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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - July 2, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather- Chance of rain tonight and Wednesday. Low tonight, 75 to HO. Highs Wednesday, lower 90s. VOLUME 92 - NUMBER 174 HUI CITY FINAL 15 CENTS CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA, TI ESDAY, JULY 2. 1974 ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES Panel Calls Baker Report Disputes] Butterfield Watergate Story VUI I VI I I VII! WASHINGTON (AP) - In estopped all its investigations -    three-month period immediately and the Baker report recom- A ^ yf|l||AA|i before tho Watergate breakin, mended that the CIA oversight 11 % |ff I TfiPSS E' Howard ,Iunt askcd his1 committees of the senate and1 •*** J* MliVW former CIA bosses to direct him house continue the probe. t° retired agents skilled in lock-! It said the agency had denied: WASHUM.ION (AI ) — Alex- picking and burglary, a report Baker’s investigators — headed arider Butterfield, who first told to the senate Watergate com- by Fred Thompson, the panel’s the nation of President Nixon s rnittee said Tuesday.    Republican counsel — access to secret taping system, was the! The CIA official who provided lead-off witness in the final the information retired one dav phase of the house impeach* after the arrests of the Watermen inquiry.    [gate burglars, the report said. Butterfield, formerly Nixon’s J Prepared at the direction of dozens of documents and witnesses it said mui;t be obtained before definite conclusions can be reached. Senator Symington (D-Mo.) appointments secretary, faced a committee Vice-Chairman and Rep. Nedzi (D-Mich.), who day-long examination behind;Baker (R-Tenn ). the long- headed separate congressional closed doors Tuesday about the awaited report said the new in-,oversight probes into possible White House chain of command at the time covered by the Watergate investigation. formation contradicts public jCIA-Watergate links, have said testimony by senior CIA of- they find the Baker deport un-ficials that Hunt had no contact convincing. The committee has received a wdb die agency after Aug. 21, Watergate committee Chair-vast amount of information    1971.    That    was the date on    man    Ervin (D-N.C.) also    has' about the activities of various    whieh    the    agency says it re-    said    reading the    Baker report White House aides in connection;    bised    Hunt    any further assis-    fails    to convince    him the    CIA; with Watergate and wants to    tance    for bis undercover assign-    had    anything to    do with    the but see if it leads to Nixon’s oval of- ments ^or *be White House. flee.    I The Baker report raises One Democratic member said|^oes.^    IT    se^a^    new Butterfield would confirm that! j>usPici°ns that the CIA may Nixon’s former staff chief, H. R. bave known .in advance of both Haldeman, acted only with Nix- ? y.une    Watergate on’s authority and knowledge,    Lreaiin    3n? e «•    *ni’uk u:    u    i ... . , J r ,,    .    , burglary at the offices of Dr. the Fielding breakin in Los An-! I think Butterfield can show Lewis Fielding, the Los Angeles geles “caused a wealth of con-whether Nixon operated in a psychiatrist treating Pentagon Rioting testimony vacuum, with his aides inst papers figUre Daniel Ellsberg. officials.’’ running loose out there, said; qA Director William Colby,; The report said that last Feb-Rep. Mezvmsky (D-Iowa *. He j wbo directed that the names of ruary, after a third search of its could be a significant witness, certain CIA employes and con- files, the CIA found a transcrip-Six for St. Clair    tacts be deleted from the public tion of part of Ehrlichman’s July report,    said he had    hoped 22.    1971, conversation    with Baker's    unprecedented    inves- Marine Gen breakins or cover-up. The report also questioned the! official CIA account of the extent of the aid given to Hunt at the request of White House ad-! viser John Ehrlichman. It said the events that led to among CIA Six of the IO witnesses to come before the judiciary com- Robert Cushman, mittee have been suggested by    *°u'd    'convin™    'hen the CIA's deputy direetor t _ pi /-ii •„    “that    CIA    had    no prior knowl- James St. Clair, Nixons chief    ...    . J.    .... impeachment lawyer Chairman '    Ells- Hod,no (D.N.J.), reversing a ^e^Xgate“ mmUtee has previous decision, said Monday    6 lie will recommend that all six    ★    ★    ★ be called. They are former presidential Yr\l inn • TI /J counsel John Dean; Frederick ■ vJUiiy* I UlvJ Larue, former Nixon campaign aide; William Bittman, lawyer for Watergate conspirator E. Howard Hunt; Paul O'Brien, former lawyer for the re-election campaign; former Attorney General Mitchell, and Hal- Not To Probe Nixon's “The document is especially significant in that it quotes Ehrlichman as saying that Hunt was working for the President and that the CIA was to give Hunt ‘carte blanche',’’ the report said. “The technician who dealt with Hunt has testified that he received approval for each and every request of Hunt from his supervisory officials al the 1x01© CIA," the report said. Curbs on Missiles And Tests Hot Weather Relief Gary John Peters, 9, and his sister, Traci Ann, 8, play in a dammed up part of the creek in Morgan Creek park. They are the children of Mr. and Mrs. Gary Peters, 3028 Huxley lane SW, and their mother was supervising their play. Temperatures reached the mid-90s Monday and were on the way up there again Tuesday. WASHINGTON (AP) - John!    Previous    public CIA! Ehrlichman cautioned one of his ‘had    h.    ?    °    w deman. Haldeman and Mitchell White House aides last spring ‘    (!    ^    !    ^.,?2fv,er    s are expected to decline to tes- against trying to find out how !^qfU^n n 0    J    ! rcceat tify.    n?„«fc dJu'm vivnn t,™..,    testimony and secret documents much President Nixon knew in indicate that Hunt had extensive Stuart Orders & S. Release of Highway Funds All’Iowa Fair Near Mid-Point; Ringer' Found in Sheep Show Rodino, who had previously advance of the Ellsberg break-.    ...    ..    rTA    ..    ...i said only two of St, Clair’s wit- in, according to testimony at F,J*'CIA after that nesses might be called, offered the plumbers trial.    ‘    d<^;    LTV!,    ,■ his concession to the    Republi-    The    testimony came from    lh_    r,,!    f    r'e,    ln cans, hoping for their    support    David    Young, the    principal    the    CIAs developmenl    of    ,w0 on the house floor for    a proce-    prosecution witness,    who dural change designed    to speed    turned    to the stand    Tuesday the examination of witnesses. for cross-examination by de-However, t h e Republicans fense lawyers, dealt Rodino a setback by fail- ing to follow their senior com-    gmlTp    fading    several    operations.    (amounting    to Cedar Rapids New*-    Tuesday    Night DES MOINES (IPI) — U. S. The All-Iowa fair reaches the Aerial Act: 7, 8 and IO p.m. appeared on the All-Iowa stage. District Court Judge William halfway point Tuesday night Grandstand: 3:30 p.m.: Final The musical show will be Stuart ruled here Tuesday that and the second half of the fair performance of The Grass .From Your Hit Parade to the Nixon administration does will open Wednesday with Kids ^ S‘T1    lfton    American    Bandstand”    with Glibber g psychiatric profiles I ?ot havr lhe Power 10 withhold day and with all new herds of Dan“" Anwrirar. Legend: music from the 1940s and 1950s. re' after that date, the report said, fodcraI-bighway funds approved livestock in the barns.    Wednesday    Highlights    p,us takeoffs    on stars of lbose he contacted the agency’s Exter-    congress to the state of Iowa, i “pr0L Goofy”, who    has been    k'I-’    I)-    two    decades. na I Employment Assistance In the ruling, Stuart ordered roaming the grounds since the    Ks    a*'    The    “unusual”    was    almost; Branch and active agents re-, lhe impounded highway funds, fair started, inviting fairgoers to 0.