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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 3, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa naiiohm JUUO WI Ainu $1 lr vie I FDM C ASI lo 7AM IM 3000 •/- a - n - vni w venin Lack of Black Police Applicants Hit in Letter {r~ UM WI A1 Mf It I OUK ASI ^ 5*J* as his lawyer to file a suit in district court to gain an order directing the police department to hire more blacks. Ligons said the police department has not “adequately fulfilled its obligation that the federal government has placed upon it through the Affirmative Action program to hire blacks. “They can go all the way down to Miami to hire a police chief,” he continued. “Why can’t they go down and bring back some black police force applicants? We have 30 unemployed blacks right here in jCedar Rapids.” Ligons said a federal investigator from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission By Steve Belle Thomas Kelly, president of the Iowa-Nebraska branch of the National Assn. for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), has complained to James Steinbeck, Cedar Rapids commissioner of public safety, about the lack of black applicants for the local police force. In a letter written to Steinbeck at the request of Charles Ligons, 1802 Grande avenue SE, Kelly said the police department has “constantly and consistently refused to hire black males” to fill positions on the force. In the recent examination for police force applicants, of the three black applicants, one was flunked, one was disqualified, and the other didn t show up 'disaccording to Ligons.    “Kids’    Need” Obligation Unmet    ‘    We    are    trying    to    upgrade    our    vene. —Johnson— (Continued from Page I.) court’s attention June 14 when a petition in the name of the Sac and Fox Tribal Council was filed charging the settlement residents were denied a vote June 4 because there was no polling place on their grounds. as specified by a 1973 state law. Being Used Auditor Ohrt explained he had tried to put a polling place in the school house on the grounds b u t was told by council Tho Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed., .lilly 3. 1974 checking boxes by their candidates’ names correctly but adding another cross or check below the names. The suit in Judge McManus’ court was filed by Don Wanatee, a settlement resident and member of the tribal council, in the council’s name. However, other council members said they knew nothing of it until they read or heard it in the news. -Impeachment- (Continued from Page I.) that Hunt threatened to “bring John Ehrlichman down to his knees and put him in jail” if Hunt was not given money. Such an alleged threat by Hunt was quoted by John Dean in a March 21, 1973, conversation with Nixon that has become a focal point of the committee's Wanatee voted by absentee impeachment inquiry, ballot in Tuesday’s election and O’Brien told the committee members 't would he in use so did his wife, Priscilla, election day. Through oversight, no notice was posted on the grounds that residents could vote at their former polling places in Montour, Tama or Toledo in the June 4 election. Lawyers for all parties con- Hunt made no mention of Ehr-I i c h rn a n , reported members who heard the closed door testi-■ mony. O’Brien, who met Hunt alone D .j , ~ ion March 16, said Hunt admit-rresident 00ys ted doing “seamy things” for WASHINGTON' (AP, _ A!the White House, but said only ..    ,    ’    I he would reconsider his White House spokesman U.S. Energy Use Down 8 Percent, op- was Rain is expected Wednesday night in parts of the lower plains and in the vicinity of the Great Lakes. Mostly fair elsewhere. —Daily Record— The Weather Magistrate’s Court jury Excused in Conner Trial; Hearing Held High (temperatures Tuesday, low tem    ,,_ ..    _    T, _ , , perafures overnight and 'inches ot pre    Speeding" — Rex Reynolds, cipitation:    Magnus hotel; fined $40 and; Atunu*9'.