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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 13, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- Continued hut through Sunday. Lows tonight in 70s. High Sunday in mid 90s. VOLUME 92 — NUMBER 185 OS? rn ntmU CITY FINAL 15 CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS. IOWA, SATURDAY. .JULY 13, 1974 HOLDOUTS __ASSOCIATED    PRESS    I    PI,    NKW    YORK    TIMES INMATES See Nixon Lift from Petersen WASHINGTON (AP) — Assistant Attorney Gen. Henry Petersen. who was in charge of the original Watergate investigation, has told the house impeachment inquiry he has never received any information involving President Nixon in a cover-up. Petersen, who testified before the house judiciary committee on Friday, was described by some Republican members as the most favorable witness for Nixon the committee has heard in its impeachment inquiry. Rep. Sandman iR-N.J.), said he asked Petersen if he had ever received any information. up to the present moment, indicating Nixon was involved in covering up the Watergate scandal. “He said clearly ‘No.’ ” Sandman told newsmen after Petersen’s closed-door testimony. Seen Offset The boost given Nixon’s defense by Petersen was offset in the view of some members, however, by the conviction of former John Ehrlichman in connection with the burglary of the office of Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist. The operation of the White House investigating unit known as the plumbers, which conducted the breakin, is one of the subjects under investigation in the impeachment inquiry. Rep. McClory (R-Ill.) said Ehrlichman’s conviction “doesn’t help. The fact someone so close to the President was convicted in a Watergate-related matter that is also the subject of our inquiry is going to have an adverse effect as far as the President’s welfare is concerned.” Petersen’s statement was received with skepticism by Rep. Danielson (D-Calif.L “Not Everything” “There is a lot of information Petersen didn't receive,” said Danielson. “He wasn’t privy to everything the President knew, only what the President told him. I don’t think his testimony was very compelling.” Members said one of the points Peterson was questioned at length about was his furnishing of information about the Watergate investigation to Nixon, which Nixon passed on to Ehrlichman and H. R. Hal-deman. Both men allegedly were implicated in the affair, according to the information. Petersen reportedly said he saw nothing improper in giving such information to the President or in Nixon’s passing it on to Haldeman and Ehrlichman. Rep. Fish (R-N.Y ) said that, pressed on the point of Nixon’s use of the information. Petersen • passed the buck to us. He said. ‘That's for you gentlemen to decide’.” Ehrlichman Convicted Of Conspiracy, Lying WASHINGTON (AP) - John I). Ehrlichman, once described by President Nixon as one of the finest public servants he ever knew, has been convicted of plotting an illegal search at the office of Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist 25 trial witnesses, it took only one vote to find Ehrlichman guilty of conspiracy. A second informal poll was taken later to verify the first. “Poor Memory” The jury voted to convict on After a 12-day trial, a federal ^v0 0^ three counts charging court jury took five hours Fri- Ehrlichman with perjury before day to find Ehrlichman guilty of Step Seen As Act of Good Faith WASHINGTON (AP) - Two armed convicts Saturday pressed their efforts to barter seven hostages in a U. S. district courthouse cellblock for ares for Reunion the grand jury, plus    another the conspiracy charge and of    count which said he lied to the lying to the P'BI and a Water- He was acquitted of lying!freedom after releasing 14 ingate grand jury about the Sept.    to *be grand jury about    who had    mates who    had been    caught    up ,3. 1071, breakin by the White    ™st"dy of the plumbers    files.    jn    (hc    s(andoff    for    noar|y    „ .House investigative unit known Almost all Ehrlichman s de- j10urs as the plumbers.    