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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 15, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa / delusion / Bv Jay Shurbutt Rona Barreti Tells All NEW YORK (AR) Rona Barrett, who for 5Vi years has given insights on Hollywood via her daily 2‘/ii-minute TV show, sat down the other day with her press agent, her husband and this observer to discuss literature. The discussion, about her newly published autobiography, occurred at a modest restaurant. The middle-aged waitress who served the coffee peered at her, then gasped: “You’re Kona Barrett, aren't you? I watch your show on TV all the time. I love it.” “Why thank you,” smiled Miss Barrett, a lady so petite you could carve a life-size statue of her from a pebble and still have enough left over to gravel the bottom of a bird cage. It is sort of hard to ask her about her book because parts of it are luridly atwitter with her fan club days, her fan magazine days and Hollywood inside stuff of the early 1960s. I am not an courant there. ♦ * * Another problem is that the thing also concerns ah. cr, hmm, uhh, well, you know, fooling around. It even starts with the attempted seduction of her by an unnamed Hollywood superman, a married cad Miss Barrett, whose book also depicts her long drive to overcome a muscular disability and homeliness, was asked why she wrote it. Part of it, she said in a soft, low voice, was because she always gets letters from starstruck fans and it suddenly struck her they “have tremendous misconceptions about what it’s like to be a success.” Another reason, she said, was to inspire those who are as she once was — ugly, lone ly and wandering about with a head full of dreams. Miss Barrett, who denied her video sorties, are on the acid side, insisted it’s all ton-gue-in-chcek. She also stoutly denied gossip the era of the Hollywood gossip columnist has gone the way of the dodo. ♦ * * It is alive and well not only in New York and Los Angeles, she said, but “even more so around the country. You should come with me on a tour and see what happens.” While touring San Diego, she said, “it was incredible. People came out in droves. They ask me questions like, ‘Does Johnny Carson really love you or hate you?’ or ‘Why does Frank Sinatra hate you?’ or ‘Will Sonny and Cher really get back together and what broke them up"” ” Miss Barrett, who said her show is seen in 50 cities, said she doesn’t go in much these days for stories about love affairs of the famous unless the heart conference is held in public. She was asked who spills the beans to her about such matters. ‘‘Usually, their best friends,” smiled the New York-born Hollywood histori-a n, “Because their best friends love to fink.” * * * I was vaguely uneasy during the interview. A day later. I realized why. The waitress’ delighted recognition of Miss B. seemed too spontaneous to be the McCoy. So I went back to the restaurant and asked the waitress if Miss Barrett's press agent had put her up to it for any reason. “Oh, no,” she laughed watch her all the time, was live on Channel 5 night, talking about Frank Sinatra’s troubles. Boy, she doesn’t like him. She said, ‘Good tor the Australians.’” Morton Second Choice Speaker At Centennial WEST BRANCH (IDPAi -lf President Richard Nixon cannot come to West Branch for the centennial of Herbert Hoover’s birth, August IO, the main address will be given by Secretary of Interior Rogers Morton, according to present plans. It is expected the President will come unless his projected trip to Japan interfers. The speaker — Nixon or Morton will be introduced by Gov. Robert Ray. The observance program will be held in Hoover park at Dead Man's Motives Are Trial Issue An estate tax trial centered around the motives of a man no