*? M1.I0 Mi?m?e,es 84 73 .ii costs- Marius Guthridge, Hia- By Bertha Finn Bismarck »ts7    .ii    Minneapolis 97 70 .os    Watha; fined $30 and costs. Denver0 ['.'Vs™    NewYo™'. TI 75 °J    Barbara Best. 2231 C street Duluth ... 84 54    .14    Phoenix 10*77    SW; Randy Schmitt, 1603 J    murder trial here    of    Atwell    Jun- Hou»tonu 1*74    .os    washington 90 72    avenue NE; James Bowker,    ior Conner, 29,    of    near    Bertram, Extended Forecast — Chance    315 ,1.fl*Ttietj1 -street SF; each    vere excused of rain in the northwest Friday tm£ f$;,° an? eof • , , „    *    Friday. .,    ,    „ j n u on r..:    I raffle signal violation —    J through Sunday. Highs. 80s Fri-|Davjd Jonc*s 3425 c|over day to 90s by Sunday. I/)wsj drive SW; fined $15 and costs. is on his wav to look into the sit-cerned a8reed to include these I    ^IVC5inan    saYs    tions” if the $120,000 he is on his way to look into the sit ]    ^ ^ ^    ^ I conservation efforts over the demanding was not paid. vee after Democratic    slate of-    £?* ^ar b7 '"dus ty and the ficials were Demitted    to inter-    government have re-    _omer aevtiopmenis. vene    duced the nation’s energy con- llie slaff of the senate Water- Ligons said he has hired    Kelly | race, not just get jobs,” added    Avoid Duplication    I    sumption    by more than 8 per-    eat'e    corralttee    is reconsidering I mons “Kirk nneH tn a    ,    ..    cent.    |    its preliminary reports criticiz- black' cop directing traffic so a ^^have vtdT orTor A sla*ment b* Asiden. J?* >b‘"    fi"a"^    "< Ihey can have something to look;more of thc precinc(s June 4 s0 N|*on, issued here Tuesday as °"a Hubcrt HumPhrc.v up to. Its a glamorous occupa-    a|1 resu|ts in those    precincts    Nixon prepared lo return from    a    ,eor! tM»-.....t    should be thrown out    to avoidlhls Mosc(ow '"P- ,sald induslry “Were just trying to get them dup|icate votin„ in Tuesday’s’was meetinS the tar8et of a 5' into court so they can get feder-    ial    election.    '    .............. al aid. He explained that the    ...    . federal aid he referred to was a    Asu“    ,u1l'"ed oat-    ^Morgan federal court order if necessary (    settlement was the only 'Indian    who voted June 4 — in William Van Gorp William Van Gorp, 76, of 4625 Bever avenue SE, a Cedar Rapids resident the last ten months and a retired employe to make the police department “,UI"“ "I"” vuu:u of International Harvester Co.,'comply with guidelines for hir- n° lama precinct. Johnson criticized Democratic ANAMOSA - Jurors in thc Davenport, died Wednesday fob ;ing minorities lowing a long illness. Born Oct.1 When contacted Wednesday I, 1897, at Linville, he was a vet- afternoon, Wallace N. LaPeters, until 8:30 a.m. mostly in 60s. Traveler's Forecast In their absence Wednesday, a hearing was scheduled    in License plate    violation    — .Jones county district court    to Roxanne Harshman,    137 Twen-i det rmin th admissibility    of ty - third street    SE;    fined    $20! aueiIIlin<- ine wmwsiDliny    OI Thursday    and    costs.    testimony by polygraph experts Weather, Hi-Lo Striking unattended vehicle who administered lie detector Bismarck ..........Fair    81-56    — Alan Maximeck, Iowa City; tests to    Conner. Chicago ........Shwrs    84-59    |    fined    $10    and    costs    Conn(,r    be, (ried , ron. Cincinnati .......PtCldy    90-6 < Accident, damage to vehicle    -.u    u    m    i Cleveland  Tshwrs    88-65    — Vernon Dochtcrman, 409!P .    With the    March    IO    slay eran of World war I and a member of Davenport American Legion post. Surviving is a son. William E., with whom he made his home; a daughter, Joan Childs. Calif.; four grandchildren, and three sisters, I^aura Van Gorp. Wa-apply, you can’t hire them.” tcrloo. Ellen Loupe. Sunnyvale.    