lense against those charges; ’ Within minutes nf the verdict amounted to a claim of poor' The justice department called Within minutes oi the verdict,    the release of the 14, who had Ehrlichman    said his    lawyers;    memory. ! would appeal.    “The jury had difficulty be- ^    hostages    an Three other defendants were bcvin8 there could be? ^ that j good also found guilty of conspiring!man> lapses of mcmor\, the    Qne woman prjsoner chose to to violate the constitutional Ju™r l3l( •    remain    in the cellblock, ap- rights of Dr. Lewis Fielding of The panel found that Ehrlich- m, t k    thc one female Beverly Hills, Calif.    man lied Jo.be grandly May, ^tag/company, officials said. Possible 25 Years    he knew nothing of an attempt tagesLd^/Zhamed "° ^ Until he    resigned    April    30.    to obtain    from    the    Central    In-    The    release    occurred    ofter the 1 97 3, Ehrlichman.    49.    was    telligcnce    Agency    a    psychiatric    convict^    retectcd    tire    cov- among the closest of Nixon's as- profile of Ellsbcrg. who leaked crmn(. offer to transfer them Alants. The former White: the secret Pentagon papers! £7*™ ^ House domestic affairs chief is study of the Vietnam war to the now subject to a maximum pris- press.    Make    No Move on sentence of 25 years and    sought Move    But    authorities still made no \iM fud&ttJtaS' Ges^i Eh“" bad ™«b> <°m°VC '° 'hem P,a"e sentencing    for July    31. A picture of concentration was Mildred Krebs, 82, of 1224 Thirteenth street NW, as she put on her corsage Friday night at the 60th anniversary reunion of Van Buren school's former teachers and students. Miss Krebs taught at Van Buren school, now closed, in 1911-12 and again in 1924. The get-together took place in the Eagles lodge hall, 202 Seventh avenue SE. (More photos on picture page.) TTn*u    have the trial moved    from!    ride    out of the country that they ♦ hnn    tho    HofonHnntc    r m .in    Washington,    where he said the    bad    demanded since taking con- then    the    defendants    remain    majorj(y of    citlzens arc    black    trol    of the_ basement detention Word    of the conviction reached Nixon enroute to Cali- Daley's Money Affairs Probed By Grand Jury CHICAGO (API Nixon and Ford Have 1 uys Whites Held as Huddle in California Peons by Blacks A grand Democratic and preoccupied; cebs abouI 2 p.m. Thursday, with the Watergate scandals. A justice department spokes- c    h    i    Outside the courtroom he man    a^ter <bc *nma^-s &    "Pomade    clear that issue would release: “We still have a lot o come up again on appeal. “As Pe0Pl° bown there and its sliil you know, we have been ..    .    . .. . c‘    VI.    cerned    frorh    the    very beginning1 matter is st,ll rn the judicial.^, QUr abi|j(y ^ ^ [a> 25. and Robert Jones. 24, threat- process.    trial    in    this    district,”    he said. ened to kilt the hostages (four the other de enfants, G. (.or- An0(her jssue js nationa| secu- civilians and three deputy U S. don Giddy and Miamians Ber-    whjch    Gcsc|| r0fused ac marshals),    if police stormed Hie nard Barker and Eugenio Mar-    ^    ,    ,0 tho |urv as cellblock, tine/., could receive maximum v Ziegler said, “It would be inap- propitiate for us to have any j^Nnow^we" have‘been con- a dangerous situation.” comment whatsoever while the    lL.    ------The convicts, Frank Gorham, Ul7‘ tuu,u ; ,n,vc    justification    for    the    breakin sentences of IO years and    a    .    .    .    nf „______,    _    COLUMBIA,    S.    C. (UPI) - it.™ imtnciirvoHrm hoe ' SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. (UPI) I government must curb spend-Thrn.,.^Kc    »,• jury investigation has been    •    u    i    Three    blacks    were    charged Tri-i4.1ftnnfy Tu„co turon nnn    «    r>—- ---- —    —    t    ,,    ,    .    . .    ..    , President Nixon began a mg, he said.    holding    seven whites    ™ose three were ^‘ stance and background of this cuffed t0 a desk so lt opened “All we have to do is show a:ddy ",th holding seven whites Victed last year in connection)^ waj exdu(£3 from the evi! out ward just enough for one Gorham told radio station Also a great deal of sub- WASH the door had been hand- launched into Mavor Richard Daley s financial affairs ,0‘Planned two-week California va- assess charges he may have!cation Saturda-V and schcdulcd acted illegally in a real estate an unPre«denlcd sixth meeting venture. State’s Attorney Ber-!