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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 16, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa IO Tho Cedar Rapids Gazette: Tues.. .Inly 16. 1974 Television / od av By Jay Sharbutt Talk Show Hostess Announces 'First,' Kills Herself on Air "Guiding Light's" Carrier Pilot SARASOTA. Fla. (AP) — the trigger,” news NEW YORK I AP)—If CBS’ “Guiding Light” troupers ever decided to wage war on soap opera critics, they'd have no trouble getting their own afforce together. Thye'd just call on Don Stewart. Ile plays a defense attorney on the daytime series, but once was a Strategic Air Command B47 bomber pilot. He also used to fly single-engine Al attack bombers for the navy. A navy reserve officer, he’s currently rated a copilot on four - engine patrol aircraft based at Wiliow Grove, Pa., where he’s carried on the duty roster as Lt. Cmdr. Don Stewart, USNR. It isn’t a typical background for someone who's a soap opera star, a night club singer and a veteran of summer stock, Broadway and off-Broadway musical comedies. A navy spokesman here agrees, but says it’s all true. Stewart, 37, born in Staten Island. N. Y., and raised in Norfolk, Neb., says he caught the flying bug early in life. ♦ * * “I’d always wanted to he a pilot,” he said. “Even when I was a kid during World war ll, I wanted them to lower the age limit to eight, which for some reason they were reluctant to do.” After college, he became an air force aviation cadet, graduated to B47s, and, in his spare time, sang at concerts for kicks. A professional who heard him convinced him to try singing full time. So when his active duty tour ended. Stewart came back to Fun City and, among other things, auditioned for a vocal coach. “She said she thought I had a potentially great operatic career,” he said, laughing at the memory. “I ittle did she know it would turn out to be soap opera.” The actor, who sporadically appears in evening TV series and talk shows and says he’d like to do it more often, shifted from the air force reserve to the navy reserve in 1963. He wanted to fly jets. * * * But he said only the navy had jet pilot slots open then. The navy transitioned him into the A4 Sky hawk and taught him the mystic arts of Television talk show host Chris Mike Simmons said. Flood of Calls Spokesmen at the Sarasota I Chubbuck wrote her own death 'script and then carried it out by putting a gun to her temple and sheriff’s office and WXLT said director,bothered her. She was very sensitive. She tried. She d say, ‘Hi, how are you, won’t you have some coffee?’ Thev’d say, I •No.’ ” M r s . Chubbuck said her pulling the tiiggei as telex ision were swamped with calls daughter, a native of Hudson, following the incident. They said many of the calls came from viewers who could not believe the shooting had I been real and asked if it were viewers watched. The attractive WXLT-TV an-1 jChorwoman, 29, died in a hospital 14 hours later. I Her handwritten, blood-spat tered newscript read. ‘‘Today! Chris Chubbuck shot herself some sort °t Prank. during a live broadcast.” “Another First” The story she had scrawled in cide. No one took her seriously. Ohio, had been under psychiatric care. Didn’t Seem Nervous Monday morning she was reading a news report about a shootout at a bar when there Mail Advice: Use Care in Handling Film Thousands of film packages are unnecessarily lost in the mail each year because of careless wrapping and addressing. according to U.S. postal service officials. To prevent this, the following suggestions are made for film mailers: Ensure that envelopes for mailing film are sturdy enough to withstand mail pro-cesssing. Properly address the outside of tile envelope and include a return address on the Linn County Park Usage Is Picking Up: Hamilton By Kevin Kane Although total camping fee revenue is $200 behind last year at this time, Linn county park, . •    i    •    ir,„    lion    urogram,    authorized sevei- usage is picking up, Linn Con- ■»* h ,0    „ servation Director C.eorge Ham ®1 PraceUura cnanges o con form with the federal >* *" Creek summer-winter recreation project with Supervisor Chairman Jean Oxley, endorsed the Linn county affirmative ac- Fair Labor Standards Act, adopted a lost property procedure and ilton reported Monday night. Hamilton told conservation board members meeting at the,    . . .. „ftnnfu county fairground that both voted t° requeest hat the «county park reservations and usage    ,1)<)U    '    <    (    Pinson showed substantial jumps from 'vaY ‘ en lance o . May to June. Revenue from shelter fees is up $400 from this time last year. Ridge park. Hamilton also reported that construction of a kitchen at the ___________________ The problem has been the Wakens park shelter was com- Last week. Miss Chubbuck ''<ls a mechanical difficulty inside. Also tape a return bad weather we’ve been having plated this month and that work jokingly hinted to colleagues jwhh a film clip.    “    '*    ^    M‘“* that she was contemplating sui- “She covered for that and didn’t seem a bit nervous or longhand was found on the desk Co-worker Rob Smith said she upset, t-aid Valet ie Rubin, oaring off a carrier and land- I where she sat Monday morning told him, “Wouldn t it be neat if Sarasota Herald Tribune repoit- |op(, j0 prevenj damage from ing on it again in one piece. “I really loved carrier flying, but when I began, a friend saw I was a little apprehensive about it,” he said. “He told me, ‘once you get shot off that baby you’re going to say, Geez, I can t wait lo land and get shot off again.’ ” Carrier pilots are like that — daft — but Stewart said he found his friend was absolutely right: “I d say, ‘Hey. shoot me off again.’ You can’t beat zero to 160 knots in two seconds. It’s quite a ride.” He said his unit was called up during the Pueblo crisis in 1968 and served aboard the USS Ranger for 30 days in Southeast Asian waters. When the ship returned to the West Coast, he called up his agent. * * * The agent told him “Guiding Light” staffers were in Ixis Angeles, auditioning actors for the part of Michael Bauer. Stewart hot-footed it to the studio, got the job and has had the role since December, 1968. No doubt t h e producers were impressed with his talent. but one other factor made him stand out in a herd of auditioning thespians. He was the only one who showed up in a navy uniform. and calmly announced to I were to take the gun, pull it jer who saw the telecast, viewers what she said was a television first: out on the air, live and in living jcolor, and blow myself away.” “Then she picked her right hand up from behind the desk, name    and address tag on the until recently,” Hamilton said,    on the    rifle lunge at Matsell film itself.    “Depending on the weather, the    Bridge    park should be finished parks are either full or there’s by the end of the month. Work    on the fireplace at Wakema    lodge is scheduled to begin    after Labor day and In other action Monday night,    shoujd    take ten days to com* Put the words “hand cancel” on all sides of the enve- no me there.” Other Action “In keeping with Channel 40’s    1    thought    at    the time it was Put a square-looking little gun to a g00fj jdca (o vvrde a name policy of bringing you the latest iusl a bad i°k,> and ‘’hanged the her head and squeezed the trig- and addr(,ss on (he back of thc tin blood and guts and in living ™bJ<*‘.” Smith said. automatic canceling machines. In sending photographs, it is toe hoard discussed its Squaw pjete< he also said. “Terribly Depressed” I color you are going to see anither first — attempted sui-lcide.” Then she reached into a shopping bag behind her desk, pulled out a .38 caliber revolver, fired a single shot and slumped forward. “It toook less than a second to get the gun to her head and pull Two Teachers’ Husbands Seek School Posts The wives of two candidates for the Cedar Rapids Community school board may have to resign teaching positions in the public sciiool students this fall. ger. The hair on the right side of her head billowed out. “From the sound I thought it Her mother, Mrs. M. D. Chub- was a blank and remember buck, said Miss Chubbuck, re- wondering to myself whether a centlv named public affairs blank could cause enough wind director for the ABC affiliate, to blow your hair ... . was ‘‘terribly, terribly de- “Instantly she jerked forward pressed.    