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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 9, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Solid Gold Relief -PURE GOLD § grams 21 Wr»l PURE SILVER 'M <h'»i8S .$3$ f;8«    •    ' i jit iii ^ The Letcher mint of Lancaster, Calif., has just struck the first of 12 gold relief medals honoring 12 great Americans. | It is the first attempt at strik-1 ing solid gold in relief on solid j silver and should not be confused with “gold leaf” or gold plating. The bas-relief figure is 24 karat pure gold fused together Helen Hinckley cried. in a manner that makes the completed medal one solid structure. In other words, the central device or head is a 5-grain piece of 24 karat gold layed on a .999 pure silver planchet and permanently bonded during the strik- Ordeal Over for 3 Held by Inmates By Teresa C. Pitts JUNCTION CITY, Ohio (AP) — The ordeal was over and [calmed down, the clearly stater they didn’t want to hurt us.” Taken hostage with Mrs Hinckley were Debbie Carney 18, and Vicki Clouse, 24. All are employes of the record room. Asked for Car MONEK CLIPS byMort Reed ing. A most unusual process, as |ec^ any metallurgist will confirm. Gold Plug She said they were the first tears since she and two other women were held hostage for nearly six hours by two convicts! while state patrolmen sur who threatened to kill their cap-rouncjeci the area, the convicts tives unless they were provided threatened to kill the women a car for an escape.    unless they were given an un- Highway patrolmen freed the marked car and allowed to three women Monday evening by ; leave the facility by 7 p.m. breaking into a barricaded of-. About IO minutes after the fice at the Junction City Treat-!deadline, troopers stormed the ment Facility and shooting the office two convicts. One was killed The women hid beneath desks and the other critically wound- when the patrolmen opened fire Mrs. Bincklev said. The facility, located in the hills of southeastern Ohio about 50 miles from Columbus, holds In the past, coms and medals    some IOO felons being treated containing a “gold plug’ have    forpersonaiitydisturbances, been successfully produced to i give a gold and silver combina- Sentences Extended tion, but this particular process i Mrs. Hinckley, 55, said her three shots after the convicts, took some five years of metal-1 captors were upset over a court armed with homemade knives, lurgical research plus thousands    ruling extending their sen-( came    at the troopers. of dollars in development costs, > fences.    1    Mrs.    Hinckley said Woods told And while I do not own a ‘'phey said thcv just couldn’t her he was afraid his wife would specimen of this series, I have tflke another 38 months,” she Ieave him if his release from Dr. Kenneth Caver, director of the Ohio department of men tai health and retardation, saic he gave the order for troopers to enter the office and fire. A spokesman for the department said the patrolmen fired had the opportunity to examine ^ a copy under laboratory condi- * ......    ,    w , tions and found it to be fasci-! Collet Mlchael Woods. 22. na^g    was shot twice rn the abdomen Rpflrfpr*! intprpstwl in the nnd died at a hospital in nearby “Twelve Great American” se- Lancaster about an hour after ries should direct their inquiries the women were freed. Bernard to Letcher Mint, Box 107, Lan- Barbiaux, 32, was in critical the center longer. were delayed caster, Calif. 93534. The series is limited to 5.000 copies for Letcher mint collectors and 4,800 for public consumption. $275 Per Set Con Ed Officials Take Emergency Cuts in Salaries condition with head and arm wounds. Mrs. Binckley said the two convicts entered the center sL^k pay cuts of five to IO per-records room about 1:30 p.m. cen( _ for average of more and “came at us with knives!than $5,000 each — on Jan. I as and threatened us if we didn’t . part of a belt-tightening I he 12-piece set sells for $27 o J C00perate. Then they barricad-jgram. ed the door.    I    The announcement 1 of the “Later, after everything had I emergency measure came as - public    hearings got under way NEW YORK (UPI) - Thirty top executives at Con Edison pro- and a presentation case will accompany the second medal struck. ♦ * * To determine the value of a United States coin, it is necessary to ascertain the exact amount of pure silver in its composition. A United States silver dime contains .0723375 ounces; a quarter 2.5 times that amount or .18084375 ounces; a half dollar five times or .3616875 ounces, but a silver dollar provides a slight advantage over its frac- on a request by Con Ed for rate increases amounting to $422 million that could cost the average consumer more than $4 a month. The utility said it was faced with a financial emergency because