^wetk wi,h Vice-president nard Carey says. Carey told newsmen Friday that the grand jury will seek to learn if Daley violated the law at a little restraint, a little self- against their will at an orchard with the 1972 Watergate break- dence b ruling‘s 0f tj,e court,’’'Person t0 squeeze through sacrifice, and that means gov-work camp in South Carolina’s in. ->    Ehrlichman    said.    bme- ernments and everybody,” Ford peach section.    I    A    juror    who    asked    not    t0 be    leaded in Vehicles said. “And if we do that, we can rourt nffiHflk __iH ripvplanf, identified said there was some    Not    Shaken C ult off co I. said Glo chmd heated discussion at first about    j;— —    -*    After    their lelease. the hand Williams, Roosevelt Band and;Ehrlichman, but then the jurors <3^ “j Leroy Alford would be “Not Shaken” With his wife at his side, he have had for many! when two vacant lots on Chicago’s South side were purchased at a 1966 county auction for tax-delinquent property. Illinois law prohibits munici- ar-1 began a review of a series of years an abiding confidence in cuffed inmates were loaded into two U. S. marshal vans, two Ford.    win this battle.” Ford was in southern Califor-    Minor Incident 0f,^Ut    i.t’f’i"? accompanied tm raj ncd beforc v s District White House memos included in ^American’j’Sdidai'pt^ seda"s J"" a *utioB "ag0!G , penances. The two at rived hls tnp by Budget Director Roy    rhanman    lulv    23    th<“ evidence which helped set- Nothing that has happened here l,ed.by l’0ICC mo‘orscoo,ors within an hour of each other at: Ash and Kenneth Rush, his Jud8e Koberl t ap y tie the issue    hi    s    n    anv^    wot    ^™ha|,en with sirens blaring, the caravan „, . iu *    ,♦    pulled away from the building 1971 .Memo    mv    confidence    in that process. £    .    *    .    .    JI i3<i tviriiiu    nA    three blocks from the Capitol at ' Much of the defense and pros-’ helped ner ai Ash and Kenneth Rush, his UUV4tsv «««*<. i    “u|tlo    tho    iccllp El Toro marine air station.    counselor for economic policy. on charges of holding the seven Press Secretary Ron Ziegler Also along were his wife, daugh- *n involuntary servitude. Thc told newsmen Nixon wanted to ter Tricia and her husband, Ed- three were freed on $3,000 bond. Associate Special Watergate confer with Ford on “domesticward Cox.    J An indictment was returned,prosecUtor William Merrill built •    frftm hnvinp J„Yj affairs” and economic policy asj There was a minor incident earlier this week. Williams is much of his case on the memos delinauent nronprtv    part of a series of meetings with    with the President’s helicopterj    operator of the camp. Band and; jn which    Ehrlichman gave his p ,    *    top advisers in preparation for a    as it came in for a landing at    Alford were his assistants.    approval    to a covert examina- The Better Government Assn., major speech on plans to com-;thc Western White House. A The alleged offenses took Bon of Ellsberg’s psychiatric a private investigative    organiza-    bat inflation, expected in about    warning light flashed briefly, in-    place between May IO and    June records. Bon, said Circuit Judge    Joseph    a week or IO days.    dicating a possible landing gear    13. The migrant workers    were [n an    Aug. ll, 1971, memo. Friday that he    nrohlem    listed as Patrick Sullivan,    Ray i Ehrlichman wrote beneath his (Continued: Page 2, Col. 8.) w    •    :    a    Vf    VVTV    UL    JU    1 Power initiated tile deal through porc| D. L. Holsinger Killed in Crash Douglas L. Holsinger, 18. of was taken to the hospital. 