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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 28, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa J envision / By .lily ShHrbutt Public TV Beaten to the Punch NEW YORK (AR) True grief in the TV world is when four diffeernt producers in three separate cities plan .shows atjout two controversial subject.* and don’t Initially know they aren’t alone on their projects. Hut Carey Winfrey and Alvin H. (ioldsteln, representing the public TV side of production, are fairly phii<>> sophical about the fact that CHS and ABC have beaten them to the punch, in a manner of speaking On Feb. 27, Goldstein's “The Unquiet Death of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg", a documentary, will be aired na tonally on public TV. But tonight, ABC-TV is airing a made-in-Hollywood din matUatlon of the controversial 1951 trial of the Rosenborgs, convicted of passing atomic secrets to the Russians and executed in 1953. On Thursday night, Winfrey’s “Behind the Lines" media series, produced at WNET here, is taking a #0-minute look at press junkets and other possible journalistic conflicts of interest. * * * But CBS’ “fi« Minutes” did the same thing two Sundays ago, though only in a 17-minute segment that focused primarily on press junkets. Winfrey, who already was toiling on his project before he read of CBS’ similar effort in a trade magazine, was asked how he felt when he learned of it and that CRS’ version would air first. “Well, I thought it was just dumb, bad luck,” he said. I “But I didn’t worry about it 1 because I knew we would do it in much greater depth.” Thursday’s show, he pointed out, studies not only junkets, but also gifts, attempted bribes, outside jobs held by newsmen, off-duty political activity and the dangers of closeness with ma jor politicos Goldstein, who produced his show for the National Public Affairs Center for Television In Washington, DC., said he wasn’t aware of ABC’s Rosen berg project when he was starting work on his own. * * * “Obviously, I'm disappointed that we weren’t on the air-first, because I think ours la an altogether different way of approaching the subject,” he said. However, he said he thought his 90-minute program would be equally interesting, if not more so, because: Ifs an investigation, not a dramatization, and includes interviews with 21 persons Involved In the case, among them the Rosenborgs’ two sons and five jurors from the 1951 trial. It studies not only the trial and executions, but also the cold war climate in which both occurred. Me said his idea for the show came from the Water-gate hearings. “Watergate makes possible the reexamination of the past, particularly the 195ns,” he said. “Here are men doing things in the name of national .security and it was no different back then ... we did a lot of things in the name of national security, regardless of whether it was right or wrong. “And now, 20 years later, we ought to see why we did them.” BIG GEORGE! by Viffltl Dortch Cypriots Mourn Champion Of Independence Grivas The Cedar Rapid** Gazette: Mon., .tan. 28, 1974 during the British in the wal lah* LIMASSOL, Cyprus (AR) Thousands of Greek Cypriots gathered outside a humble house iii Limassol Monday to pay their respects to Gen.    ,    ,.    tvWA George Grivas, guerilla hero of    garters    when    he    led    his    KOKA the independence s I r u g g I e    *rmv    ()f    flJ'‘r,II«w    against the against the British who died Sunday of a heart attack.    