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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 28, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Gazette Photo bv L. W. Ward Winferland Bridge Winners Bridge tourney winners smile over their trophies following the last day of play Sunday in the American Contract Bridge league's Winferland tournament at the Montrose hotel. Seated are Valerie Anderson of Des Moines and Harry Ross of Creve Coeur, Mo., open pairs winners. Standing, from left, are Dorothy Reeves and Vi Lewis, both of Muscatine, women pairs and master's pairs winners, and Dr. Clifford Hendricks, 3840 Tomahawk trail SE, and Royce McCray, 4608 Bever avenue SE, winners of the men's pairs. See below for the complete list of winners. Val Anderson of Dos Moines and Harry Ross of St. Louis took first place in the two-session open pairs event last week-; end in the American Contract Bridge league Winterland sectional tournament. The tournament was held Fri-: day, Saturday and Sunday in the Montrose hotel. Second place in the open pairs went to Mrs. R. Christofferson of Dewitt and Mrs. C. Newman of Camanche. Top finishers in other events: * Master's pairs — Vi Lewis and Dorothy Reeves of Musca-, tine, first; Alan Stout and Joyce Dodson of Minneapolis, second, j Men’s pairs — ’Royce McCray j and Dr. Clifford Hendricks of ’ Cedar Rapids first; Bort Champlin of Cedar Rapids and T. Jensen of Minneapolis, second. Women's pairs — Vi Lewis and Dorothy Reeves of Muscatine, first; Mrs. R. W. Vater and Mrs. Don Engel of Cedar Rapids, second. Consolation — Mike Nerdahl and Joan Nerdahl of Rock Island, first; T. Jensen and M Elater of Minneapolis, second. Swiss Team — D. Du Four, Dave Nicklasson. Jim Leary and Alan Stout of Minneapolis, first; C. Holcomb of Rock Island and E. Martzahn. C. High and M. Illingworth of Bettendorf. second. Newcomers (less than ten master points Bert Champlin and C. Thompson of Cedar Rapids, first: Mrs. J. Schultz and Mrs J. Slaman tied with Don Meerians and Bernard Dra-hovzal of Cedar Rapids, second Police Crack Down on Vietnamese Critic By Tad Bartimis SAIGON (AP) - Police barred Ngo Ba Thanh, a critic of the South Vietnamese regime, from leaving her home Saturday as she attempted to distribute a manifesto on ‘'third force” politics. Scores of plainclothes and uniformed policemen with walkie-talkies surrounded a four-block area around her high-walled villa in the heart of Saigon. No one was permitted to enter. Her son, Ngo Pham Thang. 25. a South Vietnamese navy electronics technician, was allowed to enter his home after showing his identification card to police. But when he returned outside to talk with journalists and then attempted to re-enter, he was ques- New Continental Tails' Slogan Invokes Stewardess Complaints I    J f* WWWW    AW . . . LOS ANGELES (AP) -Some Continental airlines stewardesses say the firm's new advertising slogan. “We really move our tails for you.” is degrading to them. “When I first heard the slogan, I was just mortified.” Claudia Lampe. stewardess representative for the 17.000-member Air Line Pilots Assn., said Friday. ‘’It's degrading to us.” She said married stewardesses have gotten complaints from their husbands and ‘‘we even have a few fathers who are unhappy about this.” ‘’Barroom Talk” Polly Musch. a married 10-year veteran of Continental, said: ‘‘I think it represents a lack of respect for hostesses. We have always projected pride, a class kind of image, and this .slogan i< barroom talk.'’ But Continental executive* insist the slogan refers onl\ to the tail of the plane, an extension of the firm's "proud bird with the golden tail” theme, not to part of a stewardess’ anatomy. Charles Bucks, senior vicepresident of marketing for Continental, admitted the ins piration for the ad came from the huge success of National airlines’ ‘ Fly me” campaign, also opposed bv some feminists and stewardesses He said National had a 19 percent passenger increase in fiscal year 1972 while the industry average was IO percent. The Continental campaign has begun in Miami and Houston. The protests were stirred bv the scheduled start of ads in the Los Angeles area Monday. B u t some stewardesses don't object. ‘ Most of the girls I’m flying with like the ad.” said Joanne Pond. 2(1. of Oklahoma City, who claimed she represents the silent majority. “If the others can't handle the remarks . . . they should get out and let the rest of us do the job ” A Continental spokesman stressed Friday that the print and television ads show “pictures of pilots, mechanics, cooks and baggage men saying, ‘We really move our tails for you.’ ”    • The ad has been defended as "not a putdown” by actress Audrey Meadows, who is married to Continentals president. Robert Six tioned briefly, surrounded and taken away in a police jeep. Mrs. Thanh had called a news conference at her home to distribute the 500-page manifesto she authored during the last two years she spent in prison. She had been held without trial since Sept. 18, 1971, following her arrest during a demonstration outside the national assembly, where she had been protesting President Nguyen Van Thieu’s one-man presidential election. Her release on bail Sept. 22 ended a 512-month hunger strike during which she said she lost 4R pounds. At that time friends reported she was free, following pressure on Thicu’s regime by United States congressmen, including Rep Bella Abzug ( D-N. Y.). Testimonial Her son said she had spent six weeks of continuous work writing a    “documentary testimonial”    on the neutralist third force in South Vietnam. The group is trying to find a middle way between the Communist-led Viet Cong and the American-backed Thieu regime. Under    the Paris peace agreement, the Thieu government and the Viet Cong were to set up a National