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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 3, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa The Cedar Rapid* Gazette: Wed., .Inly 3. 1974 Auditor Mostly Favorable In Report on City's Books Ordinances Out Atty. General: Straw Vote Trend Stays    —King— '    '    (Continued    from    Page    I.) Local Obscenity Unchanged: Culver, Ray (Continued from Page I. Scott, representing President i Nixon; the Rev. .Jesse Jackson of Cedar Rapids Cycle Mishaps, Two Men Hurt State Auditor Lloyd Smith Wednesday presented a generally favorable report on the finan cial status and accounting methods of Cedar Rapids. The report was a summary of an audit conducted by Smith’s office of the city’s 1973 books. It was conducted on the request of the mayor and city council, after several taxpayers criticized accounting practices and the regular process of having the audit done each year by a private company. Sections of the audit dealing with the parking system and the operation of the airport were released several months ago. The 196-page report, which will be available at the public library, analyzes 109 separate funds or accounts. Conclusions separately instead of as a part The city council will probably of the general tund; it alto rec- not try to adopt any ordinances ommended changing, to sim-j regulating obscenity, at least plifv bookkeeping, the practice under current state law. Mayor of transferring funds among departments for items (office supplies, primarily) purchased by one department but used by another. I Culver held a lead of 988 to 513, „    ..    ,    . strap on hor shoo fixed. Noting.-r Stanley for senator whil.l0*""™    Vc™>"    J°" thuf thnv riirin't hatch™ r« Ray led Schaben, 809 to 688.    .    .    . ti.at aion t nave .ana    ^    same    fjve    days,    voters Icomedian Flip Wilson; and the suffered minor injuries in sepa- " ’ ’ ~    ' “    11    '    Tuesday    and Two motorcyclists and a dan, head of the Urban League; (youth who fell off a moving car *° 49®preference;!^ Italph David Abernathy of ratc accidents mdiee tr iiler    tor Democratic congressional'be .Southern Christian leader-    Wednesday.    None    was 1'    *    *    *    candidates over their Republish'? Conference.    hospitalized The concessionaires, at the can °PPonen,s-i a lot of #    - Police Charge Second Man in Tavern Breakin Don (’annoy said Wednesday. Canney said he directed City Attorney Dave McGuire about a J All-Iowa fair must have a lot of year ago to research the subject faith in Iowa’s hot humid . . and make a rough draft of an weather for this season. There Smith was mildly critical of (obscenity ordinance for the are no less than 12 booths offer ee manner in which extension and improvement of the waterworks system was financed. council’s consideration. A new state law on obscenity, monade mixes or “sno cones.” ;directed specifically at protect-; A waterworks improvement ing minors, went into effect account was established in 1970,1 Monday. Among other provi which had a deficit balance of■ sions, it prohibits cities or conn-! Po//* f)pmnc about $3 million at the end of I ties from drafting their own the year. Through a system of iawS.    Quf jn Force transfers the deficit was re-'    eoij n,,, u„a„oa tu,,; duced In about til 2 million bv *    !,al<1 thdt because tin    ruesdav must have been ‘De- .    !°    r?—    ”    ,    ?-v    slate law is directed at minors. Locra, Dav- at tho All-Iowa ling thirsty customers either le the end of 1973 and .should be there 1,1 ’    Steven    E. Frazier, 23, of 1523 F Marcus Wayne Chenault, a 23- avenue NW. suffered a head cut vear-old black man from Day- at 11:30 p.m. Tuesday when the ton. Ohio, remains in jail here motorcycle he was riding slid charged with the slayings of I across the intersection of Six-Mrs. King and a church deacon j teenth avenue and Second street and the wounding of another sw. I Phillip J. Brown, 23. of l507;woman in the shooting spree prazjer was treated at Mercy (Second avenue SE, was charged Sunday.    hospital. I Tuesday with the breakin of the Atlanta authorities say the| p0|jce charged Frazier with Bungalow Tavern, 1507 H ave- names of soul music singer faj|ure (0 maintain control of nue NE, last Friday.    Aretha Franklin, Mrs. King’s vehicle and failure to carry* Brown’s arrest was the second    husband, and    other prominent    ancj display a    valid Iowa driver's in connection with the breakin.    I blacks were    on two death    |jcense Danny L. Petty, 22. who lives at compiled by Chenault.    *    *    * the same address as Brown.    Sgt. Berlyn    Compton of the    Thomnson 30 of was apprehended at the scene    Atlanta police    department sald    8oB Kifteenth    street SF suffered Of the 346 votes cast Tuesday; by officers who responded to a one of the lists had IO names    ’ — bringing the five-day total toieomplaint of a burglary in and was found in Chenault’*:    •    i 1.532 - 163 were straight party!progress.    