and her face fell on the desk “She said that constantly. She Then the picture went dead. I had no dose friends. She was thought it was some sort of; already 29 years old and it tasteless joke at first.” picture in case it is separated from the envelope. Frank Kluesner To Conduct for Municipal Band School Board To Seek State Aid for Busing The Cedar Rapids Community et review committee was allo-school board intends to request eated $2.2 million to disperse to $190,000 from the state to provide bus transportation for non school district if their husbands are elected, according to dis trict officials local school districts for the pro gram. Bill Tested The bus bill, passed by the At an informal meeting Mon day night, Board Secretary Otto Wieder?berg outlined a request; tost session of the legislature, is Otto Wicdersberg. school f°r $130,000 to purchase nine currently being tested by two board secretary, said state law new buses and $60,000 to operate Pavenport church groups who no member of , aad maintain the fleet. He said the state school budg Squaw Creek Lodge Mrs. Oxley said the board of supervisors is “more or less committed” to support of building a lodge at Squaw Creek and should decide in early August whether to allocate additional federal revenue-sharing funds for the project. The supervisors, who had planned to allocate $50,000 in Soybean Prices Jump for Third Consecutive Day By Al Sweglc The grain market continued to be as hot as the weather in Eastern Iowa Tuesday, as soybean revenue-sharing funds for prices jumped 20 cents a bushel Squaw Creek, earlier this month for the third straight trading approved $32,500 for several day on the Cedar Rapids cash conservation board - suggested market. The latest surge pegged soy- projects at the park. J However, the supervisors held bean prices at $6.50 a bushel — off on approval of the $46,000 60 cents higher than when the picnicking-winter warming latest price advance started last lodge because it would run the Thursday. Corn prices have also advanced in the last four days,! cost $23,500 over the $50,000 target. Given the go-ahead by the from $2.83 a bushel Thursday to supervisors were projects entailing $15,000 for construction of a 4.000-foot access road south $3.08 Tuesday. Corn Prices But some of the steam ap of Marion, $4,000 each for a ski tow and for a well, $3,800 for T"fL.0U ° Lh. auxiliary facilities such as pie- Television Listings 7_KWWl-TV, Waterloo 9—KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapids 2 —WMT-TV, Cedar Rapids 3—KTVO, Ottumwa 4-WHBF-TV, Rock Island 6 — WOC-TV, Davenport 8—WKBT, la Crosse I 0 —KROC TV, Rochester I 2—KIIN-TV, Iowa City I 3 —WHO-TV, Des Moines 40—KDUB, Dubuque provides that the board of directors of any school district, or his or her spouse, shall receive compcnsa-    I—I-al tion directly from the school    rial    I board.” Two board candidates for a two-year vacancy on the board have spouses employed by the school district. have filed suit there If the law is declared unconstitutional. Wiedersberg said. Frank Kluesner market Tuesday as prices ad vanced only 6 cents. nic tables and litter barrels. mu u ♦    ob*    , uj    $4,500 for water and electrical The hot    markets    started    in the    v    ofu, ,    „ connections, and $1,200 for a pit- ».IUUU..M) *».cuc.:,ucis oct.u. Frank Kluesner. 2729 Dale-    midst    of last week’s heat wave    t    room and the district has already pur- wood avenue SE. will be guest    when    the agriculture depart- chased buses, the state would conductor at the Cedar Rapids    ment    released its first crop Transferred to Fort Madison not be able to reimburse it for municipal band the cost of the buses. Greene square “We don’t intend to commit Wednesday, that kind of funds ($130,000 > The conservation board voted to ask the supervisors for The report indicated that for toe assistance of the county the first time since 1959 farmers road department on the road concert in acreage report. at 8 p.m. Kluesner has been director of may cut their soybean acreage project. Both Teach ed IOWA CITY (AP) — Convict- until we get some kind of assur- the Kennedy high school band this year due to wet weather in murderer James Hall, a a nee that we will be reim-^he last seven years and had late May and early June. former University of Iowa stu-    b u r s e d , ” Wiedersberg said    previously    directed the Prairie    The manner in which the re- Scott    Olson’s    wife Carol    dent, was transferred Tuesday    “But we’ve got to take some    high band    for nine years. He    Port was issued also heightened teaches at    Johnson    elementary    to the state penitentiary in Fort    kind of action. There are a lot of    has played    first clarinet in the    speculation, as a second report unknowns here.” Tuesday Night 6:00 7—News, Weather, Sots. 9—Wild Wild West 2—Action News 3—News, Weather, Sots. 4— News, Weather. 