 OI    New York    4? 41 .43 Duluth    71 57 .29    Phoenix    110 84 Honolulu    88 74 .03    Seattle    75 54 Houston    94 78    Washington MMM M—Missing. Extended forecast — Fair Saturday through Monday. Highs in 80s and lows in 60s. C. R. Weather High Wednesday .............83 Low overnight .............. 70 Noon Thursday ............ 76 2 p.m. Thursday .............79 acts sale, but undertakes no financial responsibility. The bonds are paid off by the industry. Amount Uncertain Cedar Towers "Topping Out" Ceremony Held Riverside; and Adrian. Midville, Utah, lRr(;nda williams.'Patricia'wit'th« funeral home after I Friday, Services: Saturday at IO a.m. |iams and Toni wi||iamSi a|, of and at the chapel after 9 «]“' Rapids, since    the at Immaculate Conception    cedar Rapids; nine    grand- Saturday*    Friends may,    if    they    Under the law, the city church, by the Rev. William P.    children* four brothers    Marion w i s h    -    contribute to    Camp    as an intermediary for the    bond Leonard. Burial: Mt. Calvary.LBanno’n 1/)S A £ Ca,jf" Courage. The casket will be tary James Callaghan said the1 Rosary: Father Leonard and Wilbert O'Bannon Pensacola I closed at 12:45 p.m. Saturday. mw n    c.    (conference’s    first task is to firm the Knights of Columbus at 7:30jpja . Bofoert O’Bannon Jersey    -- “P    ™asc-fire    on    the    island..p.m. Friday. St Margaret Cire-    cily; N.j.. Henry (VBannon,    Lee T. Smiley 2801 A avenue NE; Emit Gear-1 He said    political    problems    may j Ie will havea Rosary ■'* 4 P-J";    Pensacola, Fla.; four    sisters,' Lee    T.    Smiley, 73,    of    1224    Because they are sold by    the Tow<,rs is locat'‘d 011 " «•«» ra d    Afna™osa; have t0 ** leftLo1 ,atcr ta,ks- f y . Teahen funeral homr catherine Malone, Cleveland, Thirteenth street NW, a retired municipality however tax ben- square foot parcel of urban re- fined $30 and costs. George 0.| No maJor fighting was report-]where friends may call from I ohjo; Marg# Lewis Jerseyart |cacher. dicd Thursday after    enable’    buyers    to charge."***' Iand «" first    NE N.J.; Voncile Wynder, a long illness.     !    between    First avenue and A ave- Iowa’s tallest residential structure was “topped out” in ceremonies in Cedar Rapids Thursday, The 25-story Cedar River City, M ™ Cyprus Wednesday, but to 9 p.m. Friday. street SW; Ronald Kenneth ^e Indian commander of the U.i    Pensacola, Fla.; Edna McGhee, Born in Steelville, Mo., July 3, Cihla, Shellsburg; Jack A. X. peacekeeping force reported Mrs. Paul Traeumer Berkley, Calif; and his step- 1901, he received his B A. dc- Allen James K|tondcrnum!    SSI,    ,    ^atJ)l“n    E-    Traeumer.    73,    of father Duncan Mims, of Pen- grce in art from the University Vernon; Randall Joseph'    .    kish    troops    with    1948    Fifth    avenue    SE,    widow    ofisacola, Fla.    of    Northern    Iowa    in 1928. He Judges Named NE; Mt. Collins, 2201 Hughes drive SW all fined $25 and costs. Robert R. Bruegger, Hoyt, Kan.; fined $24 and costs. Brad Walder-bach, 327 Thirty-second street NW; Robert Hartford, Bellwood, III.; Danny J. Emig, tanks were digging in 500 yards pau] h. Traeumer, died Thurston! the Nicosia airport and day following a long illness, would try to seize it.    Born June 7, 1901, in Marsh- Emergency Session    field, Wis., she was married to Paul H. Traeumer June 30, Secretary-General Waldheim, |92:i jn Madlson Mrs Traeumer was a member of Grace Epis- route tw'o , Marion; James E. called the Security Council into z p.m.    inursuay ...........»    