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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 9, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa {500 Are Expected Road Unit Airs I For Riley Tribute Inflated Bids Due An audience of more than 500 Tn I ^rL Cllo| is- expected to hear ll (Joy. Neu ° LdCK OT ruei address the “Salute to Tom AMES The Iowa highway Riley” fund-railing dinner at 7 commission Wednesday debated p.m. Thursday at Armer'what steps can or should be ballroom, it. was announce I taken to prevent bidders from Mio Cedar Rapids Gazette: Wed., .Ian. 9, 1971 5A Marion Man nj ti red When Car Hits Train Independence Hikes Rates at Hospital INDEPENDENCE - Room rates at Peoples Memorial hospital were increased by the A Marion man suffered minor board of trustees Tuesday night Wednesday.    taking    advantage    of fuel and    , In a separate announcement J supply shortages. The discus-' injuries Tuesday night when his The new rates will go into cf* Linn county Republican Chair sion came as the commission {car slid into a train on Blairs h‘< t L>, according to Tom mon Burt Day of Center Point discussed low bids received on Kerry road at the Illinois Cen- McNeal, administrator. .    .tnt    Private    rooms in the acute Ira! crossing west of Center ^ (.pnt(.r wure rajsed from I'Dint road.    $43 to $45 per day and .semi- Gerald It. Casteel, 2135 North- private rooms, $38 to $40. This is, view drive in Marion, was treat- the first rate increase at the ed tor minor facia, injuries at « since March ofi^ called a meeting of the GGP two asphalt products. central committee at Armor im- The bids were based on De mediately following the Riley    comber,    1973,    prices    but were dinner.    qualified    to    allow    price in- Day explained    the regular    creases dependent, upon prices •January meeting was to have been Wednesday    evening hut existing at the time of shipment. “It seems to me that there 1 ,uke’s hospital, then re- A Snowy Sentiment ■ Gazette Photos bv I W Ward nejcl<1 y night s snowfall carried a message for one Cedar Rapids bride — with tho assistance of her husband of seven months, thai is. Persons looking into the Memorial plaza on May s Island from high downtown vantage points were greeted Wednesday morning with the message: “Paula ... I Love You". Paula Karas, who works on the 14th floor of the IE lower, was informed of the snowy sentiment about 9:25 a.m. by co-workers. Mrs. Karas said her husband, Rex, works until I a.m. at Collins Radio, and apparently tromped the message in the snow after work. Although not forewarned, Mrs. Karas fold I he Gazette, He told me he had a surprise for me. Wednesday isn t any special day for the Karas', Paula said, he just must have felt like doing it.” The couple lives at 3920 Sherman street NE. Room rates at the 59-bed since many members will be at-are vendors in    this as    in other    "    j”1"'’" ’    nursing care facility were tending the Riley dinner    the    industries that    are taking ad-    raised SI daily. I he charge for meeting was rescheduled    for    vantage of shortages.”    Commis-    L,nn (:()Unty    sh1eriiffl! d*iputties    semi private rooms will be $13; Thursday.    sion Director    Joseph    Coupal    sa*d    Casted    applied    his    brakes,    pivate rooms without baths, $!.>, The dinner is to pay tribuR    said    ^ut    due *° ,ce    snow on    and    Private rooms with baths', to State Sen. Riley' (R-Cedar    He suggested    that    bids    might    ^    road was unable to    stop. He    %n Rapids) for his career in the be negotiated if there is reason slld mto lho lefl front of thc lh,‘ ra,f! inc™*s« / r. ? legislature and to raise funds to believe a bidder is simply tra,.n .    „..    . ..    ^^r'-mg c;:re center is the irs for his campaign for the COP taking advantage of the short-    deputies    said    the    train    since the building was change! nomination for Second district    ages.    wa    Raiding about    17 mph    to a    Ion" term eare    center rn congressman in the 1974 clee-1    ‘ What you    say    is    true,    but    all    when the accident occurred.    1958    lli wh,c.h ,,mrc the    new acute tions.    