Grivas’    asides,    in    their    annie body of the frail, 74-year    nouncemcnt    Sunday    night    of his old soldier who two years ago launched a new guerilla movement to fight for Ennuis, union with Greece, lay on a simple code nami against the 1950s. Grivas died and lay in state in the Ii arse tie used as his head “You’re carrying this Lib stuff too for!” I- 3 * Pesticide Applicator School at Kirkwood iron lad covered with the Greek flag arid hanked with floral wreaths. Ignoring the underground war he had been waging since 1971 to overthrow President Makarios, the Greek government bailed Grivas as a national hero. And while Makarios had no immediate comment on the death of his old comrade and recent bitter foe, all (ireek Cypriot school* were closed lor three days of mourning. As the crowd jostled to file past the body. students kent up a constant chant of “Enosis” and “Dighenis is not dead- his spirit lives." Dighenis was his Greece to block if. death, said before he died he had named his successor, and hi new KOKA army’s struggle for Gnosis would continue But opinion was divided over whether the small hand of guerillas estimated at only a few hundred men could survive without. I fie old general’s dedicated leadership and mystique. Grivas, a native Cypriot and an officer in the (ireek army, became a legend for his leadership of the original KOKA underground that fought the British occupation from 1955 to 1959 Grivas was the military leader of the struggle Archbishop Makarios the political and spiritual leader. But Grivas broke with the archbishop when the I at let agreed to independence without Gnosis because Turkey threatened to go to war against Soviet Missile Tests Reported by Pentagon WASHINGTON (URI) The Soviet Union tested a new intercontinental missile with multiple warheads for the first time Friday and Saturday, a Ren-tagon spokesman said Monday. The missile, the SSX-19, is one of the four new ICBM.* with an advanced “MIRV” capability for sending warheads to independent targets. 'Hie new Soviet missiles have caused the Pentagon a certain amount of concern over the last several months. 'Inland Sea' Floods Australia BRISBANE, Australia (AR) Aircraft pilots reported Sunday that the Gulf of Carpentaria and five major river .systems awol ien by record rains have merged into an inland sea 200 miles wide About 700 people driven by floods from 17 .suburbs were being accommodated in emergency welfare units in Brisbane and the city’s harbor and air port were closed Brisbane, a city of HRB (MIO, has had 32 inches of rain this month and more is forecast. A special school for pesticide zles and strainers. Darrell Sta applicators will be held Feb 5-7 ley, Kirkwood agribusiness in at Kirkwood Community col- structor, to discuss pesticide loge.    test and calibration problems. Several experts from colleges, Feb. 7 — Registration at I. universities and businesses will Robert Guether, ll. I). Hudson appear on the program, accord- Manufacturing Co., Chicago, to ing to Allen Peterson, coordina-    discuss spraying equipment, I tor of agribusiness and natural    pumps and tanks.    Hoover    to    dis- resources at Kirkwood.    cuss corrosion control. Jerry Peterson said the school is Hackenson, Allied Chemical designed for anyone who applies Corp., Omaha, to discuss com-jchemicals, but in particular for paUbility of chemicals; Staleyj Credit Union Elects pesticide dealers and their em- t0 discuss calibration mixing James    E.    