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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 28, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Weather — I'm lr tonight through Tuntidy, Uws tonight in tho 20i. Highs Tun day around 40. VOLUME 92 NUMBER lit OS) rn CUDAK RAPIDS IOWA MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 1974 CITY FINAL IO CENTS ASSOCIATED PRESS, UPI, NEW YORK TIMES U. S. TO STEADY OIL PRICES Krogh Talc Ex-Aide to Nixon Unit Bears Out Eniers Guilfy Plea President WASHINGTON (AP) The director in the campaign com ! former scheduling director of|mittee, pled guilty last summer President Nixon’s re-election I to a single charge of conspiring! NEW YORK (AP) — Egil “Bud” Krogh, head of the White House “plumbers” unit, has supported President Nixon’s statement about when Nixon learned of the Watergate cover-up. Hut Krogh. who will start! serving a six-month prison term next week for his role in the breakin at the office of Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist, blamed the President for creating what he called a climate of “bitterness” in the White House. committee pled guilty Monday to a charge of lying to the FBI about the Watergate breakin. Herbert Porter, 35, of Laguna Niguel, Calif., was released on personal recognizance pending completion of a presentence report. Assistant special prosecutor Richard BenVeniste told the court that on .July 19, 1972, one month after the Watergate breakin, Porter was questioned by two FBI agents working on the case. to obstruct the Watergate investigation and also has been cooperating with the prosecutors 'Tapes Access Meanwhile the White I louse) refused Monday to list the mdi-i viriuals with access to tape recordings or rtanscipts of President Nixon’s Watergate convert sations. Deputy Press Secretary j Gerald Warren was questioned; about access to the tapes and transcripts following disclosure Campaign Speakers The prosecutor said Porter Krogh also said Sunday in a told the agents about a conver-felevision interview that he was too inexperienced to be chosen as head of the plumbers investigative unit, which was formed to plug national security leaks. Undue Alarm He said the Nixon White House tended to view political opponents with undue alarm, claiming that Ellsberg, who admitted leaking the Pentagon Papers to the press, was wrongly labeled an “enemy of the $10,000 fine. United States.    Magruder, Krogh said he spoke with; former White House counsel! .John Dean on March 20. 1973 — the day before President Nixon has stated he met with Dean J and first learned of the extent off White House involvement in the' Watergate cover-up. Krogh quoted Dean as saying) in that conversation with him: i that speechwriter Patrick Buchanan and Republican congressional leaders had seen or heard them. sation in which he and .Job Warren refused to identify Stuart Magruder had discussed; those who had done so saying, spending $100,000 to hire college «|*m not jn a position to do that, students as campaign speakers. !. . . There are legal implica-“There was no such converse- tins ” lion" BenVeniste said    j He repeated previous asset- Tho prosecutor indicated tjong ,hat |h(, watergate ,ap(. Porter has been cooperating with the current investigation. The charge of making false statements to a federal agency carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a former deputy Nixon Urges Increases in Vet Benefits recordings are in the hands of the special prosecutor, which he described as the “proper forum.” He did acknowledge, under questioning, that copies of the tapes also have been retained in the White House. On a related subject, Warren was asked whether the FBI had sought to question the President about the 18-minute erasure on lone tape. “I don’t believe that has hap-J i pened,” Warren said. UPI Telephoto TOKYO WELCOME — Japanese Vice-premier Takeo Miki (center) welcomes Sheik Ahmed Zaki Yamani (right), Saudi Arabia's oil minister, and Belaid Abdesselam (left), Algerian industry and energy minister, at Miki's house Sunday in Tokyo. Arab Warns Japan, Europe °ne Trucker A    •    .    