Noble, Willow    Springs,    III.;    *11    emergency session in New York    w"rT'. Precipitation ..............None    fined $20    and    costs.    Dean    A.    7a“1““ “copal    church of    which hor eon, to deal with the reported threat. jpau,, wi(h whom she made h„ But Turkish Foreign Minister    homP,    js rPCt0r.    She was a    life Turan Gunes sent Waldheim a    iV%n    American    I>e- Total for July ..............I    55 Normal for July ........... 3.58 Normal through July ......20.19 Total for 1974 ..............31.49 Barometer, falling 30.03 Humidity at noon    70% Wind direction and velocity 2 p.m. SE at IO mph. Sun rises Friday, 5:54; sun sets, 8:32. Year Ago Today — High, 83; low, 67; rainfall, trace. Traveler's Forecast Friday Weather, Hi-Lo Bismarck....... PtCldy    84-52 Chicago .........PtCldy    89-65 Cincinnati . .   Shwrs 87-67 Cleveland ........Shwrs    81-65 Des Moines . ... ^ PtCldy 87-65 Detroit .........Tshwrs    85-63 Indianapolis  PtCldy 85-64 Kansas City  PtCldy 90-70 Milwaukee ..... Shwrs    85-63 Mpls.-St. Paul . PtCldy 88-59 Omaha ..........Clear    93-65 St. Louis ........PtCldy    88-68 Sioux Falls  PtCldy 89-58 Mississippi Staqes (Flood stages in brackets) Lacrosse (12) 5.0, no change Lansing (18) 8.6, rise .1 Dam 9 (18) 13.1, rise .1 McGregor (18) 7.1, rise .1 Guttenberg (15)    4.2, no change Dubuque (17) 7.4, fall .4 Davenport (15) 5.0, rise .2 Keokuk (16) 3.3, fall .5 Cedar at C.R. (13) 4.15, no change Coralville Lake Pool level Thursday .. . 686.08 Marriage Licenses Connie J. Ritchie and Charles H. Smith, and Danni Lynn Dunnick and Sidney Delbert Martin, all of Cedar Rapids. Burcsh, Oak Park, 111.; fined $15 and costs. Responsibility for minors — I Dean Turner, 2538 Indiana j street SW; fined $15 and costs. Traffic signal violation — I Sterling Micheal Smith, 2101 Haven court SW; Richard Bear, j Des Moines; both fined $15 and members said they were ! costs.    tisfied,    and    the    council Improper turn — Carsten journed. Christopherson, route one, Cedar Rapids; fined $20 and costs. James Cox, 1211 Crestview drive SE; fined $15 and costs. Meter violation — Phyllis Miller, 252 Fortieth street NE; fined $15 and costs. Driving on wrong side — Robert Whitney, 1030 Eighth street NW; fined $20 and costs. home, is rector. a member of the message assuring him that Tur- gion auxjijary key would not threaten or use    addjtinn    her force against the troops at the' .    Russc]|    p[eifcr airport. Several council Services:    New    Jerusalem1    taught art in Barrington. 111., Church of God in Christ at 3 from 1928-1957. He also was as-p m, Saturday by the Rev. II. sociated with the Woolverton designated the three judges to Bassett and Dr. LeRoy White.;Printing Co. of Cedar Falls for dear the case of Cedar Rapids Burial: Pensacola, Fla. Friends several years. He was a lifelong steel Transportation, Inc., may call at the Turner chapel m e m ^ f‘r of the Methodist agajnst ^e Interstate Corn-east until 9 p.m. Friday and at church.    merce Commisssion the church after IO a.m. and Surviving are his until 2:30 p.m. Saturday. The|fornier Elsie Kru8er casket will not be opened after-ke was married in Sept. 29, 1923; a son. nue The developers are Robert C. Armstrong, chairman of the • pqct C* board of Armstrong's, and Peter In UKo I Oase F. Bezanson chairman of the • , Ty a "AXL. cc u- r board and president of MorA-Judge Pat Mehaffy, chief1    r judge of the Kighth circuit, has wife, the to whom! Garrison merica Financial Corp. When completed, the building will have more than 24,000 square feet of commercial space on the first floor, 217 auto parking spaces on floors two through