longer living opened in Cedar Rapids federal court Monday morning. The American Trust and Savings bank of Dubuque, executor of the estate of former Dubuque business man Herald F. Walser, claims that the Internal Revenue Service unjustly taxed gifts made to Walser’s three children 1 prior to his death Walser, president of the Walser Rapid Transit firm, died West Branch, beginning at 2 >n January of 1971 at the age of p.m. on Aug. IO. Other fea- 73 A blood clot, formed as the turps of the program will be result of a fall on the ice, entered his lung, according to doctors. Aids Children the presentation to the President or secretary of a deed to several small tracts of land to be added to the Hoover park. Present Deed P. W. Penningroth Mo/'jt Brown, Undefeated, Dies in Georgia, Native of Tipton TIPTON - Dr Paul W. Pen-ningroth, 73, Atlanta, Ga., died Friday after a long illness. Born in Tipton, he had lived in Atlanta since 1957. Dr. Pen- The Cedar lUpids J Gazette: Mon., .filly 15, 1971 ningroth retired as assistant director, mental health training and research programs, Southern Regional board of education in 1966. He was a graduate of the University of Iowa and earned his MA and Ph. I), degrees at Columbia university, New York. He received a BD degree from the Union theological seminary. He was the founder and first director of the Florida Pinellas County Child Guidance Clinic, and organized and became the Winner of Soap Box Derby Conviction on Murder Charge Being Appealed TOLEDO — Notice of appeal Rocketing down the hill undefeated in all of his duels in the double elimination competition, Mark Brown, 13, wheeled his Klinger Office Supply special to the 1974 Cedar Rapids Soap Box Derby championship Sunday afternoon. His final victory in the Jay-cee-sponsored    competition was over Curt Hentrich, 12, who had f“e years although strickenlond degree murder, lost only once previously with    ^f‘,m,n^l    illness.    ,    Duncan    pled quiIty March 5 to hits Tuesday    Noon Optimist    ^tsmanship    trophy    killing    Bruce R. See, 19, lama, club car. Hentrich took second    was    presented    to lorn    Banes    whose    body was found Aug.    i, land    the    award    for “best con-    1973, near the railroad tracks    at struction Wieneke of Hiawatha was! named recipient of the Norm1 Stueffen Memorial award. The award goes to the participant who “exemplifies the best characteristics of the derby, not only in striving to achieve for oneself but also encouraging and helping others.” The award honors the late Norm Stueffen. who competed to the Iowa supreme court was filed Friday in Tama county district court in the case of Preston Marcus Duncan, 35. a resident of the Mesquakie Indian settlement, who is now serving a 50-year sentence for sec- fPhotos on Picture Pa^el went to Dave Prouty. the west edge of Tama “Button” Prize    Duncan    requested    that    an    at Wieneke was presented a .410 !orney ■*    •»    represent. In 1969. he gave each of his children $20,000 in time eertifi- ana organized ann nee ame me f,ace honors and will be the al    ...... r—.... in pursuing the anneal first president of the Florida "’rnatp lf Br™n •* “"»»'* 10    shotgun    for    selling the, £ P“ ‘ 1    £    ? chapter of the National Assn of J®™**    '!*    ,nal'nnal    ,faP    ™sl,    '« l*'P trocc said he feels hie consUtu- ' Mental Health. He served as Box I)erby fmals Aug 17 ,n ,he Jaycees finance the project. * ' ie to is his constitu director of mental health for ‘Akron, °hio.    