8:35 a.m. Justice department officials said the vehicles went to the D. C. jail, two other Washington jails and I). C. General hospital. They said one inmate, who had had a broken arm before the incident began Thursday, own the realty company and    iw    »*    iuuc«c    ^ warning was a false alarm, threatened Yancy with a gun he wrote two White House aides.! State troopers said Holsinger U.S. Attorney General Laurence thereby profited from the pur- “There isn’t going to be any cause(j by a short circuit, and told him he couldn’t leave    Ehrlichman testified    he    had    suffered    massive    head    and    Silberman,    who    helped nogoti- chase. The lots were sold for $10 tax increase, and I might add ^iegler Said later*.    because he owed him money. nothing illegal in mind; in fact chest injuries when he attempt-ate the release each and arc currently valued as a corollary, there isn’t going “Well, it’s different,” com-    - never considered what the ed to pass another car. lost con- Late Friday. Gorham and Jo be any tax reduction either,” mented Nixon to the pilot.    Franco    Better    plumbers specifically planned in trol and hit the bridge four (Jones threatened to behead a MADRID (AP) — General is-    proposing the operation.    miles south of    Ely    on the    Ely    hostage with an    axe    unless    the simo Francisco Franco is con-    The juror said that,    once a    blacktop.    government    became    more    refilming to improve from an at- review of the memos was com-    *    *    *    sponsive    to    their    demands. tack of acute phlebitis, a mcdi-    plete and they were    in    turn Services    are    pending at    the--- cal bulletin said Saturday. j compared with testimony of the Brosh funeral home in Solon. at $7,400. Daley, recovering in Grand he said. Bay, Midi . from surgery, dc- Ford said his own opinion, dined comment.    without necessarily forecasting; Carey declined to say if Daley what Nixon will say, is that thc would be called to testify.    major need is for both govern- The little “Elard” is a contraction of the first two letters of Eleanor, the name of Mrs. Papers Signed by Wrong Governor Nervous Bandits Need Exit Help AVINGER. Texas I AP I -Three armed men walked into a bank Friday, scooped up about $8,000 and ordered the bank president, James Capps, and other employes into the vault. When they tried to flee through the front door Friday, the trio found it locked. They had ordered Capps to lock it when they entered, and had to get him out of the vault to unlock it. Two men were later caught and charged with armed robbery The money was not recovered, “They were too nervous to bi1 professional bank robbers, j said Capps. ment and the people to restrain CARSON CITY, Nev. (AB) —• spending.    Papers which Gov. Mike O’Cal-; Labor must    not    ask    too    much,    laghan had to sign to authorize Daley, and the last three letters management    must    not    give    too    j a $29,000 federal Office of Eco- of Richard.    j    much and both federal and local nomic Opportunity grant mistak- ---- enly went to California Gov. Ai#    i    C.    i    *    Ronald Reagan. Nixon (jets txtonsion on    Reagan    approved    the    grant anyway and shipped the papers Words of Admonition by Ervin As Panel Goes Out of Business WASHINGTON (AP) — The manner and sharp parries were!tergate are being weighed in Laotian Leader Suffers Attack VIENTIANE. Laos (AP) -Premier Souvanna Phouma, 72, I suffered a mild heart attack at his home Friday afternoon and his condition has deteriorated slightly since then, informed /— i nnl F) r t Cf Cf rf Pni/mpn^ hack to iegion«il OEO unites ill senate Watergate committee is witnessed by millions of Amen- criminal trials and by thc house sources reported Saturday Zr    J    Francisco^      officially    out    of    business,    its    cans during weeks of televised jUtjjcjary committee’s impeach-! Souvanna is considered a key WASHINGTON (AP) — Nixon is paying $17,000 in inter-Strapped for cash because of Ins tax troubles, President Nixon principal and in “interest pi delaying A state OEO official said the farewell marked bv a volumi-1 hearings last year, was the pan- . | f    l    PaP*‘rs weie bt‘inkT rerouted to nous report and some words of el’s to! report. ■> est, plus smaller amounts on the fvraiiaohDn fnl. ,ir,,nm. cinnmn j    r    c.,.,-, i pnnoipal and in “interest pre- 0 Cal,a8han for proper signing. | admonition from Chairman Sam The document, ment inquiry. Two Ways has obtained a six-month extension in the due date of thc final mortgage payment on his San Clemente estate, officials say. unifying element in the turbulent politics of Laos. The sources said he was at- eneompassing mmms” and delaying until1 ^    ,    iwrvin.    