^ra“dsUnd:-,_.l, aV,<lL » pm,: commonplace at the All-Iowa BULLETIN MOSCOW (AP) - The U.S. and Russia have reached a new agreement to limit their missile defense systems, partially ban underground nuclear tests and to make new efforts to restrict offensive nu-J clear weapons, Leonid Brezhnev said Tuesday night. I MOSCOW (AP) - President Nixon told the Russian people Tuesday that he will meet with Leonid Brezhnev again next year to continue the search for “a lasting peace” and a better life for them and for the American people. The President also acknowledged that he and the Soviet Communist party leader “have many difficulties, yet to be overcome in achieving full control over strategic nuclear ; arms.” But he said in a prepared speech they made progress rn three annual summit meetings and are “steadily building a new relationship that over time will reduce the causes of conflict.” Positive Stake Nixon gave no hint of any specific results from his talks with Brezhnev in the nuclear field. He briefly mentioned new accords on health and housing and said, “They will give the people I of both of our countries a positive stake in peace.” Nixon’s speech was on the eve of the windup of his third summit with Brezhnev and followed a new round of talks with him. Nixon, Brezhnev and key aides met for an hour and 55 minutes. “It was a good day of substantive talks,” said White House spokesman Ronald munity Theater players have 1 In a joint statement, the two sides said the problem of a - Gazette Photo bv John AActvor peaceful settlement in the Middle East was among the topics discussed. No further talks were scheduled. Nixon and Brezhnev will sign a windup communique in the Kremlin on Wednesday. “We have been able to meet mittee colleagues, waive a His bill to which carried off the breakin. at least $36 mil-!pet his “invisible dog”, will be    h°ow' %onn    ^a*r Monday when 12.562 per- this year, as we will meet *8ain ased to the state joined by two other strollers!- From Your Hit Parade to sons visited the fair. That figure nc* .-car* ln the United * a es It said Hunt requested the lion, to be released I CIA provide “persons skilled in of Iowa that had been withheld Wednesday. Bugs Bunny and American Bandstand” by the mittee member'five mmuteTm burg”* wafler'formai t lwk    admtaWra,i0"    ^    atouf    “a.U^To - . -    J    unuci    im    nidi    in    mg,    and    entry    operations.    since    i960    wahwI*    Aerial    ac    is.    iz.uu, (Continued: for passage, although it did since 1969 Citing classified CIA docu- The suit was ments, the report said that in iowa highway - I til * * V V , v* • i'lHI VII I (JI IV! riMl *1 I It/1    n    C    lf    4    Itln.i    s    A command a 207-140 majority.    aiIU    lK 1CCUUI11CU uciail5 n, 1070 „    ,    .    .    ..    ...... . e.cvtmmoi ucwiho ut 1973 Hunt aske£j Chjef of the Vote on Secrecy    th<jse meetings explicitly. assistance branch for a “retired A    short time later. Rodino    .. ()un8 ^u°5fd khrhchman as    |ock    and    entry man jt leld    the 21    committee Demo-    .sayn* en    his Pr®seo| rec0®‘    noted    the    official    referred Hunt s solid v    “e and put    !ect'°n ^    hat heHdld Hto a    former    CIA    employe, who T    soiiuiv    in line «nu pu    j^qw about    the matter (the brough a resolution that will breakjn) beforchand (jeep the hearings closed during, (Young| said ^ { had the seven (lays set aside for *** I been away on vacation when the ope*ration occurred and Mr. filed by the commission question a witness failed to get vestigation by the FBI last [he two-thirds majority needed spring, Ehrlichman called him in twice, on March 27 and April .(I) and ho rnnm.ntzwi italic I!!?. P?riod of March ^ Ma> against Secretary of Trans- potation Claude Brinegar and Roy As‘h, director of the office of management and budget of the U. S. the grounds between their two Kids day shows Wednesday. 15, 5, 6, 7, 8 and IO p.m. Fun Time Square: 2 p.m.: In    the    stage    presentations,    Bod dicker    Accordion Polka Bugs    and    Porky    will rollick on    band. ! stage, “exasperating the emcee    Jud,Kins;    * p m.: Quality Pork r..    