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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 12, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa WKK.lRS.w HAMMERSTEIN'* —•«1 •» ANDREWS   PLUMMER 'rttr I WMIfl lIN 1 HK HVRPWlx.Er^ I nSun hamme ratlin ii ERNEST li:HM AN    U*J*Un.u« ??■**■ IT HAS BEEN ALMOST ONE LONG GENERATION SINCE IT WAS RELEASED. SEE WHY IT ORIGINALLY PLAYED THE TIMES 70 THEATRE FOR 65 WEEKS SHOWINGS DAILY AT 2 & 8 • SAT.-SUN. 2-5-8 IO The Cedar Rapids Gazelle: Fri.. July 12. 1974 Show Business By Marilyn Beck HOLLYWOOD (NYT) -Paramount handed it back as a hot potato, but Dennis Friedland still is going ahead wit Ii plans to produce “The Happy Hooker”. Friedland (the 30-year-old Harvard and Columbia law school graduate who made the fine film. “Joe”) was in town last week searching for an actress to play XaViera — Xa\ iera Hollander, now of the happy bank account since publishing her professional secrets. While the search goes on Friedland already is happily calculating his future bank account ‘‘We don’t start shooting until fall,” he says, “and I ve already been approached for tie-ins with manufacturers of ladies’ underwear, bar glasses. T-shirts, watches, swim suits and liquor . ” Interestingly (considering the story line). Dennis does not intend to film an X-rated Xaviera. What he has in mind is “a lusty kind of movie with no moralizing — but definitely not pornographic.” The industry will be happy about that. • * * Jean Stapleton is very serious about wanting to become a musical comedy star. Archie Bunker’s “All in the Family” better half currently is studying with voice coach George Griffin, who maintains that Jean’s singing dreams are not so far out. Griffin, who coached Jean Simmons for her current stage work in ‘‘A Little Night Music” and Rock Hudson for his ‘‘I Do! I Do'” caper, feels there are no limits to the heights Miss Stapleton can soar as a musical star. Griffin, incidentally, had to help Hudson overcome a lot of fears before getting him into musical shape for “I Do! I Do!” Seems Rock was afraid his singing voice would register so high he’d sound like a girl. He doesn t. * * * A television news hen reported to viewers last week that the Robert Redfords are building a new home farther up the slopes of Sundance, Utah, to escape Bob's fans who are invading the property. The real reason for the new construction is that Bob committed a booboo when he originally built in Sundance He placed the buildings too far from the snow .. . . For decades, Ava Gardner has had a reputation as a temperamental star. As far as Lome Green is concerned, that reputation is undeserved. Lorne, who’s just completed TRI. NIGHT MUSIC BY THE STAN-DELL’S OPEN 9-2 Don Deater. Bob Tisciier FIREPLACE LOUNGE HIAWATHA Marilyn Beck working with Ava for the first time in Universal's “H rthquake", tells me either the temperament stories are a myth and she has been the victim of bad publicity — or she s changed mightily from the Ava of old. “She’s the most cooperative, most charming lady I’ve ever worked with,” says Lorne. But then, of course, he didn’t work much with anything but horses and male co-stars during 14 long years of “Bonanza” emoting Lots of folks assume that Redd Fow makes prison appearances just because it’s a nice thing to do. The real motivation, he told prisoners during his recent appearance at the Maryland penitentiary, is the fact that his late brother. Fred, spent most of his life in prison He’s doing it on Fred’s behalf, ‘‘kind of like favoritism in reverse.” * * * Eve Arden and husband-ac-tor Brooks West have sold their 20-acre ranch in the West San Fernando Valley and have purchased the house that formerly belonged to Kay Ballard (Eve’s    “Mot her-in-Law ” series partner) in Beverly Hills. The lutuse is smaller man me ranch, but that’s all right with the Wests, for their children are grown and on their own now. Oldest daughter. Liza, is married and living in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Daughter Connie is working with the new Shakespeare company in San Francisco. Duncan is a paratrooper; and Douglas is majoring in film at California State university at Northridge. As for the two senior members of the West family, Eve’s completing “The Strongest Man in the World ”, her first picture for Walt Disney productions. And soon the former “Our Miss Brooks” and her husband Brooks will be heading to Seattle for an undetermined period to star on stage in “Under Papa’s Picture”. Every Sat. 5:30-9 p.m. BEEFEATERS BUFFET $2.96 per person Children und*r IO, $2.04 Roast Round of Beef Beef Stroganoff, Salads, Relishes, Desserts Grant Wood Kitchen ROOSEVELT MOTOR HOTEL ma Brenda Lee Never Took Singing Seriously; Her Family Came First AP Wirephoto Singing star Brenda Lee poses between her two daughters, Jolie, seven, left, and Julie, nine, on the right. Miss Lee, who started her singing career at the age of IO, considers her family first. Harassment May Cut Bolshoi Run LONDON (AP) - The Soviet government has threatened to cut short the Bolshoi Ballet’s six-week engagement in London unless the government stops Jewish demonstrators harassing the 135-member company. at the Soviet embassy, complained this week to the foreign office of “acts of hooliganism” against the dancers and said the visit would end unless their “safety j and health” could be guaranteed. The engagement is I scheduled to run for three more weeks. During last Thursday’s per-] formance at the Coliseum theater, demonstrators set mice loose in the audience and threw nails onto the stage. Dancers arriving