4^*    * party officials for entering the case and flatly said before the election they were out to do him in by including the three outside precincts, where he lost to percent energy cutback which the Nixon administration had urged a year ago. eorge McGovern. Democrats on the staff, apparently without telling Republicans, have agreed to review new material to be submitted by McGovern aides. The aides Energy savings by Ihe federal comPlamed that a preliminary government have reached 30ireP°rt was unfair in suggesting percent, far ahead of the 7 per- that McGovern may have violat- cent goal set last year, according cd the sP'nt of ,h<' law forbid-to the President '    din8 corporate campaign dona tions when he forced some crcd- Nixon’s statement praised the conservation leadership shown by government and industry, Des Moines Tshwrs 88-64 Elder lane NW; fined $20 and ing in Jones county of Maureen at Detroit .. •.......Tshwrs 89-62    costs Indianapolis Tshwrs 89-70    I)river.s licpnsp violation — Kansas City  PtCldy 85-66    Larry Walker, 1315 Linview Milwaukee  PtCldy 80-60 Mpls.-St. Paul .. PtCldy 76-56 Okla. City..........Fair    91-66 Omaha  ........PtCldy    84-61 St. Louis ........Tshwrs    90-64 Sioux Falls  PtCldy 82-58 drive, Marion; fined <$20 and costs. Michael Kcllog, Wendy Oaks trailer court: fined $10 and costs. Improper parking — Danny McNabb, 1521 E avenue NE;| fined $10 and costs. Ui-L    OO    Failure to report    accident    — High Tuesday ............... Vernon    Dighton.    1509    Seven- Low overnight .............. 78    teenth avenue SE;    fined $50 Noon Wednesday ............ 8"    and costs. 2 p.m. Wednesday ......... 87    Striking fixtures    adjacent    to Precipitation ....!.........None    *trept    —    Vernon    Dighton.    1509 C. R. Weather Connelly, 17, Cedar Rapids. ^ev Qienn Bender of First Con- A 31-year-old Keystone man, gregational church. Burial: Me-George Junior Nowlin, also is'morial Park cemetery, Daven-charged in the girl’s death and port, at I p.m. Monday. Friends is awaiting trial here.    may call at Turner east. In statements Tuesday, Judge    —- Harold Victor said there is a Mrs. Stephen Parsley good chance the case will go to the jury Friday. Calif., and Jeanette Hubbard, j • -Mark l>oolin, Cedar Rapids Chicago.    Human Rights Commission ad ministrative assistant, reported that investigation has begun on a complaint by a woman who Cedar Rapids police chief, said hrs department “has made a positive effort through adverbs-    107    ^    at'lh    j    n    4    but added that “their efforts are mg in he local papers lo reach |    n    not    h Every American blacks about applying ior post- ■    *■    must join in this cause.” bons on the police force.    Kapp Happy    . He added that “if they don’t Rapp was “happy” that he    r    S1    C°    Sai    conserva‘ won for the second time Tuesday. Services: Turner chapel east 10:30 a m. Monday by the “It was an unfortunate episode,” he said in a telephone interview Tuesday night after thc results were in. I “I wish it hadn't come up — tion programs by federal agencies during the nine months beginning June. 1973, saved the equivalent of 75 million barrels of oil. He said the commerce depos itors, including corporations, to settle leftover campaign bills for $35,000 less than the full amounts. Humphrey complained to top Democrats and Republican staff members, in a meeting also attended by committee member Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii). Humphrey agreed to submit new information about his personal finances and instructed his lawyer to draw up a legal failed the test for police force that the Indians had had a poll-applicants. The woman contended that the physical test discriminated against her. Doolin said his of- _, . . ,    .....    -T..0™    Seventeenth street Total for July ............Trace    jjqo and costs. SF; fined bee will be reviewing the test, what criteria are used for deter-Helen Scherler Parsley, 92, of mining who passes, how the test 636 Eighth street SE. widow ot was prepared and administered. Stephen Parsley, died in a Exclude Abortion!^™”1 nursing home Tuesday,    es    e en c    .    