He    sold 203. tional rights were violated The gift will be from the Hoover Library Assn., and the deed will be presented by Duane Arnold, president of Dubuque Nun Will Lead Senate Prayer Florida from 1954-57    Mark    is    the    son    of    Mr.    and Tw<> boys and a girl were In 1958. through the Universe I Mrs. Willard Brown, 1700 Sierra selected    in a    drawing as win- cates, and he set up $3,000 trust    (y of Iowa, Dr. Penningroth drive NE, and Curt is the son of tiers of    a trip to watch the funds for them in 1970.    began a William and Elizabeth I Mr. and Mrs. Hepburn Hen-! Akron finals.    They are Sara    WAQ„    T The government, represented    Penningroth award in memory Rich. 424 Lewellen drive NW. Kendall,    route    3; Barry Peter- 'WASHING I ON (AI > — Sister ...........“ r“-,7vr ? —    s&jr—1 - -ftatsw: furnished by the 451st army were made “in contemplation of leadership, character and all!    wbo    s,arted    the    final Karry Koehler earlier offered to bister Doyle, president of band and the Chicago    Chil-    death.”    around ability.    round undefeated were:    take    three youngsters to Akron,    f Carity of the Blessed virgin dren’s choir.    In    opening    statements Mon-    jn 1965. he received the Uni-    3- Ross Thompson, 14, .son of with    the selection to be made    Mary at Mt. Carmel, Dubuque, versity of Iowa Distinguished    Mr. and Mrs. Harold Thompson. I from    all participants who sold    was invited to offer the prayer Alumni cervine award    11624    Twenty-third street NW.jmore than 25 “Derby But-jby Sen. Dick Clark (D-Iowa). in the trial by two justice department attorneys from Wash oe association. Music will be ingfon, contends these gifts This program will be the    a government lawyer culmination of nearly a based this contention on, among week’s centennial activities, other factors, Walser’s history On Aug. 6. 7 and 8. the park [of poor health, including heart Alumni service award. He is survived by his wife, the sponsored by Nesco Displays. tons, former Persis Carney; two 4. Dave Prouty, 15, son of Mr service    will    present    an    old-    I trouble    and cancer    operations in daughters, Mrs. James O’Brien,    and Mrs. Dow Prouty,    2515 time Chautauqua,    and    on Aug.    ,963    and    1968.    Endwell, N. Y., and Mrs. James    Amber drive NE, sponsored by ‘Life    Motive’    Olson, Sarasota, Fla.; a son, Dr.    Sondrol’s Hardware. R. Paul Penningroth. Coralville; 5. Tom Banes, 15. son of    Mr ten grandchildren; a sister.'and Mrs. John Banes, Fairfax,! She last Television Listings 7—KWWl-TV, Waterloo 9—KCRG-TV, Cedar Rap.ds 2—WMT TV, Cedar Rapids 3—KTVO, Ottumwa 4 —WHBF-TV, Rock Island A—WOC-TV, Davenport 8—WKBT, la Crosse IO—KROC-TV, Rochester 12-KUN TV. Iowa City 13—WHO TV, Des Moines 40—KDUB, Dubuque Monday Night 6:00 7 - News, Weather, Sots. 9-Wiirt Wild West 2—Action News 1—News, Weather. Sots. 4 -News. Weather, Spts. 6 -6 O'Ctock Edition s-Newi, Spts . Weather IO—News. Weather, Sots. 12—To Be Announced 13—Eyewitness News 40—Lassie 6:30 .’—Sanford and Son 2—To Tell Truth 3—Lets Mo Le a Deal 4—Dusty's Troll 6—Hollywood Souores fl—Nashville Music IO—Bobby Goldsboro ^--Consultation 13—Sanford and Son 40—Great Soorts Legends 7:00 J-Baseball -Reds Cords 9 — Rookies 2—Gunsmoke 3 Rookies 4—Gunsmoke 6 -Boseboll-Reds Cards 8—Gunsmoke IO—Baseball— Reds Cards 12— Special at the Week 13—Baseball— ■ Reds Cords 40 Rookies 8:00 9—ABC Monday Movie — "Turning Point'' 2—Here's Lucy 3 -ABC Monday Movie— "Turning Point' 4—Here's Lucy I—H«r«'s Lucy 40—ABC Monday Movie— "Turning Point'1 8 30 2 -Dick Von Dyke 4—Dick Van Dyke 1—Dick Von Dyke 12- Book Beat 9:00 2—Medical Center 4—Medico! Center 1—Medical Center 12- Behind the Lines ?:45 9—Americans All 3 -Americans All 40—Americans All 10:00 7- News. Weather, Sots, 9 Eyewitness News ? Action News 3 Newsbeat 4-News, Weather, Sots, 6 -IO O'Clock Edition * News, Sots Weather IO -News. Weather, Sots. 12- Day at Night 13—Eyewitness News 40 Newsline 10:30 J— Tonight 9—Wide World of