f t    •    Sll0t'    0ther Against Oil Confrontation ohio violence TOKYO (UPII — Saudi Arabi-,the balance of payments of)steps to carry out an Oil Minister Ahmed Zaki other countries, we think we cu^ ’Yamani said. “Dirty Tricks”    I    Yamani    warned Japan and Eli should sacrifice a little. This is A™*) diplomatic 'res-1 Porter told the senate Water- r°pean countries Monday not to an individual Saudi Arabian pol-‘ Bud. the President is being jident Nixon Monday proposed gate committee that the $ I OO, OOO j 8°    1 He Feb. ll Washington icy.” Simon Hits Variance in Home Fuel WASHINGTON (UPI) - The federal government will move this week to end the price fluc-j tuation in home heating oil that bae, caused some homeowners to pay 50 percent more than their neighbors, Federal Energy Administrator Simon said Monday. I Simon aLso told the senate i subcommittee on intergovernmental relations that the home heating oil crisis has been man-|ageable so far-but that the I crunch is far from over. New Rules Simon said the price fluctuations were caused by the difference between cheaper domestic-produced heating oil and the more expensive imported oil. He said new rules to be published in the Federal Register this week would assure each supplier an equitable eh a re of both products “This situation is particularly (Visible in New England, which historically has been dependent on imported products,” Simon said “We in the FEO are deeply concerned when a homeowrer pays 50 percent more for henting oil than does a next door neighbor who uses a different supplier. We consider the situation unfair and intolerable.” The sooner the heating oil situation can be stabilized, the WASHINGTON (AP) sources in Beirut said Arab oil ministers meeting in Tripoli, Libya, Feb the price1 COLUMBUS, Ohio (UPI) — One truck driver was shot, four other trucks were hit by bullets    od    Pr()du(>ers    (an S^>B and two truckers were pulled from their rig and beaten in the emphasis of production back to gasoline, Simon faid The sooner this can be ac badly served. He just doesn 11 cost-of-living increases in veter-know what’s been going on.” „ . ^    .    . Krogh said Dean's remarks ans Pensions and an eight per- convinced him that Nixon wasjcen* ^)os^ *n CI benelits as part not aware of the cover-up until of a $13.6 billion legislative pack- March 21.    age for veterans. ,    ot    14, would turn down appals to!northern ()hio ,ate SundaV andiComDlished tho less likely will No End in Sight    lift their boycott of the US    early Monday as the deadline f®mP,ls™d’ tne /c.ss m?ly mU un meir Doycoii oi me u.a.    the    chances    of    gasoline    ra- While Yamani promised even-! The sources said, however, approached for a nationwideL.^. ‘ tun! cuts in fuel prices, pct role- the Arab oil states would consul-;'™' mg shutdown.    Senator    Henry    Jackson    (D- He said the interests of Japan ,Jm sources saw n0 cnd in sisht er    production    and deli-, Dennis Nickles. 30. Casey• »JWash , said Sunday ttiat ration- in ainu intr nuni aw ui anpan, 4U ,—„k; m tho met th/. «erin _ a tank truck driver, was shot in! irjrT ma^, kp , reality between meeting proposed by President Nixon if they were seeking a confrontation with the oil ducmg nations. Bad Judgment”    Nixon    also    urged    that    j    asked    him    to perjure himself. congress, restore Nov. ll as Vet- To do othprwisc, ,.orlcr sald erans day. was given to Watergate conspirator G. Gordon Liddy for political “dirty tricks.” Porter told the committee that Magruder. deputy director! -------*;------:— ~“r.....;f0    jht, of the re-election campaign, hadj ^ran<^e- ^Britain and German) ^ ^ ^ Iii Beirut, shipments Reveries to the rest of the world —.a a move likely to ease fuel short-1 the presidency, Krogh said: “ I’m not genna say that But of Nixon’s handling of the,    A„„    .    ( . • i men i repealing part of ai Magruder told him. “could be hei??^ ^ich sw,tehed the hoi- verv embarrassing to the Pres-should not he held responsible^.° lhe four,h Monda>' ‘"jident of the United Slates." to for bad management, poor se- ™    ,    .    .    .    former    Atty.    Gen. Mitchell, and; I The proposals were contained |0 „ R „a|d,.man Nlxon-s j I n a special message congress, one of a series Nixon! [is, sending to Capitol Hill before' his State of the Union address ^'ed ^ ordy lection of people for certain jobs. I should never have been appointed to the plumbers. I wasn’t experienced enough to I handle that job.” Krogh said of the Nixon White' House. “    . . I think there s (Continued Page 3, Col. (P Haldeman. 