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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 3, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- Chance of rain tonight. Lows around 70. Clear Thursday with highs in mid 80s. VOLUME 92-NUMBER 175 CITY FINAL 15 CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JULY 3. 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES Haldeman Says He'll Take Fifth Johnson Concedes After Revote Loss WASHINGTON (UPI) “big question mark” in the house judiciary committee’s impeachment inquiry, according to a Republican member, is how close IL R. Haldeman was to President Nixon and whether Nixon could not have known his aides were involved in the Wa- By Frank Nye    Johnson    by 62 voles, 8.289 to It was strictly a case of Ni-1 jcholas Johnson winning a battle; Tuesday’s vote, which still (but losing the war — to State!must be certified by Tama' Rep. Stephen Rapp — in Tues- county supervisors and the state day’s court-ordered, special j canvassing board, gave Kapp an H election in four Tama county unofficial 139-vote margin in the voting units.    district as a whole, with an 8.661 Johnson, 39, who came back I to 8,522 win over Johnson. to Iowa a few months ago from! Tama County Auditor Alvin his seat on the Federal Commu-Ohrt was checking with state . ,r,, . ^ election officials Wednesday to (Photos on Page 4. determine when the county cannelure Page)    vass should be made. He sur mised it probably would be next tergate scandal.    „    , But the committee, which nications Commission to run forMonGa>-Tuesday heard about Nixon’s Third district congressman, car- Johnson Concedes concern for details of all White Tied the new Mesquakie Indian johnson told The Gazette House staff operations, wil    Wednesday    he    is    conceding the have to do without testimony from Haldeman. Nixon's former chief aide. Haldeman told the committee! through his lawyers that he will not answer questions if called to testify and would invoke the! Fifth Amendment in order to, protect his right to a fair trial; on cover-up conspiracy charges. I In asking that Haldeman be Stephen Rapp nomination to Kapp and will campaign for him this fall against State Rep.    Charles; Grassley, New Hartford farmer, the Republican nominee. Grassley and Rapp arc vying for the seat held by the; veteran Congressman IL R. i Gross, Waterloo Republican.! who is retiring when his present! Nixon and Spacemen AP Wirephoto called, presidential lawyer settlement precinct Tuesday, 71! erm s’ James St. Clair had told the t0 18.    Johnson    spent    part    of committee his testimony “is But Rapp, 25-year-old Wa-j Wednesday morning in Ohrt’s, terloo lawyer, won the prized °Rice checking on 17 spoiled, Democratic nomination tor con- ballots cast in the new Indian! gressman by outpolling Johnson settlement precinct, ard) Hunt on March 21, 1973. or in the four precincts as a whole. He observed, wistfully, to a at any other time.”    479 to 350.    Gazette    reporter that i5 were Mitchell Balk?    June    4    Totals    cast for him and only two for Rapp. President Nixon meets with American and Soviet spacemen in the Kremlin. From left, wearing badges, are Soviet Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov and U.S. Astronauts Tom Stafford and Deke Slayton. critical to establish that the President did not direct ‘hush money’ payments to (E. How- Two Opinions "Grassroots" Draws ^htox^aw All-Iowa Crowd Cedar Rapids News— SI. Clair may lose another key Unofficial totals in the regular witness, former Attorney Gencr- June 4 primary cleclion jndicat By Steve Melle Local law enforcement gie” and danced on the race-“Grassroots” fans turned out track in the hot sun. 0p en masse for the rock and roll Judge Denies Kali’s Request For New Trial IOWA CITY - Judge Louis Schultz late Wednesday mom- Signs Two Pacts for Arms Curb Gazette Leased Wires MOSCOW — President Nixon left for the United States Wednesday after wrapping up a week-long summit with Soviet leaders by signing agreements designed to limit nuclear arms. Communist party chief Leonid Brezhnev and other Soviet leaders gathered at