five and 156 apartments In. addition to Judge F,dward on floors six through 25. Pre-cast concrete will be used the service. sa- ad- Meanwhile, a contingent of 500 British troops in armored cars was reported on its way to the airport from British bases in south Cyprus to bolster the U. N. force, derides accused the Turks of Clarence Dingfelder Clarence J. Dingfelder, 4716 Dysart and Green Valley drive SE, died Mountain H J. McManus, chief judge of the! L.T. Srr.i- nor^ern district of Iowa, the for ^ exterior of the building, lev Waterloo- three grand- °^or two name(* t0 t*ie Panel and concrete poured in place for children; three sisters. Elberta w.ere •>■£** W‘“'am.9, Hfson' the inner structure. Miller, Han-Krugcr, Garrison. Fay Moss, ®ls0 the northern district, anti sen4 Westerbeck, Inc., of Min- Circuit Judge Roy L. Stephen-.neapolis is the architect on the 500    building    and Knutson Construc- The hearing was called after tjon c0^ ajso 0f Minneapolis, is Judge McManus issued a tem- ^e general contractor, porary restraining order last; Guests at the Fern Bickford. Mountain Home, Ark.; two brothers, Charles, Paducah. Ky., and Russell, Kent, Ohio. Services: Saturday at 2 p m ceremony Corona, Calif. Services: Grace Episcopal,'    . church at 1:30 Saturday bv tho 'ruesday ln a Kwh«ster, Mmn„ Rev. John Tavlor of St. Mark’s hosPltal- church; Fort Dodge. Con-! He was employed by National _______   r........ celebrants will be the Very Rev.    Cash Register Corp. Mr.    Ding-    in the Methodist church at Gar-|™’ p!r“2Jll.ng ,!fte    . 7    Vj01" ! Thursday signed a white con- Canon D A. Loferski of St.    fetter was a World war II    veter-    ,-ison by the Rev. Harley Car-    forcing,.    ,!?•    r    -.L crete tablet, which will be John’s Episcopal church and the    an and member of the Elk’s club    haugh. Burial: Garrison ceme-    interest.in    a umcago    firm    with p|aced jn the ejevator tower on Rev. Thomas C. Aycock, jr., of    and All Saints church.    tery. Friends may call at Kuba    a truck,aS    torJ'‘tory m the    CJS\ the roof of the building to com- St. Michael’s Episcopal church. | He is survived by his wife,! funeral home east after I p.m. SjUf souineastern yfU<e<J Burial: Nashotah House ceme-Nashotah, Wfe. Friends moving heavy armor since the!tory, Tv ,    .    .    . . .cease-fire, and said this created may call at Grace church after Defective equipment — John 4< Randall Sanders, fined $10 and costs. improper lights — John Ran-(for us to abide by the cease-fire opened Gary Roberts, Tuscumbia, Ala., and Nanci, of Cedar Rapids; Clarence- a potentially dangerous situa-j4 p.m. Friday and until 1:15 Sat-1 two sons. Thomas, of Burling-tion because it is not possible urday. The casket will not be ton, and Robert, of Cedar ‘ after the service. A Rapids; one sister and two Margaret; two daughters, Mrs.!Friday and at the Methodist church in Garrison after I p m. Saturday. States. Clarence; fined if Turkish forces their positions.” try Michael C. fined $37 and j dall Sanders, J $10 and costs. Overweight -, Krav, Anamosa; ' costs. Disturbing; the peace igi! L. Benesh. Center fined $25 and costs. Disobeying: a stop sign — Thomas Clair Webster, 700 j Thirty-fifth street, Marion; I fined $25 and costs. Illegal parking — Mark Rob-I ort Heck, 2962 Circle drive NE; fined $15 and costs.    _    ..... Intoxication — Jeffrey Joel. residence, 130 rwenty-fifth Wilde. 