Contest    on-foot placings, in land one another while a pre- Farm Youth building, {recorded tape provides their, Buildings and Exhibits open Blanc, who ori- Page 7, Col. 2.) ★ ★ Something for Nothing Still Draws Well then retired on June 18, 1972. amining witnesses. The 23-15 vote in - ,    favor 01    Ehrlichman interjected    then dwrf hearings found members    |tha, , d|d knou, jf both parties switching pre- ejjj,er - Piously I,rid positions Only two    y,)un contjnued: Republicans voted for dosed    .., ^    , rearmgs. although all 17 Repub-it Mon.hand and ciear .cans favored dosed hear.ngs    reco||cc.tjon was |ha,    ^    a|so when the evidence against    had k[)own ab()ut, ., voices by Mel Blanc, wno on-ji p m Stuart said the secretary of ginated the voices,” Fair Man-transportation    did not have the    ager Charles Decker said.    chalk    up another first Wednes    By Steve Belle the day after the breakin team discretion to    withhold funds    The Kids day shows    will be at day    night when the Cedar    “Ripoff.” duly apportioned to the state of    I    and 3p.m.    Rapids Community Theater;    Several    All-Iowa    fairgoers ♦    *    *    opens    a two-night stain! It    echoed that    remark    by    Jim    Die- fair’s grandstand was arrested. Later in 1971. Hunt contacted jowa for reasons 0f curbing in-(Continued: Page 3. Col. 5.) Ration. The will marks the first time the Com- not in an atmosphere of crisis, but rather in an atmosphere of confidence — confidence that the work we have embarked on is going forward.” Nixon said. “In fact, it might be said that the most remarkable thing about this summit meeting is that it is taking place so routinely, so familiarly — as part of a continuing pattern that would have seemed inconceivable just a few short years ago.” “Continuing Process” “Peace is not only a condi- Link Killing to Anti-Clergy Group Nixon was being presented Rep Waldie (D-Calif.), one of I) A Y T 0 N , Ohio (Apl — charges of murdering Mrs Marcus Wayne Chenault, the a1-land a church deacon. Mrs trich, Marengo, concerning a, sales operation    at    the All-Iowa    **on’ die    President said while fajr    advancing    a fourth summit A young man    at    the booth be-    raund; "1(    il, is 10 last' il ™ust tween the Indian Rope Ladder    *>??** *Poc'ss. *    I ii nnri ♦ h/y c*i a rn rv* I v oneeiAne It and the Moonwalk performs his could Young testified to telling leged killer of Mrs. Martin U,‘1S ,,H' nether °f the Uiti ,rittd^Tbd,T;r i-u,i,<,r Kmg'sr'beiongcd ,o - st K^r ,he m" sought to open the hearings ear- Fbr!^hLn nf h Z"'? >isma11 KrouP th;,t beljeves blatk Chenault’s friend brat ier Offered the motion to keep    ^    mtaWe«    should    be    punished    b,ack prcachcrs as .. , own version of -Let's Make a **?™ in 1972' Nixon said -Both iDeal”. leaving many customers;sld.es yore venturing into the unhannv    untried    waters    of    something Martin conspiracy. Authorities said,} He said Chenault had no in ...    ,. .    new.”    But    now,    he    said.    “We proval of the breakin “Mr. Ehrlichman said he hem closed for the witnesses The Republicans who twitched said they were per- .. iuadcd by the leaks of confider    ..    .    . ial material from the closed JounM ,sa d wh™ ,hl‘br“kln lour bearings when documenta- ‘s M1 luus • Proposed three « evidence was presented    >ears    ago    he    assumed    Lhrhch. .....  A    give _________      When    the    summit    sessions    first King Mosca Williams, said Sunday I his mind and decided to kill King | they believed the shooting of (Mrs, King when he civil | Mrs. King might be part of a j find her husband Rev however,    they found    no cvi-    tention of hurting anyone else,    ''ll s a vcrv silcK operation,    and tbo jeadcrs 0f ^he Soviet anded all    dencc of a    plot.    but added that the past week-    a    Union have come to know one ,    .    . . .. .    -    —    “political    an    Black    end s events are only “a warn-    Basically the operation is a    an0(her. Each of us has a much because they misled their■ peo- pim,)S    ing of what is to come."    quitsi-auetion.    Dunng a prehmt-i^ner understanding of the poli- hadn t been asked that» Youne 1 ' ^ V " Jour"a ,H"ald “The black minister is one of The friend described 'The    Comate    a1*    '    y°U"K    ma"    dies of the other country, even ...J    88X60    mar’    Young    reported in a copyright story the most powerful forces in the r™°P as Hebrews who be-;    i»rament    says    he    represents an agency whcre those ,jcics diffef» Tuesday.    