Council of National    Reconciliation and Concord of three equal segments, with the neutralist third force included. The agreement assigned the council the task of organizing free and democratic general elections. But the council has never been formed as required. Political talks in Paris between Saigon and the Viet Cong are stalemated. By Abigail Van Buren DEAR ABBY; The other night, after a fairly calm eve ping with friends, my husband offered me to one of his friends. You can’t imagine how much this hurt me. I did the only thing I could think of doing. I refused in no uncertain terms, even though he tried his best to talk me into it.! I love my husband, but I doubt that he really loves me. He has tried to get me to do this before and every time Eve told him no and not to ask mc again, but lie keeps on trying. I have told my husband that if I want sex outside of marriage, I will do the choosing, but so far I am satisfied with him alone. I get depressed every time I think about my husband’s wanting to pass me around to his friends and lately I’ve been taking it out on our 2-year-old son. I am open for suggestions. NOT FOR LENDING DEAR NOT: My suggestion would be leave him and look for a man who would respect his marriage vows as you respect yours. But first I would give him an opportunity to get his head together. If he refuses counseling, then leave him—unless you want to continue to live with a man who regards his wife as his personal property— and a sex object to pass around to his friends. * * * DEAR ABBY:    I am one woman who is against Women s lib because it advocates free love for women as well as for men. Maybe I'm peculiar, but I don't want any free love before marriage. What I do want is a man whose moral standards are just as high as mine. Why should a girl remain pure for a husband who has slept with so many girls he has lost count? “20 AND STILL PURE”, DEAR “20”: If you've reached 20 and are still holding, hooray for you! Women’s libbers are pushing for the same privileges for women as men. That doesn't necessarily mean they advocate promiscuity for everybody, they simply want one standard for both sexes which is what you want, no? * * * Problems? You'll feel better if you get it off your chest. For a personal reply, write to ABBY: Box No. 69700, I>os Angeles, Calif. JMI069. Enclose stamped, self-addressed envelope, please. For Abby's new booklet. “What Teenagers Want To Know”, send $1 to Abigail Van Buren, 132 Lasky Dr., Beverly Hills, Calif. 90212. Shades Of the SOs Eileen Fehlig, 3732 Wonig rood NE, left, and Denise Van Fossen, 2540 Falcon drive NE, in their bobby sox, dirty saddle shoes, long beads and bubble gum, might look a little strange now-a days, but to many around 35 years old, they bring back fond memories of high school days. It was 50s day at Kennedy high school Friday and tho students came to school wearing costumes of the 50s. The day culminated in another fond memory, a ''Monster Mash" sock hop. Gazette Ptv>to bv John Mc Ivor Teen Challenges Mayor, Protests Beauty Contest PACIFICA. Calif. (UPI) A 16-year-old girl with strong feelings about women’s liberation took on the mayor of this suburban community before her fellow high school students. . She was suspended for five days, but she made her point. Zoe Joyner became indignant when Mayor Aubrey M. Lumley addressed students in the Terra Nova high school auditorium about recruiting girls for the 1974 Miss California beauty contest. Taking out a tape measure, she challenged the mayor to reveal his vital statistics. Then she lay down on the floor in front of the podium, breaking up the meeting. Her remarks, which included additional statements about the “base . . demeaning'’ aspects of beauty contests, got her a five-day suspension from classes by the school’s principal, Thanos Pangoulias. After her first day back at school, Miss Joyner said in an interview that things had quieted down during hor five days’ absence and that she received ‘‘only words of support’’ from her classmates — male and female. “I did what I considered the best thing to dramatize my views,’’ the brown-haired teenager said. "I wanted to show' people how I felt, and I didn't want to write my senator or do something like that.” She said that for some time she has been mulling over the negative aspects of society’s concepts of beauty and she didn t like what she saw happening. “Women undergo all types of surgery because they aren't considered beautiful by society’s standards,” she said. It's her belief that a persons' beauty should not bi* determined by a tape measure. Davenport Girl, Iowa Junior Miss OTTUMWA I AIU Linda Resnick, a high school senior a) Davenport West, was chosen out of 25 girls Saturday night to win the title of 1971 Iowa Junior Miss. Miss Resnick, a Davenport native, will receive a $1,000 col lege •scholarship and represent Iowa in the National Junior Miss pageant at Mobile. Ala., in May. LOSI WEIGHT STARTING TODAY ODRINEX contains the most effective reducing aid available without prescription ! One tiny ODRINEX tablet before meals and you want to eat less * down go your calories • down goes your weight ! Thousands of women from coast * att report ODRINEX has helped them lose 5, IO, 20 pounds in a short time - so can you. Get rid of ugly (at and live longer ! ODRINEX must satisfy or your money will be refunded. No questions asked. Sold with this guarantee by All Mays, Hexad Drug Stores 215 2nd St. S I. Mail Orders Filled. FROZEN CUSTARD WINNER ROSEMONT. III —A man from Hamilton. Scotland, recently won an ice cream eating contest. He is reported to have consumed 50 scoops of ice cream in 16 minutes. after which he was treated for frozen tonsils OPEN TONIGHT UNTIL 9:00 . . . his firs/ smile in the morning. 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