2423 First avenue SW; street drive SE. fined $25 and costs to move’l*tany Is scheduled at 8 p.m. brothers, of Rochester, N. Y. Friday at Grace church. cial for the West Coast Aug. 8 to “factually present the party as Vir. Hot Grease Ignites, Point; Kitchen Is Damaged A fire that started Thursday when burning grease ignited curtains caused the total loss of the kitchen at the B. L. John- lowa Deaths Iowa City — Emily Gcgcn-heimer, 79. Sunday at 3. First Federated church, Oxford. Visitation at George L. Gay’s after 7:30 Friday and at Oxford chapel after IO Saturday. Waukon — Ben Trocndle, 79. Friday at 10:30 at St. Mary’s in Lycurgus. Visitation from 2-10 Thursday. Rosary, 8 p.m. Mrs. Kenneth Savel Mrs. Kenneth Savel, 45, of Services will held Friday ^en ^une?’ '"dA fl?.™crlya of fundamentaTCs t r o n g, undemorning in Rochester. Miller's ^ar    ^    \Vednne^a/    terred    by    Watergate    and    op- funera1 home is in charge of ar- T’T' „ a    P    ” b    after being married in 19al.    _ rangements. __ghe    wgg    a    graduate    of    Coc,    —..... I college. Mrs. Earl Busenbark    Surviving,    besides her hus- Tolie N. Busenbark, 95, 544 band, are four children, Ann, Knollwood drive SE, widow of    John, Jerry    and Nancy,    all at 1902,    in    Green    Earl C. Busenbark, died Thurs-    home; and    her father,    Fritz had    lived    in (day at a Cedar Rapids hospital    Messthaler, Chicago. Services will be Friday at I memorate the occasion. Among the invited guests were koard 0f directors of Republican Special— the Cedar Rapids-Marion LOS ANGELES (AP) — Re- chamber of commerce, the cen-publicans plan a television spe-Ural retail merchants bureau, Douglas Colon and Nancy ^ Ryan, both of Geneva, 111.1 Bykkc-Hanson’s. Loran Bender, Solon, and Mon-! Marengo   Vil la Hunzel- ica LaGrange, Amana. Nancy marii g5 saturday at 2 at Trini- identity was made, fire officials A. Se Vera, Cedar Rapids, and ty United church of Christ Michael Zimmers, Des Plaines,; McAninch’s .Victor. Ill Births — Mercy July 25 — Mr. and Mrs. Brian Zimpleman. Amana, a daughter. Births — St. Lul.e’s July 24 — To the families of Rodger A. Locy, 6512 Boxwood j theran church. Cedar lane NE, a daughter; James E. Visitation at Turner Jamison, Anamosa, a son; west, Cedar Rapids, James M. Eckert, 1329 Thirty- i Thursday and from Kalona — Ivo E. Grady, 74. Saturday at IO at Holy Trinity church, Richland. Rosary services Friday at 3. 7:30 and KC Rosary at 8:30 at Peter-seim’s, Kalona. Fairfax — M. Hans Luber, 86. Friday at 1:30, Trinity Lu-Rapid Mrs. Victor Hallquist Adele Blanche Hallquist, 72. of 1805 Chandler street SW, widow of Victor E. Hallquist, died Wednesday following a sudden illness. Born July 23, Bay, Wis., she Cedar Rapids the last 45 years, j following a long illness. She had Mrs. Hallquist had been owner;been an art teacher in Cedar p.m. at Ogden community and manager of Mode O’Day Rapids public schools and other-church. The body will be cre-Fire officials said a babysitter store in T°wn ^ Country Iowa communities since 1899. mated. was heating grease on a pan- Shopping Center for IO years,; Born Feb. 28. 1879, in Gas- - cake griddle when the grease an^ was a^s0 employed by cade, she was graduated from started    burning.    She    put    the I Riehter’s bidery until    1970.    j Normal art    department    of the griddle    in    the    sink    and    poured1 Surviving are a    daughter, I Chicago Art    Institute in 1913. water on it    Mrs- Donald Gardner, Cedar!She was a member of the Soci- The water caused the grease; RaP»ds; a son, Robert, Iowa ety of Mayflower Descendants, to splatter onto the curtains, I J a brother, Lance Church, I Cultus club. WSCS, Ashley fire officials said.    Milwaukee; six grandchildren!chapter DAR. and Priscilla and three great-grandchildren,    j Alden chapter of DAC.    