Vnukovo airport for a brief departure ceremony. Nixon and Brezhnev signed agreements limiting nuclear testing and defensive missile deployments at the conclusion of their summit meeting Wednesday but acknowledged failure to curb the offensive nuclear arms race. The two men, looking solemn, put their signatures to the limited nuclear agreements and several other pacts to close out their third summit after seven days of talk. Amid Applause Then they smiled, shook hands and toasted one another with champagne amid applause in the Kremlin’s St. Vladimir hall. As the summit broke up, Secretary of State Kissinger told newsmen he hoped a new stra- Worth Noting — _ ------   i    ,    Local    law    enforcement    of-    masse    101    inc tuck arm ion K'j-ur    wore    * al MitchelL Like Haldeman,|ed Rapp was"the winner over1 “J,1 4l? *orth notin8^ ^ I fleers and a health official con- band’s °Pen air concert at the with the turnuut and attendance ing denied a re(^uest bY James I flirt in their interpretations of AH-Iowa fair Tuesday night. al ,the fair in gencraL Tuesday’s 'HaU for a ncw tnal lhei total attendance was 21,501, sec- Rail has been convicted in Johnson county district court of was at- ll10 ^cond degree murder in the years of the fair with between^ rib u ted mostly to the 'death of Sarah Ann Ottcns, ai„    . 7,000 and 8,000 attending.    I “Grassroots" performance. This^nivcrsity of Iowa cocd* March/Marne, at COT Mitchell is awaiting trial on Watergate cover-up charges. St. Clair said Wednesday he still expected Mitchell to testify, but committee Democrats are reported to consider the prospects dim. Mitchell is to be interviewed by the staff next week. Two C.R. Firms Are Acquired by Indiana Company • mused, election been held in the settle-L^e state jaw that‘went "into ef-j Fair officials estimated    _    __ ment alone I would have won fect Monday concerning treat-grandstand crowd to be the ond largcst sinc(, 1970 henomination by frtjrvotcs if mcnt of ]e jckcd for in. largest in at least the past two Thc , tUrnout these ballots hadnt been fnvi,.alinn    years    o'    ---------- spoiled.” Johnson reasoned that cedar Rapids News—    would have defeated Rapp 86 to Barnard and Leas Manufac- 20 in the settlement precinct, in toxication. The Rev. William Harnish, ho executive director of the Citizens’ Committee on Alcoholism, contends that it is “no longer a Nixon Report MOSCOW (UPI) - President Nixon will report to the American people on nationwide television on his Moscow summit talks and other matters from The committee also has yet to turing Co., Inc., and its Trans-'stead of 71 to 18, for a 66-vote crime to be intoxicated decide whether to call Charles or port Trailers Division, 1200: drunk.” and that those people t h e Overflow Crowd Thc audience, composed primarily of younger people and girls in particular, overflowed tonight. was the first lime a nationally ^ known rock band had been Schultz scheduled sentencing    .    .    .. booked at the fair.    for Hall on his conviction for:    arms Rotationi agreement * *    *    2.30 p.m. Wednesday.    i    could be reached within the next main    grandstand and    Odds are pretty good that this Schultz noted the defense had    m°n A comparison of the June 4 picked up cannot betaken to the    hundreds sat    on the ground    is one expired license plate that fjied a “motion for ncw trial Colson, former special counsel! Twelfth street sw< have been view^with tipstaff failed8ttTcon acquiredrby Arrowhead Engi-jprjmarv election vote totals with county jail as they have been in around the stage. view with the staff faded to eon necrlng Corp„ of Knox, lnd L ^ |n Tuesday.s specia| the past.    ^    k    ^ Announcement of the acquist (election in four Tama county! Both Linn county Sheriff harids and clicked their ceration, which was effective Mon- voting units follows (June day. was made by Ron D. Ri-jvotes in parentheses): chardson, chairman-president of (D- the vmce Chairman Rodino N.J.), he has information committee needs. Constant Access Haldeman's refusal will deny the committee its best evidence Johnson Montour .. 37 ( 31 Tama ... 