of the energy crisis and Army Spec. 4c Danny Bird, j    1°    begin    a    construction son of Mr. and Mrs. William ProSram to maintain and im- Armed Forces C. R. Man Gets Service Honor; Others on Leave to maintain Bird, 5420 Ozark street NE, was Pr^Le cleric sei7*c^' presented the 82nd airborne divi tonal ^rtTA*41«'gntas7tte I aion distmguislied trooper award dollar consists of .7734375 ounces °    "    " of pure silver. True Value The salary reductions were expected to save the firm $160,-000 this year. Sick of Games, Slashes TV Fan PITTSBURGH (UPI) - Napo-I Fifth street SW, from San Diego. Marine son, son Shellsbur wail. Marine son for 30 daysjslashed his face with a knife, took him to a hospital, then fled. L-Cpl. Michael Robin- Settles required 87 stitches in of Thomas Robinson, his face. from Ha-'__ for 20 day; at Fort Bragg, N. C. * * * The following servicemen are home on leave: Multiply the fractional ounce; Marine Pvt. James Mapes. given for a particular coin by j son of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd the market price for an ounce Mapes, Belle Plaine, for IO days lean Thomas, 59, of Pittsburgh, of pure silver -and you have the I from Camp Pendleton, Calif. had had it with televised foot-true value of a silver coin. ! Army Pvt. Michael J. Kacher, ball games, and when he saw a Example: A silver dollar with son of Mr. and Mrs. Dave dedicated TV viewer watching a composition of 412.5 grains cr Kacher, route two,' Cedar one at an outdoor bus stand he .7734375 Troy ounces of pure sil- j Rapids, for 13 days from Fort lost his temper, ver at a market price of $2.27 j Carson, Olio.    Thomas    was    ordered held on an ounce would be worth $1.76. [ Navy SR Ivan Simonds, son of charges of aggravated assault A $1,000 dollar bag of United Ivan Simonds, 316 Third avenue and battery filed by Roscoe Set-! States silver dollars is worth SE, for 14 days from San Diego,'ties 38 of Pittsburgh who! approxima(ely $.750,0« on the calif.    I claimed his game welching was Commodities Lxchdn^c, provid-| Nsvy F A Dsvid Miller, son of roughly disrupted cd coins are in at least About j Mr. and Mrs. Robert Miller, 216 Settles said Thomas then! Uncirculated condition. Marshmallow Not Deadly: Judge LOS ANGELES (UPI) — A judge has ruled that a marshmallow is not a deadly weapon. ! Robert Edward Callender, a college student, and Dean Kras-1 omil, a hospital worker, filed' suit demanding that their arrests for assault with a deadly weapon be expunged cm the grounds it wrongfully hurt their, reputations and careers. No for-1 mal charges were filed and they were released the next day. They were arrested on Halloween for firing miniature marshmallows — weighing no more than a sixth of an ounce— from slingshots “over the heads j of the victims, which popped down cmd hit the victims on the head.” Judge Campbell Lucas agreed that the marshmallows were not legally lethal, and ordered the; record changed to show they were detained, but not arrested. i L-Cpl. of Mr. Do and nald Mrs King Don III, King, 1034 Sioux drive NVV, for 13 days from Camp Pendleton. ♦ * * Cherry-less Kirsch Brings Fraud Charge PARIS (UPI) — Revenue agents have brought charges against the director of a kirsch The following have enlisted in distillery they say produced the the armed forces:    ;cherry liquor without using real Kenneth Weber, 18,    Lisbon, I    cherries, and Robert Heck, 18, Northview The agents said they charged drive, Cedar Rapids, enlisted in, Claude Peureux, 43, with tax the marine corps and were sent fraud in the $2 million scheme to San Diego for training.    covering 50,(KIO gallons of Richard Ender, 17,    of 205    kirsch,    usually taken    as    an    ap-1 I^irry drive NE; Orville Smith, jpetizer. 18, Fairfax; Michael Hansen, 18. Peureux runs the Stork Dis-! Fairfax; and Danny Johnson,    tillery    in Fougerolles,    in    the Marengo, enlisted in the    marine    central    Rhone valley,    capital of corps delayed program.    the French kirsch country. XZvtufetb RENT A NEW PIANO $1 AGO Only I U All Rent Will Apply lf You Decide To Buy! Per Month No Cartage or Drayage IHI/nilKI WEH** 116 SECOND STREET SI quality is economy J anuary Clearance SHOP THURSDAY 9:30 a.m. ’til 9 p.m. Manhattan Short Sleeve Knit Snort Shirts Regularly 10.00 Superbly tailored Manhattan short sleeve knit sport shirts at V2 price savings. Placket pullover with pocket. Dacron/cotton for machine wash and dry care. Solid colors with contrasting stitch. Sizes small to extra-large. ARMSTRONG MEN S FURNISHINGS STREET FLOOR Women’s Famous Name Dressy Coats $ 12.1 lo SI values *84 A selected group of famous label dressy coats in basic styles and fashion styles. 100% wool. These are exceptional values, shop early for best selection. 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