campaign    this    fall following a brief illness. Born; Tom Lcker, coordinator of J ^ Iowa Deaths Normal for July ............3.58 Normal through July    —20.19 Total for 1974 ..............29.94    Blairstown    — Matthew T. Barometer, rising .........29.92    Kimm, 87. Halverson’s. Humidity at noon ..... 56%    Sigourney    — Leonard Frit- Wind direction and velocity at    HSlmV”1* 2 p m. StV at !8 mph    yinlon    _    John    Evtretl Sun rises Thinsday, 5.36. sun \ycar^ 73 F|jday at ll at First sets, 8:45.    United Methodist church in Year Ago Today — High, 93: Brandon. Memorial fund. Visi- *    *    ^    I    int JAW nt tlfLUrt OI* a I I « MC-**    TF**-* low, 70; rainfall, 1.16. In Federal Health|May 15, m2, in Switzerland, she QI    ,1    1 • had been a Cedar Rapids resi- 1 10 n I v-/ a T h O 11 C S dent most of her life and was a WASHINGTON (AP) - Three Jehovah w,tnass- Roman Catholic groups stressed their opposition to abortion as the house ways and means committee finished the public-witness phase of its health insurance hearings Tuesday. Surviving are a daughter, Doris Leason, New York City; one granddaughter; four greatgrandchildren; one great-great-grandchild; a brother, and four sisters. Services: Turner chapel east Mississippi Stages (Flood stage* in brackets) Lacrosse (12) 5.5. fall .3 Lansing (18) 7.9, fall .5 Dam 9 (18) 15.5, fall .9 McGregor (18) 8.5, fall .4 Guttenberg (15) 7.2, fall .5 Dubuque (17) 10.0, fall .1 Davenport (15) 9.2, fall .1 Keokuk (16) 13.6, fall 1.3 ‘preventivelat 10:30 a m- Friday bV Clifford Kephart. Burial: Oak Hill cemetery. Friends may call at tation at White-Phillips’, Vin- An emphasis on 'lon-    I    health    care and on mandating a ■ „r,MdePcndence “7 Lcon H I broad set of benefits should not,    -    .. m-K fcntik*.    our    view include family plan-    Turner    east until IO Friday.    The sa. '    " u-,ning services — particularly I casket will n°t be open after the    ^ Toledo — Fred R. Rogers, 76 sterilization and abortion proce- service. Friday at 2. Henderson’s.    'dures    — as part of those bene- Chrlsea _ Charles (Doe) fits.” the Catholic groups said in Upah, 73. Friday at 9:30 at; a joint statement to the commit-Joseph s. Rosary: Thursday!* 7:30. Hrabak’s. athletics for the Cedar Rapids school district, defended the test as non-discriminatory. “All it does is show who’s strong enough to do the job,” he said. Ecker collaborated with two University of Iowa physical education experts in preparing the test. “I spent a great deal of time with police officers collecting information on what police officers have to do on the job.” he added. “These tests are simula- ment reported that private in- brief for thc staff defending his dustry was saying the equiva-,use 0f more than $100,000 in poring place four weeks ago. But lent 0< mdllon barrels of oil SOnal funds in his 1972 campaign they didn't so    I    supported them    a yeap’    f(>r tbe Democratic presidential having    a    special    election and Taken together,    those    I iguresi nomination. am pleased that so many Indi-    reP,esent onergy savings at a    Earlier, the staff    had said ans voted.”    rate equivalent    to about 1.4 mil-    Humphrey had failed to turn Rapp said he and Johnson bon barrels a day or 8-2 percent over requested documents, campaigned    together part of    K°vcrnmenf    forecasts of the    Humphrey’s office    confirmed Tuesday and    that Johnson had .“unconstrained    demand” which    that $190,000 in tax    deductions promised to work in Rapp’s otherwise have been felt he took for donations of por- last month.    