175 (35) Toledo 1st 50(15) Settlement 71- Absentee . 17 ( 2) Totals .. 350 ( 55) Rapp 83 ( IO) 285 ( 78) 87 ( 17) 18 - 6 ( 2) 479 (107) fense of intoxication. “Can Confine Arrowhead, and Walter C. Ronk, president of the local as to how    much Nixon    knew    firms. about the bugging and cover-up, Arrowhead is a major suppli-said several members.    jer of pulley and power-train They said Alexander Butter-components to the automotive field, who set up the White(and light agricultural industries. !    ~w'    *’w    '    I “The new law doesn’t com- House taping system, testified Barnard and Leas and Trans-    pletely    decriminalize    mtoxica- to Nixon’s    attention to    detail    port Trailers are    long-es-|marS*n    ~ or    i    votes more    {j0n    as    far    as j'ni concerned," and Haldeman’s position as the tablished manufacturers of ^an 62-votc difference by sajd sheriff Grant, only aide with constant access truck trailers and chemical pro-1 uRich Rapp beat him in the “We can confine him in the to the President.    cessing plants.    June 4 election.    county    jail    as we always have,” Although    Butterfield    never Richardson, who will    assume    Johnson has held    that includ-    said    Erger.    “We can    only take said that    Nixon must    have    operational known what was going on. Dem- Barnard and Both Linn county Walter Grant and Assistant Po- cras as “Grassroots" per-j lice Chief John Erger assert that formed “Midnight Confessions”,! a person picked up for drunk-!.<Live for Today» and „where enncss can be taken to the jail at the officer's discretion and he may be charged with the of- Were You When I Needed You”. Large Turnout TW o 183 MOBILE HOM| - ■ ,< Brezhnev said in a toast at a dinner hosted by Nixon Tuesday containing 46 separate]^ that the nuclear agre* grounds. . . the court sees no ments mjght have been broader, prejudice to the defendant.    Asked    what he meant by ^ “I can only conclude the dc- Kissinger said: “My impression fondant, in my opinion, has re- is that both sides have to conceived a fair trial.”    vince their military establish- The judge, in a lengthy writ- J ments of the benefits of re-ten statement, considered thc straint and that does not come defense motions point-by-point. easily to either side.” Kissinger dwelt at some During the afternoon perform- ,    .    • alice yourn: girls even accepted won ‘merit a t,ckct Thls license    Concerning claims that    jurors in ti,,.    on the police trailer at thc    fair    the trial had consumed    alcoholic!    length on the failure    of    tile two expired June 30.    beverages during deliberations,!sides to achieve an offensive ★    ★    ★    *    *    *    Schultz said, “Iowa has aban- j missile curb and said in a pes- Sunburns, blisters, cuts and doned the strict rules as set out simistic tone that if agreement headaches. Staffers at the Red previously.    I    is not reached before 1977, “We Cross first aid station at the    fair!    “The court does not believe    will    see an explosion    of    technol- handled a variety of minor    ail-    the consumption of the    alcoholic    ogy    and numbers which    will be Wednesday Night Judging: 7 p.m.: Quality Pork Contest. Aerial Acts: 7, 8 and IO p.m. (grandstand: ______________8:30    p    m    .    ••From    ments    Tuesday.    They    reported    drink    that    eight    members    of    thc    impossible    to    describe.” responsibility for mg the other three voting units him to a detoxification center if Your Hit Parade to American I that one girl even wanted the jury had with their dinner had    “Superiority?” Leas and Trans- — Montour, Tama and Toledo’s!no other crime is involved.    Playedth Communi,y (Continuedrpage 2, Col. 4.) (Continued? Page 3, Col. 5.) I    “In the name of God,    what is “If a person is picked up (Continued: Page 2. Col. I.) Cne Dies in Hotel Blaze; 19 Missing HOUSTON (AP) — At least one person was known dead and and 8 p.m. others were injured Fun Time Theater Players Thursday Ilighllights Grandstand: 3 p.m.: Norma Zimmer, “Champagne Lady”; with Lawrence Welk, and Life, Inc.; 8.30 p.m.: Final Perform-; ance of “From Your Hit Parade to American Bandstand” with! Community Theater Players. Aerial Acts: 1:15, 2:15, 5. 