1    you are doing is threatening    “If 1 a wa^ 0Pene‘ The trustees discussed the sale of approximately one acre of land behind the nursing care I you are doing is threatening, people with no way to back up    Retired U. Or’ Iowa your threats,” Commissioner Athletic Staffer Dies Harry Reed of Winterset said.    k.umw “We’re comoelled to an out    IOWA    CITY — John Elwood    1    r    budding to    Independence I I il l* I tu 1    “Waddy” [Vivis 82    a member    ComiTHinity    Housing, Inc. The a.    ■    ancl seek bids and take the low    Waddy    Davis, oz, a memper    .    *nnx/    ,r<n    tup flee • noiJVP bid ’ Counal disagreed saving    of the University of Iowa athl -t    1 yl    ,in-> ' 1 ' v    .    : ab- . inouye • • M u.'c saying.    .    ,,inf)    },    construct    additional    low __9    j “We are not compelled to take    lc sld” ,or ^ years    Prlor 10 n,s    r„nt    hn.idnrr    unite CHESTER, N Y. (CPI) — th(, Jow hid [Jndr-r normal con-    retirement several    years ago,    8 Watergate Was 'Massive Civics $ 1 Million Suit Filed Over 'Psycho-Surgery' DETROIT (AP) — Three doc*, Charfoos said the operation tors and two hospitals have performed on been charged in a $1 million volved the boring of two holes lawsuit with conspiring to per-!into the frontal lobe of the form allegedly unneeded experi- brain. Electrodes were then inmental brain surgery on a De- serted to destroy brain cells Panel Suggests U. S. Judg« Prohibits Design Changes For Mini - Subs WASHINGTON ROCHLai&ri, ivy. tun) ^e low bid. Under normal con Senator Daniel    Inouye    (D-Ha-    ditions the bidding    procedure ear*y Wednesday in    a hos* Watergate    committee    affects both buyer    and seller,)P*tal here. *****    a    «    a.* ns    hut J don’t think these are nor-' ^orn Sept. 18. 1882, at Correc- a    mal situations .”    tionville, he was married    to He- But Reed said “lf vnii dr.n't lots Tin rid y June JO, 1917, at |waii),' a member, says the affair has i provided Americans with 'massive civies Class.’’ Cub Scouts (AP lines Tuesday A .sterilization of prohibit me Watergate-linked matters h id any iristitu- made Americans more interest- A ^ Chickenskv in- pane^ ( | exPeris studying the;lionalized mental patient in Ala- e{j jn> and acquainted with, their death ot two researchers last bania under 21 years of age ex- government than ever before. troit man in 1972. The suit alleges the doctors did not properly inform John Chickensky, 60, of the nature of the experimental surgery. Lawrence Charfoos, Chick-ensky’s attorney, said .the former tool-and-die maker had suffered from epilepsy and mental illness problems before the surgery at Providence hospital. Charfoos said the operation left Chickensky in a worsened condition requiring permanent confinement in an institution. Leading Advocate Ernst    Rodin,    a leading    ad vocate of “psycho-surgery” — brain surgery to alter behavior — was one of the physicians named in the suit. Rodin, medical director of the Epilepsy Center of Michigan, was one of several doctors forbidden by a three-judge panel last summer to perform psychosurgery    on violence-prone    in mates at a state hospital. Chickensky’? suit alleges ID    .    « Rodin was involved in the plan- uciptlSm bpilTS nine of Chickensky's operation.    Sicilian    Brawl SYRACUSE, Sicily (Ul’l)-A {fist fight broke in front of the baptismal font at the Roman n    a .    Catholic church of the Pantheon Poor Advocacy when Angelo Bottaro arrived to NEW    YORK    Mini I _    The1*    baPtized-    Three    PerSOnS'    in‘ NEW    YORK    (LI I    ™t!eluding    a    policeman,    were    rn- legal profession, worried by I he d and ,5 o(hers performance of some Inal law- con,K,djoll with ,hc altercation. believed to be causing abnormal aggressive behavior, the attorney said. Not Needed Charfoos said even if Chickensky and his family had been told of the experimental nature and possible consequences of the operation there was no need for the surgery. “My client was never charged with any crime in his life,” he said. “They said he was violent toward his wife on occasion, but there was no indication of any violent incidents with others.” Also named as defendants in the suit filed Monday were Dr. T. Ogura, Chickensky’s doctor at Northville State hospital; Dr. Armando Ortiz, a neuro-surgeon who performed the operation; Oakland Medical Center. Pontiac, where Chickensky w as prepared for surgery; and Providence hospital, where it was performed. Attorneys Form Unit To Prevent June in a submersible vessel off the Florida coast has called for