Entertainment 2—CBS Movie-"Damn Yankees "" J—Wide World of Entertainment 4 Wild Wild West 6 Tonight I CBS Movie "Damn Yankees’' IO Tonight '2-David Susskind I J- Tonight 40—Wide World of Entertainment 11:30 4- Rawhide 12 OO 7~-Tomorrow 2--Lost Word A—Tomorrow 10—Tomorrow 13—Tomorrow 12:30 4 -country Music Tuesday Morning 6:30 Summer ‘.emesiei 4—New Zoo Revue 1—Summer Semester 7:00 7—TodoY 2—CBS News 4—CBs News 6—Today ll—CBS News IO—Today 13—Todov 7:30 9—Romper Room 8:00 9 —New Zoo Revue 2—Copt. Kangaroo 3—America Sings 4—Copt. Kangaroo 8—Copt Kangaroo 8:30 9—Morning Show 3—Sesame Street 9:00 7—Dinah s Place 9—Mike Douglas 2—Joker's Wild 4—Joker s Wild 6— Dinah s Place •—Joker's Wild 10—Dmah's Place 13—Dinah's Place 9:30 7—Winning Streak 2—Gombit 3—Kid Power 4—Gombit 6—Winning streak 8—Gombit IO —Winning Streak 13—Winning Streak 10:00 7—High Rollers 9—All Mv Children 2—Now You See It 3—Galloping Gourmet 4—Now You See It 6—High Rollers 8 -Now You See It 10—High Rollers 13—High Rollers 40-Not tor Women Only •IO: 30 7—Hollywood Squares 9- Brady Bunc h 2—Love of Lite 3—Brady Bunch 4—Love of Life •—Hollywood Sauares 8—Love of Lite 10 Hollywood Sauares 13- Hollywood Sauares 40-Brady Bunch 11:00 7—Jackpot 9—Password 2—Young and Restless 3—Password 4 Young and Restless 6 Jackpot 8—Young and Restless 10— Jackpot 13—Jackpot 40 Password 11:30 /—Celeb! tty Sweepstakes 9—Split Second 2—Tomorrow 3- Split Second 4 -Tomorrow 6 Celebrity Sweepstakes 8 Tomorrow IO Celebrity Sweepstakes 13—Celebrity Sweepstakes 40 Split Second Tuesday Afternoon 12:00 1 News, Weather V E yewitness News 2 News, Weather I News 4 -Dick Van Dyke 6 Noon Edition 8 Noontime IO News. Weather 13 News 40 All My Children 12:15 J Town and Country IO Virginia 13 Cartoons 12:30 I— leopardv 9 I et s Make n Deni 7 As the World Turns I As the Wor Id Turns 4 As the World Turns 6 Jeopardy 8 As the Wor Id Turns IO—Jeopardy 13—Movie 40—Let's Make a Deol 1:00 7—Days of Lives 9—Newlywed Game 2—Guiding Light 3—Newlywed Game 4—Guiding Light 6—Days of Lives 8—Dairy Bake-Olf 10—Days of Lives 40—Newlywed Game 1:30 /—Doctors 9—Girl In My Life 2—Edge of Night 3—Girt In My Life 4—Edge of Night 6—Doctors IO—Doctors 40—Girl In My Life 2:00 J Another 9 -General 2—Price is 3—General 4—Price is 6—Another IO—Another tj—Another 40—Generol World Hospital Right Hospital Right World World • World Hospital 7, 8 and 9 the August Hoover seminar will be held at the Highlander motel near West Branch. There the presidency of Mr. Hoover will be discussed by a dozen historians. Reception for Son On the afternoon of Aug. 9, a reception for Allan Hoover, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hoover, will be given at the Hilton Inn, at 3 p.m., at Iowa City. The public is invited to attend. The reception will be given by the three organizations sponsoring the centennial — the Hoover library, the park service and the Library Assn. On the forenoon of Aug. IO, a wreath-laying ceremony will be held at the gravesite. Engineering Award On the evening of Aug. 8, the Iowa Engineering society will give for the first time the Herbert Hoover engineering award, which it is creating as its contribution to the observance of Mr. Hoover’s centennial. This award will be handed to the recipient by Allan Hoover, son of Mr. Hoover. | Speaker at the award ceremonies will be Dr. Joseph E. Mc- I Cabe. chancellor of Coe college at Cedar Rapids. The award will be given every five years in the future, always at the Hoover library at West Branch. L-- Delbert Bickford Rites Are Tuesday CENTRAL CITY - Delbert Bickford. 79, a resident of Arkansas 18 years, died Saturday, in a hospital at Mountain Home. I Ark. Born March 18. 