6, 7 ocratic critics on the panel con-1 port Trailers, indicated all First ward — in the special eluded that given Nixon’s near operations of the two firms election, was “illegal and with-obsession for detail — for in-j would continue to be located in out judicial precedent.” stance, he would supervise ar- j Cedar Rapids.    Consent    Judgment rangements for dinner table set- He projected substantial    . tings — there was no way he j growth in sales and employment! G ,ree wefe included in could not have known his top in the future.    j    Tuesdays special election vote aides’ were involved in Water-! Transport Trailers was found-11? a consent judgment order gate.    ed in 1939 by Ronk and his fa-,s'?’nad.Av ^ederal Cross-Examined    ther. the late G. T. Ronk, who "at McManus of Cedar Rapidsjn jne others were injured) Fun Time Square: Butterfield spoke onlv in gen- in 1984. The company was)0,\ron tune ij \TCManus oralities however and under a located at 600 D avenue NWL “ar|KM\ on June 14, McManus crossexamination bv St. Clair!whcre 11 als0 operated Midland:J* £ . ' LthholdTcHm that one member called -brd-Engineer,ng during World warK*”* £    ceride L,ant‘ he GOnced^d he lacked „ . „ d    Mnlinp    I    county    vote    until he could deter- knowledge of specific activities. Barnard and Leas, a Moline,,    «hnuiH    ho    at “So much relates to Mal- RI * Rrm* was acquired in 1945.!mme whether    there    should    bt    a    pj Marshal Alcus Greer!    . do muon mates 10 rial- *    m    .isnec a e ection    j    •» u j * j •    »a<7c.    and    FFA    heifer    show, deman.” Rep. Fish (R-N.Y.) companies have operated,5^1    said    the    city had tried since 19/2 n k>. 10 m said. “Thats the big question^01 Twelfth street plant1 The matler came ,lR to have the hotel condemned as mark in the whole thing. the!since ^at time.    i    (Continued:    Page 3. Col. 6 ) a fire hazard. the Hotel Houston. Dixie in downtown Wednesday when fire destroyed Pork Look-out Competition,;B a p t i s t church Wednesday 1:30 and 5 j>.m.: “Sing Out where Mrs. Martin Luther King, Cedar Rapids .    sr ^ was eulogized as a woman A (ire department spokesman K/wi"me. % a.m.! Angus'ta:"*1’0    Said    die and stiU said 19 people listed on the reg- open beef show'. I p.m.: York-|does not ister were unaccounted for. 'hire and Chester White classes Mayor Maynard Jackson of Marshal Alcus Greer,in:    p    m    :    4*,J    Atlanta,    who eulogized the strategic superiority at these levels?” he asked. “If we do not solve this problem by 1977, we will be living in a world in which opportunities for nuclear war exist which arc unimaginable.” Kissinger acknowledged that ATLANTA (AP) — Hundreds no bullet will ever change that extending the temporary offen-Noon:|<>f persons gathered at Ebenczcr fact.”    sive missile agreement to 1985 Tribute to Mrs. King As Never Saying Die' Police Lt: J. C. Nash estimat- wou,d not invo,ve anY freeze in ed the crowd inside and stand-11deployment of multiple-warhead ing on the 2.200 persons Mrs. King. killed missiles (MIRVS), involving a sidewalks outside at sjng|c rocket that can fire several warheads at widely scat-70. was shot and tcred targets, or in testing of deadly nuclear two men spent so much time together.” The committee Wednesday turned to the $75,000 payment to Hunt as St. Clair called his first witness. Paul O'Brien. O'Brien, a former lawyer for President Nixon’s re-election campaign committee, set the payment in motion by relaying Hunt's demand. St. Clair hopes to convince the committee thc money was for legal fees, not to keep Hunt quiet Threat Denied O’Brien reportedly denied (Continued: Page 3, Col. 8 I Sharks Hit, Shipwrecked Family Loses Two during services Sunday even more mother of the late Dr. Martin!while she played the Lord’s weapons. Buildings and Exhibits opc„ I-ulher King. jr., said.' Mamma Prayer on the organ. She was, But he said it would contrib-at i p.m.    