10 i former chief of staff boycott of w    ™ shoulder late Sunday on in-1 *    ,    . are best served by bilateral    i____,fc    inpciqta on in TVnmkiiii aaiiaIii [April and June unless the Ara deals, in which they help back- 1° Beirut, diplomatic sources ward, oil-rich countries to in-j pr«*dK*ted Arab oil producers dustrialize. in return for assured Saudi Arabia taking the supplies of petroleum.    J    _    Egyptian    President    represent sufficient progress to- through the windshield and Hit- gasoline rationing may be ne Sadat for lifting the fuel embar- ward ultimate Arab aim — ting him, according to the Ohioc.ssary bv the second quarter of complete Israeli withdrawal ) Highway patrol.    !    the    year from occupied Arab territory tcrstate 80 in Trumbull county,'.^,,,..    , A.. ... .    .    ...    . . j ’boycott ends, adat was;Ohio. His truck was hit twice by| Rationing? Jackson indicated Sunday that to- through the windshield and hit- ages in the U.S. Tile diplomats said told by King Faisal the disen- bullets, one slug striking the gagement agreement did not grill and the other passing “Serious Matter' Porter told the committee he to the FBI but to Wednesday night. The President said his ad-j ministration is preparing legis-j lotion to grant the 2 4 million Bloody Birthday For Vietnam Pact Israelis Leave Third of Land Seized in Egypt SAIGON i AP« Heavy lighting was reported Monday on the first anniversary of the cease- end “If the idea is to unite them go of the U.S. for a confrontation    it will be a Sadat recently called for a serious matter for    both con-“gesture” by the Arab oil states sumer and producer nations.”    because of Secretary of State the federal grand    jury and at    Yamani told a news conference.    Kissinger’s efforts in working the Watergate breakin trial.    “It will be an especially serious    out the Israeli-Egyptian troop Impeachment    'matter for Japan, which de-jpullback accord. (pends almost IOO percent on im-! At the same time, a group of Inersnns rereivinp    veterans    nen-l "ater^a,e and    ca,*s *or    ported oil.”    Arab and non-Arab oil special- per.otks re    em    g    etirans    pin    prpsi(jenl ^jlxon's    imp0achmentj    Yamani said “We have no    isis from oroducine countries I sions the same type of automat-..,,/    T    lumnm    sam.    nave    no    isis irom producing couniries lie cost-of-living    increases avail-    ,    ? followed the Water-    objection to dialogue, but if they I met in Vienna Monday to atabi-    fire    that    was    supi>osed    to table    to    social    security recipi-r.^^^^ f'^l, W*rt‘ k    (America) are having this con-Mize steeply rising oil prices and    the vietnam    war    but    didn    t tents    J    subjects    of    comment    made    by    ference for political    reasons —I prevent economic chaos for Atty, Gen.    Saxbe    over    the    week-,    to have a confrontation — we I buyers and sellers of petroleum. ***“•    I won’t cooperate.”    Sources    said    the    first    task    of He said an impeachment ac-J Yamani said that “the price!Organization of Petroleum Ex-tion against Nixon, especially a    of oil in the future won t be importing countries (OPEC) would bitter, partisan one. would tear    terms of dollars, but technology;be to establish future prices, the country apart.    and industrialization ” Yamani The current levels were frozen Egyptian territory to the United I Nixon said the eight percent! But. Saxbe said, he expects! repeated Monday that Saudi! until the end of March Nations and freed Egypt s en-    increase in education benefits    congress will not    i rn pe ach    Arabia’s    government favors    a    “We    try    always    to    do    these circled Third army.    he if, seeking will supply an    Nixon but    rather    will keep the!reduction    in    oil    prices, but    said    things    as    members    of    a    group,” Scores of Israeli half-tracks,extra $200 million in aid for the action going rolled out of Suez City    toward    more than two million taking    “They’d    rather    have a crip canal bridges to the    eastern j advantage of the GI bill educa-jpled Nixon    than a    healthy, sit A spokesman for said four trucks w< the patrol) ..j believe the present square hit by tjon dearly indicates that in the bullets early Monday on inter- second quarter we’re going to state 80 in Mahoning county, butjbe in a posture where gas ra-no one was hurt.    