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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 28, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa TbeyH Do It Every Time ---------,    ,    *    J    *•«*» MOU AWP VOUK ap anions; three motels FOLL UP,AHO YOU SMP WE POM'T HEEP RESERVATIONS/ s-sutGEE-we CAMT JUST TURN , ’EM AWAY- PlLLSERRV,^' TI rn rALUAANI VIIZ, UVBS HERE.* HE'LL PUT US UP SOMEPLACE7 / GOOP THING I * HAP HIS .APPRESS- OH, YES, WG CAN/ TELL 'EAA i'm sick * tell 'EAA WE'RE OUT Of LIQUOR' TELL 'EM VOUVE QUIT AS ALUMNI , PATSY> Tho Cedar Rapid* Gacettf: Mon., J,rn. 28, 1874 7 / uiu HPcJAjA.i-4- SCACXJTD log F««tuic. Syndic.t«. Inc . 1974. Wo,I.) ngku "Miv.d Why alumni guys have unlistep PHONES" 'iJ^andRAH! ra^: to BOS COLLINS ST. ANSS LM'S, MANCHESTER, N.H., %x%%%^%%%%%^%xx%*%x%%sxx%%%xxxx%%xx%%%%;j Robber Told He I he Investor's fluide Used Wrong Slip U.S. Master Second Crackdown on MEMPHIS, Ti-nn. (Apl A ,n Chess Tournament    Rpr|:n robbcr fW wj(houl ohense, spain (ap) u s    Ber!in    I rattle wht-n a teller at a h'rand master Paul Mcnko won By Sam Shulsky Q A couple of yearn ago you (old me ilia) a retired person rn my position should curtail her common stock position. I did, even though my broker argued that the stocks I sold were the very ones he was recommending for purchase by other customers. Pm sure glad I listened to you, instead. Sam ihulslcy any money branch bank told him his holdup second place in the Third Inter note was written on the wrong National Chess Tournament here, type of withdrawal slip.    defeating    Javier    San/    of Spain Police said the man    apparent-    *n moves Saturday. |l.y became frightened,    stuck the    round capped ll days    of    play. I note in his mouth and    ran from    Ltibomir Ljubojevic    of    Yugo the First National    Bank of    slavia won first place    in    the 12 Memphis branch.    player    tournament with 9 5 Brandon Davis, bank public P°in,ts- compared with Benko’s relations director, said the rob-j8 ^uEcne Torre of the Philip ber had handed the teller a de- Pines was ,hird w,th 7 5 Pf)in,s BURLIN IAP) East Der many imposed sharp controls on traffic to and from West Berlin Saturday, Western border of he final ^n’rs reported. No explanation was given. LAFF - A - DAY Belgian Premier BRUSSELS, Belgium (AIL King Baudouin appointed Social Leo Tindemans as premier designate Saturday and asked him to try to form a new For Better Health Overusing Medication Can Be Dangerous Because of Addiction Dr. S. L. Andelman By Br. S. L. Andelman Headache sufferers may tend to overuse their medications. That’s the observation of the National Migraine Foundation which is dedicated to the investigation of headache, head pain and the nature of pain itself. Although foundation doctors realize not all headache suf- fercrs overuse their medica-Lnajgesjcs which relieve pain ions, many do. lins can be a and induct sleep, particularly serious problem if the prescribed medications have j    Heroin addicting properties. Narcotics, Heroin, sometimes referred to are the most dangerous of the by such slang terms as medications prescribed for “smack,” “scag,” “horse,” headache The term narcotics refers to opium and to pain-relieving drugs made from opium, such “junk” and “H,” is morphine chemically altered to make it some three to six times stronger. Since heroin is the as morphine, paregoric and co- narcotic used by most addicts, demo. These and other opiates most discussion about narcotics are obtained from the juice of addiction focuses on heroin, the opium poppy. Heroin, Per- When the abuser of a narcotic eodan and Dilaudid are deriva- gets hooked, or addicted, his tives of morphine. Several syn-'body requires repeated and thetic drugs such as Demerol larger doses of the drug. Once and methadone are also classed the habit starts, larger and as narcotics. Narcotics are larger doses are required to get widely used iii medicine as the same effects. This happens WIN AT BRIDGE By Oswald & James Jacoby Oswald: “In the ’30s it was common practice to open one* spade with a hand like the one held by South. Opener would be afraid to lose the spade suit if he didn’t bid it first This prat lice fell into general disrepute. People were playing too many 4-3 and even 4-2 spade fits with disastrous results.” Jim: “There seemed tu be no way to handle this type of hand1 until Philip Flannery of Pittsburgh devised a special convention. The opening hid of two diamonds is artificial and shows five hearts, four spades and 12-16 high-card points.” Oswald: “The bid is supposedly forcing, but in today’s hand responder elected to pass with a terrific match-point result.” Jan: “East and West can’t get into the bidding on any sequence. North and South have! no trouble making two diamonds and actually South made; an overtrick after the defense I started with three rounds of clubs. South won the third club in dummy; cashed his two high hearts