black    community because of his ,icvc jn c,od and not JesuV When asked if he and Chen-interested in distributing prod-J    _______ The newspaper    said it    learned I    ability    to    control people. Yet    he    Christ.”    All are black.    ault had discussed the assagai-    ucbs    lo    the    public. However, of    the    organization,    known    as    is    also    one    of    the main    reasons    Chenault\s    friend voiced    spe-    nation before Chenault went    to    another    man    who said he    em- “The Troop”, by interviewing a we still have (ghettos).”    cial    bitterness    toward    the    King    Atlanta, the friend replied, “No ployed the pitch-man would not close friend of Chenault.    The    FBI announced Monday family.    (comment.”    tell    what    firm    was    represented Interviewed on the condition that it was entering the case, on, ^be K*n8 family had been He did say Chenault had gone his name. since all    those    to talk with black ministers    in    Gathers    Audience got killed    in    the J    Akron and his birthplace    of man would have to okay. He continued. his Waldie and the other Democrats who changed their position,    ...._________ taid since about 95 percent of    y°U    ?    11,1 ^ that he not be named, the friend tile direction of the civil rights I cursed ever he evidence had been received man) dldn 1 ,hink >ou bad        ,    ,    ,,    ,    ,    iHivisinn of the U. S. justice Mack people n secret session, it would give lie public a distorted view of lie case to open only the ques* (Continued: Page 3, Col. 7.) Today s Index (Continued: Page 3, Col 6 )    ;    (photos    on    Picture    Panel department, primarily to inves- South lor following Martin, jr.’s, Winchester, Ky., in the months *Av man gd,b(‘, s an audience v *    I . r    1    ....    *    !    j    .    „    Ll__i— it-    _    r    al.    >    -    .    ..    .    I    hi/    fhrnii/inu    Alit    nlnctm    mine    onri I od tups i It it cli lr A neurotic »s a fellow with both feet planted firmly in midair.    copyright Stocks Take Sharp Drop tigate the possibility of a con-Aching in the height of the {before the shooting. He |]s0 by throwing out plastic pens and s lid that in addition to Chenault sp,racy-    1960    riots,’    the    newspaper    quot-'Said    Chenault    had    been    to    Cin-    c‘ga**e| bgbters- thro entices ^eo Conroy, head of the Allan-,cd b*m as say‘n8*    einnati to take part in a study sPec’,iJtors ,0 b,d °n a kn[fe set, '’BI office, said the FBI in- als® accused the Kings of group “The Troop” had held. P 7 or    skewers,    wit ...... 1    out    the    merchandise Comics .............    23 Crossword .....  23 Daily Record *...............3 Deaths ......................J Editorial Features — ..... 6 Farm .....   —    ,.,.14 and himself the group has about, five other members in the Day*p* office, said the FBI in- ion arca. He said there arc also vestigation was being conducted; getting rich instead of help-,members in Cincinnati, Colum-    ‘ ''ce :lnd in OW® certain    mg a®1 the poor iH-ople.    King NEW YORK (UPI)    — Stocks    bus and Youngstown    otber places that might be rele-    The friend said he agreed    that    Ebenezer    Baptist church    where plunged Tuesday after a major    ...    vant.”    Chenault’s original target was her father, husband and two glamor issue fell. Trading was    Without Bond    Three civil rights leaders, the the famed civil rights leader’s sons preached for decades slow. The Dow Jones    industrial    Chenault, 23. is    being held    Rev, Ralph David Abernathy,    father, also a minister. He    saidi Funeral    services for    Mrs average was off 13.22 at 793.02.    without bond in    Atlanta on    the Rev. Jesse Jackson and    Chenault apparently changed    King were    set for Wednesday. Financial Marion .. Movies Troop” had held. In Atlanta, the body of Mrs.! fnd*s , ,    .    _____ av in state Tuesday at the!a!anS with the money that was b,d    Snorts After each of the bids is1 made, the man asks the bidder if he is “satisfied” with the (Continued; Page 7, Col. 4 ) State Television Want Ads . 24 11 20,21 12 17*19 .. 4,5 .. 22 26-29 ;

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