sonal papers    is under    investigate result    of    this    reduction    1 tion by the    Internal    Revenue ans ac a ion    apparently has been to restrain1 Service, according to CBS News. Johnson, who lives on a rent- oil imports, which were running, Senate sources said a lawyer has been hired by G.O.P. senators to advise them in case Nixon is impeached and a trial held. ed farm near Kesley, plans to at about 6 million barrels a day take a few weeks of vacation before hitting the campaign trail for Rapp, he told The Gazette. Johnson said there is no question but that the Democrats have an excellent chance to beat Grassley with Rapp this    __ faA total of 111 Indians voted a.mai°r obstacle lo agreement last month, instead of the 6.5 million previously forecast by thc Federal Energy Administration. —Summit— (Continued from Page I.) Ehrlichman Gave Full Okay, Krogh Testifies Memorial Services St. at Dyersville — Joseph A.    Sister Virginia Schwager, Cedar at C.R. (13) 5.13, fall Beckmann, 62. Saturday al director of the U. S. Catholic Madsen, Minnie — IO a.m. Friday in Murdoch chapel in Marion. Burial: ML Hope cemetery, Battle Creek. .It    9:30.    Basilica of St. Francis Pnr^lx/Illp    I    Xavier. Parish scripture service Coralville    Lane    at 8    p.m. Friday. Visitation Pool    level Wednesday... 703.13 after    7 p.m. Thursday. Kramer’s. Marriage Licenses Kristine Brandt and Duane 1 Conference’s health affairs divi- c    D , sion; Sister Mary Maurita Sen- burgeons blast Medicare Funds gelaub, president of the Catholic Hospital Assn., and the Rt. Rev. Iowa City — Ruth G. Helms,!Msgr. Lawrence Corcoran, ex-i Schipull, r’amcla Ingalls and1 64, .Thursday at 11 at St. Pa-jecutive director of the National Dick King, Deborah Blazek and ■• Losarv Wednesday at Conference of Catholic Charities all nf Prriar' ':30> Donohue’s,    I    . , Cedar    ____ represented the groups. I IMM I-II    The    statement    added    further, Linn lait tSCdp66 S “if the taking of human life Kevin Carney, Rapids. Sheila Water, Rapids, and James Turnis, Manchester. Elizabeth Myers, St. John. New Brunswick. Canada, and Raeburn Grasty, Cedar Rapids. Julie Roberts, Marion, and Randol Bottlicher, Lewistown, Pa. Gail Artioli, Davenport, and Scott Nau, Cedar Rapids. Births — Mercy July 2 — To the families of Carl Kigel, 220 Broadmore road NW, a son; Joseph Byrd. 236 Jacolyn drive NW, a daughter; Charles Taylor, 1518 Twelfth avenue SE, a daughter. July 3 — Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Owczarek. 1625 Towne lane NE, a daughter Births For Chiropractic CHICAGO (AP)—The Ameri-can College of Surgeons has criticized the federal government for letting the cost of , Tuesday - 30 more than the|“ a,I WASHINGTON (AP) - Egil tions of what police officers do prevjOUS 0f gj -,n ^e 1964 ™ following up the 1972 inter-; Krogh ended his testimony in general election    'm accord-    bas ad' the plumbers trial Wednesday High primary'election vote bv    by sayinB he felt he had fu" ad‘ u i Indians in the last *>0 vears was    thp    Soviets    are just Vance authorization from John “The test weeds out the weak d * e a ^ ye J moving into it.    Ehrlichman to go ahead with the and that is what It was <^^<11 ^“^b^v^rsllTelThe    Agreed To Try    197, break, n at the office of settlement grounds, where the; But Nixon and    Brezhnev!Damel Ellsbcrg s psyc:h,atrist- population fluctuates between agreed only to try to negotiate    was    asked    by associate 500 and 600. according to'an extension until 1985 of the in-Watergate prosecutor William Bureau of Indian Affairs of-lterim agreement scheduled to Mcrr^’ you belleve y°u ficials.    expire in 1977.    'had authorization?” Krogh re- 990 Notes    Limit    underground    nuclear    *    d*d A total of 990 votes - 877 by j tests to weapons up to 150 kilo-j ^r°8h said ho based that be-Democrats and 113 by Republi-i tons in explosive power begin- !. uP°n nieehngs, memos, and cans — were cast in the fourining March 31, 1976. limit thei? ina^LP o6 ?IlS! ?Uf ?ayS precincts Tuesday, compared tot number of tests to an unspeci-    Sept. 3,1971, breakin, only 426 by both parties on June; fled minimum, and provide for Krogh was followed to tho 4    i    continued negotiation with a sland by former White House There were two other can-! view to an eventual total ban on1 special counsel Charles Colson. to do.” Doolin said that the investigation into the woman’s complaint may take up to two years “if cause is found. Otherwise, if no cause is found for the complaint, the issue may be dropped by the next commission meeting.” Wes+phall Enters Plea of Innocent FrppH«m ^hnrUiuoii;throuRh abortive procedures is!chirapractic services be cov-l Joh"    11 Weslphal!    