technical changes to improve the system’s safety. The panel recommended changes in configuration, life support components and operating characteristics of the submersible Johnson Sea-Link, a prototype vessel for underwater research. The Sea-Link, which was operated by the Smithsonian Institution, became trapped last June 17 while recovering fish traps near the wreckage of the USS Fred T. Barry off Key West, Fla. After several unsuccessful attempts, the vessel was freed the following day. Two men in the forward compartment were safe but two in the rear compartment, Albert Stover and Clayton Link, had died from the effects of carbon dioxide. The panel of experts, invited by the Smithsonian to investigate the tragedy, completed a six-month study Monday by reporting that the submersible system is basically a sound one. j It sad that it will never be I possible to eliminate all risk from deep sea research. However. the panel recommended I these technical changes. Removal of potential snags from thc equipment’s exterior. A re-evaluation of, the vessel’s life support system within the context of operating requirc- government cept in a case of "medical ne- He urged Americans to learn cessity. Judge Prank Johnson,!from the lessons of Watergate also said sterilization should be and make it “serve as a mid-used only when temporary mea-wife during the bicentennial re-sures of birth control are inade-j birth of this nation in 1976. quate. Monona Family Flees Home Fire MONONA - Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wilson and their 3-year-oid “But if we should decide to let jdau8 r escaped from their -  business    go    on as usual, then blazing farm home about 2 a m. Want ads will find buyers forjvve have no alternative but to Wednesday Hoeing in only items you no longer use! Dial term Watergate as a national their nightclothes in 13 degree 398-8234,    disaster,”    he    said.    below zero weather. Firemen said the blaze started around an oil furnace. Wilson home, Iowa City, was awakened by the smell of Early Resumption of Ties To Cuba Seen as Doubtful WASHINGTON (AP)-^Renew- that an official of the Cuban a1 of diplomatic relations with government had mentioned, in a Cuba is not likely to occur in the public forum, the possibility of foreseeable future despite con-1 renewing relations. At one point citatory statements by Cuba’s ambassador to Mexico, U. S. officials believe. According to official sources, the U. S, will require more direct evidence of a change in Cuban policy toward Washington before the two nations can think realistically about an end to their 13-year estrangement. No Clarification Thc following boys wards at Monroe Joe Ridder, Robert Stacy Pierson, He coached at the University Tyler Martin, Randy Nelson, iof Washington, St. Louis, for 16 .Jim Grell, Tom Scoville, Tom years before coming to Iowa. Seierstod, Bill Nissen, Willard He was a member of the I club Harmon, Marc Dunmirc, Mike and th? Elks club.    Harper and Todd Hoover. Survivors include his wife; Pack 88 — The following boys two daughters, Mrs. Keith Hora received awards at Madison of Iowa City and Mrs. W.M. school:    Kevin Uthoff, Brian Conklin of Bettendorf; four Cruise, Terry Hams, Michael grandchildren:    one great- Richardt, Jeff Palmer, John grandchild, and a brother, Wil- Reeves, Tim Lindroth, Jeff lard of Sun City, Ariz.    Clemmens, David Keese, Don Services will be Friday at 1:30 Anderson, Ron Anderson, Rex p.m. in George L. Gay funeral McCright, Jeff Diekman and Danny Discus. By late Tuesday it was in 1972, Prima Minister Fidel Castro said he would never negotiate with President Nixon. Cautious Interest The state department expressed cautious interest at Lopez’ statements but declined for the time being1 to attach long-range significance to them. “By themselves, Lopez’ comments mean nothing.” one sen- smoke. The two-story frame building was owned by Dennis Grove. It was located 2 miles southeast of here. ior official said. “We don i learned that the administration! want to discount them but we had decided not to initiate at- don’t want to say they have tempts to clarify Cuba’s posi- < enormous significance.” tion.    Officials    said    that    perhaps    the    c*horge.    