to get rid of dummy’s last club and eventually lost a trump and a spade.” Oswald: “It is possible to get NORTH A 43 VS ♦ KQJ97 4 ♦ Q872 WEST A A 9 5 2 ¥ Q 5 3 ♦ 1052 ♦ A 105 SOUTH A KQ86 V AK1074 ♦ 63 A J6 28 EAST (D) A .110 7 V J982 ♦ A 8 *K943 West Both vulnerable North East Pass Pass South 24 Pass Pass Opening lead — AA because the body develops a tol erance for the drug. Withdrawal .sickness is a sec end sign of heroin addiction. When the addict stops using the drug, he may sweat, shake, get chills, develop diarrhea and nausea, and suffer sharp abdominal and leg cramps. Mod cm treatment helps the addict through these withdrawal symptoms. Tension Typically, the first emotional reaction to heroin is reduction of tension, easing of fears and relief from worry. Feeling “high” may be followed by period of inactivity bordering on stupor. As the addict becomes more and more used to the drug, he requires increasing doses to achieve a “high.” Eventually he doesn’t even obtain the high but needs heroin just to avoid the withdrawal sickness. In other words, he’s taking heroin to feel normal. Heroin depresses certain areas of the brain and may reduce hunger, thirst and the sex drive. Addicts can become malnourished and physically depleted because they usually don’t feel hungry and spend their money for drugs instead of food. Pneumonia, tuberculosis and veneral disease occur more frequently in addicts than in the general population. lf you think you may br dependent on your headache-relieving medication, consult your doctor. For further information on headache, write the National Migraine Foundation, 2422 West Foster avenue, Chicago, III., 60625 A — I’m sure glad I guessed right, in your case.    I    that the secretary of state at AI /cr    that, broker    mav    bany ^Presents    at least one    P°Sit sllP Monday on which hr have been'properly recommend-    definitive source    of information,    had made some uncompleted ing those stocks to other cua-    *    *    *    marka,gs,    and    also    showed    her tomers even though the stock ~ 1 a 65-year-old widow I* sayink'> 1 his could be ■ t subsequently lost with a $10-00° Paid-up life insur- fhe bl««est moment of your life. Christian ground '    Q    y    ancc policy. Should I draw the ®ve me all your money ” * * *    money and invest it?    Davis    said the teller told tin A - Assuming    there is a high    !""" he had wr't,en, lh,! ™lLe 0,1    government    as    quickly    as    possi- cash value, I see    no reason why    , „ ™"K.^form arniI woulId have    hie,    a    palace    spokesman    allyou can't take the money, ir,    out agam. Ile fled. pounced. vest it in a triple-A bond for a Should    we    scil    it? I lost $3,000 in    yield of    around 8 percent and stocks    last    year. Would you aug*    I confider    H,e capital a form of gest investing in jewelry?    insurance coverage. A — lf you will need retire-    *    *    * Q — We are a women’s investment club interested in a list of growth stocks. A — And just how do I get the list to you? * * * On life insurance: I am a from good com*    fiscal believer in it,. I think it is preferreds and    a must    for anyone who must O — My husband is thinking of retirement. We have some land - worth about $50,000 — from which wo get no income. I tip £#«.| ?«•>«.« %*Sh«k» Mw "Now you tell Mommy if you see anyone coming." merit income you obviously will not be able to keep $50,000 in idle land, which not only provides no income, but, in fact, represents a real estate tax liability. The money can carn up to $4,000 a year mon stocks, bonds. Jewelry more land does. * * * You can do something about I protect others — now, or in the would provide noif“turn^U\pleaS'd0nLas|',mc! income than the vacant! ” cornmcntl°" th,e adv.sab.hty j (for example) of “a participating limited payment plan Q — If I buy preferred shares    act:idetntal death waivers which have dividend arrearages    Vf‘    a on them, does the seller lose the    c'^a    in^ 1 e ^ an right to these arrearages? Does    technical differences can the buyer acquire all claims to,    exlr(tmely important    in dif-j the accumulated unpaid, pre-    *s|tuations    and    should    be fermi dividends''    discussed only with an experi- A v 7 .    .. enced life insurance broker who! A - YCS - rn both questions. ^ elacUy what ym m )ry ...    .    .    ...    mg to do, or should do. Q — How do I arrive at the    *    * * cost, for tax purposes, of I Iii q shares of AT and T I bought at i thr!yiah various times?    ,,    ?.    .    .    .    .. I ve just been notified that a A - Add up .very dollar you dividend was payable Dec. 14 to paid out to acquire    these    shares    shareholders of record Nov    ii That is your total    cost    for    Am I entitled to the dividend? Ill shares.    .    ..    .    , , ^ * *    A    — No. A stock goes ex- (I _ Please tell me whether SST    ,ive    da>s these two shares have any ' °rP e rc^or# value? (Facsimile enclosed )    ...    ,    . Q — I have nearly $2,00(1 to in- A — First let me (hank you vcs^ for which I would like for sending wily a facsimile. I about 8 percent income. can t be responsible for securi »    «,    ...    .. ties sent through the mail.    . A 7 Y.ou m,l(-hl ,COBUder ,    ln#s bank certificates, or utility The shares, believe it or not, Chares — commoner preferred, were issued by a Flying Ma-(    *    *    * chine Co. April 5, 1898! I haven’ ti Mr Shulsky welcomes written questions, but hp will be able to provide answers sold some stock broker on 11-23-73. the foggiest idea of what be- only throush the column, For information came of this company. Since the    TA' Wright brothers didn’t make! sS5SkvA'5,,?ii fE'cSST” 10 s'" their first successful trip, at    -- Kitty Hawk, until Dec. 17, 1903    Mexican    Tremor I would hazard a guess that MEXICO CITY (UPI) - The your shares represented some Mexican government seismog-early ill-fated attempt to get raphic station reported Saturda.v man into the air.    it recorded an earth tremor However — the company was measuring 6 on the open-end incorporated under the laws of Richter scale about 500 miles New York state, which means northwest of Mexico Citv. to a diamond contract after South makes a normal heart opening, but in this particular field almost everyone went set at one notrump or two hearts so til at the Flannery bidder nearly scored a top. V*CRRD<fc/*fe*« The bidding has been:    28 West    North    East    ‘South IA Pass    IA    1‘a.s.N    ? You, South, hold A A K 7 6 ? A K 7 6 ♦ 2 A K IO 4 3 What do you do now? A —Bid one heart, lf your partner holds four spades he ran hid the suit at the one level. TODAY’S QUESTION Your jtartner continues to one spade. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Miii|ie-I |i Ifs How You Want to Look Mod? Br Dignified? Br maybe somewhere between. We’ll help shape your specs to suit your lift* style, your personality. Bring your new nr present prescription lo us. Quick Service on Repairs and New Frames Closed Wednesday and Saturday Afternoons Open Daily 8 30 5 OO Now Location: lf TOWER Suite 1802 BODE OPTICAL DISPENSARY Ph. 363-7891    200    First    Street    SI I! s a favorite American cocktail—the whiskey sour - made even bet I cr with America's favorite whiskey- Seagram’s?(Town. Just squeeze (me lemon, add a teaspoon of line sugar, and 11 ounces of 7 Crown. Shake it with ice, dress it with an orange slice and a cherry, and you've got it made. Seagram's 7 Crown. It's America's favorite. $ca(iraiu; < T- bfveny CVO 'Mum AN WHISKEY A Bl IM) ’Lza* ^ Mn* rn AmMr Wop-*' t’J UA A** Buy ^Tf^a^iayixtytvq. MIC RO WAV f rot MICROWAVE'OVEN mud* only by |4yplWJVW. SAVE 50 - 75°/. OF THE ELECTRICITY YOU USE IN COOKING! ALL THE HEAT GOES INTO THE FOOD —NONE IS WASTEDI The Amana Radarange Microwave Oven is the most efficient energy-saving way to cook! You can maka big savings in th# electricity you use!* 56*/* SAVINGS — 4 lb Beef Roast S3*/i SAVINGS — 4 {8 o* ) Baked Potatoes SI1/. SAVINGS —Two Layer Yellow Cake 78*/i SAVINGS — Frozen Broccoli (IO oz. boil in pkg ) 'Comparison of microwave oven and electric range made by Sacramento utility District. From the Amana Test Kitchen: Baksd 50*/* T2*/e SAVINGS — 2 lb Whole Chicken I* SAVINGS —4 Lobster Tails (frozen 8 oz. each) 51*/. SAVINGS — 11 lb Turkey 1 cup of Instant «*/• SAVINGS Coffee SAVINGS from the Fry Pen — 4 Hamburger Patties (4 oz. ss.) Uses less electricity and saves time, tool • Cooks most foods in V* the normal time • Automatic Timer Control eliminates useless cooking time end saves energy, too. • Only the food gets hot. conventional ovens • Operates on 115 volts No massivt hest build up like No special wiring needed Energy savings will vary with th# poit'oni and typ# of foodj Th# loods ihown ar# typ'cal foods and portions. Soma other foods or portions will foil below 50*4 savings and others writ b* considerably mor# than 75*4 savings. OPEN TONIGHT 'TIL 9 p.m. Prices S Start at 349 95 Where do you want the freezer in your new Amana, refrigerator... Kl on the side? on the bottom? on the top? Amana, gives you a choice It you went your Zfto degree beezer on the side, theie's controls, one tor the freezer, one for the refiigeretor the Amene Side-by Side Or you cen have it on the top There s a "refrigerator-withm-a refrigerator' that keeps or the bottom I ney re an f fee O-F tost in both the rebig- meat fresh up to twice as long as en oidinery meet keeper, erator ami freezer.    And a high-humidity compartment that keeps vegetables And every Amana has two independent temperature fresh up to three weeks Come and look at the choices Amana has tor you.Then choose the one you want from gold, avocado, coppertone or white. SMULEKOFF’S 3rd Ave. At First St. S.E., Downtown Cedar Rapids MALHAM Dl*!H U NS ( ntM'ANT. k I C AMIA ILAN KIU’Mi A FI IND. 84 PROOF. ;

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