Honing    may well    be    a    reality,” Keatings    he said “I don’t think    there’s much doubt about it unless there arc some    developments    overseas He also said the veterans pension program should be restruc-SUKZ, Egypt ( AP) — Israel s j tured to assure that the neediest invasion forces lilted the 97-day pensioners will receive at least siege of Suez City Monday, sur-ja<; m(M.h as adult welfare rerendered 300 square miles of;cipients. The South Vietnamese command claimed that 62 Viet Cong were kill<“d in three battles 45 to 110 miles southwest of Saigon in the Mekong Delta ment losses were put and IO wounded Neither th« the \ let Coni bank. The vehicles were filled; with singing, clapping soldiers. Iii a midday ceremony, the I Israelis formally handed control of the city at the southern gateway to the Suez I anal to the ll.IN. emergency force. U . N . troops immediately hogan taking control of Suez with the 15.(KH) civilian inhabitants and the southern invasion zone, holding it Lh* at least six hours. Israeli officers said that by nightfall Egypt would regain) about a third of the enclave| carved out of Egyptian territory) west of the canal during the Israeli invasion Secretary of State Kissinger! told newsmen iii New )ork lie: was “moderately optimistic that Israel and Syria would agree to negotiations to disengage their troops on the Got.rn Heights Kissinger met with IJ.N. Secretary-General Hurt Walheim to discuss the Middle East situation eremonies to mark the ambit will not happen immediately. lhe said. “As to future price versary of the peace agreement Yamani said Saudi Arabia levels, it would he premature to) which secured the release of thinks the present price levels talk about ii    American prisoners of war held tion and training allowances. I ting Jerry Ford, The increase is needed, lie said. I “to keep pace with inflation.” (Continued Page 3. Col, 4> Saxbe said in do n°t reflect the true value of “King Faisal is deeply woiri- bv tin* Ioil in terms of supply and de cd about the oil problems and is the wa\ mand but “due to the effects on currently studying necessary»America State: No Back Door' Tax Increase Totluii’x Chur tile People who diet go to great lengths to avoid great widths (iipyriylil By Frank Nye DES MOINES Iowa counties are in the process of (hanging from a Januan December calendar year to a Julv-June fiscal year under a new state law. The transition period re quires 18 months. It started Jan I. 1974. and will end June 30, 1975. Present county budgeting and tax-collecting are geared for this 18 month period until the new 12 month fiscal year takes effect on July I, 1975 Cilice arc making this trail sit ion too, along with counties, to bring Ixith into conformity with the state government and local school districts, which long have observed the July June 11 cal v ear. No Changes Contrary to some re [nuts the IH-monlh transitory period will not require any change* in the normal tax paying pattern of the property owner. On the present calendar year basis he may pay his tax iii full iii March, or in two equal installments, with the first payment due iii March and the second in September. For the transitory period, however, his taxes will be tor an 18 month period and in1 may pay them iii full in March. 1974, or pay in three equal installment* with the first due in March. 1974. the second iii September. 1974 and the third in March, 1975. When the new fiscal year takes effect July I, 1975. Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer may pay (heir 1975-76 tax hill in lull in September, 1975, or in two equal installments with the lirst due in September, 1975 mid the second in March, 1976 From that time on the lust half payment, or Ila' lull pay ment, will in* due each September and the second half tilt1 following March The Linn County Pro pert) T a x p a y e r* Association's f LCPTA) newly-elected vice president, L. W Hamilton, re centi) was quoted in a news release as saying Iowans will be forced to pay a “buck door” property tax increase as a result of the 18 month transitory period lie said each individual now its allowed a credit on the first $2.7(H) of his personal property and that this will not he iii creased by half lo lie applied to the last six months of the 18 month transitory [>eriod Iii1 cited an attorney general's opinion to hack him up Hamilton was quoted “The intent of the legislators on the personal proper!) tax credit was $2,7(N> a year, therefore if the credit isn t allo w e d in the extended 18 months, it is a ‘back door’ property tax raise The full tax credit for 18 months should bo $4,050 “I will he in contact with Representative Jim Wells on this back door' tax increase and urge him to take immcdi ate action ” Opinion Correct Wells, Cedar Rapids Democrat and an assistant house minority leader, took up Ha milton's request last week with Francis Larew, local budget director in the office of State Comptroller Marvin Sci den. “The opinion of the attorney general to which you refer.” Larew told Wells iii a letter, “is correct in that the $2.7(10 personal property tax credit is not increased by 50 percent (to $4,050) due to the fiscal year act and the 18 month period Two bakery truck drivers in Warren, Ohio, were pulled from their rig and beaten by five men Monday, police said The driver, Thomas Reed. 32, Ashtabula,, ..    m Ohio, was treated and released    progra    i at a Warren hospital His co- ,h'“ Na,lon ' worker Kdward Falconer, 37.' Meanwhile Waterford. Pa., was admitted to >'rK>' <>«*» urged utilities to rut Jovern-(the hospital, t 15 dead Independent truckers met in two northeastern Ohio cities    request    came government hoi Sunday and blamed government)f^e announcement of held any special I footdragging on high diesel fueli^ue* allocations lor prices and low speed limits for    .    .    __    . forcing them to continue a work *° about Jo perci n stoppage    !°,f their normal P°wer About 400    truckers met in    Evbruary. Youngstown    to discuss    their    Simon said    the    February protest action but decided    noth-    allocations to utilities    will affect mg concrete had come from utilities in 39 states, primal Washington to end their strike. ^ 0,1 east * oasts “A couple    suggestions    were;    The utilities,    he said, “arc made at the meeting but no urged to impose stringent moth offer in writing from the gov-jods to achieve even more power eminent was presented at Mon- conservation . .’ day s meeting.” a spokesman    coa|    switch said later. which indicate that we will get extra crude material,” Jackson Face the Federal Filles to cut power use by five percent below normal next month Sunday in residual utilities, [which the FEO said will permit > percent needs in Communists and paved for the withdrawal of n troops from Vietnam. “However, the general assembly did pro\ ide for an ad d it tonal personal property tax credit un a law passed last Ender this legislation is currently an extra making the current ■rcdit $4,500 This addi-credit is first applied the extended fiscal year). there $ 1,8(M> total i t tonal during year " larew was referring to a law passed by the 1973 legislature which phases out the tax on personal property over a ll) year period To simplify the complicated .subject, Larew prepared a set of four table* for Wells. Two of the four tables tshow the taxpayer how the additional tax credit of $1,800 will he applied In other words, (In* taxpayer’s lull will he less during the (Continued Page 3, Col. St No W litten Offer Failure of the government to ! send a written offer was cited i I by a spokesman for 200 truckers I meeting in Barberton, Ohio, as th(* major reason for a vote by the group to strike George Rynn. president of the I Council of Independent' Truckers, which claims to represent the Barberton group.! warned that any national truck ! stoppage would include an cs-1 timated 75.(HK) truckers. Details Secret Leonard Fleet, attorney for’ the group, raid he received the governments proposal at a meeting iii Florida last week) with VV J Csery, a member of I the Federal Mediation Service j and a White House aide. Neither Fleet nor Rynn would, (Continued: Page 3, Col. 5.) Actual fuel deliveries are expected to lie about five percent less than in February, 1973, FEO spokesmen said, because some utilities have switched to coal or (Continued Page 3, Col. 6> Today s Index Comics ...15 Courthouse ..... 3 Crossword ll Daily Record ........3 Deaths .... S Editorial Features 6 Farm IO Financial 16 Marion ....17 Movies ll Soeiet) K Sports lilt Stale I, 3 Television Want Ads 18 21 ;

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