at the theater have been met by demonstrators protesting the treatment of Jews in the Soviet Union “We regret the demonstrations because we want the Bolshoi to be a success,’’ a foreign office spokesman said. I I I I ENTERTAINMENT! j a a a ^ a “Tori Lynn” Direct From I.A. 42-25-36 I FREE 5:30 MATINEE I    Due to A Ave const. M toke 10th street, turn left UNIQUE MOTEL I Only 2 Minutes Downtown B    852 A Ave. NI a ha 365-9061 IMBUBI I a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a ■d TONITE OPEN 7 P.M. - SAT. & SUN. 2 P.M. STARTS TONIGHT Why would a sweet talking dude mess with a six-time mama? Love... can you dig it? Claudine’s got six kids, four rooms, and a welfare check. The last thing she wanted to do was fall in love with the garbage man. JAMES EARL DIAHANN JONES CARROLL “CLAUDINE” COLOR PG- Free Parking ENDS SOON! Winner of 7 ACADEMY AWARDS md. BEST PICTURE PAUL NEWMAN ROBERT REDFORD “THE STING" ROUSING EXCITEMENT JACK NICHOLSON FAYE DUNAWAY mnatown Color Now1 Final Week in 1955 IHE RE WERE A EEW THINGS A GIRLS SCHOOL DION T TEACH That s What this Movie is about. Cui^hi tint im; “The Soviet embassy was told that the British authorities will do whatever they can to ensure that the law is not broken.’’ British officials said before the ballet arrived that the right to demonstrate peacefully would not bf1 abridged. ON THIS DATE in 1817, the American naturalist and writer, Henry David Thoreau, was born in Concord. Mass. By Christopher Cabot NASHVILLE, Term (AP) -Since her childhood, singing has been part of Brenda Lee’s family — a big part, but never more important than the family itself. As a little girl from Atlanta. Ga , she started singing professionally in 1855 to help support her family after her father died She was only ll) years old “Eventually, I lust startl'd getting hit records and the money was there, and we needed it desperately,’’ she remembers “It was a chance for me to make a better life for myself and my family.” “I never really took it that seriously,” the diminutive singer quickly adds. “I got married when I was 18, so my husband was more important. And I had my children, and they were more important. Unlike many people, I don’t put my career first.” Decade of Tours Even after a string of topselling songs in the 1960s and a decade of tours on three continents, Brenda confesses that only recently did she begin to seriously think of herself as a singer. “I decided about three years ago that ‘I’m going to be a singer.’ Seriously, when you’re nine or IO. you don’t think of what you want to do. I did what I had to do. “Now , when I have a choice, 3RD AND FINAL WEEKEND ACROSS FROM PARKING RAMP WORLD j 363-832) NOW SHOWING! CONT. SHOW DAILY ) 1:30 P.M. GMM HMN rut pup moi nun nil auuHinnnu mr lima a un* TECHNICOLOR MIMI PCH PG PAMNTAl SUIOANtt SUMP HO « -Hr . -rn w* a* ',o “STio ■m-1 et ft    j “That’s Entertainment” CLINT EASTWOOD MINUTES TO GET RICH QUICK! jj Bt STRICH I) rJ "THUNDERBOLT and LIGHTFOOT” CLINT EASTWOOD THUNDERBOLT and LIGHTFOOT' ... . JEFF BRIDGES - GEORGE KENNEDY HURRY ENDS SOON there is more reason for my singing than ever before.” Lyrics are the most crucial element of a song to Brenda. “Everything I’ve ever sung I tried to sing with feeling, as if I had lived it. because I put a lot of respect in audiences and people who buy records and people who listen to the radio Know Put On “They know when a person feels something or is putting them on.” Relaxing in her suburban Nashville home with her two daughters, Julie, 9, and Jolie, 7, Brenda says she is not worried about her professional future. She plans to continue playing in clubs iii the United States and abroad and to keep recording. She also plans to keep taking care of her family. “In our business, there are two ways you can take it,” she says. “You can choose to have success that you eau live with and he satisfied with. or you can work lor that superstardom goal to have all this monster success and all this money, hut thru on the road to getting it, you lose your perspectives ’’ Music Category? Brenda doesn’t like her music to be categorized as either popular or country-western She has sold equally well in both markets and sung all types of songs to all types of audiences—from the queen of England on down Her first single recording was a rendition of Hank Williams’ “Jambalaya”, a country-western song. But her million sellers, including “I'm Sorry” and “Sweet Nothin’s ”, were pop songs. Her latest single, released last month by MUA Records, is called “Four Poster Bed ”, a Shel Silverstein song written for her. Her latest album, “Sunday Sunrise" came out on MUA late last year, and she expects to release another album this year Other Worries Recuperating last week from her 12th tour in Japan since 1965, including shows in Tokyo, Sapporo, Osaka and Hiroshima, Brenda had more on her mind than singing Her husband,Nashville contractor Charles Ronnie Schcklett, was hospitalized with pneumonia and her daughters demanded her attention. “I don't look at my future,” she said. “I take it a day at a time I don’t have time to sit down and worry Are Brenda Lee’s records going to sell next year. or is Brenda Lee going to be able to get show dates?’ If I did that. I’d go nuts.” ON THIS DATE in 1957, a 20-year-old student at Harvard, Prince Karim, became the Aga Khan and leader of 20 million Ismaili Moslems after the death of his grandfather ie Biggest Howl Ever.. ZF Unleashed! The scientists want to collar him. The crooks want to steal him Digby - the biggest howl in the world. 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