Harris    has been    pioyes.    problems, elected    president    of    the Cedar    New federal regulations effec-    Sponsor of the    school    is    the Fire Department Rapids Fire Department Credit Union board of directors. Melvin E. Cook was named vice-president; Jerry V. Hruby, treasurer; William C. Bennett, chairman of audit committee; David G. Clark, chairman of the PSted tive in 1976 will require licens- community education division ing of all individuals engaged in at Kirkwood in cooperation with sale, handling or application of the *owa k^tatp ( ooperative Ex specified pesticides The tuition for the full school is $12 per person. Those interin attending only for a tension Service. credit committee.    single day may register for a $4 Also elected to the board were fP0. Pre-registration by mail is L. Laverne Daugherty, H. Rob- encouraged. Checks should be ort Shields, William J. Daugh- payable to Kirkwood Communi-erty and Inland F. Shaver, U.S. Academy Nominees Told Television Listings 2—WMT-TV, Odor Roptdi 3—KTVO, Ottumwo 4—WHBF TV, Rock Wood 4-WOC TV, Davenport 7—KWWL-TV, Waterloo 9—WKBT, La Crone 9—KCRG-TV, Cedar Rapids IO—KROC TV, Rochester I 2-KUN TV, Iowa City I 3—WHO-TV, Des Moines 40—KOUR, Dubuque Naval academy nominees are Samuel Almond, Jr., 104 Brentwood drive NFL and Steve Tilton, Anamosa. Nominated fort Monday Night 4;oo 7—N#wi, Weather, Sot*. ♦—Wild Wild Welt I—Action New* I—Newt, Weather, Spit. 4—Newt, Weather, Spit A -4 O'clock Edition •—Newt. Spit . Weather tP-Newi, Weather, Soli 12—Where There > a Wilt ij-Newt, Weather. Spit <6- Lottie 4: IS ll—Inttde Out 4:30 1—Sanford and Son 2—To Tell Truth l-l#t't Mote a Geol 4—Dully’* Trail A—Hollywood Square* t Omar row Tomor row 12:30 4—Country Mutlc Tuesday Morning 4:30 2—Sward# S#m**t#r 4—Garner Ted Armttrono I Sunrite Semetter a Noihviiir Mutlr Soppy GoidtPw n 12—Contultotlon 113—sontprd end Son ret. ■' 40 7:00 oilengine leo 7 Moglclon ♦—Rook let J—Guntmok# —dee * tet 4—Gum moire A—Moqlcton 1—Guntmok e IO—Mogiclan 17—Spei tot of the Week 13—Mogicion 40- Rook let 1:00 7- NSI Movie "See No fevll” f - AIK Theoter "Judgment Bmenherg and Mhel Triol" 2—Mere i Lucy J AIK Theoter "Judgment Bmenber g and fcthel Trial" 4—Mere t Lucy e-NBC Movie ' See No Evil" I—Mere t Lucy IO—NSC Moyie • See No Evil" 12—Energy Choiienoe 13—NSC Movie- ' See No Evil" 40-ABC Theater "Judgment ♦ mendere ond Ethel Trial ' 7:00 7— Today * Corner ted Armttrong TBS Newt . BS Newt —Todoy —CBS Newt IO—Todoy 13—Todoy 7:30 9    ♦ Officer Boom J- America Smgt 1:00 f—New Zoo Bevue 2—Copt kangaroo J—Soto me Street 4—Coot Kangaroo 1—Copt Kangaroo 1:30 ♦—Mot nine Show 17 to School 9:00 7- Dmah t Plore ♦-Mike Dougiot 2—Joker t Wild i—Kid Power 4—Joker t Wild e-Dlnoh t Plore I—Joker i Wild IO— pinch » Plore 17—Setome Street 13-Dlnoh’t PIOi • 1:30 7—Ottk 4—pick von Dyke Von Dyke Dick Von Dvke I 9:00 J — Meduoi I enter 4—Medical Center I—Medical center I J—waiMngton Straight Tolk 9:30 ♦—ABL Newt Oocumentoi v I- ABC Newt Documentor y ll- theater Macabre 40    * Bi Newt Documenter i IO OO 7 Newt. Weather, spit e —e yowling ti Newt Action Newt NOW*. Weather, Spit i Spit 9:30 7—Jeopardy 7—SIO,UCO Pyramid 3—Or Brother! 4—110.000 Pyramid A—Jeopardy I-110.000 Pyramid IO—jeopardy 13 -Jeopardy 10:00 I Wizard gf Odds • All My Children 7—Compd 3 -Galloping Gourmet 4—Campit A Wiror d of ocidt I—Gambit IO Wlrord at Odd* 17 in School 13 Wirard of Oddt IO: 30 /-Hollywood Sauaret ♦-Brady Bunch 12: IS 3— Town and Country IO—Virginia 13—Cartoon! 