apartment.    The    other list was    (Z VS ,0 9 Center ballots for Democratic can- Police said Brown apparentlyfron/ Police interviews, poim road NE collided at 9 40 „    .,    ,    p.m. Tuesday' in the IOO block of Compton said olher names m.^ix|een|h ^ sw Thompson was treated at was some question fajr judging from votes in The other governmental;Gazette’s straw poll. closed out by the end of this wjie|jier year*    units were also prohibited from Recommended Bonds!    enacting legislation aimed at Conclusions of the report in- Smith said revenue bonds; a(^u*,s-eluded:    should have been issued to IV He queried the attorney gen ii) That the budget dures were properly conducted and expenditures were well Schaefer and Mayor Don Can are prohibited from doing so. Republican votes totaled 54. within the adjusted appropre,ney disagreed with that recoin- I think we would be foolish Voters preference for Demo- Bond was set at $5,000    .    ..    . aliens;    mendation. saying the method to adopt, or attempt to adopt. cratic Candidate John Culver Brown, who was taken to the ” Ike” Eikenkoetter, an evangel Mercy hospital. can-  _________________rr_______# pioce-.nance the improvements. Both rial on this point, and received didates for U.S. senator, gover-jgot away. He was arrested afterfC.omptoii said, iucted, Finance Commissioner Hal a reply Wednesday that they nor ancj congressman. Straight further investigation into the matter. the lists included Abernathy. for Jesse Jackson and the Rev. used by the city saved money any ordinance at this time,’ jor f’.S. senator over IUpubli-jcounty jail By carrying the fund at a defi- 1 annoy sam aller nearing inc can David Stanley, and for Re-:    Petty has been released to the cit and paying for the improve- attorney general s opinion. publican Robert Ray for gover- custody of the community court ments from available city The mayor said if any arrests nor over Democrat James Scha-services pending a court ap-funds, Schaefer explained, the were made under a city ordi- ben. continued for the fifth! pearance. city avoided paying relatively nance, they could be construed straight day. interest rates (2) That the investment program of idle city funds and retirement and pension funds was well organized, resulting in more than $1,055,000 interest gained in 1973. “We believe you have some high interest rates associated as violations of the civil rights a total of 99 votes were cast IO YEARS AGO - Canadian very capable employes here.” with the sale of revenue bonds,    j of the person arrested    for    Culver    and    Ray while only    Foreign    Minister Paul Martin Smith told the city council.; Would Cut Funds      two    voters    split    in the other di-    told the    house of commons that “You have excellent investment    Little    want    ads do big jobs, rcction, for Stanley and Scha-®Greece sent men and arms into of idle funds."    tunney    sari    that    although    no    Tn    ^    and    ^ (or    f    be„    '    Cyprus    contrary    to    a    U.    N.    Se- The report also made several j tax levy wou d have been re ;Dja[    A|,cr five davs cf voting, rarity Council resolution. recommendations. It said the------J *-----‘u~    —    ‘k“ appearance bond fund, a deficit balance of about $2,000, should be settled with the county as 1st. C.R. Drug Numbers To report a violation: Michael Dooley 363-0671 lf you need help: Foundation ll . 363-2174 (4 p.m. to midnight) soon as possible. The report said the fund belongs to the county, as it was turned over last July when the new court system went into effect. Two Changes quired to pay the interest on the bonds, the interest would have reduced the amount of revenue otherwise available. In general. Schaefer said, he is pleased with the audit report. “I think it’s very good,’’ he said. “I'm: real proud of the way the staff' (has worked very diligently to keep everything in perspective,! land to make the investments No charges were filed iii the accident, which police said occurred when the car backed out of a driveway into the path of the motorcycle. Police said several parked ears obscured the motorist's vision. * * * Randy Wetter. IT, of route two. Springville, suffered a broken collar bone at 1:45 a m. Wednesday when he fell off a car in the 200 block of Windsor drive NFL police said Wetter was riding on a car equipped with a running board. The car was driven by Keith A. Wadi, 17, of 2930 Nineteenth avenue, Marion. No charges were filed. J. T. Fox Is Low Bidder on Sidewalk Work Titre** bids, two of them about six percent below the estimated I cost, were received Wednesday for removal of old sidewalk and construction of new in several locations. The apparent low bidder was J a rn es T. Fox. who bid $69,053.20. Also under the estimate of $74,1)66 80 was the hid of Ray Bertelli and Sons, $69,175.20. The other hid, $78,130.10, was tendered by Hiawatha Garden Center. The bids were referred for study to the engineering department. Cedar Rapids Emergency Numbers Ambulonce......... 