12,217 pages in three volumes. “There are two ways to prove I tended by five doctors Friday mid January thc final payment Nclbbod Prior to lbe lusl ,<ir P()|‘tKa! P°wrr was to be released late Satur- that a horse is a horse,” Ervin night. Specialists from Thailand Press Secretary Ronald    c    r J °f *b° Presldt>ntial aides vvll° day. In it the committee is said. “One is to draw a picture and the U. S. were reported Ziegler declined Friday night to    bummit, i FOGO |P(' r P e 1 J*a d Watergate on recommending new laws to reg- 0f a horse in exact detail as pos-jeoming to treat him. About 40 America blinded them t0 ,hc ulate conduct of political cam- sible. The other way is to write laws of God as well as to the (paigns, but Ervin said some- under the picture, ‘This laws and ethics of men,” the thing more was needed to pre- horse.’ We just drew portly North Carolina Democrat vent future Wa tergate s.    ture.” is a the pie- Voila if'* Chuckle Inscription on a pessimist’s tombstone: “I expected this and here I am ”    toovrn* He faced a payment of divulge other details of the ar-. MOSCOW (AP) $226,660    due next    Monday    with    r a n g e in e n t, including    the    Jewish activists,    arrested this interest    under    the    terms of his    amount of principal Nixon    had    month to head    off demon- agreement to purchase the,paid and the amount of the “in-!stratums during the Nixon-lP^.    , oceanside estate south of Los terest premium,”    (Brezhnev    summit,    have been 0<lnewsmen ay- Angeles.    He    did confirm, however, that released from But his savings were virtually the payment arranged at a Fri- Jewish sources said Saturday.    ''T.    Pari,crl.P‘1|tu ‘‘‘ ... is an understanding of fun-(generally somber tone of the wiped out earlier this year when day meeting between the Pres-      d    ?r^a®    8    es. 0 P ^ • damental principles and intel- final meeting by presenting the Internal Revenue Service ident’s California lawyer, Dean    Not    Disturbed    S(C    !n‘R    ,0.n.    ai>icjnnni»    and    ,noral integrity in f>vin with a 10-pound bologna assessed him    $432,787 in    back    Butler, and the mortgage holder    PARIS (AP) -    Frantz Vani-    l, law wmcn kuci\aru wpung the    men    and    womcn    who    from    the    staff of    thc    zette, president of    the territorial^    „    achieve    or    are    entrusted    with    -we    thought some warmed- “When all is said and done,' The committee’s chief eoun- Soviet prisons.!. ,    a vtr an°4 e » a bo sa*d’ tde on'y sure an^dote sci, Sam Dash, lightened the ;, individuals who participated in    ■    1    &    1 Today s Index taxes, prompting his represent- centered on payment atives to search for ways to $17,000 interest. delay the final mortgage payment. [ Under an arrangement being worked out by his attorneys, phrased in this fashion Final Report “ For the sin you do by two Europe soon after the meeting (population is not disturbed by j and two ye must pay for one by tests at the zette, president of the territorial assembly of French Polynesia, Butler’s office said he left for said Saturday that the island’s without comment on the Pres- the nuclear ident’s mortgage situation. Toll Mururoa one.’ ” Beside ate.” Dash quipped in refer-! Ervin, whose power. Ervin said the committee defence to Presidential Press Sec-; cided to list no conclusions in its rotary Ronald Ziegler’s descrip-j folksy j re|X»rt because the facts of Wa- t ion of thc committee's findings. ! Comics......... . 5 Crossword 5 Daily Record 9 Deaths ........... .... I Editorial Features .. I Financial H Marion X Movies 7 Sports .. 9.10 Television 6 Want Ads IM 5 ;

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