12:30 7—Three on a Match ♦—Let t Make a Oeoi 7—At the World Turn! 3—At the World Turn* 4 — At th# World Turn* A—Three on a Motch I- At the World Turn! IO—Three on a Motch 12—Electric Compony 13—Movie 40— Let t Moke a Deal 1:00 1- Dovt of Ltvet A—Newlywed Come 7—Guiding Light 1 -Newlywed Come 4—Guiding Light A—Davt of LIVA! •-Guiding Light lO-uovt of Llvet 17 -In School 40 Newlywed Como 1:30 7—Doctor! ♦—Girl In My Lite 2- Edge of Night 3- Girl In My life 4 —Edge of Night A- Doctor! • Edge of Night IO—Doctor t 40 -Girl in My Life 2:00 7 Another World 9— General Hotoilal 2 Price It Blohl 3—Generol Motpital 4—Price It Blghl A—Another World I Price ll Bight IO—Another World Ll Another World 40 General Hoipilal 2 30 7 —How To Survive o Mornogt 9—One Life Ie t.Iv# > Match Game i—One Life to I Ive 4 Match Game A How T o Sin vive a Marriage I -Match Game Six young Eastern Iowans have been nominated for ap- „    . ..    pointments to U.S. military ara- ty college and addressed to:    ^ of(jce of *.„• D|ck Allen Peterson, Community clark announced Monday. Fiducation Division, Kirkwood Community college, 6301 Kirkwood boulevard SW, Cedar! Rapids, Iowa 52406 ’I he school schedule:    West Point are Joel Johnson of Feb. 5 — Registration begin Vinton; Kent Morgan of Stan rung at I p.m. in the horticul- ley, and Daniel Rvherd of bal lure operation center. Steve Rader. Ryan. Iowa State university ex Air force academy nominees tension service, to discuss laws include Mitchell Christ of Solon and regulations at 1:45. Dick Altogether, the names of 29 Davis, farm supply instructor at Iowans have been submitted for Kirkwood, to discuss pesticide consideration, terms. Bruce Barmen, Stauffer Chemical Co. Omaha, to cliv- Small Business Unit cuss pesticide labels. Herb u , r ..    ... Hoover, president of Control    '• oyer Dies Services, Inc., Marion, to dis- KANSAS CITY (AR) — C. I cuss record keeping.    (Moyer, 69, regional director of Feb. 6 — Registration at I the Small Business Administra-p rn. Information on new prod-tion (SBA), died Sunday at a ucts, by Wayman Lipsey, Agri Kansas City hospital after a Research Development Co., short illness. Burlington. Bill Brandenburg, Moyer was director of SBA Delevan Manufacturing Co., Des activities in Missouri, Kansas, Moines, to discuss spraying noz- Iowa and Nebraska. VISIT YOUK PROFESSIONAL FLORIST ANI) ESTA RI ISH A CONVENIENT (HARGE ACCOUNT. NOVOTNY Flowers. RHI, Cedar Rapids, 365-1757 TOMAN Florist & Gilt Shop, 615 Center Point Rd NE. 364 8139 PIERSON S FLOWER SHOP & Greenhouse. 1800 Ellis Blvd NW 366 1826 LEWELLEN Florist, 121 Town & Country Shopping Center. 364 2146 KREBS Florist, 2424 18th St. SW. Cedar Rapids, 363-2081 CEDAR MEMORIAL Flower Shop. 4200 1st Ave NE 393 8000 BEZDEK S Florists, 340 Marion Blvd., Marion. 377-1571 4 SEASONS Florist. 3028 Mt Vernon Rd SE. 363-5885 NEWPORT'S Greenhouse & Flower Shop. 2125 Wilson SW. 363 8128 LISBON Greenhouse & Flower Shop. 403 East Marmet lisoon 4r . m PECK’S Green Thumb, 5008 Center Pt Rd. NE, 393 5565 WILLY'S Floral Designs, Inc. 3501 • 1st Ave. SE, 363-2675 BLAIR S Flower Shop. 3317th Ave.. Marion. 377 8239 FLOWERS BY PRESTIDGE. 3415 Mt. Vernon Rd SE. 365-7334 IO 13- 40 How To Survive o Mar r loge How To Survive o Mer i iogr* One I Ile to l ive 7 — Love of Life J—Br« radv Bunch 4—Love of I rte A—Hollywood Square! « I ovf of I ire 10—Hollywood Square! 