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Carl Ledford's wife Madison, teaches at McKinley junior high Hall, 20, was sentenced to 50 school. Ledford previously an- years in prison after being nounced as a candidate for a found guilty of second degree Not Large Enough municipal band and is chairman projecting yields on the basis of of the band commission. „    »    ,    .    .    ,    During    the    concert,    Bruce    „ .. He recommended purchasing Cuthbertson. 20. of 4528 Walker Frlda>’ a»ernoon Man Arrested in Motorcycle Theft Richard G. Terrell, 24, no the acreage report was issued address, was cbatged Monday after commodity markets closed vv‘to larceny of a motor vehicle. three-year term, but later took murder in the strangulation buses ratoer than contracting strect NE wijj’ present a Rute out papers for the two-year va- death of U. of I. Coed Sarah with a private firm for the ser- solo A ,g72 graduate 0f Ken- Bum per Harvest In previous years both subj- Police said he allegedly took a $1,700 motorcycle from the SOO block of A avenue NE on July ll. Terrell was arrested Monday tion of Steve Sovern. I*edford said he is seeking Caney    created    by the resigns    Ann Ottens, 20. Morrison, IU., in    ^“oHeFthe^iJ3'’8* nCdy’' Cuthbcr,s“ wi". P'®>’ eels were handled in the same I evening at Second street and Judge Louis Schultz had rec-    Wiedersberg added that any legal advice    on    interpretation    of    ommended that Hall be trans-    private contract could not ex- the law. “It seems to be a very ferred from the Johnson county toe school district’s cost ■ ague    law.    It    s ambiguous.    It    jail to the men’s reformatory at    tor transporting the students. Concertino byChaminade.    report, but    this year administra-1    Eighth    avenue    SE    by officers Other selections that the band    tion farm    policy makers are    who received a    tip    that he was will present are:    counting on    a bumper harvest to    riding    a vehicle    similar to the “The Nutmeggers”, a concert    wo! rising    food prices. stolen one. Bond was set at $5,000 and says nothing about an individual Samo^ HaF h^m^e ^h^lHe said'ii was u"n,ikeiy anTfirm    Mb    Terrell    was    laten    to    .he    county whose spouse has a continuing request so that he might con-could do it for that price. trict. Orpheus” bv Offenbach; guine for Band” by Osser; reports being issued the same jail. “Clarinet Polka” by Bennett; day. “Soirees Musicales’’ by Rossini- The weekly report issued by Britten’ the march “SemDcr Fi- toe lows Crop Reporting Ser-The law has not affected his Pcatod to the Iowa supreme than two miles from the private ^ .j ., . cousa. *.pas Retjou. vice Monday mav have height- 1-----  —    being!school they attend, and high,aens - >ousa’    Keaou contract with the school dis- tinue to work toward his college The law requires transportation of non-public elementary he said. Undecided degree. Hall s conviction has been ap- school students who live more candidacy. Ledford said, and he court and efforts are ble” bv St. Saens; “An Irish ened interest in the soybean and his wife have not decided if [^afic to raise a $50,000 appeal school students who live more p ^ a d c o d v ’ ’ bv Grundman rnarket. .........■ bond    than thro,* mjies from their ’ n 3 p - 0 a v Dv ^unaman. she will resign should Ledford b°ncF be elected. “We're going to worry about Edward Bock Named Olson said he also was in- T    ia that When it happens. ” he said    To Natlonal JA Board formed of the law, but he still Edward F. Bock, 3203 Terry intend?, to run for the seat. drive SE. has been elected to the than three school. School Change “Burst of Flame”, a concert    Crop    Improved march by Bowles: “Walt Disney “Adequate subsoil Band Showcase” by Werle and has‘ helped the corn moisture consider- Anamosa Man Faces Drunk Driving Count Clyde N. Price, 51, route three, Anamosa, has been charged with drunk driving. Linn deputies arrested him early Sunday on a gravel road Wiedersberg said if parents another Sousa march “Hands abjy as the crop impr0ved in north of Lisbon. They reported whose children attend a school Across the Sea too close to their home to be Concerts are free. most areas last week.” the re nort said. they started following him because his car’s tail lights were 60-member national board o( ^sed try to change lo a school farther away from their home Edward F. Bock to circumvent the law, the district will have to request more money to run the program He also said students living in Achieve- home school district, and from there may find his own way to his school Services Set for John E. Roshar ALBURNETT - John E. Roshar. 