366-7654 FBI.......... 402/348-1210 Fire............... 398-5343 Highway Patrol .... 364-51 7J After Houri  363-5629 Police............. 398-5353 Sheriff.............398 3521 Medical Society ... 365-2527 (It you hav* no phyucion) Foundation ll .......362-2174 (Cfi»i* help, I p m.-midnight) (Clip and carry in your billfold) ORIN DAILY 10-10, SUN. 10-6, JULY 4, 10-6 The report recommended the the state auditor has commend waterworks account be carried ed us on.” WED., THURS., FRI., SAT. .. . y/trS 'ki/ijflir/t&ft a/t/wyS —Intoxication— j Sixth Street (Continued from Page I.) while drunk and driving he will I definitely be taken to jail and he can still be charged with intoxication.’’ Must Charge Harnish, however, disagreed ‘‘fn order to take a person to jail. he must be charged.” he said. “But intoxication is no longer a crime according to the law.” He then quoted the newly-passed law which reads in part, “If no facility is readily available, the person may be taken to an emergency medical service” which Harnish interpreted as the emergency ward at one of the city’s two hospitals. Closing for Repairs Told Sections of Sixth street SW will be closed soon, perhaps as early as next week, as a reconstruction project between First and Eighth avenues begins. Public Services Director Dick Jensen said work will probably start Tuesday. Sixth street will; not be closed during the first! few days of work, he said, but later will be closed between First and Eighth avenues except for the Third avenue and Eighth avenue intersections. “We’re going to strive to get 'ASHION Concerning the portion of the lhe intersections open to traffic *    !    ne    CAnn    tic    urn    non    ’    no    cam law concerning offering the as "oon as we can’ drunk “protective custody” Harnish again maintained that j an intoxicated person could only be taken to a medical facility. he said. Storm Sewers The project includes widening, repaving and installation of storm sewers on the heavily-) Option    traveled street. And he added that it was the “it will be a totally new sVeet option of the person picked up when it s completed,” Jensen where he would be taken—'said whether to the medical facility Prime contractor is Cedar or to home.    Valley Corp. of Waterloo. The But Grant    said that his of-1 project was bid at $204,457.25, of ficers would “act on each case which about $199,000 is eligible individually. Some of these peo-'for 70 percent federal funding pie can’t be handled at the hos-!under the Federal Aid to Metro-pital.”    politan Systems (FAM) pro- Hc also expressed concern §ram \A Ai , V V II ' >' A4 LADIES SPORTSWEAR • Short Sets • Tops that the sheriffs department would become a “taxi service.” “According to the law. some guy thinks he can go out and get drunk and then call the sheriffs department to come out and pick him up so ne can Last To Close The project won t be completely finished until late October, Jensen said. but traffic' will be returned to Sixth street before that time. The FJighth avenue interscc- go home, said Grant. “F,ach tion will be the last to be closed, situation will determine how added we ll handle it.    traffic    engineering    de-. Records issue    partment plans to detour traffic Grant also look issue with the east“" Eigh,h atenue whllf lf0 portion of the lim thai stipulates ^ ‘s ln Pr0«res?’ ,cr«? no records shall be kepi when>1''ieh1tl! "«T bnd*e and the" an intoxicaled person is picked "orth to first avenue up. “What if the man says he was injured in the car. or that heL ‘    a| I. was beat up in the automobile.” Governor George Wallace hiLS said Grant. “Wed have no record that he was even in the automobile. “We are going to keep a__ ^!,T.t„T40f, CnCh PiCkUP 3,1 YEARS AGO - London ana then destroy it alter a year. ,. The record will no. be open lo    ““thor,*,eS    esU™ the public ”    300.000 or more Nazis were trapped in the vicinity of 's* • Shorts • Swimsuits • Pant Sets • Pants Reg. 3.96 to 9.96 Reg. $ 1.96 to ^ 5.96 Reg. $ 2.66 to ^ 4.96 Reg. 8.88 to 14.88 l50-$4 Reg. 9.96 to 22.96 Reg. 4.96 to 10.96 8-$16 GIRLS PLAYWEAR I tentatively accepted an invitation to address the Assn. of (State Democratic Chairmen in Washington, D. U. Mercy Prepared According to Sister Meyers, assistant administrator at Mercy hospital, the hospital is prepared to handle intoxicated people brought in by law officers. “We have a detoxification area available,” she said. “We are ready to operate here.” Erger pointed out that he was in favor of the detoxification center. “I don’t feel we are I helping these people by putting them in jail,” he said. “You don’t rehabilitate them that way.” the White Judith Miiuk Russian capital of Cool Savings on PIANOS and ORGANS Right now, at Cedar Rapids Piano & Organ Co. 11O 3rd Av*. SW • Shorts • Short Sets • Swimsuits Reg. 1.96 to 4.96 Reg. 1.96 to 3.96 Reg. 2.47 lo 3.96 Reg. 2.96 to 4.96 2 FINE STORES • 2727 1GTH AVE. S.W. 180 COLLINS ROAD NI ;

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