pled *n-|didates in the race tor congress-    underground tests. The treaty is who bus pled guilty" lo charges rreen0mM0rtllVen|sanc(fonedfedcraliJiequa||yde.ered ^Medicare and Medi-;"0CJent L'nn district court    man in Tuesday.s primary _    subject to senate approval. His-1 growing out of the EUsberg case. structive practices — such as I caid    Wednesday    to    an    indictment;^    Masters    of    Mason    City    and    singer said U. S. warheads now Colson testified that he raised euthanasia and sterilization.! The college’s board of regents Icharging ^ w't.h    Jn con'    James Skaine of Cedar Falls.    are in the 200-kiloton range and $5,000 to finance the breakin, al- f the mentally re-1 said Monday such action implies nect,on    Wl,h a March    4 fire at    However, they were out of the 'the agreement will forestall: though he said he was never ....    '    J    .    r    I    Prairie    high    school.    I----*-----*    -    *     •—    i-i-« A Cedar Rapids man who pled guilty to a breaking and entering charge Tuesday reportedly escaped from the exercise area behind the Linn county jail tured minutes later. Michael R. MuJdoon,    18. re portedly climbed a fence during Park    an exercise period and    began swimming downstream    until St,    Luke's    persuaded to stop by four gun- July 2 To thc families    of    shots fired by a deputy. Stanley Farmer, 361o Bevel Deputies said Muldoon was particularly of tarded — will become commonplace in the future, as evidenced by incidents that have Tuesday evening, but was cap-ib^n carried out in federally funded programs in the past. Moreover, public opinion surveys continually show that the majority of Americans oppose abortion on request.” Trial for the 26-year-old Al- that chiropractic services are considered legitimate medical 4i, fojnvai ctnvarn bumett man was set for Aug. 5. services by the federal govern- ^ [jn>    an The board endorsed the Amer- $!00 ™)0'° $l'0 00,° damaBC and iran Medical Assn. s statement ^ he school for a week on chiropractic which called it! Tho defendant was a security "an unscientific cult whose Suard al be school. practitioners lack the necessary avenue SE a daughti M.»\    4    . . DrMarcf, Route 2, Marion, a 01    10 slop before any shots daughter; Gary McAfee, 2505 were fired, and stopped swim U. S. Agency Drops Gender Reference -Hall- (Continued from Page I.) Twelfth avenue, Marion, a son; Marvin Hunter, 718 Fourth avenue SF., a daughter; Allen Biuers, 232 Memorial drive SE, a son; Brent KreinhriiiR, Lowden, a daughter., Fires 10:51 a m. Tuesday. Malfunction of alarm system at 701 Tenth street SE ming and stood up for a while after the first two shots were fired. WASHINGTON (AP) r- Eliminating the reference to sex in its title, the labor department’s Office of Workmen’s Compensation Programs officially He then reportedly started to. ( hanged its name Tuesday to swim away again until two the Office of Workers’ Compen-more shots were fired, when hellion Programs. training and background to diagnose and treat human disease. “Chiropractic constitutes ai any effect upon their delibera-hazard to rational health care tions.” in the United States because of In regard to dismissal of a ponents for the Republican nom the substandard and unscientific juror, the judge noted. “Ap- ination. education of its practitioners.!parently, defendant felt the! There running and did not campaign, development of a new genera- told what the money went for. Skaine received eight votes ,llon °f warheads.    After    the breakin failed to Tuesday and Masters, seven.    