King was a ‘rock of ages and killed in the church where her Ute “to slowing down the arms father, husband and two sons race.” have served as pastor for 80 years. 'fullfil/\s Chuckle A small college at an athletic meet had a cross-eyed javelin thrower — he didn’t win any medals but he sure kept the crowd alert.    copvri*hr i, L TYNDALL AFB. Fla. (AP) — The sharks, silent, deadly and some 12 feet long, struck during the shipwrecked family’s 13th hour adrift in the water. The crew of a coast guard plane overhead could only watch helplessly Tuesday as (Photos on Picture Page) Edward Horne, 43, his wife, Diane, 34. and their five children battled the sea’s most feared inhabitants. One huge shark struck 10-year-old Billy Horne, tearing a gaping wound in his arm and shoulder. Another swam through the legs of Mrs. Horne. But the desperate family, kicking and slapping, warded off their attackers until the plane guided a pleasure boat to their rescue. Help, however, came too late for Billy, who bled to death, and three-year-old Edward, jr.. who died of shock and exposure. "Everybody, beware of the water,” said Horne from his hospital bed. “You do not know the sharks are there until they strike.” The Homes, their two daughters. Diana Jo, 14, and Melissa, 4, and a son, Gerald Paul, 14, were hospitalized Tuesday night for shock and exposure. Horne, a Houston, Texas, motel broker, also suffered severe lacerations on his hands and feet when his 43-foot motor yacht Princess Diana disintegrated in a freak storm Monday night about 35 miles southeast of Carabelle, Fla Thc Hornes, who left four other children in Texas, were on a leisurely cruise to the Bahamas. Despite coast guard and Weather Bureau forecasts of “beautiful weather,” Horne said the yacht was struck by a storm two hours out of port “Waves were coining clear up over the flying bridges. The waves were 12 to 15 feet over the boat. It literally ripped off the cabin. We sank in 15 minutes.” Horne sent out a distress call over his radio and equipped his family with lifejackets. They tied themselves together with a rope connected to a life ring and drifted in the Gulf of Mexico. Some 13 hours later an airplane piloted by coast guard Lt. Cmdr. Jack Arney spotted the survivors. “They were kicking, thrashing the waler, and there was a number of sharks surrounding them,” Arney said. He said there were eight to a dozen sharks in the water, “15 feet away, just lying there with their noses pointed towards the family.” “We didn’t see the sharks until the very last,” said Horne. “The shark hit my boy right as soon as the plane spotted us. Why the shark just hit him is something I will never be able to figure out as long as I live." “Somewhere, somehow, we overlooked something I think it was the weather,” Horne said. “And our babies had to pay for it,” added Mrs. Horne Horne, who had little sailing experience, had purchased the yacht last month. It was named “Phoenix”. “I don’t like the name of that,” he told a neighbor. "It sounds too ill fated. I’m going to name it after my wife.” Younger Son She is survived by her husband. 74, and a daughter, Christine King Parris. Her younger son. the Rev. A. D. King, drowned in his back yard swimming pool in 1969. Burial was to be at Southview cemetery, four miles south of Atlanta, one of the first ceme-tories started by Southern blacks after the Civil war. Her son Martin was buried there after his assassination in 1968, but his remains later were removed to a crypt next to the church. Many civil rights activists and dignitaries attended Wednesday’s services, including the wife of Vicepresident Ford; presidential assistant Stanley (Continued: Page 2, Col 6 t “In my judgment, it provides ? protective frame in which the issue can be constructively settled within 18 months,” he said. The issue of MIRVs has been (Continued: Page 3. Col. 7.) Today's Index Comics ........••...........26 Crossword     26 Daily Record    3 Deaths ............ -.3 Editorial Features .....6 Farm ............21 Financial    24 .Marion    -27 Movies    .....22, 23 Society ........■    .    12-14 Sports     17*19 Slate     .    4,5 Television      20 Want Ads    28-31 ;

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