63. farmer, and lifelong resident of the Marion and Alburnett areas, died Monday in a Cedar Rapids hospital Born May 24. 1911, at Marion.! he was married to Edna Heller. July 6. 1943. at Alburnett. Surviving in addition to his ..    ,    , . wife. are a daughter, Mrs. De- dlr‘'c't<’rs of Junior Wayne Dlouhy, Alburnett; a m€n ’ nc‘ son. Ben Roshar, Marion, and    a director Bock,    _ three sisters, Mrs. George Klou- 0< Peterson. W‘N assist young bjm t0 a pojnt on cedar da and Louise Zrudsky, both of P^ons w*to programs for guid- Rapids district line where he Marion, and Mrs. Joe Raider. mS' stimulating and advising could he picked up by Cedar Mechanicsville    y°uto about business economics.    Rapids buses and then taken    to Services: 1:30 Thursday at the Bock is assistant to the chair- his school. Murdoch chapel in Marion, man of the board of Miracle A third alternative allowed by Burial: Cedar Memorial, Cedar Recreation Equipment Co. in the law, Wiedersberg said. Rapids. Friends may call at the Grinnell. Prior to joining Mira- would be to simply give Murdoch chapel after 3 Wednes- cie. he had been a partner in parent? $40 a year to help pay day.    Peat, Marwick, Mitchell and Go    the cost of a private car-pool    or ----- in Cedar Rapids.    a private bus carrier. Cyclists Injured C E D A R KALIES — Gene Meyer. 40. and his wife, Wanda. 36, suffered broken legs Monday when a car driven by Darlene Griffin. 41. Cedar Falls, turned into the path of the Meyer mo-j t o r e y c I e . Mrs Griffin was (charged with failure to yield the right-of-way. Minnesota Man Faces Linn Morals Charge Bul the soybean prospects.a0( working and thai he was don't look as good, according to “rj','‘ng erratically Price was released on bond later Sunday. Denies Charge WEST UNION - Waucoma City Clerk Mildred Rolf, appear- Rapids district will not be trans^.involving an 18-year-old woman. “Many cases of pythium and ling before Magistrate Robert in-a ithout council permission. The charge ham- was brought against her last the crop reporting service. “About 18 percent of the soy-Herbert P. Bliss. 21, of Austin,    beans    are blooming, but the Minn., has been charged with    crop is very spotty and short in other    school    districts    and    at-    raPe >n connection with an in-    many    areas.” the summary tending    school    in    the    Cedar    cident in Coggon last Thursday    said. ported directly to school.    Ginn    deputies    reported    the    as-    rhizoctonia root rot were report-jHoffmeier Tuesday, pled The student may bt* transport-    took place in a ,iuck at cd and these have reduced nocent to charges of issuing cd to the district line bv his thc sitc cf thc harvest home fes- stands in some late planted municipal warrant witho tival. Bliss was arrested over the fields. “The soybeans were weekend and was released Mon- pered in most areas until the week by Waucoma Mayor Rob- native or his parents mav transnort day 10 !he custodY of ,he com' rains of Wednesday and Thurs- ert Streit. Preliminary hearing  -------1    munity court services.    1    'l™    ”    u”r'u *    ™ dav has been set for July 30. e^jpn - Advertisers Daily Via The Gazette Read Entertainment Pages Now Many Wear FALSE TEETH With More Comfort They know a denture adhesive ran help. PASTE KTH* Powder srtvea dentures a longer, firmer, steadier hold. You feel more comfortable .. . eat more naturally. Why worry? Get FA ST EF. TH Denture Adhesive Powder. Dentures that fit are essential to health. See /our dentist regularly. VISIT The Office of Dr. C. R. Kitchen Optometrist • Eyes Examined • Glasses Fitted • Contact Lenses By appointment only 39S-62S6 Closed Sun. and Mon. Lindale Plaza to watch all of it!” “As part of the TV 9 news team, sometimes I’m behind the desk, sometimes I cover sports as well as news. No matter the story. . .good or bad . . . news, sports or weather . , you want to watch all of it. And you ye told us 5:30 is too early for you to do that. So, we're moving up to 6 OO o’clock. Good news for Eastern Iowans!” Eyewitness News Moves Up To BOO .July 29 Des Taylor, KFRC News Reporter HIK TV9: ;

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