1895, at Mon- The bank’s lawyer claimed the gifts were made with a “life motive,” that Walser was a “robust man” who was only thinking of his “children’s security.” He pointed out that the total amount of the gifts, $78,000. was but 14 percent of Walser’s gross [established estate. Micka Heads KC Council Clark said Sister Doyle will be the first nun and second woman to give the senate prayer, and that the first was the Rev. Wila-mina Rowland in 1971. He admitted that the crux of the case is that “we’re trying to read someone’s mind, and he is dead.” The first witness Monday was Walser’s widow, Eleanor, 66. She testified that her husband worked his way from “the bottom up” into a profitable heavy-moving operation. Although she said she learned of the gifts only after they were made, she felt they were made because her husband had some “extra money.” Gives Testimony A daughter, Genelle Wiegand of Dubuque, echoed this belief. Ender cross-examination, however, she admitted telling a government lawyer six months ago that her father said he wanted to “reduce the estate.” A total of eight witnesses are scheduled in the trial, which is expected to conclude Tuesday. Martha Eilers, and two sponsored by Bob Ahearn brothers, Edward and Benjamin Plumbing and Heating. Penningroth, all of Tipton    6    Mike    Heffern.    14, son of Mr. Services:    Unitarian Univer- and Mrs. Donald Heffern, 428 salist church of Atlanta Tuesday!Nineteenth street NE. sponsored at 4 p.m. A memorial has been by Cedar Rapids Corvette club. Two of the 62 duels ended in dead heats    and had to    be    re-run and there    were    half    a    dozen other photo finishes which Flagman Jewell Phelps couldn't calli because of the    nip    and tuck i finish. Officials had to rely on the electric eye and a camera to determine those winners * *    * At the derby banquet Sunday night in the Montrose botel, Jeri Charles Decker Elected Head Of I owa Legion Drowned Man's Body Recovered Jerry Micka L Magistrate Court Drunk Driving Charge Jerry Micka. 2718 Fourteenth avenue SE, recently was in-TOLEDO — The    body    of    a    stalled    grand knight    of    Knights Mexican native who recently of Columbus council 5677. ! had been employed by Tama Installed as deputy grand ,Meat Packing Corp. was recov-i knight was John Stochl. Chan-ered early Monday from a lake cellor is John Owens and Gary jat Otter Creek park five    miles    Stodola    is recorder, inortheast of Toledo    John    Montpas was    named    fin- Tama sheriff s officers iden-jancial secretary: Don Merfeld,' jtified the dead man as Albaro!treasurer; and Bill Casey, lec-Guardado, 22. who had beenjturer. Gene Kopecky was inresiding in Tama while em ; stalled as advocate, and Al Charles L. Decker, 49, of 219 ployed by the meat plant.    Opatz    as warden. Johnson avenue NW, was elect- Authorities said Guardado had (,uar(is are Dave Jenkins. cd commander of the Iowa been swimming at the lake with |, ey’ Don Gorecki and Tom American Legion at the organi- a group of friends. Although ('()reC ' Earned ^u^ecsl w^re zation’s 56th annual state con-)others in the group noticed! anci? Altho!, Bob John-vention in Des Moines Sunday. Guardado missing    at about    3 Decker, general manager of,p.m., they at first thought he the All-Iowa fair in Cedar had left the park and his ab- Solve your buying, renting, Ss# Charles Decker Althof. Bob 11 son and Joe Gorecki. Solve vour Givpn to Grand Jurv'Rapids, is a World war Hjsence was not reported to the 5e,,'n8 or locating problem.' fast marine veteran and has been Tama sheriff’s office until 9:45 "db a want ad. ©r^ Od Ab ( uJ&M to Lift cJ PbopUb bonot rKbmn +0 PtfouO b uJiHl 0b ADI Gazette Want Ads Phone 398-8234 George Mundy, 1270 Twenty- ac(jve in Legion affairs on local, p.m. second avenue SW. waived a|dlstricU state and    *    “ 2:30 /- How To Survive a Marriage 9—One Life To Live 2—Match Game 