Limit each side    to a single    turn up Ellsberg’s    psychiatric They brought Skaine’s unofficial defensive anti-ballistic missile files. Colson said Ehrlichman district vote to 2.853 and site of IOO launchers each. but told him of the attempt. Masters’to 3,623.    provide that each    side would    “Mr. Ehrlichman    told me On the Republican side of the    have an option to    change the    there had been an    attempt to ballot Tuesday, Grassley car-;site it now has during the five-ried the four precincts for the year life of the agreement. Kis-second time with 47 votes, com- singer said this pact would be used words to the effect that the pared to 53 on June 4.    submitted to congressional com- boys tried to get Dr. Ellsberg’s Grassley Opponents    mittees-    psychiatric    records    but    they A total of 50 votes v\as cast A 1972 treaty allowed each !adt‘d • • • Tuesday for Grassley’s four op- side two sites of IOO launchers each. The Soviets installed their get Dr. Ellsbcrg s psychiatric records,” Colson testified. “He 30 YEARS AGO — Secretary ABMs around Moscow. The U.jof War Henry L. Stimson ar-were no contests for,S. has an ABM system protect-'r*ved 111 Haly on an inspection walked to the wefit bank of the river into the custody of police 4:3o p.m. Tuesday. Fuel uil Cheers who had been called in jional flush at front of 716 Oakland; to assist, road NE. 5:24 p.m. I uesday. I nknownu|je day forewing jnt0 Frankly chair at boo Second street    .    .    ...    .    , sw    Inn    junior    high school on June 2. 6:50 p.m. Tuesday. Cause He is to be sentenced on that under investigation at rear of charge July ll. 390 Sixteenth street SE. 7:13 p.m. Tuesday. Assist    , sheriff with liver rescue at rear    1 and their rigid adherence to an irrational, unscientific approach to disease causation,” the AMA said knowledge of the juror was toother nominations than the mg a complex of minuteman of- ,our his benefit. . . there is no showing that the juror in any way contaminated the other 211 YEARS AGO — The Na-Labor Relations Board ,,    .ruled    that    an    employer must Muldoon pled i^dly>®arbcr J11 furnish a union with complete I payroll date for collective bargaining without requiring the union to prove it needed the information. A charge of escape has been; _ _ connection The board said congress ap-j members proved amendments to the Social Security Act authorizing payment for chiropractic services “in the face of a wide range of contrary recommendations, including those of the department of health, education and welfare.” imparted edge.’’ Third district Democratic post I tensive missiles    near    Grand Tuesday, although votes were I Forks, N. D. cast for all other candidates on Kissinger said further negoti-of the    jury. .    . .    or! the ballot — which was the ations will be conducted    to de- his pretrial    knowl-    same ballot as that used June 4. termine means    of verifying Voting machines were used to whether take votes in the three outside!tests are precincts while paper ballots'poses, were used, by choice, in the new1 ____ settlement precinct. The 17 spoiled ballots, in almost every ease, found voters 30 YEARS AGU — German troops were reported to be pressing a large scale drive in southwestern France to smash underground resistance. underground nuclear held for peaceful pur- Light Up Someone's flay with Flowers ^PIERSON’S Tl I 800 Blit Blvd. NW FLOWIRPHON! 366-1 826 in with the of 427 First street SE. Tuesday incident BROSH CHAPEL Cedar Rapids hfi ttli'tl in I’nhlic Service" Inquire AIh»uI Our Pre-arranged Service* Solon o Let our Flowers express your respect and love FLORIST and GIFT SHOP phone answered 24 hours every day. 364-8139 Since 1909 flowers for all occasions JOHN E. LARES (onvtmtnl downtown location 308 3rd Ave. SE    365-0511 John BZI Ii mer & Son Funeral Directors since isms Only one service...our best to all. Cost is entirely a matter of personal choice. Hights I Kist 8( K) Second Aw. si : 'Rights West U2i First Ave.West ;

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