There Graveside services: Saturday are no immediate survivors. at noon in Cedar Memorial cern- Services: Pending at Turner etery by the Rev. Richard Ernst chapel east where friends may of Hillside Wesleyan Methodist!gall after IO a.m. Friday, church. Friends may call at Memorial Services Turner west until ll am. Sal-; Pearson. Victor — Oak Hill urday.    !    p.m. Friday. the Greater Downtown Cedar Rapids Assn., the city council and Nato Ruben state director of the federal housing administration. flowers for every occasion! JOHN E. LA I* KS since 1909 C*nv«niMt downtown location 308 3rd Ave. SE 365-0511 No one was injured. No record of the babysitter’s said. C.R. Housing Application Gets Federal Approval cemetery chapel, Chicago, at 21 An application for 40 new °nPCq housing units for low-income lo V251 families has been approved for croft, his deputy assistant for Nominates Aide WASHINGTON (AP) — President Nixon has nominated air force Major Gen. Brent Seow- United Overton’s. sixth street SE, a son. Out of Town Births At Waukesha. Wls. —The Rev. and Mrs. Carl Fngstroni, a son July JI. Mis. Engstrom !jjrsndchildron the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.! grandchiidrgn. Lumir Sknpsky, 825 Shaver road NE. Marriages Dissolved Shirlty Ann and Donald Lee Henecke; Delores D. and Henry H. Davis; Evelyn J. and James L. Gremmels; Noble, jr. and j Taniie Jean Woods:    Dennis Dean and Janet Marie Pollock;! Janet Kay and Gary Dean Hedrick; Richard D. and Anno-Ledvina, and Bonnie Kay and Merrill James Hutchinson, jr. Fires 6:32 p.m. Wednesday. Backfire through carburetor at 711 Thirty-fourth street NE. 9 13 a rn. Thursday. House fire at 130 Twenty-fifth street drive SE Maaisirate's Court Speeding Lawrence Lee! Covington, Mt. Vernon; lined $35 and costs. Stephan Troy, Mt. Vernon; Michael Fitzpatrick, 1249 Eighteenth street Friday. Surviving in addition to Cedar Rapids, Nato Ruben, those listed Wednesday are a state director of the Federal stepson, Lester Baria, ^ cdar busing Administration, said Rapids; a stepdaughter, Mrs.i~.    , Dean McCall, Manchester; ll Inursday. and four great-! The authorization, which city officials have been seeking for *>:v'fart ~ Uinda Lee Sealock, several months, involves an an-25. Saturday at 1:30,    — national security affairs, for promotion to lieutenant general. For Any Occasion FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS PIERSON'S FLOWER SHOP Your F r D Flornt IMO Ellis BM. NW Fl.OWFRPHONE KJR-IK26 flowers can say everything Trinity Methodist church. nual rent subsidy in federal funds. of $134,822.40 floral artistry ti(en FLORIST ^ Town and Country Shopping Center ewe 364-2146 FLORIST and GIFT SHOP 3648139 Phone Answeted 24 Hours Every Oay SH . . II MI A I* rn ut pl Hrlirrrff PM k’S n ll l l.oil KH SIMM* JOOS ( enter IM. Rd. N.F. 393-5565 Only one service... our best to all. Cost is entirely a matter of personal choice. .)< tim B/IUrner&Son Turner s East, 800 Second Ave. SE Turner s West, 1221 First Ave. West NEW IN THE WANT ADS! Look To Classified Each Day For PATTERNS V/SL -Arle NEEDLECRAFT (nj    W    Ive    cd    t Shop The Want Ads For Excellent Buys. Without a care in the world For adults, life is a different matter...with problems and responsibilities. Stop by at any time to discuss making arrangements with us in advance. It s something special you can do for those who are, after all, dependent upon you. Murdoch_ June*iaf MARION SPRINGVILLE CENTER POINT WALKER CENTRAL CITY COGGON and in Cedar Rapids The Beatty-Beurle Chapel ;

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