He    was accused of car nie Cuban ambassador in most compelling reason for pes-ry*n8 a *82 caliber revolver in Prince Rece Ives Suspended Term Eldridge E. Prince, 951 Old Marion road NE, was sentenced to 30 days in the Linn county jail Tuesday after pleading guilty to a charge of manner of conveyance. District court Judge August Honsell ordered the sentence suspended, and placed Prince on probation fur oik- year. brince had been charged with carrying a concealed weapon, but pled guilty to the lesser A REAL VALUE EUREKA . . . REG. 54.95 Mexico, Fernando l,opez Muino, caught officials by surprise ments. Adding a means of observing hemispheric embargo of outside water temperature. j Caribbean island is lifted. simism over the prospect for a1 his cur Sept. 14. U. S.-Cuban detente    is that    | Judge Honsell said the lesser Monday night by telling news- Cuba has shown no desire to dis- charge was accepted because men that Cuba is prepared to I avow its commitment to support Prince had no previous felony discuss    a    restoration    of    rela-    revolution    elsewhere    iii the    record and did not have the gun tions    with    the    ll    S.    once    the    hemisphere.    Castro reaffirmed    on his person. thc the policy last week, just three-- :days after    Secretary    of State    Want ads will help you find in federal y e r s practicing courts, has taken a major stt'P baby’s parents separated 15 toward eliminating inferior ad- day; aj|cr thcir marriage> vocacy.    When the mother, Melina Bot- Chief Judge living Kaufman j    ^ q%    ^ her family took police said thc four-month-old New Police Chief at Marquette Is Named It was the first time in the Kissinger described it as a chief lost items, use them for quick memory of Cuban experts here obstacle to rapprochement. results! Dial 398-8234. of the U.S. court of appeals for ^ jnfam thc ,.hurch ,he the second circuit, which encompasses New York. Connecticut, and Vermont, announced the formation of an 18-member by the mayor. MARQUETTE - Lavern Ayers, 49, of Marquette was named police chief of that com-father, Pasqual Bottaro, 24,1 munity Wednesday, appeared with his family. I The community has been Fighting broke out between I without an officer since last . #    ,    .    .    .    .    .the two families in front of the December when Marshal Alan panel ot legal expel s o s u< \ |jap^ma| font aiKj police in- Faber was relieved of his duties he problem of attorneys who ^ brcak „ £ “demonstrate a lack of experience, competence and integral ty.” Robert Clare, president of the American College of Trial Lawyers, was named chairman of the group, called the Committee rn Qualifications To Practice Before the United States Courts in j the Second Circuit. The circuit is second in prestige to thc U.S. supreme court.! The formation of the committee. Kaufman said, was in response “to a growing concern over criticism of thf legal profession “ The advisory group, the first i of its kind in the nation, is expected to lay th* groundwork for the formation of similar committees in other federal court districts. Kaufman and Chief Justice Warren Burger have both been critical in recent speeches of the time consuming and inefficient trial conduct of some doferr e attorneys and prosecutors. (Ehr (Crtotr Sapid* (fazrtlf f itabllihtd In I8»3 by Thf Oaiftt* , ,!    and    Way -.1 .lit Rcipldv low-i pi nod ( Gas Ptxitau# Md at pldv iowa ntlon nit-a by ' afrln 8*> C*ntl By mall    *«<»tion o»»«l ,    VZ    ZV    <i    month. IZA a truman •dltionr. and ^ndavj so a month. AZS (I V«M|. Owl#r id ti 5 t-f t Hor ti a <40 ii ytni lubttr teflon* auM-d In or*u» urrltr I (in IU AM vt! - ten lated Pit** I* •ntltlod fjctu i tho a av for ^publication ot .■.I nvw* pfmtod In tm* n*w*po IJToMlVr ..VAA di*patcho* Killians Clearance! Women s Krinkle Stretch Boots 3.00 Regularly 12.00 The mot popular boot in town for fit and good looks. Sues ate broken, 5'/z to IO. Assorted colors to choose from. Downstair* Budget Store and Lindale Plata ALL SALES FINAL!! ions Sale! Men s Wing-Tip Brogues by Churchill Regularly 25.00 The man who knows what s happening prefers our fine English brogues featuring all leather construction. Full leather lining, double leather soles, plus handsomely granted leather uppers. Black, antique brown, /' z to I 1-12 C and D widths. Cedar Rapids: Downtown Third Floor and Lindale Plata Iowa City: Mall Shopping Center on Six at Sycamore 2-Way DIAl-A-NAP” adjustment lets you clean short pile or deep-pile carpet. 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