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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 12, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Morrissey’s Going Hollywood The Cedar Rapids Gazette: Fri., July 12, 1974 By Linda Deutsch LOS AN(JULES (AP) — paul Morrissey, Andy Warhol’s pro-in underground moviedom’s weirdest subcult, is going Hollywood — propelled to establishment rank by a gory 31), X-rated movie guaranteed to wipe out queasy viewers. Reviews of “Andy Warhol’s I* rankenstein — though done by Morrissey, the movie is tied to Warhol in spirit and for box-office reasons — have ranged from catcalls to hurrahs. In addition to a crew of familiar characters from Morrissey’s other films, Trash ’, “Head” and “Flesh” — limbs, entrails and corpses pop out of the screen via 31) iii "Frankenstein”. After a while, waiting for tin* next bloody scene is like riding a roller coaster, knowing a plunge is coming and, when it comes, going “Wheeeeeee — look at the fake human blood." Baron Frankenstein, played by lido Kier, spends his time kidnaping and cutting up young people, then sewing together their disparate parts into a matching pair of supercreatures — male and female — who will breed him a master race. Deeper Than (iore The film is deeper than tin* gore ll represents Morrissey’s vision of a new generation of passionless, almost catatonic young. It also shows his disgust with mainstream culture — its death machines, sexual sham, envy and obsession with youth Lanky, blue-jeaned Morrissey, 36, is pleased that film executives, publicists and agents have found the film perversely fascinating. The Cousin Brucia Wins Radio Ratings War By John Rockwell NEW YORK (NYT) -Cousin Brucie Morrow, the rock disk jockey who has dominated the nighttime radio ratings in the New York area over the last decade, is leaving WABC' and taking over Wolf-man .lack’s competitive slot on WNBC. Simultaneously it has been announced that the flamboyant Wolfman, who had been hired by WNBC to challenge Morrow’s position, is leaving New York and returning to Los Angeles. Morrow will begin work Aug. 19 at WNBC’. His contract at WABC’ runs until Aug. 15, but Rick Sklar, director of station operations, said he was not sure whether Morrow would be back on WABC when his vacation ends. Sid Bernstein, who has recently been hired as Morrow s manager, said that the disk joskey “simply needed a change.” “He had 13 happy years at ABC. We got a substantial increase from NBC, but I have a hunch we could have got the same from ABC. We just didn’t want to bargain,” Bernstein said A spokesman for Wolfman Jack said that the disk jockey's wife and children had never accustomed themselves to living in New York, and that his constant shuttling back and forth across the country to fulfill television obligations in Los Angeles had taken its toll “Sometimes,” the Wolfman said in a prepared statement, "you have to choose between one love and another.” The Wolfman will continue as host of his syndicated radio programs and as master of ceremonies for “Midnight Special ”, the NBC-TV rock show, both based in Southern California. He will also appear in several as yet unannounced films, according to the spokesman. underground talent wants to get into the sunlight, and studios have been wooing him. He is no longer cultivating his “enfante terrible" image "I ve done my service iii the vanguard,” Morrissey said in an interview “I want to be promoted to the rear guard I want lo take a rest. You can’t be iii the front lines all the time.” With potential scripts arriving by messenger and the phone jingling regularly in his hotel room, Morrissey was ordering hot fudge sundaes and contemplating his future above ground. “Hired Help” Ive always been an independent producer,’’ he said “I’d kind of like to be hired help for a change. I don't mind that.” Morrissey says in1 will retain his own style on any film project he undertakes But he is certain the studios are ready for that — and for a lot more. The world of 1974, says Paul Morrissey, has become an Andy Warhol freak’s dream “We haven’t become less outrageous. The society has just caught up with us. We just got to things sooner because we were freer.” In the 19B0s, when Warhol movies were shockers, “tho people in our films seemed outrageous,” recalls Morrissey. “But they were just unusual performers we knew.” In conversation he glosses over his early years, his New York boyhood, the time at Fordham university as an English major. “I never wanted to be anything special,” he recalls “I just wanted to make films.” In 19H5 he met Warhol. Soon The New Urbana Feed & Implement Friday Night: “DIXIE FLYER” $1 .OO pitcher beer • Saturday Night “REGGIE BRUCE” Dancing, Breasted Chicken. Pizza 9:00 p.m. to I s30 a.m. Draport Inn Now Open Sunday Serving Dinner From 1 I A.M. to 4 30 P M Dancing from 4:30 PM. to 9:30 P M. To Bud & The Country Music Masters Serving Your Favorite Cocktail A Beer On Old Hwy. 218 2 Win South ti IMoooO Co*.,. Phone 848-4143 • Fri. July I 2 ® “DAVE DIGHTON” FREE-WeddHig Anniveriary Of Mr & Mrs Marvin Hmrichs • Sat. July 13* “BEAU GESTE” Top 40 S. 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The establishment called them freaks Except for a few, such as Viva and Joe I)'Alessandro, the Warhol regulars are gone . dead or forgotten Morrissey remembers them fondly. ”1 thought of myself as MGM in a crazy way,” he says “Their slogan used to bo ‘more stars than there are in heaven ’ I worked with such incredible people I had the luxury of making any choice I wanted to. “I had all these crazy talented people at my disposal who in the commercial world wouldn’t be accepted When I see tb(> films, it’s (he people I like.” Morrissey and Warhol’s first try at promoting a film — “Heal ”, their X-rated satire of “Sunset Boulevard”, flopped. Entry Vehicle “Frankenstein” offered a better vehicle for entry into the mainstream. Filmed in the super realism of 31), it was coproduced by several foreign movie powers, including Italy’s Carlo Ponti Money was available. The final cost ran to $500,(Mill — cheap in Hollywood circles, but five times more than Bud Michelob Oly ON TAP EMERGENCY ROOM 4650 1st AVE. NE TERRACE ROOM wkkrn W&&& A#lW UACL ut i cp tJjjd atmAApliMje 4S Noon Buffet (Soup, Sandwich , Salad, Sweets) I 1:30-2 p.m. Monday thru Friday Dinner SPECIAL SUMME R HO URS EVENING DINING 5:30-10:30 pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday ONLY PARK FREE While dining at the Terrace Room Park your car for two hours in short term parking FREE directly across from the main entrance We ll gladly validate your parking ticket. TERRACE ROOM Municipal Airport 365-7739 So'*' Gt°n Director Paul Morrissey is about to spring from underground moviedom s weirdest sub-cult into the Hollywood establishment. Morrissey spent on any other picture. Even those who halt' the movie praise its v isual artistry. It has picturesque landscapes and imposing castle interiors that set up a tension within the film’s grisly events. Those who love it see the film as satire, which is what Morrissey says he intended. “I tell people to take* their giggle pills before they see it," he says. “Some people who don't have* a sense* of humor think it’s outrageous.” Violence, Gore Those who hate the film are unanimously offended by its violence and the gory effect of bloody kidneys and hearts being thrust at viewers goggle-eyed in their 3D glasses Only the gullible, insists Morrissey, will be shocked by fht* special effects. 'When the violence occurs. U s unreal.” he says. Most of the time I leave the camera on the obv ious special effects like the rubber bodies, so that it becomes obvious they’re not real If it s not funny, it’s nothing,” Morrissey says. Trophy Lounge presents this Fri. & Sat. KAYNE 519 H Street S.W. ★ THIS WEEK ★ THE BANK presents “BLACK ASH” • Good, Bad St Ugly” FRI. and SAT. 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