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Cedar Rapids Gazette (Newspaper) - January 1, 1974, Cedar Rapids, Iowa Multiple Sclerosis Grant To Aid Iowa U. Research Hip Cedar Rapid* Gazette: Tup*,, Jan. I, If*71 5A Wine-Making Permits Needed, but IOWA CITY The University wave of Iowa’s college of medicine is soon to receive a $16,000 ^rant to conduct multiple sclerosis research. I'arf. of tin; grant was made possible by the estate of a Clinton woman. The grant will support electrodiagnostic studies of the may bf brainstem By Charles Strutt Dr*l<« University Journalltm Student I) FIS MOI NKS That wine making kit you may have re ceived for Christmas could cause you legal problems if used improperly. Before making wine in your produce wine,” Crozier said. It is doubtful, however, that ire relayed through the patho physiology of demyelina spinal cord).    lion but also iii clinical assess ing his methods to measure ment of demyelinating dispose reflexes, Dr. Kimura orders,” Dr. Kimura explained. hopes it. will he possible to de Many patients with MS suffer feet MS early iii its course, and from spasticity due to lesions in then follow the degree of the the brainstem or the higher cen pathological process so that re- tral nervous system. Spasticity home, federal law requires that missions and exacerbations has been extensively studied at a permit be obtained from the more accurately and the spinal cord level but not at |!u„..,u of A)coho| Tobac(.„ an(l the brainstem. Dr. Kimura,, hopes lo explore this aspect of prearms, a division of the trca-| MS and other neurological dis-j^ry department.    The    permit orders to establish the underly- can be    obtained by    mail ing pathophysiology of spas-i Vein    .Stephenson,    manager    of the Des Moines store of the Wine Art Iowa chain, said that head of a household from legal-    Cedar Rapids that cover    80 of the public,    and    Crozier said    The increase in    sales of wine- ly using a wine-making kit..    Iowa’s 99 counties.”    these stores    will    receive warn-making kits has    not caused a Usually Dad    I    hree    agents    in    Rock    Island,    jngS    decline    in    the    sale    of wine from ’    ri a »f ■» lr* ama L not n**«    I Aum i The rising cost of wine may state operated liquor stores. be a factor in the increased use “Sales of wine have and the spinal cord objectively assessed, carried out by Dr. dun Kimura, The masseter reflex is in the associate professor of neurolo- midbrain; the blink reflex in the gy. Since part of the funds come pons and medulla. These will from the estate of Hulda Keller show brainstem lesions. The of Clinton, the grant is named In K-waves are relayed from the her honor.    upper extremities and the 11- Dr. Kimura hopes to establish reflexes from the lower cx-clcct rodiagnostic methods that,trembles, and these might show will be useful in evaluating! spinal cord lesions, brainstem and spinal cord Ie- ‘‘Since small changes in body sions in multiple sclerosis and'temperature can affect remark- other demyelinating diseases. «*‘)ly the symptoms of MS. w<> almost entirely dependent Early Detection III., cover one    Eastern Iowa “Generally speaking, the    fa-    county and nine    agents located (her is the head of    the    household    jn Omaha, cover    the remaining and therefore is    the    only    one    18 western counties, who can obtain a permit and Crozier warned that beermaking kits are illegal for anyone to use or possess with intent to use. tieity at the brainstem love Collect Data agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms will be out arresting every Iowan who illegally uses a wine-making kit. Crozier said there were only | four investigators in Iowa,! Involvement of brainstem, cranial nerves and spinal cord is quite common in MS hut evaluation of these lesions has been upon ‘‘three in Des Moines and one in stores offer boer making kits to grapes to go around,” he said. sky- of home wine-making kits.    rocketed in the last year with a Jim Pedelty, assistant direr- 28.7 percent increase,” Pedelty tor of the Iowa liquor depart- sajfj. “That, compares to a 10 or ment, said in an interview “the ii percent nationwide inprices of ail wines are going up, crease.” Despite the 28.7 percent increase, Iowa consumes a smaller anoiint of wine than most states. “We are ranked about. 48th out of 50 states in wine consumption,” Pedelty said. especially the imported wines “Beer-making or whisky-mak- becai]Se (,f the dollar situation mg kits cannot legally be sold in jn forri„n markets, the United States,” he said. “American wineries have lo Get Warnings    raised their prices because A growing number of Iowa there just aren’t enough are particularly interested in clinical observation, developing a simple yet accu- Multiple sclerosis is a chronic,' In previous work, Dr. Kimura!rate and objective method to crippling disease of the brain has developed techniques to,measure the temperature ef and spinal cord. Jt usually record the masseter reflex, thejfeels in MS. blink reflex, spinal II reflex and! F-wave (the lf reflex and F- “This may be useful not only in and 40, an understanding of the basic years. strikes between I he ages of 20 which are the critical Christmas “is the best time for selling wine making kits.” KdWard Crozier, resident agent in c harge of the alcohol bureau for Iowa, said in an interview that “heads of households, 21 years of age or older, may produce up lo 200 gallons of wine a year for family consumption.” "Hie 1916 law prohibits single persons or those persons not the Iowa U. Opens Drama 'Laboratory7 IOWA CITY - A new drama “laboratory” program has been started at the* University of Iowa to help students perfect their theater skills. The Matinee and Headers Theaters give playwrights, directors and actors a chance to try out new ideas, techniques and plays which interest them. The theater programs may be the only “labs” on the U. of I. campus which encourage audiences and audience participation. At. the Matinee Theater programs, students present a scene or a group of scenes from a play, with costumes and stage settings. At the Readers Theater, a group of actors presents a reading of an original script by a ll. of I. student, under the direction of the playwright. The programs are informal — at one performance the audience sat on the floor and was served popcorn, in keeping with the atmosphere of the play. Sessions are free, and the public is invited to attend. The theaters are held on Fridays at 3:30 p.m., with additional performances scheduled on other weekday afternoons, in the Old Costume Shop Theater on the lower level of University Theater. Following tile programs, the performers and audience adjourn to the Green room of the theater to discuss the performance. Cosmo Catalano, associate professor of speech and dramatic art, leads the Matinee Theater discussions. Oscar Brownstein, associate professor and director of the Playwrights workshop, conducts the discussion of the new scripts presented in Readers Theater. The workshop initiated the program on a limited basis last year. Several original plays presented at the U. of I. last year began as Readers Theater presentations, including John O’Keefe’s “Chamber Piece”. which was produced at University theater. The reactions of audience members who are not as- Chrome Drip Pans by Elektra I . O O Pan 1.50 Large Pan At last! No more scrubbing old drip pans. No more messy aluminum foil. Simply sponge clean most spills. Baked on boil overs wash off. Finish won t dull. Housewares, Downtown and Lindale Plaza KI lam Ironing Pad and Cover by Welmaid 4.OO-”- 2.00 • RCS Cover All are hr?civy duty, Cover coating (.ontains Teflon*. Wipe cover c leon with a damp cloth Bias bound edges. Tad has resilient foam center layers, long wearing. Housewares, Downtown and Lindale Plara sociatcd with the theater are especially valuable to the stu-dents, University Theater Director I.ewin Coff says. The directors of the Matinee Theater plays are usually first- or second-year students in the three-year MFA degree program, Coff says. Directing the plays gives them additional experience for the time when they will direct a Studio or University Theater production. Kuch directing student is given the opportunity to present at least two Matinee Theater programs during the year. The scripts presented in Headers Theater arc still in various stages of writing or re-writing, in preparation for the time when they also may receive a full-scale production at the U. of I. theaters. Tho actors for the performances are selected at auditions for other theater productions or from acting classes. 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