3—One Life To Live 4 — Match Game 6—How To Survive a Marriage 8—Match Game IO—How To Survive a Morrioge 13—How To Survive a M.arnoge 40—One Lite To Live 3:00 7—Somerset 9—$10,000 Pyramid 2—Tattletales 3—$10,000 Pyramid 4—Tattletales 6—Somerset 8—Tattletale* 10—Someriet 13—Somerset 40—$10,000 Pvromid 3:30 f-What s My Line'’ 9—Gllligan * t jlond 2—Or. Mo* 3—All My Children 4—Mike Douglas 6—Cartoons 8—Bewitched IO- Not for Women Oty 12- Bridge 13—Fiopov 40 Western Stars 4:00 9—Lucy Show 7 —Bonon;n 3 Let s Make a Deal 6 —Jeonnie 8—Star Trek 10— Bonanza 17— Mlsterogers 11—Merv Griffin 40 —Trails West 4:30 9 - Andy Griffith 7 Bewitched 3—Gentle Ben 4- Hogan’s Heroes 6— Merv Griffin I? Sesame Street 40 Pioneers 5:00 7 Dragnet 9 A Bt News 2 - Consequent es I Newsfeatures 4- Ho2*1 I -Consequences IO Monsters 40 a Bs News 5:30 7 NBL News 9 t yewitness News 7 CBS News I- AHC News 4 CBS News n N BC News 8 CBS News IO NB< News I? t lect! lr ( oinecmy I I NBL News 40 Newsline Man Pleads Guilty Toddville Man Held Services arc pending at Ma-, r,    son*    Hand funeral home in On Assault Lharge Tama. Following services, the Philip F. Hughes, 27, of Todd- wj(| t* shipped to Mexico Advertisement Chew! ...    ,    T, .,    .    ,--------- ----- — national! The Tama rescue unit was! preliminary hearing friday m|levels    !aIerted    and the body was recov-i ,    .    i    .    „n    magistrates court and was Among department vice-com- ered at 12:17 am. Monday. ”    :’    ^    over    to    the    grand    jury    ^|Hignders elected at the conven- Guardado is survived by his! Smiipv Mr    RirkforH wac pm &    „    ge    drunk    driving.    tjon    js    j^awrpnce    ajnsen.    New-    parents    and    five    brothers and i Smiley. Mr. Bickford was em-i He was arrested .lune 22    u    u    • *    .. , ployed as a    machinist at Iowa    ha"____ sisters,    all    of    Chihuahua. Mex-, 'Manufacturing Co. in Cedar j 1 Rapids. He served with the J army during World war I, and    To Amended Charge member of day, Jerry    ^    0akland chapter No. IO in Cedar Rapids. roacj p|ecj guilty Friday in! Ville was being held in Linn for burial Surviving in addition to hisimagistrate’s court to an amend--county jail in lieu of $‘2,IHX) bond,- wife are four sons* Tom, Gass- ed charge of intoxication and!Monday on a charge of assault - Ville, Ark.;    John at Mountain :was fjnec| £>5    and    costs.    I with    intent to cause    great    bodily Home; Bill, Walker, and Scott, jje was arrested for criminal injury. at home; five daughters, Ann 'trespass in connection with an Hughes was arrested early iForkner, Alburnett; Mrs. ^ jncjdent July 6 at the residence I Sunday. He was accused of as* Clarence Blanchard. Central Lf rj'errj    {jruner    179 Lenora I saulting Gary Lee    Thompson, j City; Mrs. Dale Warneke. Ful- drive NW    \m Wiley boulevard    NW.    with a jlerton, Calif.; Mrs. Ranee Reed.'__iknife. j Valley Center, Calif., and Mrs.i Thrifty want ads work Thompson was treated at St. Richard Klima, of St. Peters- wonders    f0r    vou    pja(.e a    jow Luke's hospital for    cuts    on his (burg, Fla.; 27 grandchildren,! COSf wanf    ad    j)ja|    398-8234.    arms and released. and 17 great-grandchildren _________________________________________________________ Services: 1:30 p.m. Tuesday at the United Church of Christ in Central City. Burial: Mt jClark cemetery where military! graveside services will be con-; ducted by Central City Armets post. Friends may call at the' Murdoch chape! after 6 p m , Monday. The casket will not be, opened after the service. FASTfETH Loog-holding A FASTEETH Powder A It takes the worry out of wearing dentures. ► To Order Your Gated* Want Ad DIAL 398-8234 8 A M to 5 P M. 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