11—Hollywood Snuoret to Brady Bunt ti noo 7—jot knot ♦—Poi attword 3:00 7 Secret Storm ♦ - Love, American Style l-Serret Storm J Love. American Style 4 Mike Douglat A- Sorrier tet I—Secret Storm IO- Somerset 17—Modem Supervisor! ll - Sorrier set 40 -Love. American Style 3:30 Whet'! My I Int 7 Glllignn I Island (-sr, My < htldt en A -Cartoons I Bewitched fc Newt, Weather 16 D c lock trillion I — i ce ♦-WI in 7-Lh 4-«- •-Newt, Set! . Weather 10-Newt, weothgr, Spit 11--Day of Night li-Ntwt. Weather, Spit 40— Newliin# 10:30 7 lament tide War Id of > nteflainmenf BS Movie Girl He I eft Bemad" J —Wide World of Pnlertoinment 4 -Wild Wild west A—Itn!ght I CBS Movie "Girl He I ell Behind IO Tonight 17 David Suttkind It tonight 40 Wide War Id at F mer tolnment ll 30 4 Rawhide 17 OO 7 I omar r oat j. | att ward A I amor rn* J—Young and Betties* J— Pottword 4—Yeung and Mettles* A—Jackpot • --Young end Nestle** IO—Joe kpot I J—Jac kpot 40 Password 11:30 7-Baffle 9- Split Second I- Tomorrow j Spilt Sec ond 4 —Tomorrow 12- 40 4:00 7 ♦« J- 4- A- I- 10 17- 13 Not for Women Only Br trig# ♦ loppy Movie Honarwn Slor Trek Not far Women univ Rig Valley (nannie Slor Trek Munster t Mister over t Mer v Griffin BBN • —Ti E omen row offle Ii Ii—Qoffi» (lf Second Tuesday Afternoon 12 OO 7 Newt 9 kvewdntt* Newt 7 Newt, Weather i Newt 4 Dick Van Dyke A Noon edition I Noontime 10- Newt. Weather. Sot* 17 In I. hoot 4:30 I Bewitched I el i Make Deal A Mer v Griffin IO—Bonanr a 17 -Setome street SOO Dragnet ABC Newt 2 Consequence* J New stroll New sfentur vt GHIigun t Itlnnd ( onteciuenc et ABC Newt S: 30 ij New* All My I midi en 7 HBC Nrwi 9 r yewitnett Newt 7 -LBS Newt J ABC Newt 4-CBS Newt A NBC Newt • CBS Newt ii) NBL Newt 17 I lei lr n ( nrnpany ll NHI Newt 4(1 Newsline LIGHTEN & BRIGHTEN A WINTER-WEARY HOME & BUDGET WITH BIG SAVINGS AT YOUR MORRIS DECORATING CENTER! QUALITY FLAT or SEMI-GLOSS INTERIOR LATEX YOUR CHOICE 5.99 REG. 7.98 GALLON Ones Ii I bfiutilui durable (Im Intl mitt! 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MORRIS PAINT decorating center REG. 10.99 Allow up to 5 days for delivery. Just say, Charge Itl AVCO Better Living Plan LINDALE PLAZA Phone: 393-4016 \^Houts: Mon.Tri. 9 a.m. 9 p.m. Sat. 9.a.rn.-5:30 p.m. ■ - A Division of QgJ MORRIE INDUSTRIES, INC J Tonight, one great show after another! 5:00 Evening News with Howard K. Smith and Harry Reasoner Two exceptional people, two exceptional news costers... they give you just a little more! 5:30 Eyewitness News Lorry Hightchew anchors this professional news narrative that focuses in on area events, sports ond weather! I lit 6:00 Wild, Wild West Super Agent West vows to destroy diabolical Raven, in first of fontostic two part adventure. William Schaller? guest stars. 7:00 Rookies Rookie Mike Danko’s efforts to help a friendless, young widow creates situation which threatens his own marriage in tonight's dramatic episode! 8:00 Judgment: The Trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg First of Stonley Kramer s great trial series, a re creation of trial of first atomic spies. IS 9:30 if rn “Britain's Darkest Hour" News Documentary An assessment of current troubles besetting Great Britain in wake of world wide energy crisis. 10:00 Eytwilntii N«wi Larry Hightchew as anchorman, Bob Brooks on sports, Wayne Winston for weather .. on un beatable combination for your news! 10:30 “Shadow of Fear" Wide World Mystery An|onette Comer stors as beautiful young women tormented by a mysterious stalker! IV9 ;

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